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Nomar Garciaparra, former Red Sox SS, on most players not attending Johnny Pesky's funeral and Bobby Valentine

Aug 24, 2012|

Nomar joins Kirk and Rob to share his thoughts on the Johnny Pesky funeral situation and the future of Bobby Valentine in Boston.

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Final hour -- reload -- -- and -- rob Bradford and for Mike and Louis joining us now in the AT&T. Outline AT&T rethink possible is Nomar Garciaparra Nomar Kirk -- Boston Howard you. Not too bad it's the last couple days you might imagine that error herald report. But for players showing up Johnny -- here on Monday and then you're there injury action when you look at only four players on this team -- answers. Well there's there's definitely some disappointment that you elect achieve more there's there's no question about. But at the same time for me. It was in about what should -- -- -- it was about it data released. Honor of this amazing and -- -- and not forget you know what you met him he -- he impacted what he refused and hopefully that's really the focus. That's so much story about how many people were there. To me. Oakley -- stories about what people are gonna remember more is about what Johnny Pesky -- That Red Sox uniform but he Mensa the organization what he meant to baseball -- that would undermine what he meant to meet me personally that's what that's what it was about why I was there. I was there which is. You know honor this man in. The eternally grateful for the impact he's -- my. Nomar you came from Williamsport to go to attend the funeral correct. Correct okay. I was I was at the Little League World Series. At that time corporate and I'm I'm grateful that yes -- -- -- -- you know as well recognizing you know what this meant means idea. You know making arrangements. Opened me you know from my schedule -- -- -- -- -- -- -- few games that they recognize. I was going to be wanted to be there going to be there. Monday and I think some lucky that they were understanding what if -- I guess yeah guess with the senator as a Johnny Pesky you were very close to a menu there when he was around a lot. This is tough but can you remember one instance -- one moment one anecdote they might jump out at you about him. You know one thing is he just makes. Makes everyone's smile I think. Be it from some stories and you know -- -- -- -- -- and I became -- as it is well. In hearing all of their stories -- -- I can't just give one at that position so my view there. Membership down in the effort summit -- with ought to Red Sox. And it was like looking out the Q you're sitting next me talking I just -- How can you -- number you know yeah I wouldn't anybody. And he took the time spent by companies -- now. And just start. And obviously anybody that know how that was at first it was it time for everybody. -- you are obviously baseball and the Rex for eight the relationship grew heated -- match. And that's what made it's -- special. And I was. I don't know I -- People -- -- studied the impact. A person's life and occupied different nations human adventure. At that funeral here -- all the stories from families and friends talking about it they are all different. And you're thinking well we can sit around for hours. On a different story about -- -- Now he is you can sit around a wife Elin and to story about -- -- -- in fact he that's -- that measures. Manned flight to keep its been like a puck in different story people after this story. Representative Red Sox organization. So well. ESPN baseball analyst and former Red Sox all star Nomar Garciaparra join us here. -- back and I understand from your perspective why you went on John Yang is in your feelings but just to kind of circle back here it -- people here really. Upset that this team entry can understand why given their performance in -- when they find out that. Only four players shall appear. The sort of criticism is AM the players in the on the ownership if you are in the position to be John and your team -- -- -- have been more forceful -- these guys listen. I'd have to do this this is the right thing to do. Yeah I don't know how it was presented -- I don't I'm not I wouldn't about I don't know if it is it that happened it was four or so what is. On I don't know you know like it should not be there I don't know step for me to comment says well. They were forced order they work so I don't know. That as well and I and I know. I'm sure I'd I'd I'd also there's -- The celebration I believe sometime -- September as well I don't know if there are saying well here and here I don't know the answer. -- Just you know. You know obviously went -- this system after the tragedy like this you're on the road plane then you come back. -- update from Mexico approached it and lay off I don't know people you know that mr. park has I can't speak up after the players like this I don't know set. I don't know what was the situation. -- -- So well for me to just comment so yeah it should consider should have been part I don't know who it was it was that sort of. Go where you go back to who would that would this team this current -- I esteem as it's been a disastrous years and there's been a lot of comparisons and to 20012001. You're hurt and -- By the U go to 2002. And under -- stress to your perspective on how old they they went about changing the culture because obviously 2001 was a mess. So how from from your perspective how did things. Change from 200120022003. But they're different dynamic in the club house. And how old do you think that back in May be relate to changing here. So I -- back. 2001. You know direct and I remember it hurt and I remember coming back injury concussion what what can you do to try to help. It's practitioners like can be yours from back location in order to purchase for -- that's what guys are trying to do you. So routine trying to accomplish that goal and it sickened in 2002. -- you know that this appointees in 2001. And I would say it's always disappointing economic plan in that -- sure there are you know -- It is. That it just magnifies it when the World Series of disappointing that's mentality should that's mentality I have when you're when you're -- and you don't win it. But I remember after that she doesn't want seats in -- -- okay what do I have to. To do what I really always looked -- an error after every year. What what they've done better what to I have to do. You know I was coming up injury -- -- I -- get to work to make sure this is odd percent try to come back here. Shut down for the seat and it because it was right I would like this is my focus because I don't want 2001 happening -- That was my -- that's that's what I can control culminated 2002. And what changed that is -- elect a lot of people lot of guys entertainment are becoming and it's like 2001 was -- guys we got to look at ourselves. But the work which is that it -- until -- -- for managers well maybe that elite and that same degree of Bobby answer. I don't I don't think it's all of -- but I just think that -- -- -- -- focus from the top down. You know just like any business when things during the crisis. You know hopefully -- -- management sit around the if what if it was certain message are we on the same page and that trickles out or not that seem to either way. It's a cohesive message I think they need to sit down and that it's a trickle down effect and hopefully they took -- -- -- guys know what the only option to vote for me. I know that -- a look at the mayor of a match up. I may be off -- split the trophy if you're injury back then was that had any similarities to what Deaver he's gone through now. Well in 01 I hatteras as -- -- And I'm sorry to import the yeah right right right particularly I don't know what David Ortiz is -- you know. What the diagnosis -- its with -- just stop it it's insulation it's insulation you know it's not easy because you can always. Not a whole lot of there's not a whole lot of a blood flowing is that accurate information do you a lot of looks certain areas so I actually area that it's inflame any kind of rest. -- said you're on your feet all the time you'd like matters these arrests so it's constantly. Being used and and cut the (%expletive) out it's got injured to compliment and you're always in the back your mind. You worried about it because of that -- Because when it you know it you get into a situation. Like we shall try -- where he ended up only Al team and that's acute back. How long -- setback fine how he's still trying to come back -- it -- -- in it it really does. So it's it's a delicate area you know there's no question. When you look at this team on -- look at the situation there how far there at seven games under five way idea. Nine games on the wild card games on the wild card. We try and sort of you know. -- -- what's wrong -- top the bought them -- -- -- -- players you can management the ownership if you if you're sort of kind of compartmentalize what. What happened to you restart. I think what you started everybody I mean you really everybody asks what if and so -- consultant here. And go okay what is going on here I think of those guys as a player it's become more -- -- -- Player there's one -- Would have liked what I didn't make it better and making it the player but does look like her can make the playoffs this year. But what can -- you're in the this year toward the end of this year that's gonna -- for -- -- the seat in what can I do you make. -- make myself better weather. You know what that as a pitcher going OK well -- figure out at eighteen individuals to date back here. Myself that the hitter go OK and maybe had a tough time against this picture that I can hopefully we're -- them down the stretch. We're gonna eat -- what my approach going to be instant differently sort future then the next year OK that's a positive going out there and do without. You know whatever maybe this is the time you got to server as a I have to make sure and you like art when it comes into the option. And and like this that right now I don't also know that message from the top down. You don't need to be fixed is well you know you look at the management make sure they're on the scene it is. You know throughout the year didn't seem like they've always been seeing each and satisfaction at the one below. Jabari downtime be the manager this team 2013. Not that there are not they're not capable of communicating as at a particular community that -- now if they're having trouble there's there's going to be. You know it doesn't matter who you put them in the industrial. Position it's going to be -- I think they have. Make sure but he is on the eight it's the top now. So you are obviously your -- -- Williamsport right now. I -- your job watcher watching this every M following the league roster especially fans here right now mark to watch this stuff every game to watch these kids plays a little more fun. And looks like you're joining rob Bradford could pal Jared the subway guy. It now sort of the subway up buddy bad local content what does that exactly. That would that it is always huge supporter of Little League has been a huge supporter on that the subway. If god is in support of the challenger division of literally it's a division of Little League Baseball softball and felt mentally physically challenged -- And it slowed their buddies in the body -- that that special person that helped them. Lately and -- the challenge in the weight gain. And it's great and would subway it is these sponsors -- -- the but he actual outlook on -- people that it. Logos and the winner will be announced on Saturday if there's an exhibition game a picture -- the count in the physically and they're -- he's accused of thirteen and and for me and that's a quick story here I get a game that game what are -- game went out there were letters that afterwards and a after -- after that. Or -- -- dropped since taking pictures. And their members know looking at me and he smiled -- -- claimed by acme. For picture and I experts -- and the Alameda County green on Saturday I'll. You know they're that this is that your and it is -- economy like you know you direct -- It was obviously he lit up that's one of my favorite scenes and I I -- like that. For that bit 1520 minutes I mean if the jury appearance and I like that -- him was just unbelievable and it model this year. That much. You know made it special and that's what's great about the challenger decision in the it'd take. You know brick companies like a boy who made a donation. No. In all sorry and they know they've figured it might just sent them to. I'll bring awareness to this committee debated. I mean official and two very important questions. Number one do you still kick a fifty yard field goal what you did in high school cracked. Yeah -- -- and thicker and more possible statement and could Roger Clemens ever pitched in the major leagues again and well. Well. I don't I don't think so is -- that's just to -- -- -- compact at that level. But I -- he is obviously animated picture I think it is very difficult to come back. And it it's it's -- it's at that high level. Don't blow a ticket so one game. And Omar thanks softer panel -- we appreciate all right thank you guys get there. That's used in baseball and listening for Red Sox all star Nomar Garciaparra whose sport we -- what the report. But we did clarify. That it's a -- for the -- yes you know it was the Michael -- today Hewitt. The lead into the -- columns questions and blowing fifty years old that your feet. Sure if you want a ticket that the next. Oh -- it ought to do I ever. Did a phone call 617779085885. To -- fifty and we get back we are taking over. The Butler alone which they invented the over Rutgers -- -- hand pick up a notch that's next.

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