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Tom Brady: I need to do a better job with my decision making

Aug 27, 2012|

Patriots QB Tom Brady joined D&C to breakdown his teams struggles in Week 3 of the preseason. Brady discusses if Brandon Lloyd could be the next Wes Welker, who's to blame for their struggles on offense so far in the preseason, can the offensive line be fixed in time for the regular season, and how impressed he's been with Jeff Demps first few days in camp.

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Our -- written on a conversation with Tom Brady has brought you by northeast electrical distributors the number one choice for electrical products and services the quarterback joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T four GL TE and Tom Lauria. There are rewarded. Hey how a sub three games in nine or ten days diminished this team's ability to do what you need to do to get ready for the regular season. Well they just kind of the way that it's -- out this year so I think we. You know we try to be as productive as possible actually. Elect -- the -- earlier practice against them for two days. Before our game so you know you get a lot of really good work in the -- you know approximately few days before -- in so. -- just a matter try to be productively here out there on the field and just try to learn from your mistakes then. You know to keep pushing forward an -- can't grind and it's a -- for every -- it's really -- there. Preparation at all you know our unique -- If you ready first. Intolerable burdens Tennessee. Talk is the term -- even offensive performance being too kind of what you're seeing out there how would you describe the play the offense thus far on the games. Well I mean I I I think we've got to be more consistent there's no question about that. You know offensive football is it is based on stringing play after play good play after good play together. In order the score points and the -- -- -- -- beat her side since. That that's really the only way when you play against -- -- this is what point. Like in the game you know you don't score. A big play -- you know it. You know if -- -- and secure out what you got you methodically and you know that without. Really fit in your concentration in your level of execution on -- down by down basis but not. You know that's overturned a group are not -- You know it doesn't just. Magically appear. You know that you you've got to -- -- you -- you've got to commit to it and you know that's what. You know we're all trying to do not ever did -- process. Do you expect to play against the giants Wednesday come. You know coach hasn't told -- said he thinks so you know we'll. He only has been prepared to play in place fur long is. You know as long as you know take. You know for you to be out there and you know OK you know what -- -- so -- part our dogs or women and -- -- expect them. At but I enjoyed the future. Not let -- -- out there and play yet. No part of football as you said I'm sure you know is more dependent on you know teamwork and cohesion and offensive line play -- protection. Do you know when you're getting hit when you get pressured you know exactly what happened who who was responsible for that breakdown when you. What where when things aren't going well and they're not in the offensive line you know what the problem is and do you think you guys can fix it. Well you know like -- offensive football you know eleven guys need to be on the same page and you know -- when they're expecting them offensive line expect immediate fallout quit. You know our hold on the ball you know and I get sacked. You know there and you know people made plays and offense a lot of really quarterbacks all you know itself. You know sometimes. There's there's there's coverage sacks Eric you know -- -- -- -- -- coverage. You know there's just not a place to find the global ball in the -- and you know offensive line. If that is expected a certain rhythm mobile clay and it doesn't come out now wait a could be -- -- in -- offered a lot and they work -- tail -- You know they're they're out there give everything to make our belts are. Quarterbacks here when we got plenty of time to throw the ball and finally. Right guys -- that you know we have to do a better job to do cargo which is hit a ball out we need to get it out. Hit an open receiver and let our guys do something with that. They talk is Jeff Demps so fast that you have to adjust your delivery and practice and throwing to him. Well it is. You know he's our doctor -- days right so he got an Eric just you know -- -- -- pretty impressive you know from trading. You know the way he trained -- probably didn't -- to -- -- and -- ought to run out there and -- complicated and you know he's got or what does that he ordered that you sort of regular ago. So. You don't eat eat obviously -- -- -- -- have played with Sam you know where that as well. -- Tom knew full. Well that didn't he has. -- -- -- -- -- Loosen you with a strong yeah. Will will we see that I haven't got -- yep but he company you'll get to the point where you and Brenda loiter on the same page not you know like you welcome will have. Similar chemistry that you know maybe you and rancher you and Aaron Aaron Hernandez where he is thinking the way you're thinking out there Tom. Yeah and -- and you know Brandon -- job company and didn't really willing learning to do whatever you know the coach and actually do so. Or certainly not from a lack effort it's just a matter of you know get the reps and the more reps as you know I've gotten together. You know the more that the better shown on the field so. You're all excited you know further for Brandon and for what he can at all and then. You know they say. Electric every day and -- its work you know we're making improvements so we got to continue to do that we got a few more weeks but. Before you know the game. You know -- had -- -- -- and we're gonna need every single one of those days in order to the -- need to be felt. So. Can you tell us what that means to be on the same page with a receiver clearly they all know now how to run -- pass through at least I think they -- even Chad -- show. Maybe -- but certain guys branch Welker on the same page with -- is that about. Adjusting at the line of scrimmage or even even adjusting as -- had. Read the defense as your as the play unfolds. It's about it's about finding it's about anticipation of -- about. Body language. You know like you know the air like beyond what our armed. You know and that thousand football field you know I just know by eight you know the way date change -- -- your stride blank door shoulder dip that we're about to make a particular group which allows -- You have to roll the ball to a certain place. So when they make their cut eternal the ball you know is it where it needs to be well. Don't ever receiver got a little bit differently in every quarterback throws a little bit of inflation. You know part of the year it's a patient -- normal -- before the receiver. Reaction before the receivers and do it well so that you know that defense apparently doesn't have a chance. You know when -- -- separation and the ball guardian we're in the receiver and felt. You know that's that's the kind of chemistry that you look at developed as an offensive arms you know as a receiver tight end combo. -- you know in the