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Scott Miller, CBSSports.com, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Help Break Down the Trade From an LA Perspective

Aug 25, 2012|

Scott Miller is an MLB beat writer for CBSSports.com based out of LA and calls in to help break down the trade and shed some light into what exactly the Dodgers were thinking taking on all these huge salaries.

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Overdid -- -- coming up at 1 o'clock Alex spear from WEEI. Dot com will be in studio -- break this sub blockbuster deal down meanwhile. Let us get the LA perspective. On what should be officially consummate a little bit later on this afternoon his name is Scott Miller he works for or. CBS sports back nominee follows the Dodgers and he is what is now -- got I you do one. We had our you guys on this kind. Surprising. Day. So I'll tell you what we are stunned shocked and chagrined and everything else in between lots of emotions. As you might imagine. Out here in Boston. What's the reaction out in La La La land of this deal. Yeah I think people are obviously people are happy people are you know they they. We're just what people barely had stopped dancing in the streets. After Frank McCourt finally downloaded it it -- it and then they moved pretty much in straight into this. After party at the new ownership by going out and giving Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino and swinging and missing it closely and now getting Adrian Gonzalez and back Evans and Crawford. Well it's interesting you should mention Frank McCourt across of course another Boston products. And it's all about the the LA and and Bostonians people these days but. This this this ownership obviously. Has all kinds of money dispel what they spent like two point one billion to buy the team. And it just seems to be no end in sight as far as the the coffers are concerned they -- bottomless and there really spent any kind of up money they need to make this team competitive. Yeah and and and you know I mean it's it's -- it's it's almost instantaneously. Become like yankees last. And dom you know you can argue whether good or bad for baseball I think. You know certainly it's it's bad for the small market teams. You know I now have somebody else to lose good players -- but. Yeah -- I think. That money in the free agent era. -- has been concentrated in the east for so long -- the Yankees. Boston becomes that that matched by. Nobody out west -- -- money like with doctors currently are in the end is you match him. The new ownership a two point one million dollars I mean billion dollars for this team. And I remember at the time. What part of the skepticism waters. Well I'm just eight million dollars. For the accurate are they gonna eat and have any money left the field. And I remember what one of the ownership got to remember that stands at them or who -- -- from the groups that -- You think we would need two billion dollars for team just supporter of crappy losing product out on the field and I think we've got our answer that. Well let's hope it's not you know a redux of the fox ownership which I was willing to spend money but not always so wisely so. We shall find out. That was a little timeline here -- how did this begin obviously we know the Dodgers. Claim these guys on waivers but it must've been simmering even before that. Yeah I mean I think. You know the Dodgers they don't have a ton of well prospects or minor leagues and I think they identified early on any number of expensive players -- Crossed the majors. Who could become available and their plan -- attack I think all locked it down. We want to win and we want to win now. Will we -- blocked it really good players. But for now the only way we can get really good players. Is there really expensive players because then we can take on contracts and not at that. Give up a top prospect because they don't have the prospects right now there you know coordinator bill minor league system so. I don't know. We're sure. -- all the -- and the conversation started out flat. Like I do know. You know like you say I mean take a while Anna -- that it took swing excellently -- they remember even a month before that and we were errors you'll. They had to deal in place. With the Houston Astros to acquire Carl Lee. Another expensive disgruntled slugger and ended up -- with no trade clause ended up getting traded from Houston and the Marlins. But you know they pretty much. At stake here and wide net. Across the majors starts shortly after the so sure group took over. At what ever bloated contracts. There was where they thought about this team would be willing to -- Well its interest -- they got their whopper -- Adrian Gonzales -- seems to be. A perfect. Fit for the LA Dodgers as much as he did not fit in. A -- to this particular environment it seems like he just wouldn't be natural for us to -- remains. Yeah I totally agree I mean. Are going to San Diego bought seems to be huge change -- he pretty