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The World Famous Lightning Round August 23rd

Aug 23, 2012|

Callers call in and express their anger at the Sox in :40 seconds or less

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Think Mike Adams and a hallway. Jumping up daughter he's excited. Time for the world famous. Lightening around we will take called rapid fashion. Clear the board. Lead into the whiner line. -- quick do your thing. We'll start off with a wider. With a wider line regular. In now lightning round regular Allison. Is in Cambridge Ellis said. This problem well commandos wouldn't -- and perform certain amount. I'm glad you broke the record that is always -- I would you know and Bobby Valentine's becomes convoluted mind the not so cool. Think with no apparent and feel your mind. And the whole thing started with act and applicable across the web site is never that they approve this debilitating back now look -- But nepotism rise of the team as good friend that -- imagine this being totally out of left. You've got to get back to an adequate military component was his about the people were treated it never -- content guys are going to the beloved. And gentle slopes on the practice you know. They never would of confidence. Should have been dealt with differently. But couldn't come about it -- Ruling the country is like I'm looking at wolf finished its health care of the redhawks are humans that they had never happened is his European -- professional would pick up about. Where they're ready -- that you're you're right you got to the 52 mark but I appreciate the Yiddish proverb -- put that in a form of -- next -- -- He's great John's guard brings up at the table bill that was there was a bell well. Yeah I that's 12 quick points I just wondering if one of the players know their family members had passed away John it would have been a bit funerals on his second day. In and also. He was a World War II veteran that fought hook for our freedoms and our rights and I'm sure he's smiling knowing that these guys these on these selfish. Ungrateful guys exercising their right to be able thank you. There you're great point there -- Johnny Patrick forty well he's one of those guys who. Love the Red Sox are much no matter what with what they were going through good season bad season somewhere in between. He was always rooting for the Red Sox to do well and was always. Passing on an encouraging -- to somebody you're absolutely right thanks Dennis is in -- Dennis without. They have is that right mr. all of us. Yup that's where you're getting here is -- has left the building. The John Henry looks like a retired. -- our. Retired Harry Potter is ridiculous. We ran it in a high. That's a had a you have -- a -- has left the building great line looks like Harry Potter does David Hyde Park gave. Didn't go to funeral go -- ultrasound it's -- -- strong at what point will that support that are that good it's. The only it's been able the popular that we -- if the manager of the gun. The end of you know it saying that it -- -- it -- -- it all it's meant. -- -- -- -- -- Hey guys I brought a -- -- you're gonna be it got to watch out for anybody or what but nobody knows about them. And part political road -- that part although a loan. Cisco lol leave it alone and Wisconsin guy we know Seattle got it mark is in Connecticut mark what's up. Yeah I got a point real quick when it comes to let teamwork they would not take these overpaid policies. -- -- -- I'd love to have that language and let you Roberts you know we just can't do that now can we ever after dark show we adored but not right now -- -- like it cancels an average Angelo. Old Red Sox got beat you -- my -- an opportunity ever go back and particularly with the -- yeah. -- finally. Finally -- guy in line who knows. I'll I mean around it's supposed to work job is endless. Michael this -- -- saying it's no longer about the bad at all it's good we -- money they raised well we could think of what we did that to me on the red hot but yeah I'd. That is about they forget everything else just take care of these kids. Our resident heard John. There's nobody around gets what's coming up next the lot and I don't go anywhere.

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