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Definitely don't call it a comeback

Aug 24, 2012|

Pete fills in for Ordway as he and Holley break down last night's 10-inning Red Sox loss. Why didn't the Red Sox challenge the Wells home run? Why did Bobby leave Aceves in for the 10th? The Big Show looks for answers.

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Are welcome to the big show. -- continues his vacation -- I have to say hibernating bats like I don't have to -- this ago Kaye -- we have to pull on the now this time a year you know my got to do what. It is just kind of recharge the batteries Michael. Regardless batteries disease securities probably is probably doing a talk show by himself he's probably to talk a -- driving his rambling praise on an Oakland. And I don't know and just pause that you have holes the only little model and -- -- -- ghost which you can understand about the -- to. I told you before you -- the -- and -- that. And you really he was right about last night all about the pitching well there any pitching in that game last night -- now. -- just it was just a matter when that's where Vernon Wells -- that. When he was thrown out at third base in it was a back -- macro policy that was the umpire. Taking -- I think it is upset because he -- they needed all of the insurance that they can get because it felt like. No one router and two runs in this game -- go by two. For the angels that's not enough because if you're going back and forth Ayers and I don't think they've gotten well. Against the Red Sox. Michael what -- like most teams but they're not going anywhere and I don't know I don't know. Maybe this is something that jumpstart some certainly Oakland based jump started their second half with a sweep of the Red Sox I don't know -- Italy. Couple games back in the loss to knowing our bid to something's not right about it -- Well it is an and I think it starts at the pitch well obviously -- CJ dollars and to test for Greinke going into Cleveland because he's been he sought since that trade. That's a big testament thematically -- lost they wrote so let's see you know. Course Cleveland last eleven -- a veteran and -- the reds are split. But to duplicate -- really we mentioned a lot bigger Rosa it's. We mentioned it yesterday there have been so many teams who have come in struggling against the reds and then they figured out Cleveland was one of them yeah. Then less -- about Minnesota. Minnesota here a three out of four of them angels command on a four game losing streak got swept dismissed. By the Tampa Bay Rays are not even not even account to get out here and they lined up sweep in the Red Sox now. The third game was the most difficult one for then I mean look like they were gonna at first that -- there is gonna get blown out. Then I they would come back as you have a third inning would never end for them. Did you have that feeling that six runs was going to be enough that game and oh because I mean what we said yesterday Wilson it's rugged and once into the June 26 an incredibly but I had an unbelievable record against the Red Sox right. And made it look so great he'd look terrible I mean you look at apple -- terribly. I just -- me too early how much they expected the game ago wade did fourteen to thirteen. But I just didn't feel statement -- -- to put that three spot. -- just I'd just had to I just had an incredibly bad feeling but then the way things went in the waited the lead changes five lead -- as well on three lead changes. I gotta I gotta stay Agassi you know generated in the Oscars -- you hate to say this win when the team you want to win loses but. It was a it was Craig game it was a lot of fun to watch now at the end. It didn't seem to be a lot of fun for the people of -- part because we had to watch those three girls behind the plate during their whole idea is. And there are a lot of initially Detroit tonight Texas right my my at a Cleveland plain gone. The Yankees obliquely to by the Yankees. But yeah my -- you're right to -- behind Dario home plate last night do when there had all the work and tell -- how -- I hear what they're like times you can pick up by NASA last night at the end probably from the seventh inning eighth inning nine. Every single it was like the CIA or FBI had -- -- dentistry quarter seats from there to about ten rows up you could hear everything. Yeah I -- got a funny thing that you -- reportedly is. Everybody was getting ripped out. -- Red Sox fans ripping their guys are ripping the other guys out of his way I was waiting for. Is that comment. Where you said okay and internal mics off and didn't really hear that. Literally and comfortable comment. Now that's original era was hurt no beside your -- some very a very decent localism. Less the only the only swear I heard last night -- was after the game when Bobby Valentine. Unbelievably was being asked about the home run that wasn't it shouldn't have been a home run it should have been under review Lou it would have been a double. Probably and who knows what went there that Bobby after the game somebody asked and you've. Think about disputing that or are arguing. -- nobody told he seemed genuinely surprised. That there was even a debate about it and then we haven't found -- that sound here bent but yeah Bobby Bobby Valentine. After the game when he's talking about. Fenway Park before. -- You're talking to somebody else -- are you watching this. Is this is Bobby. When he lost. His library action that was there that day. Think about day. Bobby if you get a good look at the Vernon wells' home run. Records. It sort of announced it. Was moment. But just at the. Mike butcher idea call it Regina city of Bobby Valentine into connection. On television and I asked him where it hurts. It I was stunned when -- -- now. Now again I -- national debt but they only show like -- snippet from Bobby Valentine's press conference last night and to -- all the time I don't get it while they show it live. Like channel portion of Belichick's life right or at least supplement -- two minute delay whatever. Why isn't essential Bobby Valentine's -- capital most orbit until it gets I can tell Olympic excitement -- doll pressed Robert didn't come away. Official too little snippets not I don't I don't -- -- attention and don't get me wrong. It's great it's great advertising for them look the fans what they see at the fans wanna hear it. And then it's great for Bobby individually they call it Bobby -- -- -- so they can take it to the next level. Ending a little. Little advertisement for his place in Connecticut. In Stamford. Mean he can turn it into the a boon for him and can be able for the about Iran on. -- is it's much I mean you had to stay up last night. To see that pressed to -- want anybody who would have fewer dollars for our 32 minute game was a long entertaining game crazy game. But there was no way I was going to bed last night before I