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Tim Kurkjian: Bobby V is more than likely gone after this season but he never had a fighting chance

Aug 24, 2012|

ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian joins Dale and Meter to discuss the future of Bobby Valentine, why the Red Sox are disliked around baseball, Angels OF Mike Trout, and Roger Clemens returning to the mound.

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We've talked all around the edges of baseball so far this morning mainly about the Red Sox and Johnny Pesky -- Roland their lack of participation. Let's talk about some baseball as well joining us from ESPN. Is Tim Kirk and Tim it's dale and John here in Boston how are yeah and. Okay well call it a good. Where were trying to figure out if the Red Sox can do anything else to be more unlikable this summer and I'm thinking they've pretty much plumb the depths here. Yeah glad I certainly didn't help. That person I'm gonna -- you go back that they scored thirteen runs at -- in the game and didn't. In the history of the -- a partial in my view that the pop -- that day and I just casually ask them. -- what what the healing. Act -- bet that at age. -- -- And that helped a little bit as it is that it. Just doesn't in my aunt gave. Pray that at all. Yet I can't I look what happened at the amber. Wait -- heated it got up. Ultimately that's why it -- in your -- An eight short years ago they or the plucky never say die Red Sox who everybody loved -- everybody rooted for. I mean if you're wrong team wasn't playing the Red Sox you rooted for the Red Sox and it's just the opposite now. Really it can't get this game. It beat you. Now what is being done now ordered correct whatever flaws there are here and they're quite -- year. Look at he made me happy about -- player don't let. -- -- I heard it. Amber last year and that -- not get an -- not to be Asian it's the bell ringing up a whole lot out look. Think that that he's able what do we do eat better and all lot of baker got it done against it acceptable. For the right. Where you stand -- on Bobby Valentine and it wasn't a horrible decision to bring him in the first place your ex colleague. And where'd they go from here with -- Well obviously I'm hopelessly -- here I've never get back up pink and I all those years. Yet yet and I bought into it eat really good hire why it happened but. All right look at them all right -- bacteria are at a -- -- -- -- injury is that. -- -- General manager working at the person and I. I always thought I thought it would be back here at that as well air tight T deserve another year. They look at it -- the more I watch it in more I wonder if he even got to get back here at -- eagle bulk. A few months ago. As they've eaten it in -- crap all a little bit more every day. I've got to -- an apple look at it okay. I it to the right here. And it certainly doesn't hurt hired by any -- at -- back. That doesn't matter who you are about the LA. -- -- You get the feeling that as things are are falling apart here more and more. That may be it it would mean a much fun for him to come back anyway next year. I know he's not at all I met anybody at all I haven't added that each year -- -- that Powell. -- out virtually everything you'd ever fight it Egypt. And do it go out there aren't -- more apple here you're not buying it will allow. Not battery. I think the only way to -- a lot higher again I don't -- They are you now actually the ability. To opt out. -- earlier today on our discussing these -- scenario Adrian Gonzales like going to the LA Dodgers and getting his money -- the Red Sox payroll along with oh by the way Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett. That was speculated in the LA times are you hearing anything about Gonzales possibly. Going to the Dodgers is this just a pipe dream. Yeah I don't think that happened. There's no money involved -- now. I think you're really. Not I very well read back if they'd just let go gotten up. Shirt as we're back -- proper. Proper those black hair. Basically. All at this point certainly proper. Changing the -- back at it got an awful lot of back or apple. Station were happening you know -- proper. Packet in about. 08. Pretty crucial -- -- -- -- last year and out in large part about it at all remember. It happened at eight Atlantic. Doubt go out pink. And I can't be anybody picked it up drag -- property. The Miami Marlins made a trade with the Chicago White Sox to acquire a manager. If in the scenario that we discussed it's possible that Bobby Valentine is not back. What are the chances that the Boston Red Sox could engineer a trade with the Toronto Blue Jays for John Farrell. I think that would be very complicated. Very difficult -- -- how much the blue okay. Lights out it. John Harold and they're not going to let it get away. Hell I he's at -- I -- that potential. Eight great -- -- day -- eight -- -- might get it away. It beat out a situation. And read. Outlook into that I don't eat a lot go -- -- there'll be kept away and now we have had great amateurs. It's -- I don't yet. Who's out there -- as a target for managerial prospect Brad Ross missed. We've heard his name gave cap or Ryan Sandburg what what do you think would be an appropriate -- it. Well all those guys make some sense. A little ahead of ourselves or year. Brilliant guy. People and it completely someday be really good. Activity catcher and he's a different angle also. Carry out all -- At. You really -- Person can't. Read the it even has really been at and I think Brad now that I think -- -- It outlines it -- tech