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Tom E Curran previews the Pats' third preseason game

Aug 24, 2012|

Pete and Michael take a break from Sox talk talk to Tom E Curran about the Patriots' Friday night preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They open up the discussion about the issues surrounding the Pats' offensive line before getting into the individual matchups to look for against the Bucs.

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They've been -- not to come back with. Some football music. -- ball. We love the -- -- some. A lot. About a lot of not only so -- -- but in general there's a reason such as please. -- -- -- He's available does not about. It was something to do with the whole least there's the police there's the po leagues -- about Tommy turn -- you look back you'll want to aren't. Well we'll see what's going already have the patriots -- an art preceding game number three or. -- -- -- In other writers will probably put in print -- all important. Aren't doing their race army used to and at some freak you. What. If so what do we expect right lot of Tom Brady. A lot of Mankins a lot of Ballmer what we're gonna seed tonight in this game. Definitely helped spark -- Inc. in -- so Michael and I know shop at the bit to get out they didn't clear last week most likely will not play on. When -- against the -- all of that uncertainty because they do have can be time for the opener but. This issues its last best chance to get out there on -- I would really speaks on that he was out there is really only participated. In one on ones. As opposed to let him go on the night of the market in an experience. Over the rights -- And -- Think it won't know until we know put my instinct is that he will be -- clay because he's gone through -- Oh we practice the ball and full contact. -- A starting job outlook has some of the bubble people possibly everybody has different theories and to echo what's been I've loved him for many when he's healthy he's been terrific by. He's just not as Bristol some of your guys they have a real life how big game is this for him tonight. I think the primary guy Pete do you look at in terms of a recognizable name. -- Really needs to perform well say this but now -- Ford guys it's not Scarnecchia yet. It's viable senate club players who opened his window space com. Feel that you're -- can please. Correct currently and it was our parks yes. So you have -- right there. So. Explorer that -- the world will come screeching to a halt with the patriots have to say -- that the ankle and they will have alternative specifically at a window is open. Because it's fine and when Brian Waters returns. Can -- back over I think the window is the best competition. For Coke and that's static position I think that. The patriots may not wring their hands that -- -- the decision whereas we know well liked and we enjoyed them so I think that would be a little bit. Shocked to see your name on the release list but I don't think that the patriots would spend a lot of time. On that. Decision and say -- this -- a real -- on any computer pointed out that versatility makes it a little bit easier. Hey Tommy. I watched the Olympics a lot of people watch the Olympics. Excited about Jeff Demps for the patriots this guy have any chance I don't ever ever realistic chance of making the team because it was seemed to me if he makes it. He's got to make it strictly. As a kickoff returner and answer. And that's -- thing Mike is it's if you look at his history at Florida. Barely returned on at all and really only returned 21 -- -- and -- have to look I wrote earlier this gonna look at one point -- in his tenure there. So what we look at America there's a special paint. Don't have a -- experience here is a rocket science or pickup for -- not catch -- float part returned to did not want. But I think if they do keep. And given the amount of money that this spending Mon in the an undrafted player which is I them all but 17 round that was drafted. Their intention is cute so what would happen -- If they release them very good chance the Buccaneers would claim a very good chance and yet we're trying to clean claim him with the colts. But that means the it's simple he's got to clear up toward what's gonna happen as you can hear glut of players released -- it -- -- macro picture of the fingers crossed that nobody else claims him. They get into that practice squad -- -- to keep -- who -- known him take that risk. Then I think to do have to think about. And every. Once in awhile ostensible. -- -- and actually there's been a guy it would probably wind up in the slot. And it's blunt here screens. And you know little jailbreak screen to Miami used to run. I think that. Miami Hurricanes and I think that would be a role for him. Apple the guys we're gonna protect the football much better is fumble prone guy seen on the sale -- It is really assessment independent production very good over ten yards it's what. Some interest in novels those specialist -- guys and and where on another day in another show I'll complain -- the patriots haven't given Jesse Holley an opportunity to be especially if that's another -- not to write about that I would if you but you don't have to. But I do -- -- -- about Abner and the had to pick last week. In in a critical situation that into the half you know really. Is he is he doing well in camp in this -- have a chance to make make the team that he's an intriguing guy former rugby player and walk on at Ohio State and trying to trying to do some editorial -- -- -- -- -- -- Positively as I would say that you -- on the scene. Yeah if you want to play into what's gonna return and you see what really can't double him and covered crap back. Get the -- will return. Really moves well makes a complete and the ball I think probably goes goes back in large part of the rugby experience. Couldn't handle all of a regular basis but. Look there's there's certain guys that on the news. This is not a comparison. -- -- Sort of -- I'll come what a way to. And minus minus the president -- he's got commercials that enough got commercial government. Things. Might as the number of things but he covers ground in that he can get instinctive which I really think he authority. Athlete awards doing. She covered ground and unique way. And he's got a big body as opposed to a degree. But something like that same sort Polamalu and more than -- saying he