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Josh Beckett vs. TJ Simers

Aug 28, 2012|

Mut and Merloni listen to Josh Beckett's press conference from last night in which an LA Times reporter attempted to stir the pot.

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Second best -- out there you know just thought kept us off of them off balance and it's pitches when he needs it. Josh Beckett. The silently down after his first game in a Dodgers uniform it's not Lou 93 point seven WEEI -- Dodgers and you want it more on the mound. Your Red Sox fan wants some more off the mound that wants more the post game. You'll want to TJ Cymer is Josh Beckett altercation little bit testy. What things got -- for backing your boss until I want to misspeak myself. -- you look at fort. I think he kind of went as planned Noah TJ Simon is kind of how he goes about his business -- -- Com here earlier dean sees that he talked to -- forces this is the way I do -- the guys -- talk to Nomar bottom. When he was out there at the time and and recently just got to get an idea what -- in those guys are big important. The same thing as a professional approach it was unison and emotionally you know this is me. I'm gonna testing you can handle anyway you want it and come back fire me when everyone to do. But I'm gonna tested out in and it he's a guy that it personally meet him. You don't know you're like -- come from Boston -- but the guys really. He December's job right that Noelle marsh gone out to LA right -- -- -- what they said the value of Boston Gonzales is now out there -- he's been out there are now back it is out there. It and -- Crawford shows up next he's gonna talk to Crawford Terrell. It's like we just keep sending everybody over there that tell you -- gets burnt out of the city we get burned out of them and go to LA. It just they just come damned many to suspect is that this is beautiful. I get the question all these guys -- -- specialist in the character the morning Aaron boss this is outstanding. And all those guys are the same thing you know pretty much. -- date after coming here he's nominated Dan Shaughnessy of of of LA but after awhile he comes up to the very next day after opinion today to read my article. What you think and they straighten it out right then and there so wasn't too surprising. That she pressed the -- sort of kept his cool. Kept his composure SI -- was doing that TJ -- is routine when asked in early on in that press conference last night on Colorado. Poster will eventually. You know after what we've seen them. Standing out here if you hit it. From their perch to pitch. That's what I was thinking. If it were true. You know. No no more than normal I'm always nervous home on start the lubrication behavior. It's. If you make pitches yeah. After some. And -- feel -- it's. So I can make some pitches when it's that didn't make -- army -- -- Try to make them -- you know and see you have about 45 pitches every game here that. That you that you have to make if you make the majority of -- pitched. So for my pitches every starts -- -- You can have situations where you have to make those customers were talking tripled -- make pitches. There -- -- I was talking about actually two pitches and that -- the same ones like you prefer to. -- -- So after a fastball into. I was one of the -- here turnovers in your minds -- there and you're out here and here. Man you guys you'll all. It happens is the big -- If that's most. Iraqis used to be. Apparently. So. So mentally and drove up -- just happen suspect now that it gone differently in my head unit -- have happened. We've trouble first baseman -- knives and and while leaving the market quickly do you make an audience who are conveniently that fast. Be. Absolutely. I do everything. What you learn about -- factory or explore what's in a school. So it's up at school to run up 30. My -- -- it. It's ten runs three days. -- -- And tomorrow right here. Feliz. Got eleven and only camera that. City that is where you feel like saluted that this can be your team that can be years off to him for two days I can't answer that. I'm very happy here. But you investigated now. This world can get problem. For the latest -- you again and again and courses I'm sure. Maybe it'll still work today at the -- No problems saying. Okay. It's a bit. Can we usually isn't taking what. -- -- six players ultimately depend on youths. And -- forget those things. That'd be fun you have to promise you you didn't you know when the games you better calm and thus your better and I'm struggling a little -- here you know. Can you pick up -- -- or something something like that. These guys feel we remember if you like us. Maybe after a lot of shares of do you like you. It -- like -- to keep it -- that it. That last part I think -- likely. Maybe you shot McCadam CSN up out there CSN any dot com I you know the Boston nub -- rather and that made their way to Colorado for that start. Talk about. Nomar and his reaction TJ I feel like that Beckett was warned is it different when you're in that spot I wondered. -- when you know that's coming you know the guy's going to be somewhat confrontational vs being surprised. By access -- is guard was up he knew it was going to be there and sort of made sure to measure his words as he knew was. -- planned a pack but you knew that the gimmick of this guy ethic ethic it does because he's committed to. Egypt probably open as an obvious that I -- -- ago I told me about this -- the other coast. And -- -- said in anti Jason out joke around about it after the that first of Scotland and a low testing it and started -- and and again I was surprised Josh got a handle the way did and just what with the punches it's time to think about it. That -- don't get me wrong I enjoyed it. -- it's on the court it straight and it goes right back at it and and the of the bigger point again goes back through that I heard right there. Who gave up three runs ten based on his five plus innings in LA. Was the same guy that we all looked at five years ago as like -- -- pitcher. And now which is sort of resigned that yet this is who I am. It's amazing how in five years a guy can change that much that is approach can change that much or maybe it's the confidence of a knowing he can't throw. 