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Michael Lombardi: Pats main concern heading into the season should be the offensive line

Aug 24, 2012|

NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi joined Dale and Meter to preview tonight’s Patriots-Buccaneers preseason matchup. Mike also talks about replacement officials possibly beginning the season in the NFL, Peyton Manning’s health, and surprise teams so far in the preseason, including the Chiefs and Panthers.

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The third -- four patriots pre season games takes place tonight downing Tampa the patriots in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers it's really the only one of the four that. Most of us wanna see my job because I think you'll see a lot of Tom Brady in the first team offense helping us talk about that and other things from around the NFL. Is Michael Lombardi and it seems like at the right button Mike let's dale and John here in Boston area. I'm doing great I have to be here. Let's let's talk about the third pre season game it's sort of a cliche in the NFL but it's the only one that that really matters from a yeah. From a first team perspective do you do you also adhere to that philosophy is well. Well I I think it's unique game to this. For the patriots they're gonna put this to be the second ten minutes and expand so you know -- the two practices yesterday. Wednesday and Thursday before the game obviously some of the players like you're going to be tired but. I think it's the best -- they can get themselves prepared for Tennessee in the opener in Nashville so. You know in terms of how much each player plays to make a lot of it's gonna depend on how much work he's received the last two days and go on Wednesday they were pretty extensively with their veterans and really were. Kind of by the and a practice kind of got. -- -- -- I think to legacy employee but also think you'll see a mix of some other players as well I think the work on Wednesday and Thursday it's been productive and certainly -- important -- again. I gotta be honest I I. Just from a football fan's perspective I'd like to see the NFL go with. Who pre season games and two weeks of joint work -- like you're seeing the patriots did it with the saints they're doing it now the Buccaneers I think that's the way to go. And I think you can see you know obviously sensitive -- see them in the they would like to pay 510 dollars to community that but you know I think what's happened is the NFL won twenty games season and somehow you've got to find a way to make a twenty -- season for the networks -- and they want programming each week and it's tough to put it's tough stuff to show the fans. On national television one of scrimmage as they capital flows local football game does so I think there's some kinks to work out I know that they're trying to understand what the where the practice routine to cut down -- concussions could we get two more games in in terms of regular season take away I think those are all the factors looking into and hopefully in the next two or three years while resolution of this. Michael you breakdown the patriots at this point what areas of concern DC if any I don't see many. Well I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you don't have to Pro Bowl guards to blue chip guards like they have Lester they're tough to make sure. You get him back -- level funding almost got to stay healthy for sixteen games -- think it's critical made holder has got to improve continually tweak immediately offered to like it's. And and then on the outside receiver I think they've got to make sure they've got enough outside receiver help because people are gonna continue to pack the middle of field all of the and forced the crowbar outside. I'm curious about that the New York Jets in what they're not doing apparently in the pre season. I'm reading things out -- New York today that says that they will not Shelby Tim Tebow wildcat offense in the pre season don't have to work on it before he is in the regular season. Well I mean obviously they've been working on the practice that they feel like they can get tickets related with the practices and the speed of the practice but part of the wildcat this surprise. Element that comes into play what are we gonna do -- but I think. We've had how many games to Tim Tebow play and start last year we have enough people to people kind of know. Where he can do what he can't do that style police work for him what -- don't work for him. And I really think ultimately you don't go to employees you defend concepts that he defend our. Ideas and so naturally went to keep those in the game. You're not going to be able to Russia the field and can't not care about pass rush lanes when can keep those in the game you're gonna have to worry about the option to keep those in the game you gotta make three heavenly meant for a wood and peoples in the -- you gotta make sure that the receivers are impressed. And you -- -- -- make sure he had to throw all the tight windows so when he comes in the game whatever play they wanna run -- kind of prepare for based on -- Tim Tebow was football player. And I -- get too caught up -- that this we're gonna run this play you know. Every week somebody wants the with a new plays well really there are no new place and supports the execution of those plays. How the other team handles it with the matchup but I think ultimately that's happened. What are you Aaron Mike do with the proverbial now this is your referee or officiating question. Where do we stand with the officials will they come back for the opener. How much time do they need to get ready again Dell came out yesterday as saying. Possibly using replacement referee for regular season games is worthwhile to ensure a long term improvements to officiating. What's your tactic. Well you know I hope they you know look I think all -- police. People replacement not replace referees. You know they they need that they need some -- don't do it justice of the game and the speed of the game that's easy to get to. So I hope there is a resolution because I think the one thing we do know with the refereeing crew that I can I complain about a as much as anybody haven't been in the league but I think you know oldest. Standard of which are gonna get when you go to the stadium and you drive to the stadium and ad -- at least an official you know what you're gonna get that date because you've got at least a lot of information is steady and look into NBA -- and simulate data. To support what you can tell your players to expect during the course of the game with these -- you really don't know it's it's really kind of -- If -- -- no wild and you really don't have a way to help your players prepare for the game I mean these games -- three different New England game was called very closely I mean that officials calling -- for the pastor anytime you get the other quarterback where's the next week you might want to gamer and -- called out as much of the standard of excellence is in the same and I think that does affect the game at a technical -- Do you buy into and I've heard this a lot in the pre season the whole players' safety issue being at stake here -- this refereeing situation. No I'm not I really don't know I mean look they're they're gonna -- take players who think you know I think what I buy