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Mut and Merloni's Over/Unders: August 24th

Aug 24, 2012|

Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford filling in for Mut and Lou give their over/unders for the upcoming weekend.

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No -- in the movies and older cards all over -- now wearing underwear on Sports Radio WEEI. The I would say. There's never any less preparation for -- to review history and us doing -- Well as we we just found that occurred some news best things in life the excitement to your question. So let's take. You via the team signal or cared to -- subways out like -- Via. We know. -- that you were right into the wall last. -- but we've definitely five aren't so I'm like nature's -- this is what we do here and we set something up. We give a number -- -- over. -- that's how are familiar with the practice I guess Lou and Mike will recap but on Monday through greatly here a -- runners on -- show. We will get your bill or doing where they will look to hear a voice some dollar first Erica okay. Royals -- town this week written four game set. Over under for Red Sox wins is one point five taking the over yeah -- -- deal over one point five against the royals. The deal. -- -- -- well I mean obviously -- the royals. This is the Red Sox thought I understand it if the rest demeanor when this series that we have the -- to stand -- its its -- Just like this yeah authors of the big fears some believe -- a -- to play for -- I think they'll win to just stinks. You're dead -- nothing left. I'll go under wolf while -- -- -- -- the ball I don't want to advocate with one of these four games one of four under the average but your royal fly through. There Beckett starts Saturday -- royals earned runs allowed whereas war point five. That's forty -- four points that's four point 45 or half Euro. For it but I'm on over Josh Beckett is Hollywood war action. With -- effort runs I was in Iraq absolutely Imus a five innings five. Six innings 5506. Innings war -- they're going under this -- here and now a bog your judgment six -- -- -- Little editing done here scrubbing them is there. Ask the are people the greatest guy I love my fear producer here you really -- -- right -- He's not completely back I mean. Even studied so nice to have -- we're setting the pass attempts for Brady year's -- we suggested this you sense instead you're just fifty. Pass attempts for Brady and city. -- really -- last minute fifty. I asked what he'd like turn your brain on at the last minute. So I changed it to seventeen point five. IGI did not papers -- be activated the -- but I did have a goal over on this -- throw the ball -- -- 2223. To. Buckle under. Lights are so perfect. Yes we'll put up a little bit of what they gonna have so quit talking on their right. -- go under a problem. I -- until Jarvis Green also yeah I can't give the gonna fight that would replace BenJarvus green Ellis and they passed. Go with sixteen. Read your point but just a letter but this item. David Ortiz. Which -- which we which side have learned your we have learned a commuted you can decrepit. He's gonna give it goes tonight terms applying. Hamid bats will -- now. This weekend and we're setting it at the net. As you said after the break you could easily be easier could be your argument as it is the start this. -- an ambulance but that's a I am going to go over that offer a positive on this particular play. Three games this weekend that you need to get ten at bats at bats. I've talked a go under because I think -- hit one days. That's probably yeah of course -- more -- you know a long hours. -- it's ivory I really catches up with tomorrow my son Harrison is going to be person. In the dot I swear this is true I swear on the life -- where Steve Steve. But the god father of my child. Is actually Robert Farnsworth -- that is actually true the conduit. Between my son in the savior himself. Is sitting four feet away from me with me the power bars and that's -- this. Rob Bradford is the godfather of my -- And without I'm a little confused about responsibilities that we view that. Good exit through it more then where does funeral taught us -- -- I -- Let's just go Diet Coke grow but the circle of life it is -- -- -- -- item and former QB. -- actions every gave a for reading my wedding ten years ago it and Beverly if a few teams who. It's you're almost -- the wiped out all over the church floor. For up to speak to the question is can you are a little bit of a clause. How many times you drop my son tomorrow during this process I set the over under point five that this is of another Steve special. Steve Smith I didn't three public. Clearly you have high expectations for dropping children. I do I think I made after number two it's really easily got an attempt rod obviously could have probably -- them. You know what brought I think this -- which of the top spot -- to disagree here via the figure dropped to. Well as a zero times that either I under I well I think it well we have to weigh in is do I have to raise the child those guys. Of the -- would be nice theatrical move if if I have to do that sort of trouble ticket deal for -- -- all right so there it. Disagree every single one of these over it out of a little -- almost a receipt for the segment started we have to disagree it's almost like they wouldn't have a good show between. Where would never measured we did as he's he's he's back. It's so big over and I'm sure to be fine for the ones who did the weather problems in this is that we have the Red Sox World Series to be going on Monday. Yeah that is what that is and just carry over its tees up to carry over to two people died. City. That whether you real quick -- we're gonna go to break -- responsibilities you -- And all supposed to do as a golf yet I mean if you died to have to take over deal. I don't matter affect you you you'll know it's eagle and made you the last person the world -- can glad to be like. Right. Now Richard Pryor in the toy yes we had to wrap you up yes doctor about Spiderman -- Don't you just huge there just got it now listen if there comes a point where. He goes through certain changes he has talked the about it too much to ask you have to talk to you -- do you in the -- we got to get -- talk like he gave us. It worked out. How outlets of from the -- and most -- to give my kids that have had a 256. Was sent at 7790. -- fifty. 8885. -- five -- -- we get back your -- -- calls your Red Sox calls more and auditors.

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