fit so well and Diego and LA is just. In a way kind of a bigger San Diego you -- still part of the country. There's more media but yet not to that degree. The doctors don't recovered with a degree the Red Sox do he'll be able to go to the ball -- Played baseball. Talk about baseball subjects. Not have to get sucked into whatever the latest soap opera is -- that that would be eight Ager got -- does not. Tolerate. Is is I think people also are about that -- you don't have the patience for. Discussing all I salute issues. That. Know at times could be better suited to be discussed are psychiatrist out and he once talked baseball played baseball and be -- You know it's funny you should mention that -- -- -- first came here last year there were a lot of off features on him discussing the science of baseball who's the this generation's Ted Williams -- You know he -- the breakdown -- so analytical. In all the that was great when the Red Sox were winning and he was hitting with power suddenly the Red Sox stop winning -- he doesn't hit with power. In the soap opera begins and that was really one at all. Fell apart for -- Gonzales. Yet because -- Even through all this last year I think he was on and I -- my my interpretation from a distance seem like. He people bought liked him while I'm not in the and he was getting an Ali was in the home run derby in Arizona and you know again yards wonder what that does that sometimes some guys in the power droughts but anyway through August. It seemed five and then in and let that horrid month of September yet. It just got what spinning out of control I think for both major and -- the Red Sox and did it just continued their careen out of control. Scott in your opinion. Could this deal have been completed if the Dodgers only -- Gonzales and not the rest of the players. I think absolutely. Positively yeah away I'll argues. I mean as put it this way it is as. In -- is talking to baseball he -- and to last night in war in this trade one guy. Said to me. He beauties in and I totally appreciated visit and he said. The fact that they sent Beckett Crawford. Is pretty transparent. Because -- Serb who played on a hundred million dollar deal. For a guy that -- underwent Tommy John surgery. I know it's not like -- a pitcher is an outfielder so that because you know you can expect. You don't Tommy John surgery that dale anyway these days and everybody comes back from that but popular he's -- comeback lot quicker but right. To me that that speaks volumes who is ever gonna take on a hundred million dollar contract. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's your answer right there that nobody -- that the rat's back so I knew what Nader Gonzalez. They saw this as an avenue. Two on -- a couple of other whopper heels of disgruntled players and they said fine -- you want hatred take Beckett take crop. What is as you know to let your fault the national saying the that the issues that Valentine is gone but the team in Beckett having problems are to field Ian on. What kind of a manager is Mattingly in will Rick Honeycutt the pitching coach to be able to do anything with Beckett your opinion. Yeah I actually I think got intersect -- -- I think Honeycutt. Will be fine for Beckett I don't think he's a magician but I think. I don't think there's anything Honeycutt gonna do for Beckett. That moving into the national lake and regularly facing weaker lineup without a designated hitter I think from that perspective. Beckett could may be that may be re gain as balance is not having faced DH is not ridiculously strong lineups every night. Best cure for an American League pitcher particularly in the AL east go to the National League right faced a lot of shortstop catcher second baseman and pitchers at the -- in the lineup and suddenly you find yourself again in the second pout about Mattingly how would you describe him eight million have managerial experience but he's obviously done very well there is -- of discipline area and is he able to adjust to. This new generation of players. The latter he's able to adjust he's got a lot and Joseph Torre and GM -- players lobby. He's relate very well for them he deflects a lot. -- potential outside distractions. Away from -- I could -- the best example look at the way -- campus lower standard Mattingly and he. The -- at the year two years ago. -- -- -- Can't hit like 249 for the season was always hustling. And had that run -- what a couple of Torre's coaches. And got benched for a couple of days. And they were really Matt Kemp was at a crossroads. Two years ago. And then last year. As we know he took off had a spectacular. But the second -- brought an MVP voting. All I'm not saying that is all Mattingly because obviously you know as exquisite talent. And I think camps and break up with Rihanna helped get his mind right focus on baseball last year status of the Hollywood stuff but that set. I think it's also not an accident but he flourished under Mattingly. I identities on Mattingly in July at long peace