into the system of the couple bad calls but the cost of people heard about that and you know gonna get teams off to bad starts and -- hard time recovering from a that the media is more. I think players' safety is going to be the number one emphasis by whatever officials take that field because that's with the bills messages to the entire National Football League I think that'll be that'll be transposed off from the league I think what's gonna what worries me more as a guy calls holding. That you and I know it's not really holding in the NFL. -- holding in the technical sense but they let players get away with that style. I think ultimately that's where the concern last. It's RG three against Andrew Luck tomorrow night oh by the way the Redskins are playing too and the colts what. What who is going to have the better career might. I think a ball fabulous players that they both have great careers of the post-Katrina -- -- love -- I love it -- looks mental health facility those that mental toughness trend. Itself on the football team you could see the colts are more mentally tough team and a -- to team but can conceivably make the best play the team's go to rallied back that's something you have to have to which he's Super Bowl status to become a professional athlete at the highest level. You must middle of deciding metal cup this is what he has to -- again and again Andrew Luck we'll we'll make always teammates better so they would argue it's really he's got a little opposite. It will be a little bit different style I think you'll see RG three a little bit more option but because two of the board this. Spread to see a little bit more the process in Washington editor of both really good quarterbacks go to Boca because for a week for a long time. In the same way that I think people should follow at Lombardi Mike. You have to kind of followed Jim -- it's almost required if you're. If you're a football follower he saw out there on Twitter saying that they're about to make a big deal and and trade a high pick broke for veterans -- why would he do that. I think he likes to mess with the stance you know I I. I I didn't actually sometimes whenever he's quote the Bruce Springsteen lyrics always feel like it's pretty good thing but sometimes he gets off on some weird lyrics but I have no idea what he's talking about what. You know hey look it's entertaining it's it's a little -- coming. That little points and everybody I was right across the country last I don't don't go. And everybody was water with a -- everybody loves to play -- master in the NFL and that that little tweaking so allow everybody to license. Used to go ahead and of course it was all MG it was all Maurice Jones-Drew Mike Wallace Conan and I don't think that was realistic. A warrant saps who make in the book tour as you well -- and this week came out and said it Bill Belichick quote had this is term an erection. Four Warren -- and the reason Belichick could not draft -- Was because Mike Lombardi would not let him do while he was with the Cleveland Browns -- except -- made this story up or is this confirmed. Well I I think you know look I take great great -- that Arctic I had that much control over all which obviously that's hilarious but also addressed this on the inside the NFL -- showtime show I'm on this well warmest on just right in front of home and you know I don't know where -- -- -- warrant forgot that -- at the initial time studios the -- clear out. What transpired that day -- our draft room and in Cleveland Browns there was some situations surrounding warrant that I probably wanna get into that prohibited. A lot of things to happen and so we decided to make a trade -- down and it -- when we traded out it was -- because that you know we were not taking him was because some circumstances to albums so. I'm not sure Warren's got this correctly it's strange because he was on that kill time -- when he heard bill talk about it. And bill adjusted rather clearly and specifically that he always does. Anything Peyton Manning is is has close to a 100% to start the season is could possibly be expected at this. Point modification -- make good progress I don't think anybody expects him to be a 100% right now I think it's gonna take some time formed to be -- percent now that that 100%. Hopefully it happens during the season but you know -- all the contact sports a win that that does happen you've got to be able to stay healthy -- -- hit to maintain your 100%. And I think he's a work in progress and making those you to work in progress and -- that work is going on he's gonna continue to get better remember this is not about how we look on opening day because it doesn't really matter what you look like on opening day it matters how you're playing in November and December when the season and I think that would -- ultimately knows that it that he realizes those last eight games of the season. Where he's driving himself to win. What team or teams do you feel will be a surprise this year in both conferences. Well I like Carolina in in the south Carolina's get a good team to get any defense to play also sound defensively they rerun of that I think. The quiet -- -- -- -- underneath that the the radar because they're gonna run some option -- run some -- on the got a decent keep those things that keep those taken all the credit for doing. Because they've got three really good running back on the team you know and Jon Stewart. The Angela Williams and Mike and the Mike Tolbert they've got three really good running back so they can do some creative things and electric got Cam Newton also could run the ball and throw -- -- I think they're tough to play -- that you're going to be a hard team to deal with I think you -- -- he's gonna be hard to deal with -- got a lot of good players a lot of players back. I think Matt Cassel looked a lot more comfortable playing -- Brian David Austin city will playing in any other offense since you left just within the New England Patriots because they've all knows how to install. The offense in the terms of the way Matt Cassel understands that and appreciate it so I like Kansas City and thinking entity to be really good football team and it they're gonna be -- -- It can't be improved the threats can be improved but I I think in those two teams they can't -- going to be a problem in the west for people and I think Carolina's going to be a problem in the south. You can see -- -- stuff on the NFL network you can follow him on Twitter -- Lombardi Mike Mike Lombardi of the NFL network talking football with us we appreciate time as always thank you. There's as a Michael Marty joining us on the AT&T. Hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink has -- Mike was just knew that he will be that's rookie of the year. While I actually pointed to. I I I I am golf motto is wait and come you did you were terrible so predict and I pointed -- -- thank if I ever. I mean you do have a quickly pitcher to have a key measures that where after week one he's like Peter King. It is that he's in love there all loans particularly now. What's not to like absolutely the best will take quick break we'll get back to the calls the on the other side 6177790850. All 38885250850. Rise in cell phone users get a free call -- pound WEEI it's daily Mitterrand for John and Jerry Sports Radio WE yeah. 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