past and you're not really -- the passing offense in the the more you do it the more comfortable you become that. It's something whatever one wants it to click right away. You know at the same time you know they're -- -- foundation that you got to put together. You know that we've been trying to do here over the last you know few months and -- -- I don't show up and sometimes. Are you realized he got a lot more or to put an -- down you know I'm not get the game we realize we got a lot more work to put an. And as far as what we're on the commit to that you know you know there's gonna be improvement and that's where you get your copy. -- if I ask you to quantify your level of trust in chemistry with your wide receivers on a ten point scale would walker be -- -- -- record and would would Giambi attend as well. Yeah of course where we drunk and then -- fallen into that into the pay scale if you will that rating scale. Well -- -- -- -- -- building process without gluten and and you know you're actually stiffer receiver to do different for. You know west amber and I are very different players. And may run different routes in the different. Well true he's -- route combinations then. You know you just hope that what happened visit. You know wherever you start you know that you're making important. Every day you you'd never wanna go backwards and the problem is if you look backwards then. Now that you know that's we hear very mediocre team and that's where you -- you see that. -- -- you you try and the same things over and you never get a different result could mean that. Oh that's great yet that's the culture trying to do so you know. Brandon and we before you know we're working you know as much as that he earned -- on the -- practice on track -- mobile. And down you know just read your body language and he knows. You know the -- but I haven't you know men and you know we we we -- you know it's a great level of trust jewel in the first few months so I'm excited you're you know how it all turned out to. Pitchers in baseball spring training. More often than not complain about a dead arm era are dead arm period of spring training because -- thrown in their thirst -- of you know stress themselves deserve such a thing a quarterback in football. In training camp. Sure yeah I mean I think here. -- your body is being -- -- you know over the course -- he's insult. Coach ever think your -- your ankle hit and you're asking your body says with a few different clues. You know on the football field and you got to do an -- season as much as you -- him off either you know there's no way to simulate. You know why action and then going full speed in golf for a two and a half hour period you know. 2830. Days you know on the religion that day after day after day after day and and the mental grind is what you need is well but can't help yourself also. Let's see how you know you're gonna feel like November December that person don't really feel great that you didn't -- -- been through a lot of them. There's a chance in -- there are a lot of extraction of salt or salt. You know it you know that part of the process of football -- and that's a part of the process -- even -- it really relished. And it really in the bar -- because of what coach culture -- -- certain. And he doesn't let up but let up on us you know any day -- camp I mean it. You know -- Berrian or not. It's not you know vacation -- you know he's had enough that only a politically if you can't see we're going to be and you know the harder you work for us but more sort of payoff in the -- on. Hopefully you know hopefully at least so great result for a. One more on Brandon Lloyd can you assure us our shore -- patriots fans come that he will not be. Another Chad Ochocinco he will not be a lost soul out there that that it will be different with this guy. Well I'm not into artwork which I mean it it were -- -- -- you know it. And argued -- great guy and a great teammate and you know for animation on a lot of things. In practice this spring you know is accept his commitment his work ethic. You know anyone who comes at a traffic -- -- you what you gave a lot so. Our eye on another prisoner make predictions you know not photography football -- either you know you don't -- my best -- -- -- you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know you -- going to be part of the offense did you know. Israel is going to be whatever he makes it about. Ellen M you know he -- it he can compete out there on a daily basis I -- can expect. Well now that he's gone can you tell us what went wrong with the Ochocinco -- at fifteen catches right and one touchdown. Why why why opt out of that happened on. You know that's where I don't want to speak for chat you know I hate you did a good friend and it and the good teammate and he worked hard. But sometimes it just all the work out so that would. And that was part of our 2011 -- to remain and are we ball moved on the 2012. And you know that that's part of you know our. Elite -- turn a page from -- -- Did you watch him get caught on hard knocks. No I didn't -- -- so. I it's that's my bet -- I got about earlier in your insight into how are you guys you're not only do these you know -- -- the -- Are the BitTorrent yeah they they obviously. You know -- change in the whole environment they're so. You know hopefully they get back on track. You know that that's a -- years it you know such a great baseball talent in -- you know I have very yet. We've got such great support the community treat -- indirect talks. -- felt they are the -- that we all I want to ask you know hope -- continues for the Red Sox if are you make big -- Did you. -- qualified and quantify how culture in the clubhouse and chemistry and guys do when the right thing. Impacts a performance good or bad and why don't -- seem to be any of those problems coming out of the patriots locker -- Well you know -- our -- You know art our locker room his lower body you know -- it and see you know early and he expects that. A certain level of you know an attitude. You know work ethic. Enthusiasm. And accountability. You know that you have to bring to work every day and you know that those were kind of players they keep -- them and you know if you don't. It you're not prepared to work or you're not mentally tough. In then you know he hit three. -- Really when you look around Lockerbie are surrounded by a bunch of guys that are very similar. And a bunch of guys that. No really care about to achieve and are committed to achievement. In and out here that's what our foundation Martinez felt. And you know it's it's you know you realize and I think that you know we use. When your locker room at you and you look around -- -- -- you don't -- -- you know you're worried about you know how many of our character coming back -- you know how many in the yard useful for me. Indiana that they've got that matters or they have matters is winning and that's what he brings to hear the wind and that. -- expectation that we try to you know -- -- -- That's our daily basis. Our Tom good luck go Wednesday against a giant to talk to next become patron Monday have a government are. Thank you hear about Brady with us and cal -- AT&T hotline brought to -- northeast electrical distributors the number one choice for electrical products and services.

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