heard from Bobby Valentine that's why you stayed up. You know I didn't understand Tom -- computer game and I love them both but I mean it could understand games and carrot stick last night after the game. That but I've Bobby Valentine -- a home run it wouldn't matter because evolved other -- that suing it's that follow while you don't know the game what turned out that way. Probably they were right probably they would you know they were destined to devote more hits however you just don't know. A play like that I just and started that somebody. In that somebody what will either product coach just said nick. Or Ellsbury. Or series doc or realist and I talk about a third baseman shortstop says it's -- lot of people on the -- -- unpopular -- who looked up. League guys -- and she got the correct challenge to tell the job it. Nobody said anything what does that tell you. The club -- -- say that would you know sometimes times players won't do it it's obvious like the Jeter situation in Baltimore you know once a lot more obvious than that and people that connections on the field about it -- last night I was blown away. That nobody from the dugout as -- an opera about somebody didn't tell Bobby Valentine to challenge that. Now Bobby also talked about. Alfredo -- he came into the game he was not sharp he stayed in the game we continue to be not sharp. He gave -- Barmes he had problems but after the game. As sevens what's it and now that. And it's a couple of pitches there is. It's not about -- that we've lost the game you know. We will -- -- there were like 25 rounds so it's not that I. Its -- -- and I would lose because that. -- they interrogated. Interrogation. Team effort Michael team. Not ours that you lost but that's a look like crap. And out if that this is what I hate to do this Buick. If our Papelbon were set I had I lost -- game -- he did last year the end he -- I lost the game for a stand up -- take some accountability that is. Another symptom of what is wrong with this organization. You -- part losing that game last night -- service sorry you did. Huge factor they brought about a tenth inning and I know Bobby Valentine with a lefty righty matchup crap but I understand that -- He can you just can't you just can't quite bring him back up detect any epic -- up on the night. And I can see you almost have to nobody -- do -- you sure you're you're managing their entire game he is it that had a game to. You're charge to you -- not to you know blow through your entire bullpen because it was looking like that in the third inning yeah both teams. You do it in Orlando's game you're gonna wind up with -- with positional players on the mound so you're not you're trying to. Preserve your bullpen I didn't get to Iraq a real game situation you try to get closer so much it's. Closer who's -- he got rip Michael you get aptly lit up eager to gave up by six hits and ten at bats. They'll run off the bat I mean a couple of home runs it wasn't his night and that it was a it was a mistake. But in the whole grand scheme of things doesn't really matter when they won -- lost that game doesn't it's just a fine to me you would innovative ways to lose every. Single not it is unbelievable and yeah I felt that I want to jump to the TV give Bobby -- how I was actually it would I'm honest to god -- as much as. The criticism and you know players and have been part of blame but I was sitting there watching that game last night I felt. At a at my stomach watching Bobby go out to -- just managing the game because I felt bad form. It's over the stuff because by in my opinion some mistakes he might have made that game but overall and a press conference it was on. To get to stay there was an add texture on HTT -- everything possible brings a great point. And he's. Addressed the text you the Peta seriously saying things all the time we hear you guys talking about us. Talk on on on the radio every day why not. Take some time ten minutes twelve minutes to go to Bobby Valentine or whether it you know Doc Rivers. A Bill Belichick -- be interesting at times I wonder well where are we staying through this entire thing that it at times it can be painful. I think I think that's a great point people wanna see that because it's not something you see all the time. No it's not. I mean -- get huge ratings in my opinion official Bobby Valentine press conferences I mean they're usually someone entertaining. Imports one or two quotes like last night and I think they they. Cut in the best -- Out of luck this justice may have -- to follow up I mean if you can't see him -- -- of the cut doesn't do it justice that you didn't see his reaction. -- and inspirational reactive body reaction he was. That was a battered and bruised and beaten down man last -- we said that before this year boy it really came -- last night. I don't know how he breakdown I'm all right and I'm nervous breakdown bullet and last night considering everything that happened yesterday. Well they may I don't know for nervous breakdowns come a deep. But this is not the point where the Red Sox is not just it's not just under achieving everybody's used that term -- use that term other underachieving resources. No it's a little worse than that because beginning of the season but there will be the second wildcard. But -- on about maybe the wild -- of the first but they've they were a playoff team on nine having 9091 wins. So that's what I thought. Obviously they're not going to the playoffs. And they're not under chief you know what they are your bet. You that team they are not heard rob on earlier with -- man. And rob -- and over under and rob takes the over the Red Sox win more than in the game against royals in his logic was well it's the royals. -- the Red Sox what do you mean if there -- you can't and that this. This season as. Prevented us from looking down on another team and stand out on base know you in that situation -- sweep them ever had a yeah. You are that you're in that situation now where your team sucks and the question now is. What do they do about it are they just kicking the tires right now that the typical. August exercise for general managers kicking the tires putting -- players on waivers or is Adrian Gonzales on waivers. For -- really good reason and is this going to be his last season -- Boston. Also Ellsbury and Lester earlier today reported as well let's but the doctors are yeah are really interested in -- Gonzales and are are the Red Sox. Doing this now because they're gonna they're taking the time to put a deal in place. To move Adrian Gonzales to the Dodgers starting next year Michael is 127 million left on his deal six years a hundred recently starting in 2013. We upload their baseball obviously on the table and able we have football two of the dragon Tommy current we'll check in at 3 o'clock hour. Ninety seconds from now you'll check in an eviction.

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