9495. And orbits the competence and no -- out of that location I got to get by answer and things. But he just different guy and if you would have told me that five years ago in the fall 2007 that's would he'd get. Five years after I tell you crazy. -- crazy with that approach. But that's what you get that's what that trade was so important over the weekend for the Red Sox up with some of these -- going forward are going to be so important. I'd Jimmy's in a car he joined the show here much -- 937 hygienic. -- goods. What should all chart or urged air assault that I -- the servicer. Credit recorder sort it will pull the straight. Are cherry. Skeptical about. I -- -- are you straight so now. You are cool sport. The actual -- stricter really clear people are all sorry. For earlier. Into. That all. Part the Red Sox in double partner in. I should say I can dump a ball well illustrious. She -- It's understood that it. All of course should -- so. I don't know why so protective of what. A category so sure -- -- -- Let's -- all the air struck fresh. -- which our -- -- our. Our our our. It would hurt their art. Yeah I don't think it's I don't think it's necessary be perfectly honest with you I understand you wanna clean it out coldly. I mean do you still gonna have some kind of players non senior guy Dustin Pedroia were or say before where around when the season is over. You find out a lot of -- people and we wanna move forward with and listened. What he said in April to me was one of the worst things that you know talking to bully did a body balance act. But I still -- you got -- plane are in a team that got no shot whatsoever. And I look at his contract. Tennessee ten million dollar player next year's -- ten million dollar player in 2014. And eleven million dollar club option. That's 3031 million dollars for the next three years for Dustin Pedroia. I don't think it's necessary. To clear up media at all but he still gonna have some talent on this team. -- it just get to enjoy a trade Ellsbury trade Lester weekend in its cleanest thing outlook the cleanest thing now bottom us two different things. I -- do need some staples here at the media to control for three more years at 31 million dollars. I just don't see the need be perfectly honest with you -- I don't I don't think he is he has he is awful for that team he made a mistake in April. -- and Bobby tried to straighten at paying out. I don't think he's the leader that everybody thought you thought he was any doesn't have to be go up there play hard that's it. If he's going to be a malcontent and he's going to do what he did back in April consistently no matter who the manager is -- you and I seem to -- that it's not Valentine next year. It may be thinking about it but -- salaries and 1010 and eleven. Forgot who just a couple years removed from Ian. And BP. 1010 and eleven TM through what 2015. Are you wanna get to that point is Kirk -- hand wrote and -- decision OK we knock it re signed Dustin Pedroia excuse me in his early thirties. I'm we're not sure he's the same player. May -- do it then but if he's going to be. You know keep his mouth shut and played the defense he plays which is severely underrated. The good that they're the top of the order -- -- why the hell would you trade. The out liar would be easy going to do what he did to the next manager. -- to Bobby Valentine and is he going to -- one of these guys the behind the scenes is a clubhouse issue. I'm not sure -- that spot you'll Pedroia EU we make the list are we have a list of -- would talk about these big ticket. Offseason items and these players the Red Sox got to make decisions on I got to play for next year Jim. I don't think -- part of -- group I think they're all our you know we -- right ten other players. You could put front Dustin Pedroia. I don't view him as that much of it now content because of that I'm not a point your oral. Trade well I gotta keep gold bag like when he betrayed when you're out of the gate I think you find out about guys and here's a guy in August that that -- teams had -- struggles in August. And peace in 340. Up three homers fourteen -- fourteen RBIs in 96 stolen bases 950 tool PS. At is that the time with things are tough is when you find out a lot of ball players. You know who's gonna go out there in -- and then who's gonna go out there and come up with injuries and just -- am done for the year. And -- is not one of those guys. I don't listen I think there's the stick and hit I think this year was some of the things. To get hit with me with a pesky situation again hit talking about Bobby Valentine the way he done to wade did. I just don't think he's that maybe that that that leader. Mean he's a -- that pushes this team in the near the energy he brings a daily basis I think pushes this team at times he just might not be the vocal guy that everybody thought. Any -- taken somewhat of a -- But he's in the public perception but he still a very good player for 31 million dollars for three years remember gonna bring all these guys back you want talent back. They'll fight to help at 31 million dollars for three years we got a son mark -- locally Roscoe Beck right now three years point seven. Does Willingham steel a year ago. The thirty point every gotta be back. I would I absolutely the caller is not alone we get about how to -- right after phone call the AT&T text on any 5050 Dexter. New Hampshire says completely agree with that caller Pedroia needs to be gone his ego is bigger than his whole body was the eagle part of a -- have a its policy shtick but his personality. When the team's winning people loved that -- -- you know thoughts about Jeff Francis can't get into Colorado is yeah I mean that's always going to be there with him but now because the team's struggling. People look at the eagle is a weakness and there are a dozen other text that I agree with that caller. Trade Pedroia trade Ellsberg get a mall ought to hear your -- on the -- colossal Gibson as a or go spend money to watch the that what that team -- on the -- the only -- park and beautiful 61777. -- the early fifty -- -- is 888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call you can text us. On your AT&T text like 85850. Dan -- Tony your phone calls keep it here.

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