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Beckett, Crawford, and Gonzalez Trade

Aug 27, 2012|

Mut and Lou weigh in on the blockbuster trade with the Dodgers.

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-- -- This must be for me -- news for me tell us your -- their products this -- They're always right. I thought -- since lose back we Ottawa this mail thing in the world -- AT&T tax -- 5850. First acts of the day not the first one but it's pretty closely Lou would probably begin to bubbles -- -- You've got a lot of those the other day -- -- -- -- concerned about giving up gonzo. I cry. Over the last -- actually support little wind out from a voice they did you know the 48 and put a little were eligible to -- from a -- Punto. -- this one hurts this one hurts. Already come back into the match the fall out of this thing what's the future they gonna get this team back got to make some big moves. To do something and unbelievable I say blockbuster and Italian under that probable on the -- got a big planet -- in front of me I was -- I just looked at -- by -- real quick. Still some Internet. Tweet from international tweeting from -- really do that yeah got off Friday night like I couldn't open market but could take -- pesky thing I want to blow it up and -- out there wonder relaxed. That would trade with academic. And -- what you heard the trade the first time -- international waters yet a couple of lines in New Hampshire do you like look at what the hell's going on here but that settles in. -- really is a trade that if Brandon embossed in or Danny Quinn they don't all your Bridgewater all product callers call in here instead I got an idea not Lou. Let's trade Gonzales. Beckett in Crawford the Dodgers. For the number two prospect in the organization with a guy throws 96. Couple other spare parts and by the way the -- They will pick up Jordan fit the age of the 265 million dollars don't blow you a lot of that phone call Lou the fact that this thing got done. And there's a million angles to it is on Rio that they pulled this thing off last him. Two hours. You know and that that the incident yeah I saw the report that the Dodgers clintons are just about whatever of course and there was some rumor data interest in him. You know it's it's like -- clinical Utley right nothing happened does it happen -- it happens. All the time you know you always wonder why with the Red Sox put -- guy like this on waivers. But they do little time just to see interest is due diligence in never never know. When you wanna find -- -- team has inched its threat to get this is not gonna happen you know an orphanage treaty Gonzales. But then I saw that they claim Josh -- And I was like wait a minute. This is serious. You know me in this in my my first thought was -- LA you want to claim Beckett -- of the very agreement. Jacob you've got a monkey Nader is yours that's the problem is that these rules work you -- -- major players at Penn. Then he sent to realize okay well this was probably in the works and as a reason why the clinic is -- -- that would claim Josh -- the 34 milieu that -- Could I mean it just blew my mind you know the car was included in this thing and and the money that was freed up. -- -- -- in the Red Sox do with it would relief right away it was how the Dodgers doing. You know I'd I don't understand that really adds I don't mean let's dip and on the go -- -- to get a player like Gonzales picked up another line for along time ago got a camp. But it paid twenty million to. If Crawford coming off Tommy John -- Beckett -- More comfortable. Probably LA right but it five years in a hundred million bucks and we talked but the season before they sign even if he comes back to Tampa Bay days LA and I hope he does because he's agreed it. Still not what 21 million site at three position players right or one -- and have pitching. Great lock up -- pitching wins. You know at three players in Boston which you want pre position players you -- talk about reverend Ellsbury. You wouldn't want that regular best -- pitching threes I think they were going to be of the resigning Ellsbury given the former set up your -- at 320 million dollar players -- who put themselves in opposition I was I was blown away is because look at it when a console but hey. Beckett thanks for comment you know Crawford wasn't gonna work got beaten to -- overpaid and what he does -- you move on. But pushing it up a player like to end date that's okay. I can deal with the mostly I've gotten over how to deal was gone better they'll address on your life we can trade from next year bring it back I want to playoffs that I -- I mean I miss you dream can't he. American dream but Gonzales. Is the key to that deal obviously I still think -- good player in the times -- do -- like that to unload yourself of these counter you can move forward. A lot of your a lot of reset button and it's it's the truth it's the way -- -- well. And that's the that's sort of the option here right it's a Red Sox fan and I've heard a lot of people happy with the deal ever fewer people complain about it but there are those who -- a point how good of a player Adrian Gonzales wasn't a start there that's fine. Gonzales is work the money he's being paid you probably represents. It took some of the first base what they're getting paid. A value in some -- gonna play goal of first place he's gonna hit. All that stuff is is 31 sandy downgraded deposition. You gave up three prospects two years ago. Just to get this guy that's welfare but think about the upside -- Red Sox -- like -- apply. Is -- you found a taker for not only Beckett. But -- for God's gonna be upper 79. Months a guy who was not comfortable here I got it couldn't goal. A couple of minutes talking to rob Bradford without pointing out makes twenty million dollars a year and by the way he was never gonna live up to that. So if you're only way to hit the reset button as you play it. -- your only way to rebuild and give bench Eric in an opportunity to put its own imprint his own signature on the organization. Is to give up majoring in solace yet hurts. But it's a pin -- in terms of what culture able to do with this roster and the bigger surprise