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Ben Cherington: Trade was a total team effort

Aug 27, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan were joined by Red Sox GM Ben Cherington to discuss the details that went into their blockbuster trade with the Dodgers. Ben chats about if he was shocked that the Dodgers took on so much salary, did they celebrate after the trade went through, and who might be on the Sox radar in the offseason. He also mentioned what the trade means to their offseason plans, what those plans will be, and what this move means to Bobby V's future.

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Welcome back our number three Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline the general manager of the Boston Red Sox -- -- in the morning about how aria. Or I don't open to listening or reading this weekend or today but it's almost 100%. Acclamation about this trade -- gonna start of this band. I'm stunned. Stun the Dodgers took on all that salary where you. Well and I think there are a lot of motivation on their part. There that are socially -- right now obviously. It. -- as the them not -- -- a -- -- that was what they're trying to do it. Build a business other Al artist so I can understand that motivation route and I'm trying to think of the flight and ground out there and but I can't really speak. Every you know. Like that you and they obviously felt like. This meant -- attitude and doubt we open test for us. In a press conference you said the -- was not about anything these players did or didn't do here or did wrong. But frankly wasn't the climate and the perception of Beckett a signal that his time here. Needed to come to an end. Well you know I felt like. Does that publicly that I and some of that criticism of them as they're out there and you know I think. But -- replied yeah I think you do. This year they're the amount that you -- are better. Them for the most part I don't really that -- Boris and certainly. Earlier in an era that great pitcher -- a certain on the mound he. But I you know I I felt like. But some of criticism of was just got too much and expect and maybe that made it harder for them. Either you -- to be. Or at the level or format. You know it's possible that you know this this. Is it a fresh start and the right there are. Then I believe this is the greatest trade Red Sox history and and you pull that off he should take a -- you should be thrilled he should be excited. Tell me when. It when was that moment where -- hearts jumped a little bit you said. Oh my goodness we might actually be able to do this was it when Gonzales made it to the Dodgers are on the waiver wire. Yeah our first businesses. The earliest a team effort better. Stop what the team effort we're giving you all the credit today than when we have we have it Larry credit when he's doing -- today I want to I want you guys take about -- -- just pulled this. It's incredible I don't understand how you do it I really don't. I don't boring but it and there really -- straight your -- that side without the effort that was. Our our area where there are there a lot of our city at different levels to the Dodgers back for them. Yeah ultimately we are about it and -- you know the waiver process at that. The land that landed him and -- what that. They -- -- when the doctors. -- -- -- the work. There are all through but yet probably. Really look -- rather the back court. I felt like. As just after. That. There are credited to this the -- only justice. What we do it but there are. Many. With this that block. But there. So when the Dodgers make the claim you know -- interest that you knew before that that they were interest that may Adrian Gonzales correct. -- exciting actually you know soccer -- Dodgers are several -- -- of early season and Jenrette was a part of -- we knew they had a lot of certainly that I don't. Require. So right there from there you say what can they do for us I mean you can and then they want Gonzales they're gonna get Gonzales that claimed him on waivers. You know you can make a deal what can we do what they do for us. And -- for is your first thought and rather than looking at the prospects are there plans. We need in a seller over that flexibility -- leave you know let's see if they'll take Beckett let's see if they'll -- Crawford is that how went. Yeah -- you know our direction though it felt like in order. Or make. Yeah it yet certain parts are back. At certain. So. It would deliberately do you follow up -- extra mile and that was -- our ownership that we're pretty our outlook. Got in the fox. Would you do accomplish both. And all. That. I was there ever for a high five moment when you and Larry and John Henry was ever. You know we did it and let's anomaly I don't have a break -- of champagne but. Where you -- guys looked at each other and said I cannot believe we