it guy. -- -- -- you can't debate about. Eight or -- or. -- herd mentality and that debate really. -- are. Never at credit I don't believe. -- quite yet. To get their -- They provide a special guy and it is pretty short let. I think there's only one over range overweight washed up retired player. That would cause ESPN to show you any coverage of the Sugar Land speeders. And he's pitching for the Sugar Land skaters tomorrow night. In your opinion is Roger Clements looking to get back into the major leagues as much to reset his hall of fame clock as anything else. I don't think now he has and apparently. They hit it out all -- and -- -- bit. -- or I or years. It might help. Get all aimed at all -- out very very small all. We are now or Perry our country's -- -- I easily and -- very easily. And by more years. Iraq under Torre would go away it's pretty. -- only get it urged here. The first year -- don't think as quiet. All right guys why you keep it I don't know very active. -- I think you should expect that. Certainly OK -- back by. Climate change it our picture that has the power pitcher that. Pretty darn good picture yet that the rest his personality. Back or not I -- that the IE. Back and let something go our way out rated picture statistically -- about eight. I'm not sure why we use something like -- I got. Nolan Ryan is the arise that you gonna see him pitching for the Houston Astros before the season is out will be Astros allow themselves to be a part of this in some. I guess attempt to sell some tickets for a team that nobody cares about. And even that would be disappointing. You want -- -- that -- -- all. They've only got 39 this year and they're. Debts are more people to watch them a little bit more. -- -- there's been here all. Impact or are. Your belt outright. Not your average player here at -- it is not. All due respect -- -- -- or others who have gotten -- at age can be educated at a Roger. And I just don't get it back you didn't get it right I guess there's -- possibility. It don't watch them on Saturday diet and eat something bad. He should not be sort of carnival side show here not a career that he. Just throw out the record stimulus phase Bridgeport on a Saturday night it's gonna be difficult. It went when you look at Mike Trout. Where does he rank on the list of great young players that you abstinence. Well it's pretty small step all of -- What it. Looked like when he first came up and -- and got to -- making any at all but. This is ridiculous. Do. I seen them but their rookie ever. Heard forty healed and he got out we got. He got it demolish. Rookie record in the L player has ever done in baseball history. Altered and -- at such young aides. I'm me I thought last -- what he did. In the night any. Strike it. Look back on that play or not all of Latin dealer edit -- out or read Kurt. In that guy that guy ate at -- And that may be watching want to get generation player here in baseball there acres and make it -- Garrett then. Currently -- it so I'll play it back. I hit by all I've ever seen certainly at this age. -- out. Any more we're gonna be on our grandchildren. We thought might outplay. Your goal. A lot. Pei if it if the angels missile playoff spot by a game they're gonna have a hard time justifying to three weeks that he began the season in the minor leagues aren't packed with. Yeah and I just keep in mind he got very active in spring training I was there ought. Eighteen county law all the power. I doubt openly about the player used to eat. And that's the reason -- go to moderately let's get it straight. You'll back panic -- -- during spring training but you're right it -- -- -- -- -- top but it. I've been working hard -- -- struggling. Veteran players are -- and where might out but he's really -- eat at eight. -- It out. Is it back ordered equate word audit I found any app that only it leaked out. About eight. I'm an -- of our speed. A long long time. This Tampa Bay past the Yankees based on their an unbelievable pitching run here than ERA and 2.2 since the all star break. I don't think Yankee and a whole lot and -- -- never. He's an -- history that it -- add. At any point not the nation Ers play and I think they're gonna be an issue -- play this year. And I think it's. Buyout as. While -- I ain't gonna be laughed. At anybody want to see -- all you. Might. I told both be here. They're starting pitching right now is okay. It could write it up. -- -- -- -- -- More -- could very nobody wants it got pretty old he's. They're old ERA. Didn't audit that company is under why they've altered it. It again Gloria back. -- they are they are. That -- right now. They will eat eat eat and they can eat their -- if they play well at. Collapsed -- Final question before we let you go do you expect any waiver deals to happen before the September 1 playoff eligibility deadline. It. Yeah I'm gonna happen it always -- button got app. But the packets that -- or as like the work of art why didn't you back. I don't know all the night I just don't see an increase power. Huge blue light at. Where strong contender -- -- -- big money I can't keep them are hot and her a few years. I think -- -- -- has -- -- can eat anything that was significant that it. Tim Kirch and a BS the end we always love talking baseball with you thank you for the time of solace. Okay we take care that is a team -- and joining us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible we'll talk football with Mike Lombardi next hour we'll get back to your calls in just supplement its Sports Radio WE yeah.

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