sevens -- John -- and we'll have brought that up of course don't go to about me. Come August you know I miss it every day we each do our best -- comparison that's pretty interesting genre games in the heat haven't you do regret that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Period operating this -- -- little -- it doesn't record. -- -- if it's obvious how about mister waters and see him anytime soon. He's gonna get that goes throughout the pool up the ball floats come then I think that. Beat the the clock ticking on him. You could be here I think if the patriots find him. Then you would have a situation where. You saw a little bit more next on their -- but with ten days ago. By the into the weekend until the opener really out of its element article two weeks ago totally opener. Because idea for it does pop up and start run around and -- all the well what he has in his corner to lean back on it. I didn't get signed by the patriots until September sports last year and should -- to play. On not. September. -- so what's the big deal. Yeah you know I I don't understand -- I don't understand how the patriots took such a huge swing. And missed. On for Nene and leaves their first major free agent signing. In the guide doesn't even make it. In game one of their regular season. What happen -- is this a medical thing is it a a lack of research and patriots partly just thought this -- be a good fit me what what what happened. I think Google a lot of things clearly Jonathan. Except. In the tragedy grateful for China would you promote your initially. It was brother. Or is dead that -- -- you know would have to check that but I'll put through some personal about it surge in reorient that your record Bedard story. In Boston -- refer back locals marvel mood saying that is very. They're and we are epic. Who. Need to small team extremely atmosphere it might not be well served going away something. He's familiar -- it. And honestly it was very different -- couldn't get among the field look at Oprah. It's look at tonight most director -- couldn't get on the field with a cattle prod. And I think you're -- dynamics going on there so. I think it'll all come out more shall complete but right now which might have met with that being in the into the lawyers. -- -- in terms of news coming out. Thomas -- -- -- and again but -- happened Tennessee in the in Tampa Bay from last week and Johnson certainly seemed to have a field and I know. I'm registered in the in the office of light of the Buccaneers I know they've beefed up again they give you got nick from New Orleans is all pro guard. Donald I'm looking at that matchup Wilfork and Warner company against those guys like the patriots. It and you know I mean judge is one of the better running back to Levi obviously but I the pitchers maybe it'll run the ball right down their throats that defensive line. -- Tampa Bay last night -- what I saw last week was horrible. Yet they take pride in that group you know Joseph put it is a good player. You know I don't want to be downhill attacking in the best part of that -- the big east and has been. The secondary but. Mike gets Pete is since this is probably. 6530. Borrowing came in and -- -- about eighteen snaps. It probably will be just -- not with the running game tonight and I think it's more than anything else important extremely Tom Brady. Get on the same date -- is not playing as a giant wanna go into the regular season and having just had. Eight or nine liable. Grows between them and -- by the athlete. And there were no completions. A little such little collect our penalty sought to so big that sort for the growing. For all the players so -- I what I see it yet they go win the football game running and they do. At least he plan -- for these two so that they can have that routine in their mind I think you're gonna want both -- but it. Yeah and and again dispute about the -- offensive line again with the addition of -- -- from New Orleans just like a -- in -- -- yup I'm also not wanna -- audio side I -- also -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to detail exactly that your that your cookie -- -- But I also why I mean out on the way Tennessee was able to. Get after Freeman last week I think the Patriots defense could be in for overnight here. They could be if they get it could be and take pride themselves they Damien that rally cracker on the ball at. I'm at right tackle. Jeremy Trueblood has been disgrace to human that you -- call -- entity. Particularly matchup with Ninkovich in the the resurgent. Jermaine Cunningham. Sort of gotten enough support to do the -- Basically ceding his career over the last few months Jermaine Cunningham he's been you look at tackle last year embarrassing. But I think that's an interesting matchup to watch. Our children killed Patrick but more than anything else being wannabe. A -- -- if you thought both have watched all watched on the football you understand. This the first element that coach stressed and still is what semites are going to be in every coach wants -- -- the mindset of this. A unity -- whole bunch of what you -- want. Running into the line and I'm looking forward to seeing Brandon Spikes a bigger one meetings tribes in the middle. Our Khatami will be watching enjoy it patriot is they're pre season game we'll check in with you next week. Or Tommy Karen. You'll hear him all season long here on WEE. He's locked in game tonight and you know the thing is it's it's so funny -- here was not funny funny ha ha and restraint funny strange. -- compare. These teams you know you're talking about the patriots. In have you worried about the -- Yeah I mean Odyssey and outward if the patriots have any Red Sox like -- you'll be shocked and you'll -- you'll faint. They're not worried about them and before we start them at the patriots we were talking about the Red Sox and in most of you were worried about the red -- just couldn't beat to war opposite. Organizations across the board on the field. You know playing up to call -- yet -- have been expecting all the field ownership runoff there's. No one front office is very clear to me in there any doubt who's in charge with the patriots have the personnel are not in charge of the Celtics -- Bruins. -- doubt no doubt whatsoever now. What the Red Sox you know. -- -- Larry Lucchino the literary had -- audit on. -- of brokaw's after the system.

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