did this I cannot believe. That we got out from under all these deals. Wa yeah slightly where batter or. So I think. Oh and and I think it I think what it is. Early in -- -- That. Works cited. Do we can do this opportunity but to -- you know again it. We're happy about but it did that all of views here it is. It will be here is how well their upper or. As every inning lead deet tails of the remarkable trade ban -- -- -- with the Dodgers resistant to anything you wanted to do. You know they're out back or. You know other than we have or we didn't. -- like what it looked. He never never get there on it but we're. You know where where it it's no. We -- -- it's. But -- -- -- double. Start and -- yeah -- to get started birthday party at certain. We had a ballplayer that -- these. It goes down. You know hopefully we. -- issue. -- -- The upper level -- Oh well this is another. Note that sort. Rebuilding our pitching staff and yeah it. A large part of it is. A low. Take it as an upper. Part. Or. Are you excited about this it's not exactly a blank slate -- a much much less crowded slate which will allow you to do some things in and really put -- Imprint on this team -- Well I'm excited about where the outburst all -- we've got a victory for ourselves. And couple her her -- or injured right now I'll go to look her here. I feel like we have. Or thought that we can build around him and don't really. Or not you know our. Over -- week. We've remote and how -- power and flexibility. So we have a lot of our -- And I it'll it'll be exciting. Finally the problematic that that or are -- Smart in doing it you know we just. So I'm trying to -- -- -- in order to also loose we got to. -- -- and and do it our students are away and do it away at that reflects. What we believe. Yet you also used the term disciplining your -- -- a number of times seven what does that mean when you say discipline as you assemble this baseball team give some examples -- Got our current who -- there's a move or I think -- accurately by. Are the higher. Outlook. How we. I always thought the decision -- how well they are our best. You know despite you are certainly not a cowboy up. You know forum Eric Eric at about the and then. We ended up I would make the work we are on strike. Played it though it's ball. Plate -- baseball. Air force. You know more to the players out there. And played it off our academy we've got to make decisions that -- the that there -- -- there's simply. Aren't you value. It I didn't -- value -- trade that that -- you know. Players Wear -- -- they're all a large they're all there are. All. Our market. Whatever it Errol. We got to make the most of that error or that -- it is we. You know we can -- on that they'll take anymore chances. Another invite our honorary the rest of the threats are ultimately. Or early march that it -- -- -- Is there a like a white board in your office with with names on the names that. You've targeted and and you can't talk about other teams play at the just say that that the that the Rangers had a guy it was almost through with his contract -- he was a superstar. Potential Triple Crown winner with some off field issues. Would he be on your radar heading into the off season. While -- look at area and certainly we're not yet that we had several hours they. Might is. Not that we might -- belt -- he's either. -- -- as you know or that is so orchestrated. Oh at the we start that process early earlier -- right at the deadline to start it up and -- it changes. But they're at the opportunity to pursue -- -- yet out but an enemy you know the fact that we. It up. Or are. The -- a way to play -- we may need it try to -- it over. Or their -- position. Rather then to our -- so. But the important that we do out. Bill like we we we want it built out. And couldn't. We think a lot of a lot of arts. But it it's but now -- But yet the ladder. What city it'll be looked -- it Q what are. Look or just after it. You that you know he just said there definitely gonna Josh. I heard it -- and you are going after Josh Hamilton. Yeah oh well they're they're out there that are. What we thought we need to do is. Sure that it's the currently. Yeah yeah it. Larry -- -- that the order something or -- -- But -- -- accurate aren't as you know but it won't play you know -- back and let our. So. But we're -- where we -- not in our. What's the internal discussion -- on somebody like to Kobe Ellsbury -- names come up on the radio program and on the radio station quite a bit the last couple weeks what's. What are the two approaches from the three approaches pitcher discussing about Jacoby what do you think that how -- how I play out. Well. We know -- Larry EB and those. It player great player off there are obviously there -- really eat that I've got people out here. -- -- I've got. Any sort of our horses out. Aspect here or their. -- you know sure it