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Dave O'Brien thinks the Red Sox did well in their weekend trade

Aug 28, 2012|

Dave joins Michael and Kirk and of course the big topic is still the blockbuster trade with the Dodgers. Dave gives us his thoughts on the trade and how potentially beneficial it could prove to be for the Red Sox.

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The surprise of no one we've been talking about the Red Sox. Pretty much nonstop since Villa charade that happens capital -- capital teacher -- And this next guy akin talk about it as well as anyone -- so important Burton and hand that he's got his own sponsors should -- -- A Dave O'Brien. Is brought -- you by dunhill Ford visit Toronto for dock on the view their inventory -- Ford it's worth the drive you betcha and by Rocco. Riley electrical contractors. Lighting New England 24/7 angle -- code dot com mr. O'Brien where you as surprised. As we were when you heard the news that this trade this fantasy baseball street actually -- When I was first starting to come together Michael I was dumbfounded and I sat down and thought about it thought to myself. If it ever really happened first of all these things always get a glitch in the eleventh hour so it never happened. But something like -- if it happens to -- the Boston Red Sox and reshaped so everybody feels about the franchise. Immediately. And then. When it didn't happen finally in the next they were the ball -- just waiting to -- another game as stocks have been out of it of course the games don't mean all that much at this point but. -- like spill a breath differentiator came through Fenway. Such as I hadn't felt the long long time and it was so nice. Did just be talking about it positive future if that all the soap opera stuff for a change. -- -- when you when you when you look at that deal though and you looked -- sort of you know when that was happening in Anke said you -- style is the same way kept waiting for Carl Crawford. Two way video Josh Beckett to -- physical or -- kept it it didn't seem reality. But it probably looked like terribly ousted after a different Red Sox perspective switch over dodge perspective master self. Why they do with us. They have so much money to burn with this new television deal Kirk and an angled stand -- cast a little bit. And we know how Magic Johnson loved to win more than anything else on earth so the combination of all that the more I thought about it. The more it made sense and I know gonzo was the centerpiece -- -- they were willing to do a lot for that. But I also think they've come to believe that Carl Crawford will flourish. On the West Coast. I am one of about nine people in Boston who believe that will happen to it getting away from Fenway Park he looked like a man playing left field in a box. And -- and he was not that way and he's not that kind of player. He's a great left fielder he was a mediocre at best left fielder for the rhetoric I think to battle all -- -- have the freedom. He's going to be able of do some things with the Dodgers team that maybe he felt he couldn't do here. I can think that that they wanted him that made sense they they obviously wanted Gonzales that made even more cents. They're willing to suck up the Beckett deal which is going to be fascinating to watch because let's -- he pitched last night the thing where he's been pitching for the Red Sox over the last year. There have been reports nationally and locally suggesting that. Adrian Gonzales was a bit of a Weiner did you get that sense Dave being around this guy for a couple years. I wouldn't call little winder -- you know what Michael I thought it was kind of common knowledge that he was very opinionated and and I get their presumed incorrectly that when this story came out about the texting. And that he had called for a meeting with the owners that people tie that together with civil -- that's that's how he is he is. Theory purely opinionated and he always has been he's the guy. Because -- supremely talented who believes. He knows how it should be done I don't knock him for that. Because if that's the way that gonzo is and the Red Sox win the pennant last year released to a playoff spot everybody called the great leadership. You know but now it's turned into wind but I I do agree that rated mixed -- he's absolutely right he's a very opinionated guy. He'll be he'll tell your starting pitcher that night. Eight this is how you wanna throw your sinker if you'll tell your center fielder -- steps over on this guy. You know he'll he'll tell you who you should be using first setup -- It comes up differently apart doesn't succeed and he knows that. Well follow through that is. Was Bobby was Bobby Valentine. Turned off by that you think binge Arrington was turned off by. I think it rubbed some people the wrong way and I don't think those are the only guys that maybe -- rub the wrong way but I I don't think Terry Francona withdrawal will. To be quite honestly and I never had a long discussion with with Tito about that but I think there are guys in the -- who realize they all pretty good. I make I make a really good living I've been very successful playing or managing or or being executive in baseball we know we're -- -- two. I think it but certain people the wrong way but it's like anything else if you win. -- you're fine and and that says look. There's nothing about it talent he's an incredibly gifted ball player I love them all of their first base -- buddy was the best defensive first baseman in the league. In the American or National League. And I get to see him a lot more than I saw the first baseman and and I just think he was the best in the game right now and to me 325. Home runs and a 115 RBIs that make sure with twenty million dollar your ball player today and he deserved it. You get the sense about it downtown to management team in 2013. I don't know I honest to god don't know -- I -- I don't know how much Bobby was involved in the lead up to these trade. I really don't I don't know one way or the other Bobby may have been in the same boat that we work. When they came down he was like oh my god is this actually gonna happen. Now it all depends on how a club works and how how much they decided at the manager in the loop. I let Tito was really in all all the time he was always kept abreast. I don't nobody will enough to say that that that he was right there in lockstep with the organization. That would help me make a better determination on whether he's coming back next year. It would make an interesting book I think or at least an interesting magazine article. The kind of figure out