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So Who are These Prospects the Sox Acquired and How Can They Help? -- Dale and Alex Continue Their Analysis

Aug 25, 2012|

Dale asks Alex to give us the details on who these prospects coming from LA are and what we can expect from each. Alex thoroughly lists and breaks down their strengths and weaknesses.

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Alex -- filling in for Kirk Manningham who was offered -- very good reasons -- the christening of his son and will be back here next Saturday. We know the names we know though the names of the five players who are coming to the Boston Red Sox. The only name that most baseball fans are most Red Sox fans might be familiar with his James Loney. And as we said he might be the least relevant of the five names so let's let's run through these guys let's start with -- the one -- most people will now. And give people an idea of what the Red Sox are getting in return by the way John -- Is reporting that the Dodgers sent a private plane and that -- Gonzales Beckett and point oh. Are all now in the air on the way to Los Angeles so. I guess we can pretty safely say the deal is done I think that it's safe to say they're just a couple of -- if it's not a -- it will be official very soon I consulate's front of the names let's start with Loney who have free agent at the end of the season. Underperformed this year stop me if you've heard this form and in any of these guys what are the chances that he is with the Red Sox long term well. I think that the Red Sox are going to be open minded see how he responds to being in Findlay sometimes I mean the guy who was once viewed as a very good prospect. Really nice swing good plate approach seemed like -- is promising and then his career just went nowhere and in fact it went the wrong direction. The great likelihood is that as a -- as a first baseman with. With him with bad batting average like. Pretty importantly. It pretty modest on base skills no real power it's difficult to imagine -- being -- -- -- you never know sometimes you get a guy in the right atmosphere. May be if over a few weeks he just hits like crazy especially at Fenway Park and this -- probably. Will work better and wave and it worked at Dodger Stadium whose wouldn't. Then maybe there's there's a more than 0% chance of his staying with the Red Sox but I don't think that they view him. By any means as the long term answer for space which. And it's up to the question what is because that's going to be uninteresting area for exploration pilots work through the other four names the prospects and let's start with the least appealing prospect and work our way up to Della Rosa who I think we all agree is the most appealing prospect but let's go to I would actually not say that I would Webster -- -- -- -- the most appealing to our expert. I'm at the so the fourth best prospect in the dealers -- hastens junior junior you -- some people miracle his dad. Are roaming the Phillies in field and here is a very good versatile player. And in a best case scenario his son will be a similar type of guy. He's had good on base skills throughout his minor league career he came up as a shortstop and was once considered a pretty good prospect he was in the the all star futures game. A couple of years ago but he broke his leg a couple of years ago and so that's limited his mobility range and speed. So his best position at this point is probably second base. He has good you know glove hand -- skills has good command of the strike zone hasn't shown a much of the Major League level. But in a best case Mary. That the likelihood is that this is a guy who probably profiles as a as a an option of all utility to say as Nick Punto with options. A guy who they can send a tactic right now who gives you roster flexibility -- cheaper than Punto. But -- yes his best listeners probably a little bit better than Clinton because I went there was not an offensive player at all for them this year and -- if he plays. With some steadiness could get on base at a reasonable. Number three. Number three would be would be Sam's. The outfielder who's who's in who's spent most of the year -- AAA I 6465. And a master he has legit power his power numbers were of course inflated in what is one of the most favorable hitting environments -- professional baseball this side of the moon. Namely the Pacific Coast League which is a great place to hit. Anthony Rizzo who have a lot of people or call at like 8000 home runs there in about a month. But -- and the guy who's had. Who shows who shows brought power. I -- it's that the Red Sox don't have in the opera at the at the top levels of their system the next guy who they have in their system -- like that is that is someone in double elect price brands says sands is slightly more Major League ready. Has the ability to play all three outfield positions may be. Dodgers supposedly also thought there was it was possibly can play first base at some point sure but I don't think that he's viewed as primarily being deposition but. You don't give up you just because of the power alone he's intriguing but you you don't you don't have. There's not a a lot of certainty with that mean that may to a performance has been modest -- when he four he's not when he won. But he's nonetheless intriguing just because if it if it. It's the out of the swing ever -- up you know improper fashion that you have a guy who could match. We then go to -- ruby not Robbie -- rose despite the fact that their two bees. Indeed. -- dollar rose is a pretty fascinating guy a couple of years ago in the minor leagues he was hitting triple digits with his fastball has a three pitch mix fastball curveball changeup. Right hander he's listed at 511 and so I was -- -- before it was like well this little guy generates -- velocity now he's like 641 in 250 pounds now. But yeah big high now. -- in Africa to ease the tough but that's about it that and -- -- he's -- he's someone with I mean this is a high upside arm. And you know assuming that his command comes back are -- -- Tommy John is. He literally has had about three appearances three professional appearances since returning from Tommy John Red -- -- scalp the most recent yes the Red Sox saw his -- saw his Major League appearance on I think it was August 22. Before he was optioned back down to double play. He's a guy who needs to pitch