opiates -- do that. That you know I had here the several players a little about your bright -- or trade out there. Are are part of the -- -- -- are -- as well as what. -- not. Looking to say that. Bird year out in front of that or -- or. -- Are who are at it that or not. Not -- or charity yet thought about off. OP field you are. I whose job was it to get the the and green light from Beckett and from Crawford all of whom. Could've thrown a monkey wrench into this did you have the call back and say would you be OK with the deal in and five guy. You OK with this and did you worry that either one would -- -- Yeah what. For. All. Not our fault or all of that and there. Yeah you never now. What reaction -- -- -- -- -- Good or it could not so well. You know that it is the way out let it's so close. Cutler and they're right here. Here's here's. We. And it. Are -- And eat it hurt or there. But consider that. That you consider it and and -- It helped that. It was. It the right. Was Crawford was Crawford still medicated when you did this was east. That doubt but I think. You know we all thought that they are literally just got -- surgery. I got back there. And that are -- credit despite that sort of experience. -- -- -- -- Very gracious way. Yeah they'll put the process you know it it courtside at all. That or I'd. I don't believe I accurately all. LA able. We'll do well there. There are now there are about together a surgery that. You'll worked very hard to do it. You know we felt it was a year ago -- -- No front at all. Doctors. -- -- Does this trade and the slight reinvention may be better than slight greater than slight row reinvention of this this clubhouse increased the chance. The Bobby Valentine returned for second year of his contract as manager next year been. I don't think it do it. Our career or are hurt our -- you know. We felt like. There were so. -- -- act like they're proud of our our. You know you'll. Probably not. -- later yesterday here. Today here the next that work. Relegated to. Our. That out though we -- the -- -- are. We are. -- there that separate or don't I don't think that the managers should be. Evaluated. His arm where losses except to go our. You know lower or -- -- Well well well here and be productive as possible about I have a lot are the opt out. And that -- -- don't -- that to some degree others think that. We like to try to get dark that we whether about it players certain positions Alter. Whatever it is indeed. Help. Or not starting out and then also. That it. Doubt at our track. That's not our practice -- I -- -- actually -- -- their mind. About -- -- There but it. It's helped -- possible yeah a year or -- A lot out and about our focus right now I'll think about certain. Our -- -- -- to talk about the players to be named later -- of those four prospects -- -- -- Webster -- and -- Della -- Did you think might have super stardom in their future. Erratic thought about that players later -- -- so it. Thought we got. -- about it and at that job. I felt. You know outfit out our our. He ought to be. -- Superstar you pick a label but we still like. We have we have we are so. At Duke. It hurt it. There on the road. April 23 I don't know but. Now we looked at it but he upper level. Depth to our. But yeah. How does that dynamic every three game suspension for a service itself out. -- public -- involved. -- also you know. Things happen. Friday. That we felt. Or actually are part. It ever really answer for the most part but -- -- -- -- how much he liked it or at. Really. That. That. The other. At that they're. After that. He felt that happened we thought or action. Felt like not. Certainly. What we expect her error. Felt like it was important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this. Is it wasn't acceptable. I think. That understand that there. They'll be an opportunity for. Get back on. You know as we talked about what that's neat. It's a -- that. -- just curious here Ben have you heard from Theo yet and if so what would we have to say that he congratulate you. Yeah. I thought -- Back on that bubble and -- It'll be here or. Obviously together for. You know all all or most or all that. Up years. And they are obviously. The latest deal. You know -- -- Now that will work that we are the other. Or away or it. And are you. Is -- but he. You know. Unit out these. You know got a chance that a is huge factor here is different there though -- -- Was anybody in in the front office he said it was collaborative any of the collaborators. Were more as -- against this deal. It I hadn't thought about depth at that and. I'm -- are you there like -- my. Screw that -- when she now. I was you know it. As as you get further our closer. You know. You are and where are. -- needed to -- Yeah pay your payroll the beginning of the year was one -- -- -- that was the second highest. In baseball won seventy