and Antarctic cap for awhile and among many other doubters. And end -- to a man absolutely -- Mattingly and I -- got ours and everybody else coming over from Boston will do. So the sky you're telling me that the Dodgers wouldn't consider a trade Don Mattingly for Bobby Valentine straight up over that would happen. Am very happy with Don Mattingly and -- financial right now so I will play of that. I just realized -- go back to something we talked -- top of the conversation bunch of Texas wanna know about -- he did allude to -- somewhat. You said that the prospects. In the dodger organization. Are not exactly. To prosper -- -- not exactly a national type players. What can we expect from Jerry sands he vendee he sues. Alan Webb stir. Ruby -- a row so what kind of players are we getting in return for these star studded players from Boston. You know the biggest. -- biggest -- -- Webster news and -- baseball America ranked him second on the this year. On the list of top dodgers' prospects. And -- You don't Webster seems to have the highest ceiling is. Changes speeds you see -- -- and in the ninety's either and at least five you can go up to 97. Got a real nice curveball. It is well changeup. That -- and a bird -- about 79. Changes being as I say and -- you know a lot of people. A lot of people really wanted to him. And and they refused including a couple Eagles in July. So I think you're all wet dirt he's going to be a guy that. Maybe it -- the best chance. To. You really do some things in Boston. You're retailer was a big guy hard thrower ball and -- -- there stands. And in in -- ball. That played in the majors at times this year. They make you get called up when there were injuries. -- -- at all held -- -- to contribute and I. But they're kind of the guys you know they're they're not going to be starters there's -- they they can be serviceable I'd be more role players. I'm sure the red flag really don't care about salary -- so how how long it would take for Webster to actually get into this Red Sox rotations this Sunday and happens next year one when -- Webster become an integral part of the Red Sox. I think it could happen next year I would expect. Most probably within the next two years. Scott. With this deal being done. What is the national perspective on Theo Epstein is just a comment about him in some of the contract he signed. All I. Don't think it can help but be. At least part of a state of what reflection of the army. You know these were these lose or or it -- to obtain Gonzalez Beckett and cropper. All. Happened under his watch it and I think the fact that they ended up being ill fitting parts into the overall next. And I also think the fact. That things became so toxic. Last September and the fact that what's gone on this year than he shows. Last September was not just that proverbial blip on the radar screen at me. Last September. Was not a fluke. It is it it was a symptom. And I think given the fact that there's things became so actually. And they. B is -- city guys were. -- it didn't fit. Yeah I mean I think you have to wrap that in that feel like it's obviously. Let's start 12 World Series with field running the show and in. He got back and say that it ultimate legacy forever tarnished. Why I mean certainly I think. It factors in everything else that may be some of that wall. Is it is not quite. Not quite as bright as the ones a year ago. Now this is definitely -- I would agree indictment on Theo while it's not expressly stated. We certainly can read between the lines so what do you think the timetable is now for this announcement when. Everything is official dodges have their news conference Red Sox have they -- hearing anything about when that's gonna happen. Now I'm not yet I think. The news caps per -- yes B maybe maybe tomorrow. I say that because I'm not sure why I think this deal becomes official today everything were hearing. On my hand is at that he'll become official today. I'd heard back it was down to Carl Crawford had signed the paperwork in and Bud Selig opposite side at all on that. Then it was going to be about dog that's the last I heard about 45 minutes or hours ago. I think it becomes official day. At some point and I I mean. Maybe -- -- -- club officials from each team have a great aperture or talk about things by I actually news out tomorrow more. Thinking from the players perspective. Because I think it becomes official a day match or -- -- players to the Boston in the Boston players get to LA in time for today's game. That's why I say. Probably tomorrow on news conference at least for example Los Angeles before Adrian Gonzales and company can get there. Larry Scott we've been doing the show for over eighteen years and I do want to thank you so much for coming on in this is the first time we've actually had Rihanna. Worked into a baseball conversation and Larry was happy as could be. I appreciate all the -- shot thanks a lot in always loved those Rihanna references.

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