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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, on Josh Beckett's start last night

Aug 28, 2012|

WEEI.com's Rob Bradford was in Denver last night for Josh Beckett's first start in Dodger blue.

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Whatever terrible -- not a three point seven WEEI we start with a baseball a lot of team building questions. Lot of peace is going forward where they fit for this team couple pieces that we know fit in a Dodgers uniform to this year and additional next year out in Colorado last night rob Bradford WEEI dot com made the trip and we get rob as part of the conversation for give back to your phone calls so. Is the resignation officially headed to LA cover the Dodgers rob is that a lock the league right that in -- what. Yeah absolutely -- that is official visit is an electric -- and I wanna follow for a full throughout the year. Although the pit -- -- -- -- last night it looked closely at the table. I I really immediately repair did. Appellate -- game but you can now into the belt the perception of have to be -- really so -- After all. That important game. I note that fear that that might say. Well you talk to our Josh afterwards we we -- -- -- TJ Simon who played the entire cut what was that. What was that like at a press conference. I would certainly it would have been on talk to. The -- but once you realize that -- it was kind of playing along with them it was discovered fascinating because -- was it was you know it is to keep its operative who is. In and but we understand that but. It will be discovered that a lot of -- buffet Larry. -- -- he would have all brought it up with a lot you know that was that was really an art what's the part that while you can't help out but what I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because that was so high and well the classic line I thought what what he I get -- -- -- are -- bet it is here that now. So the word here. -- whole -- with I like it it could have been very hard helped bill bought big backers have been proper orbit at a into and so it was there was some great entertaining back war. On the mound -- -- I saw the same guy we saw here in Boston at the fastball location was still. Hitter missed the velocity is is nowhere near were was even beginning a last year is that you saw watch Beckett pitched last night. Yeah it was just OK and you know it's. Yeah it was you at night. For re getting you have talked about that night he uses the court could certainly do it caught couple -- not that you want. Eagle at the right if -- the left out. The last fitting he -- get out of the collectible outlook does give you and let. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Suggesting that terrible. That they could be a perfect lives with his -- would probably take that type the most part because a lot of they have which is a lot of beautiful -- cart right now -- this particular that brought you including what it out next year call Robert. Oh by the way I think is going to be. Maybe Tibet. Well Arctic talk about your view really hit it. Bob better than Adrian Gonzales -- afghanis but rob that's a that's a lot asked. You know what I mean I think it was Gonzales is going to be great four and a wonderful place that is for the beauty. He will be. Active culture back for the players that you what they view that no doubt about it. But if anything that he gave me you know it's hyperbole maybe you know if you will probably get better overall hitter -- -- -- drop -- lover be I understand that follow what I'm saying that I think are proper care of it it. Quote what you want. Cable which is very very good player I think that. That type of atmosphere that I mean. And what you're really get it and I think what I get floor Thursday that -- -- -- -- -- ago. On the radar but that he used yesterday he took the same thing that the guys that are really excited about that -- properly so. They get back do it back it was okay eight big bowl site you they would take that with a -- pipeline -- -- reported that both Crawford and Beckett had a base in night to sleep on it don't imagine. You know Crawford would have -- that no trade probably happening get out of Boston and kind of start over again. He'll back -- with a 105 writes an ethic you talked him earlier he said listen up on the want it somewhere then that's final go so I wasn't surprised he -- that put. Did you talk to all -- that decision how difficult it was or does any thought. Back little liquidated. Because obviously people -- thought gutless this is dark but. But just like talking to nick won't do it well those guys and two other people it Arctic that's to a that's -- -- you throw -- forward immediately I wrote a little bit about that they have both of those guys sitting on the plated. And Pluto talking about the difference in -- -- -- -- Tell that you with some really rattled by -- whole situation. And I think he come back to what you Lou what Beckett slept before where you get to the point where you realized that he go to war you. That's when he was gonna waitress had -- and and so audio I want them that you wanted out ought I think. Just the contrary I mean I think that you want. By what do you when legitimate necessity you know are we want to make this straight and we waited 105. That story and what parents are in the fault them earlier in the year which is. It back in -- trying which reward you with part of our future and so when they say that that's it away and. A magic talked of Pluto you have your story available WEEI dot com -- the 24 hours that element distance. Inside out. So Lewis -- when you bet you. Hopefully we'll talk that the Nixon look again his spot because I got beat telling quote at the end I read too much of things a lot of time eloquently when he says rob the biggest misconception. As the clubhouse with toxic they have a great group about unbelievable group -- great guys who enjoyed each other's company. And he makes an emphasis talk about the players and I -- -- the biggest bought about this team is that not that the players