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Mikey reacts to the Red Sox weekend trade

Aug 27, 2012|

Mikey seems to be pretty high on the trade the Red Sox made over the weekend, sending Beckett, Gonzalez, Crawford and Punto to the Dodgers.

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-- -- holy holy mall they want a lot has changed since last time we spoke John Bell little ride for me oh my goodness. Is that has been holding it and now know all weekend is holding it all wins and awaited -- at least tiger after it happened on Friday but yeah out. What did half ago and hadn't really well it hadn't been of -- and it was still ready to speculative right more rightness that exactly and now that it's actually happen I really have a hard time believing. It's like a whirlwind marriage or something -- why you -- What happened here you know just really huge for this franchise for so many reasons and even her all kinds discussion about it starting early before it happened. Which is amazing because and I heard minions say -- to -- that is private and did you did you think it was gonna actually. All of it was gonna come together the way it was described it sounded too good to be to the I thought it had to snag at some point you know that that something would happen. A Fella but a look the the Dodgers going for it all Mike you know I think there's. Couple things here they. They desperately wanted to Adrian Gonzales and the other thing apparently yeah this has been mentioned as smudge and they are flush with cash you know down the street -- -- forget. Down the street from them in Orange County that other team was making headlines -- a lot of move sure the angels through the -- I would -- disappointing season for them but they made the splash of walls all the signings. Get a pretty good TV deal the Dodgers -- -- -- better TV deal but right now they're always going to be like the Yankees in the mets' John the angels in Anaheim and Southern California will always be a second tier competitor and and whomever but how much they -- -- the Mets went through his two. The Bobby Valentine era and after. Spending more money than god trying to keep up with the Yankees and all that and it it just doesn't work now the Dodgers have positioned themselves in a marketplace. As the Yankees. Leaving the angels -- you know to be the Mets. Assist -- it's always gonna be that way because they're latecomers and dodges as storied franchise you know Colfax drysdale. Maury Wills you know the whole thing we you know right through to -- LaSorda -- I'm in the aides have always been kind of a sub. You know. In any angels though go to dealership yet before the seasonal regret it and more recently -- Dodgers but grabbing all the headlines though before the season they just recently with Greinke was it that -- -- -- last start but huge with -- committed this big influx of money. It's matched Johnson's team now they're gonna wanna winners they're gonna pay for and -- -- started Beckett pitched tonight. He has -- percent nationally since 05. The end of a five before every camera it's been awhile doesn't matter it's gonna help to pitch in the National League. Don't know how much is gonna help the start his career for the Dodgers in Colorado Coors Field original we all know it's from Beckett not only did we learn. And he is a spoiled. Pampered. Error again it's. Stubborn Malik hobbled entitled stubborn pig headed. Every other year bomb. We also found that he really can give up the long ball like nobody's business and and no place like Colorado for that to happen. Last time in Colorado -- was present World Series date that he -- out there was at -- gains and a four game sweep I don't remember. Out of turner what are Jeff -- for Red Sox if it whoever was in Colorado we can check -- -- I don't remember who began the series where I was there for every game but for life of me I can't remember like the order of the pitching rotation that's five years and -- 11 of those games when I was there John it was almost like I knew all were already. At that that it was going to be the Red Sox winning imposed a question of win. That was odd it was one Colorado and in that epic layoff pages breezed through that they had them yeah they are they crushed everybody this site for like a month. I you know they had some sick record to get themselves in there and then they've just had hadn't played and so on the forgot how. That was back in owes him so Beckett on the which is to me. The biggest plus obviously even though the only it's only thirty million dollars. The biggest plus of this entire thing is -- he's gone because I mean I'm -- and poison -- him from. Beginning of last September right through there wasn't gonna work here -- nothing new you can do bonded there was never going to be away that he and Bobby valid time we're going to be buddies have -- it and you know give his best effort ever again get complacent here is completely and I don't know what he's going to be in Los Angeles to be interesting to see because. From our perspective if he turns into like the -- city used to be that we're really gonna he's -- he says he's rejuvenated might in fact he's been. Friendly out there has been talking to reporters and and here. Wouldn't talks of times before starts after starts makes its first Erica and I but he's been he's been -- You know mr. congeniality appears so -- I gave us about half the value and and and interestingly speaking of half the value today. Daisuke Matsuzaka. To which he talked about a little day late and a dollar short. Go figure -- if he comes back from not you know he dirty came back once from his Tommy John moderates -- -- -- -- for something no 130301. Entry. Now he's like today he looks like what you thought you were gonna get. Four years ago when you've got him. -- all that money that was on the table for just the -- the argument that excitement you know excitement -- Daisuke. You