some might believe buries that one very -- All of 190s will it be that high at the start of next season. I don't know you know again we know that we. Resources we go to work our chances. -- that. Our chances there. We are. You know we we chances though 'cause you know he got -- it certainly is there's that they that they. Certainly over time. We're gonna have the ability. You know. -- -- all of them are. I would get -- -- of course significantly larger payroll like it but I don't know what that number's going to be. -- here. Will be largely. A function of what opportunity for them the letter and now we're gonna do that we're not thought about it up and had. You know what you are -- that. But a question for me -- will David be shut down for the season today and if not why not I wouldn't see any value of risking that just haven't while their. Play up streak meaningless and come back guilty next year. Already -- that it is not a today. Did it. So I haven't sort. At this issues Phillies. Our -- are. -- He eat he can keep that he can do on the field -- but it is bothering. We don't believe it's. -- -- Lowell. That early and long term but it is it is right now. -- block the -- also are adults that are our most durable players and every every are. Possible out there aren't -- some are for our organization. Do the right. Decision out of players Eric. We'll do it happened there -- it's got to look. Authority. Yeah. Or protect Arum yeah. Do it straight and it looked out at that at -- or are all. Week. -- sure that we protect players. But they're about possible. Help position. -- good -- year as starter David. I have. Not -- yet here that we are article. Back fairly early or make sure that we have a healthy David Ortiz -- While congratulations again to you then one last question John is very excited to dice -- maker as a turn today. Are good seats still available or is this game sold out today. You do well a -- extra. -- Goes over you are so I have a warrior. Ready yet but I will definitely get up early yet and they had no carpet. They quickly final for me so it's sold out or not sold out. That is today sold out. Are there are sold out I had not -- well otherwise. I don't. -- -- out here are well. Yeah. For the red -- -- 34. Yeah 33 34 games. Is it important to evaluate young people almost like an extended pre pre spring training and see as much of these young people you possibly can -- Yeah I mean I think we need to do -- expensive. A year -- we decked out. Better all year and also. It'll -- -- -- so the balance but the -- We had an opportunity. To find out interrupted but now or about certain that. The better -- authority out. There. Our Ben congratulations again thanks for the conversation greatest trade in history -- down the road. Jerry and general manager Boston Red Sox -- AT&T -- AT&T forgy L you know one week. Always say if we applaud Belichick from being in -- bloodless and emotional. Isn't that when things are working out and they are this week the nets seem like what the reflects the bench Eric and completely unemotional. And just on evaluating. And just doing it sounds like Belichick on karma sounds like it commented like the deal -- That was my guy. I'm not a common elements that stupid assistants drugs because that's a bad trade you could meet the greatest trade. In Red Sox history and I think then. Is is but -- act for us I think he's well known -- area and he's idiot you smile and I think when he mixes on what you want him back but -- in -- this is like the greatest. Day at GM can -- dial up a trade that no one could believe it was possible I also think that sounds like they're going after Josh Hamilton but that's done and it felt like David Ortiz is -- -- -- -- yes indeed he not confirm that Josh Hamilton is on his record suggests he's stepping would be in the discussion I wasn't gonna ask about Greinke because no one thinks -- in Austin Greg. -- anxiety -- -- he's already one thing he's gonna do that Theo never did in -- and it annoys me for asking every time. Is don't you evaluate these guys and how well you think they'll fit Greg Austin right now obviously these guys guys like that weren't three and Lugo. That fits but in true. And Crawford could be the worst that while we sit in the commitment and everything I do worse than him Greinke is so bad that that not even gonna kick that time -- can't handle and -- That's a good that's. That's a great thing Josh Hamilton no I don't think. You know media and it is is a problem -- so little demons which antiques market your team which is why he's not gonna get goals money. He's gonna get little less because everyone is a little concern -- how long he can keep it between the lines. An ace in he's got some miles on the -- he's lived hard odd -- -- -- it's a little talk with you -- April sports -- big NC -- it.

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