he had -- after recovering from -- Johnny had a I wanna say it was a either growing or small hamstring injury something like that. They've done that side tracked him further but. If he's healthy. Huge arms someone who would be intriguing someone who has I mean when you're talking about the kind of fastball that he has the kind of movement that he has across the board and -- pitches. Then the upside and this is the kind of shoot the -- upside is the top of the rotation starter more realistic to say. It he could be a Major League starter and at the very least with that big an arm in that kind of breaking ball. You'd be reliever. Just so -- clear to about about ruby Villaraigosa he was optioned back. To AAA yesterday. Because he was placed on trade waivers they claim was put in on him by the Toronto Blue Jays. -- he will not be as he will not be part of this deal today. He will either BA player to be named later or a separate deal made in the off season he will not becoming to the Red Sox organization until the offseason. Right so they're not really going to get their hands on him and I'll likely had until like fallen strike until Florida instructional league that's Wendell right at their best chance to work with them but it's a little bit reminiscent of of Cris Carter a couple years ago. When he went the Mets in the Billy Wagner deal and the Yankees just a kind of muddy the waters put in a claim on him. I've just just to make the process difficult I mean the blue jays would have had legitimate interest to show -- -- As would anyone else out. And he's he's -- and prospect. A legitimate Monday. But without a lot of certainty about what he's going to be in the future and in your opinion the number one prospect in this deal as -- I've talked to -- from people who say they have unquestionably the top prospect in the -- Webster. In part of that is based on what he's done over the course of this year. His numbers don't look spectacular I think is a three point six -- -- BRI five Donald in Dublin as a 22 year old. Few things one he didn't pitch it on high school he pitched seven innings and high school when you as a shortstop. The Dodgers did a great job of drafting the guy signing him for twenty grand in saying you -- great arm your athletic. You're going to be a pitcher. They converted -- it's been wildly successful for a guy within that short time span to make it all the way up to double play. And if you look over the course of the season he had a poor start to the season. But since something like the middle of may sometime in May sub two ERA guy. Absolutely dominating in his stuff is filthy he has he tops out at about 97. He more frequently operates in the low to mid 90s92. -- 94 or something like that 9095. This may be. As as just a comfortable velocity formed to work out. Really good. Sports scene in two seam fastball both of which feature a lot of movement and can get ground balls in droves you look at this -- someone who succeeded. In high a in the California League which is an even worse hitting -- its -- then the other in the PCL. And -- you realize there's something there he also is on a wipe out slider. In day -- and a really good changeup a -- not a really good change up it's not that advanced yet but it shows. The possibility of being a plus big league pitch I -- one person who's seen a lot. What do you view -- his floor what's -- ceiling -- described as. Eighth inning potentially dominant setup man stealing Kevin brown and you know for all of for all of smack talk that we hear about Kevin Brown which I gave you in the other room when you gave me this analogy earlier and I smacked back refused Devin Brown was a 200 game winner in the big leagues -- for a very long span of time. You know had roughly a decade which is about as dominant as anyone in the major leagues. This is someone who. The cubs would have dealt Ryan Dempster. Straight up to the Dodgers if they have been able to get Alan Webster back in the Dodgers to one apart with Webster which shows you how highly. A couple of organizations value him I think the Red Sox did extremely well to get him in fact they did so well that I started asking people when I heard that Webster was in the deal. So who -- the Red Sox giving back what prospects to they have to give up. Nine I was shocked. Maybe even more shocking is the amount of money that apparently -- talks are giving back in this deal. I'm quite honestly. Boggled that -- is as low as it is. Ten million to twelve million dollars of earnings -- roughly not per year not per year total of the roughly 270 million dollars. I feel like out what's his name doctor -- Everything in our anyway and yet so they really get themselves off the hook on a huge number of I mean this is this is. A huge increase their financial flexibility. In a huge change -- now. I know were were up against the break in Matthews wave them like crazy but I'm I'm gonna ask you about one name in particular as -- it's shown up on the text machine already read this name is well. Did the Red Sox in your opinion pursue and were rebuffed on -- exactly. I'm sure that they talked about exactly but I think that they would probably have felt comfortable. That. Exactly is a very highly regarded prospect in viewed by many as being some at least some I think that -- become an increasing debate is viewed as a very high end prospect but. Alan Webster is very -- in terms of being a an excellent return for them so I think they're probably fine with their more than fine impact. I'm quite certain of that with the return that they've gotten and another text or brings up -- I I'm the one who perpetrated this this probable myth but I'm gonna continue to perpetrate it. I talked about the possibility in the offseason of the Red Sox making eight trade. With the Toronto Blue Jays for John -- much like the Miami Marlins did with the Chicago White Sox are Ozzie Guillen. Given their interest now -- de La Rosa. We have the Genesis for possible deal to get your next manager here. Alex and topless explores every trade opportunity in the world so I think that regardless of whether they administrator not there would -- you know that there would be the pieces to have that discussion obviously. More prospect inventory you have the easier deacons have a conversation doesn't mean it'll happen -- -- it certainly intriguing to contemplate.

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