know NN. It really honesty today was the first time in a long long time maybe 23 years since we've seen that particular pitcher. As and vitally needed even. He wasn't taken its time writer he doesn't like to now to slow bulky walked everybody was all right Adam and throw strikes. Unbelievably it's that vaunted royals' lineup transformation forum. You know and in this answer period now so. Looking forward to talking about what. What's going to be his team what's it going to be about an issue some of the guys obviously a lot of talk over the off season offseason as the -- -- yet pretty much -- what our -- that it Burnett's tattoos. AJ -- -- what -- Diane cannon an inch. You're going to be -- a lot of -- offseason trying to figure now who'll motion the Red Sox go after and how much should they spend in this guy that guy and how many holes they feel. What do they have for holes now they have left field for a space. First -- Third base your all set I think shortstop as a isn't it to me I'm always imagining John. What this team would have been. If they kept Beltre at third base if they had Hanley Ramirez insurance that I -- a lot of this well on and on executive in 070 I understand but a lot of disposed of him but think of this team. But I already really taken in the rivers was still be here I don't know does not -- you've always fantasize aren't yet because there's no logic to this course. Beltre at third base and their -- shortstop the Droid first Gonzales you know configured to require him he's gone now but at first base. Redick in the outfield. Along with Ellsbury. And Victor Martinez hit I don't know you know I don't people get hurt I try to go to super team that beat. The bottom or the -- going to be spreading and his team are mind boggling you think the Yankees who value prisoners are better with the Dodgers get Peru. Going to the next season or you know with a money they have coming out of Yang Yang. Gonna be sick I Gonzales will be fine out there. Gonzales will be trying to Alito belongs there it's it's the laid back kind of style and -- talked about him making the adjustment to Boston all the intensity you know that stuff and I'm fine for staff last year played -- -- find lately here as well but hey you know in between there was a obviously there was really a full season. The second half of last year in the first ever this year where he was very mediocre very B player for what you expect yes right. -- beat player with a money and that's the problem you can't hey -- players. Like Crawford. A money now I think Gonzales is an a minus player or a B plus split -- -- say that. I know he has a nice stroke hitting stroke and all that he can hit for power he certainly can hit for average drive in runs all that's. I don't think he's as great fielders you describe to us but that's OK I -- -- -- I think he's okay he's very good are strays from Al these great all I think he's he's not to refinery defensively really yes. While I don't -- When I think of a good defense at first base I think of guys like Don Mattingly Keith Hernandez and right no where near Manhattan I was in the eighties who currently who do you think well but he's. He's not flashy. It doesn't make all the plays for -- was easy it plays scuba as it is a thousand were very fast I I don't know I think he's a beat and he's them. An a minus first -- and -- B plus all overall player you can take speed out of that Aussie did take streaking inspector in there. And affecting go six -- a 34 months with a with a lack power and so I don't put -- a category. And the Dodgers -- and maybe you'll be debt I don't know he couldn't have to be -- I I don't hate him and anyway I wanted to do well you know good for him. However -- says. The -- getting out from the Carl Crawford thing. Is sold major. Because to marry money you take to a million dollars a year at his value. You say a man that's it that's a good pitcher. And a good player that money right there represents one of beach or you could say that's a truck that twenty million could be the best pitcher available. As a matter who it is the best pitcher available. Certainly is covered by that not talk and lacking here we talked about CC sabathia type but yeah he's going to be making 2100201617. At that at any data needs legs as a player and he's going to be in his mid thirties -- unbelievable. So over the phone let's not talk baseball we view and football as well I'm looking of the patriots team and yes they did release Jabar Gaffney. I had Harry -- told a surprising got Brandon Lloyd Deion Branch yet settlement. Yet too tight ends that are tremendous world class -- hands and Wes Welker. What do you need Jabar Gaffney for I think that's a little bit of a of a surprise Gaffney. Considering his relationship -- mcdaniels has been here with Tom Brady I think that you know I cut if there was going to be receivers cut. It be one of the 20 in the stall worth giving brand on the minister how many touches would he get how many actual times would -- throated him when you have on your team gronkowski Hernandez Welker and brenly. Well how easy -- get method for death reasons though okay. But the depth reasons we you can go to depth you don't need to have a mile I'd appoint appoint Jamaica's. Atlanta Braves history -- Lloyd Welker gronkowski and and he's the sixth. -- target on the team yet he's he's been heard but he he's been consistent over his scoring and I mean look hey you know we don't. A lot of the moves that the patriots may we don't question too much but I thought that was a mild surprise myself I know I'll -- I'll go with a mild surprise but I can't going for a man they're just too. They got a lot of guys throw two here you know and you know who could be at the Boca catches three guys so. But you know we're getting closer and our holidays -- actual opening of the -- of September ninth against Tennessee -- OK because I'm getting my main my brain warmed up you know