here is that somebody in the dodgers' organization. Believes this is the way to go about building a team the Red Sox should show us. That spending this type of money on 234 guys is probably not the best way to go about it teams sold at -- spinning at that it's a great deal and LA. That's a lot of money quarter of a billion dollars. To invest in these players because one of the three guys get back -- -- one of four guys are Nick Punto. Is an elite player is positioned everyone else is a question mark you -- those question marks off the books. That is incredible to me if you're Red Sox fan. And the fact that -- -- was able to do it in the month of August. Amazed this just the thought the other offseason this is not the trading down like this is the the month of August -- -- often happens. It truly is amazing because the waiver process right -- to the American League and you buy my record growth internationally -- Adrian Gonzales made it to the doctors. -- that the record wise -- that only five teams every behind them. Record and look at the standings were quick but admit through the entire American League -- -- were -- -- nationally. 056 years went 27 you know look at the contracts that are out there right for pujols and fielder -- bottle and those types of guys. Six years 127. I I'm amazed that he actually got to them. The other -- it wasn't just an Al claiming an animal cartilage Garrett said today that's when it became real to him that he slid all the way to the dodger and believe it claimed a second believe. Really you know and and I listen to get rid of a great player. But it too much thinking about to electing -- why we when this spot the right I mean you lost Adrian Gonzales gave up some pretty good players for them is resolves out and Chicago do great things Kelly we don't use this week Jack Kelly will see what he does what -- who knows. But you get into this problem -- -- back them the size of the with the U. OK I mean do you do you. Eight tickets out guy left right he's always loved -- rightfully so -- -- -- -- -- he's -- all these -- J. D. -- and it said it. Appease everybody up at -- 2000 -- get ready because you know. You might find it would bust really our first -- agent always -- player -- to replace -- hatred if you are my cost a 200 million. But your net -- that's the -- -- -- -- while he was going after the -- he really want in major news I was gonna happen right good trait of this guy at some point. In the meantime you know he picked up -- any re signed Beckett for some unknown reason after three years general breaking down on September. And if for some reason they went -- -- Crawford. This deal change your mindset of like how you've viewed the Red Sox -- months ago to me even before that the public I don't really think money was an issue. Right Chris -- Optic -- if he's -- -- -- finds him a packet bring him until Crawford but -- who cares give a 140 million dollars a player is an issue. The last -- much you realized it is an issue and had to get out from under it's an issue because if you get guys the big salaries and it goes backwards this and they're very tough to so the reason why you lost a good player -- Gonzales is because of the stupid moves used it before Beckett Lackey Crawford. And that's unfortunate. But now you've got to reset button and in bench Eric an opportunity now say OK here we go this what we do love the no appeal stick around Chicago right now. Yet I that's the one guy you know get a Malone and -- it's it would thing about the red -- that little bit truth -- little bit of -- an outline he had out Italy last week or so. What do you really think about the Red Sox did what does that mean what are the Red Sox think about -- move late year. Kind of an afterthought now is Josh Beckett no longer hear the -- everyone wanted to get rid of as much as we. Hammered away at bats like OK how can they how they make that deal possible well. It was Adrian Gonzales being that much of a price the LA Dodgers packet is not here. Josh Beckett got everyone -- out is launched Eric in the Lucchino gave you what you wanted. That's like the afterthought it's all I got involved and here it took Crawford and finally. Back it's got beaten and that starting pitching staff now gets a dose of reality packets out of there the old boys club players can win. That's at the end of the day when you look at this trade and we would have blown up -- Sports Radio call the projected as a money. The players really didn't win here the team won if you -- We go back to a trade deadline talking about Beckett but we do how to rid of them obviously Texas was one thing but. You know to me wanna septic and -- -- talk about a Layla to go right to the Dodgers right there are many prospects but debut -- take a picture on big eat some money. You've seen that already repeat all of William Ayers is contracts -- there willing to eat some money that way under that payroll. But -- had the couple of more bad starts in less than the start early so I was like well. If you will only the money you just don't believe in the picture anymore. But now he wanna go out there with a team that is willing to except that crap loaded -- And -- for the -- the free agent market read it was at a Rosenthal article yeah try to talk about you know what they did look. Alec Crawford isn't available to look at before Boston is -- gonzo is not available on the money that's given out so. They acquired those two positions players. We're just really won't be available the next couple years. But it's still about pitching and we start talking about what the Red Sox should do I would who I would I would look at some of the teams like Tampa. I would look at some teams like Oakland how they do and right now do we need to bash the baseball around the reset button right now to change a lot of thanks. Get pitcher Nick Young pitching to to spend a dollar put a picture. Well that and that's the question not only your reaction to this trade and won't get are all in here with your phone calls but in ninety seconds you've got to create clean slate. You hit the reset button on this franchise. What do you do next that's next.

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