via the anatomy of this trade -- how did it happen did it John Henry. State to -- you gotta do something to Mary stated and do something boarded then go to those guys. It's our -- this is dead and I've been talking to -- colliding in baseball wise we can do this I just need your blessing. Because so much money is changing hands how do you think this whole thing started. -- or let me give you another one by the way the book needs to be written you've got to write it -- So you know go I go ahead and set that be a lot of that is the book I want to read to about factly that this entire. See what you're -- right now based excellence that the -- It's well Uggla didn't have thought but I think there's even another one Mike can that is what had happened between two lawyers. Who know each other a long time. Larry Lucchino would think -- What if they were the two started kicking this idea maybe not initially but as far as putting these guys together in clearing this much payroll. I think that could've happened because as I remember. The detail that I wasn't around every day when Josh Beckett and Michael Moore brought here for Hanley Ramirez but that the obedient with. Larry Lucchino not with Theo Epstein. So I don't think it's beyond the realm that it could happen I won a million to a question -- because they're fascinating and I I all right Mike my gut tells me in the end. It was -- And it was Ned -- And and they were putting the particulars and -- and in fact the lady was talking very publicly or what should -- privately in and it became public. About the particulars of this -- days in advance -- that you guys -- it was in the LA newspaper. Days before it happened. I guess it comes down to for me gave is. If if charge it really is the guy now he's in charge. Will the Red Sox allow him to practice this discipline he's been talked about we're gonna find a lot here -- in this offseason may be the next off season they see them. You see him making these kind of contracts that they -- near the past couple years in a type a lot if they don't if they take their time and they're Smart about it well I tell you something else. I agree a 100% I think is what this says is that Ben Carrington has elevated himself to a new level. In my opinion within the organization they see is gonna call the shots so let's say Josh Hamilton's name is out there. I am one who believes they're gonna kick the tires on. And and that it means something else to it means another piece. Get straight. And that might be Jacoby Ellsbury. Because if -- then you're gonna need another high profile outfielder but that's not going to be if they go after Hamilton. I don't think it's going to be for five or six years I don't think anyone's going down that path with job -- Campbell. They shouldn't that would be completely on discipline it's got to be big money short years -- very short. Maybe a year to it I don't know what it take but I think there's more interest in example for a guy like that the Red Sox the most people think. Even given what Ben just said about discipline spending about like I agree with you I think -- he's calling the shots the Marines are in his hands. The moves he makes now define him and define this organization -- -- but I don't think it's it's plain money anymore those days are over. You know you gonna have to give us -- Vince Scully before you get out here but before it was only port with that. This is -- we we've all been joking about OK Carl Carl Carl Crawford part of this trade and Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzales and -- But seriously what do you think until those are dead series what was your part of this deal. I'd I'd I'd never really could figure out nick pulled until other than they wanted to give. That they grocery opulence of the people younger kids the chance to fill that role in the had another year left on his contract. -- put those deal. And they didn't see him coming back and playing that same role and he's not an everyday player in their opinion so they wanted and I think the Dodgers frankly probably. Like the idea. If food bill being a great clubhouse guy and a guy type in the room. It in that -- he could help do that in Los Angeles split. I mean does the money they can spend on these contract and then they're just starting in my commitment that party talking about Kershaw and maybe -- -- -- Lander and some other people I don't know where it stops I don't know if maybe there's a point. Even the Commissioner of Baseball gets involved on this one but the best interest for the game and -- not enough you guys are -- spending even the New York Yankees by thirty. Forty million dollars could he can you believe they might get that high. You know to -- a quarter to thirty. 230 million dollar payroll I don't think it's beyond the realm and let somebody -- these guys now -- -- it's great for the Boston wrote that. I've never I've never loved Magic Johnson more than eleven right now. So skeleton was discovered what it was Scully say about this through what is going to say and don't. But there's the other day because you know Josh Beckett. Is a little slow on the mount so does tiger with the -- -- for by the -- then got it may now. Because he's the best storyteller baseball ever had that could be one of these so Beckett. Come to -- dead three balls two strikes. Folks that it could take a while we get a little light reading done here before the 32 pitch so let me turn the page one. It was the best of times. -- -- -- -- -- So he could you could really get a great story going on back. All I love it allowed the Vince Scully it does Vick has been heard -- You know I don't know I I honestly don't know be yeah I think -- heard you heard John Miller do his dental. And doesn't. John Miller doesn't in -- -- a dozen different languages. Yeah yeah he does just that John does a great -- impressions of -- -- they like. I'd I think at this point -- wave beyond the point of caring whether anyone you know been impersonating him work. Doing impressions -- it's amazing at 84 years old that. He's still coming back at what people will what they forget what we don't realize here on the East Coast is then works completely by himself. How it's crazy it's insane. He does not work with a partner he doesn't have an analyst there. You know for three hours but he doesn't do every game and he doesn't travel everywhere. But at the end of the day you know three hours and 84 year old man 830 but as sharp as he is it just incredible. Our Dave good stuff as usual thanks a lot man. I was Dave O'Brien. Breaking down the Red Sox trade.

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