that my football brain. Officially can't kick into the first of September you know that right. Are tied the fourth final pre season game was the big 14 had no doubt where there is a giant a three seizing give -- give a rat's ass about. Our lady's gonna join Slater would hang out talk everybody would keep the lines open all night long keep the calls movement gonna try to talked of a 75. Different callers tonight if we can possibly do that. That's my goal -- 75 callers. And we'll get rolled right now at 61777. I Zurich fifty. -- Dave in lol Dave you're number one baby. -- You -- update your got a when way to start a giant and Joseph without -- number one GO. All right you're right appreciate it today it was going to be but he screwed it up and item number two. Listen and talk to Dave's you're number one I'm so let out. The owners of all the sports teams given all the money to these bombs. I'm my biggest thing I think you'll get the other night why can't they give them a salary 150 million dollars. Basically Amon balance. -- breaking out almost every position. And throw money into it but the only have to agree to that I guess what. I believe -- it's a good question I believe that there is a probably a contractual union problem that because we all know. The Major League Baseball Players Association union as the most powerful union the entire world makes the Teamsters look like hikers. So wait a minute you're talking about a seller status for the teams at a 150 million. Incentive want to know. Well wait a minute here -- I think players would love getting 150 million dollars -- parties not just enter your misunderstanding and he's talked about it at the same amount of money but he added incentive contract as opposed to. Not on credible -- I understand where is that it gives me right but are we talking about a salary cap Borges for individual players. -- every players -- expected economic two million dollar base. In every game he pitches every inning he pitches per every hitting it gives up on that thing get up I'm really. I don't know some of that sun -- without unions or -- air. And get it right. No we don't get -- we we get -- it and it may make sense for baseball to have that -- of the unit level out that's the will probably baseball anyway. Is that these contracts guaranteed he can't cut it got even if he becomes. Even if his legs falloff. You can't cut them. You know. And it's just the strength and a of the owners of appliances to. They've been played into this in a big way McDormand doing collusion over again sit down as in okay we -- -- over this amount. But if everybody exercise. Some restraint in the Red Sox are high on the list. Along with the Yankees at not showing any restraint -- wanna play the gonna pay him even more than they have to. Global food but I think what is -- Musharraf. Is interpret that. They are included in the package it is. Yeah I mean that's -- that. These owners make quite a bit of money though you know all that and that they can do it right you know these these these human clock and -- do this but Daisuke and it out but they don't. Daisuke had a clauses country to known very few people knew about this even if he got a spot and as uniform he had a girl especially broke me and robe -- -- form. Joseph thanks for the call let's go to Jane would bury a West Roxbury rather. -- This is terrible that they are sitting on hold until I pick them up and hanging up patio. It re desperate -- only dump callers. I know what this move it's the laid back as protests grow people had bad self the moves made it's it's the laid back West Coast tortured by this. A one line open -- about it we just couldn't 6177790. -- it. -- -- Connecticut Mikey are you nuts Gonzales not fast the menstrual bassist. -- out there are now rejuvenated. It. A guy like Kevin -- largest Dexter says would have made -- better Boston player by taking the media heat off of you know look if you can't nobody the media he was never Ron Gonzales I mean maybe for brief moment when his cell phone is used by someone else. To text you know it he's not been -- under the gun anyway and by the people when he was not hitting. For an extended period time starting last September ready to work Jules. Of this year people were on him they mentioned you know -- expect more power from dominate but they wouldn't crap on the right. Arianna there's some things but -- -- himself talked about all the Sunday night games the late night game -- immediate pressure being different I don't hear that from -- make -- twenty million dollars -- -- ever ever have lower. From buster only is it possible for the GM of the sub 500 team to win executive of the year. Bench Harrington went -- this is for him reduced does two things for him personally he's scrapes. All of the the -- -- laid to waste as he was leaving and it was over couple year period when he made all these deals -- really leftist. This monsters he calls it hams strong borrow money and it and for for maneuverability. Somehow that's lifted away now and yet give bench Harrington a huge amount of credit business. Because he basically you know. Busted out of the chains you know no one fell swoop like me who huge huge it in I cut -- would be dealt. And the offseason -- that it tried to push -- -- I didn't think that was -- contract to let's take you back another horrible contract needing some of the money. Saw it in order to get Beckett and Crawford in the same deal and get rid of -- in August after -- praise a guy like Adrian Gonzales is especially considering. The Dodgers -- most of that money you know six of eleven million ironically John I think it's true. If you told me or a lot of Red Sox fans look you can get rid of back. If you trade Gonzales to the Dodgers. They would go for just that. They would have gone for just that to just take it to Beckett does a lot of or is there aren't there is there is. A bunch of people that probably would do that