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The Whiner Line August 28th

Aug 28, 2012|

Whiners rip into Theo Epstein, Ben Cherrington, and Kirk Minihane

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Michael always that created -- -- -- the message. -- Theo Epstein congratulations. What -- it -- -- -- they -- that every good parent shock the world trade up. The drop you know you can -- into -- Well I have to be that the remote and expensive brick the Red Sox have a fellow. To. Well -- week blockbuster trade. A bit today that bad at -- and -- it up at the bad -- -- -- Teach. Hey tiger you're not. You've -- qualified. We ordered Craig out oh that's right wouldn't trade recruits get wrapped in -- -- Eight doctors could -- -- -- last night ever have to I think he's coming into adult. I really think you want -- kept the ball. Couldn't make a trip that quote possibly cooperative program -- parent who I am. Expect there will be felt great about itself. The Red Sox wanted to get ready felt bad deal would give up one at that they're gonna game. I then got -- -- they're put boat -- god need to pull up five. Let god. All I remember my -- put my -- bill would regrettable but I know certain -- but -- a little bit. -- remember remember them -- good ripped ripped out there no matter what the -- billion dollars in each. Wasn't gonna make -- happen -- caught in the lie in the right I'm calling in today because that was guaranteed not the most annoying voices that he had on the big show. Not human and you're okay. Although it does sound like when -- -- that the -- didn't drop but I'm actually talking about that I realized it was -- on the show would pit -- that. Right maybe nobody ever wrote nothing bad about Beckett what he reviewed well it didn't. And now you're right Michael women would get it didn't let his men about sport but apparently. They don't know I don't really. A -- -- and extract Specter are rarely good out his birth date -- been yeah it can make a big impact effect you make an impact on a lot of the company. Boy oh really now it's an order block off certain trade between bought but and they -- -- them anywhere that you did you radio. Sport is they've hated walked Mike Adams former cook and his contract. I'd be improved -- he related. And they paid for a big big brick and a return of Heidi why it won't and. Quick and that a man. That -- -- win the World Series we have a rolling rally we ended the siege. All right now everybody I think that that Red Sox now have something called now we have the extent eight. But it's domestic do I wrote that I have to tell me how -- out of that -- up our web that aspect it's. Epic -- -- where they hadn't gone well. And upped our stolen bases of our corporate with only 210. Million dollars. Well let it prompt to come to block it we can hang out with this cut that rumor that. -- -- -- -- This one's called Josh -- And the nature. Josh got this bad slow. Away from all the cheers we all three times and bad news be. -- -- --

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