don't like each other but it's the it's the coaches is the manager it's the communication when he can even bring that up. In my eyebrow -- -- okay he wants to point out that he liked the guys he played with -- not necessarily the guys that -- around the team coached an upper management communications up like that. Boy you vote if you elected to a couple of what the dog you guys at the -- the question was posted which was -- the biggest misperception. The World Cup team that you. And that's what he says that he was what part what -- player. You with a one senses that this is not toxic. I think the Soviet backed up -- we want it would then. That the public -- such a great -- Might not -- there was no big at all about the coach's demands you articulate. Girl who would so be -- if you were a guy who played a lot more. What better player it would have been a leader that more police government he couldn't really cute guys well I mean. And unfortunately for if you look how great it year by you -- -- -- -- possible for contending in a. They say -- AG Gonzales and now some of the quotes go it's almost like I can listen he's a great hitter I appreciated him out of luck the senior for six more years -- You know of the wall kept me from in some home runs and that and from my helmet enough it just seemed like. The excuses just went out with them and LA what makes you think he's going to be that guy he wasn't San Diego means the ball making that big of a difference is still big parks. You have a character on the production and and becoming hitters who were -- hear what the demands. And he would let -- you know well how he was trying to be open I didn't want -- which is forty home run hitter because of what happened last September now whether that's due to -- -- That's what it might he -- is -- that was earlier in the all of the year but. Birthday you know you gotta go on now about road was built a wall saying that he. What they've elevated bad ball to take -- -- hitting the ball a law that side are you I said Crawford can be good that is not the reason why we want you to. Well because -- the dynamic that BP contract because he's really really good player. The only problem I really adamantly also. Going was you know -- I did everything right except one thing and -- so you know what I look back on yesterday and out so it will what was the one things that are sort of not to talk about it because it goes back -- that black. They you know remote yet about the -- that. Personal pride abroad to a lot right now if you sort out there certain topic -- elaborate. And and he does not. -- we're talking a lot today about these big ticket items looking forward rob -- Perry you know Ortiz. I backed group -- looking ahead a little bit to 2013. Who is the biggest question mark in terms -- K got to figure out. What you wanna do -- this player and then some of the other dominoes fall after that. While they get a collection itself. And and you know they were talking straight tournament -- not currently portrait that -- now you have the player who. If you're into it and place that you have a lot here and there -- The player -- -- or swamp beside a contract off and you aren't what kind of kept contract is belliard and it stayed -- flocks of of what this guy is what worked -- -- instead -- value while other teams are gonna value. Because because guys they -- we looked at the team orders straight week -- Nazis -- and that was the guy that's what people would want you -- got you say that you. You'd trade -- that. Going to on the road turning over the team. But you don't know what you're outlook right now so it felt great to me what they're gonna do what you get that the Nazis. Not every doctor not the name come out -- -- -- a -- you do stopping regarding -- buried up. Because that would be a fascinating new reform. Though I picked it but again I'd -- you look at the is that there. You could really go either way it is because of we don't really know what you're tree. Electors -- got traded in a mess that was this season you know shop shop pick up New York just kind of to allow comments as dysfunction. Players and upper management. You think we find out there a lot -- whispers about you can solace -- bad for their clubhouse content you know clubhouse lawyer. You find out more of these players speak you think when they get unwilling to comfortable. Got sick of these players or fidelity are pretty locked down now and having that you currently involved in news except for you also want to kind of elaborate on what is. Previous comment -- But -- sent to the idea why is. It's still in the life. -- not witness he was traded that they're sitting in Iraq for a couple days that -- that you -- with a -- so well the biggest sort of humble thought they don't want. Is it or talk about. Well as a pastor issue obviously they'll get that note pop pop talking about a particular result what happened ought -- for our yeses that's fine but we've begun that we're talking about. I felt big big -- Get a whole lot of cases happen that happened. You know that might Danny Crawford because it could be a little. Slip a little bit in -- they would talk his mind but I think he's articulate that would -- I thought they well you're going to be -- things from these. -- got a great story WEEI dot com good quotes from nick pulled -- Ager Gonzales indeed telling exactly how the mega deal went down the eyes. A some of the players involved rob but it's he -- with try to hang back talk that Beckett today and report back to. We well appreciate your. Arias rob Bradford who is so that he confirm or not confirm that he was going to LA to cover the Dodgers hero and even traded as part of as part of a deal and it's reported to be named later as a part of it at at at. Mike and Jeff you guys are patient and all your phone call 6177790. If you -- we'll get to -- any text -- asked the question. Is anyone gonna looked exactly right the 2013. Red Sox and tried to get an idea of exactly where they are terms of salary. It will put the work we'll talk about that not XX.

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