analysts are not sure I'd be -- -- that they said if they -- Gonzales and Crawford you get real all that money. -- -- -- that people who left economic. I targeted the the the bonus of having all three of them -- -- to the Gonzales and -- rather Beckett in Crawford well and Punto. Oh well yes of course you know want to know what what what can I ask it in an auction we're auctioning off we're doing what can I get for this guy right over here it's 185. Really plaintive -- one point five year -- -- And they get prospects back like. And don't have -- what is now the seller of course I hope they do two things this money on receive -- sign Ellsbury in -- sign of Reynosa. I think this might feel as the -- -- -- -- maybe you know you know of active along. Joseph who also have. A guy out hello Joan let you know I don't want to jump or -- it would it would take but yet -- it -- local. -- -- I've beyond you -- nick and nick don't we get up forma. Now you look at he's doing pretty well out there I don't know what is -- -- I should look at a series that is a big chill at twenty firearm all -- about somebody every yeah dad yeah that's that's pretty okay you know can also our time these aren't slow right. Who wrote me you know pretty all of. -- them you know who should get Redick. The New York Yankees. He's got a great Yankee Stadium stroked. He would hit forty home runs in Yankee state. -- Over the Red Sox might get judge Redick back next year's name's Nick Swisher. Hello are not get a defensive outfielder but Nick Swisher there who wants him. I'd take him why he can't play the outfield. Now you know what he can play a couple of different positions he's he's a guy that I I think is it being good clubhouse guy he wouldn't be bothered by the Boston media. I'm not meant to an anti Yankee guys committed terrorists are on -- when -- -- he's been he's bounced around Oakland all over the place. Well it's like 617 -- with it that way you can use this time talk. As one on them. As I get this where I was a Santa plausible. And a guy in his audience so concerned about that Johnny you can ski target -- fifteen minutes each is on the up -- and says. I was gonna give missed time and it was time I was just answer his question are trying to. Are you confident Nick -- -- you know you do it you went -- -- just -- -- similar players. When you talk and rhetoric and actually -- known and erratic so I think a better defensive outfielder and I think you just like Nick Swisher could you knew his dad Steve. I knew him to -- but I don't -- and I think he's a good you'd like Nick Swisher if he was here whether it's Alex's personality. I'd he'd have to be like three years separated from laundry I don't like the Yankees you know. And -- you don't really wouldn't matter -- like baseball job has become now that wind you know. You know watching everything Red Sox to it was great they want to let you know be funny they -- on -- run now. Another well now that -- purge there are happy they become the -- spoilers -- go -- and already his third beaten everybody and complaint Lucy goose he baseball. But my job now is to just focus on rooting against the New York Yankees because that I don't care who wins it what is there on the Orioles have wanted to while. I like Tampa Bay but surely they're better than the Yankees and -- -- root for West Coast team whatever. You were you one thing you know if you Rhode against the Yankees in four pars they -- -- I'm -- -- there absolutely by the way text -- just as a service was a Yankee. I know it was I don't know what they -- they discarded and they treated him like dirt leading let's go that was switchers have real animal walk away you know. This guy's service by the -- he's a -- He has he's a complete lunatic member I -- I at a similar fit. And here once when I took my shirt -- threw it against the wall that's right because you didn't wanna get big daddy's an idea I had no member of that -- I enjoy against the walls we've been again a shot to -- and guys I mean that was just. I was hungry that day and it that I what I was only suspended for one day that well see what you get -- easy you you you were apologetic about David West Springfield. -- In my car Dave how the -- you. I'm remark in my blood out I don't sit in front porch. I got free and that's an appropriate partner it's not a big. Other big. -- the eastern states exposition. You about it here also editor mark -- down. I you know it into the V many many times either like in the lineup like all the goats and a big -- you get to go look at him and everything. I -- -- and it does it's that sideshow. I like the fried -- when I do is on the fried -- is I cut -- half. And I slop title would Tabasco sauce what I do is that by the fried dough and and feed it to the goats. Your print marketing. And Alfred bad injury it is -- about having go to Taco Bell West Springfield. -- -- -- -- that would go over straight years their Taco Bell West Springfield have some about. Why I. White out of course I have. We're gonna have to -- the respective seasons are gonna bring Josh Redick and Nick Swisher up with -- -- I don't know how you can work in Springfield is off as long as I did for Ford from radio stations and never have gone to the white hot. Yeah well they got these guys and Rottweiler out so here Eric -- essentially. Yeah I can't four I started that radio station but unfortunately am required by law never to listen anymore I've heard of -- -- itself. Six point 7779085888525. Series fifty we get all three lines all night long all gonna limit people don't like couple minutes. You wanna get on board and throwing -- two cents on the trade the patriots season the fact the Celtics don't win the the NBA east conference. Or or John Ryder you -- talk about the way he's dressed today. It is our powder blue shorts and his what's pink. Golf shirt now you're like. Yes I am Margaret it.

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