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Michael Holley is joined by Pete Sheppard talking about Sox players missing Pesky's funeral

Aug 23, 2012|

The guys express how disapointed in the Sox players that they would miss Johnny Pesky's funeral.

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The Red Sox find themselves in danger of a suite at the hands of the angels tonight at Fenway Park LA may not have Albert Pujols who let their 73 win last night with a sore right calf he's expected -- MR writes data to determine his availability pitching matchup tonight C. J. Wilson against Franklin Morales. Wilson hasn't won since June 26 coverage -- 625 Hilliard across the shots WEEI Red Sox radio network. Three day games in progress right now blue jays leading the tigers do nothing in the fourth Edwin Encarnacion hit his 33 homer. Mets and Rockies scoreless in the third Astros up one nothing on the cardinals that team. Just about underway early in the first patriots and -- will meet in week three the pre season tomorrow night Wes Welker though did not dress for this morning's practice. -- wonder if he will play for the -- tomorrow night -- one of the Barclays the first event of the FedEx cup playoffs. Aunt Patti Harrington seven under 64 setting the pace on the course today he leaves Nick Watney by a stroke Tiger Woods checking in at three under after shooting 68. Rory McIlroy to -- with 69 and according to several reports within the last hour. The Sacramento Kings could be eyeing a move. To Virginia Beach. Some reports say an announcement may be expected. As early as next Tuesday sports flash brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts get a free Tony twelve patriots schedule magnate when he purchasing any of Duncan's freshly made -- damages the pats run -- -- price participation may very. While supplies last the big joke comes your way next. I'm John Chandler and that's the sports flash. Well good Georgia yesterday that. He was going to be taken some time offer an opening shepherd you find that very hardly imagine that. Then or delay taking some time law late -- and -- got notices. This is like the third or fourth or fifth time for him. So we've got here -- -- the man. There's a sitting in today I don't. Got to have great efforts look graduation you Glenn and Jason -- and everybody Dino and Gerry and -- what -- in the report Yeltsin all the staff all the volunteers for yesterday. A let's get that other way Paula says -- this event you guys. On believe I was watching -- keep an outright opposed to keep up on my FaceBook and Twitter account through and post everything from the united side and just tremendous response you guys -- -- as usual incredible well. Thank you ignore your lot of people says it's only guys that great job but I think the people we should be thanking are the people who are listening right now a lot of you contributed. In this radio telethon once again as you have all over an eleven year period. And we were just talking about it off the -- It's amazing -- every year you don't really have to be Bud Selig you know Bud Selig gave -- fifty -- -- dollars very generous Ira motor group. -- people nobody was nice to them yet though they actually it actually gave -- a very generous and it's 40000 dollars from the -- remote a group of me on and on. Celtics shamrock foundation 101000 dollars. Those are great donations but. That's not how we get toward total that's not why we've passed thirty million dollars that's part of it but the major thing is 80%. History -- 80% of the donations have been 400. Dollars analysts. -- worse yet. Then it's unbelievable I mean to get that tremendous response to instill a 3.2 million and counting. It's it's really it's it's overwhelming in the you know again that. All the listeners in the current stories by the kids and some adults in the doctors insist. A hockey not be moved to tears at least several times during the of those two days I'll be the only time origin and the strength of of of all those people doctors parents children. It's just it's just amazing apple -- Yet there's so many times yesterday as man okay nephew did not you know yeah turn away we go -- it'll ask you gotta do yeah opens up and cry enemy -- words. Yesterday talking on her son who's in between 930 years old Todd Schwartz. And she still keeps in touch with this frenzy is you can't even imagine I can imagine and you parents out there and just. This is something that you're even afraid to think about where. Your your child has has passed. And you're talking to his friends and friends are. Getting older -- and Mary in there you're talking about their jobs and all the things that. You dreamed of for your kid. And he he lost his life in nineteen years old but for her to be around it. And still be so enthusiastic and energetic and being part of the solution. Is amazing but you don't -- yesterday that I had to. Really had to turn away a couple of times because. It was it was breaking me up a bit but thank you guys. Again will be dornin next year and is I hope we do it for another fifty years or hope we don't have to do prevent another fifty years we come up with -- corporate. As long as they need us to help I hope we are here now now. Let's talk about things that are a lot less serious. And I know when we were doing the we are doing the radio Thon over two days ago something is there's going to be some. On Thursday we get back to talking about sports. There's going to be some story more to happen I don't know what is gonna -- -- don't know who's going to be the patriots. You wanna talk about Jonathan Jonathan for Nene being cut through an almost four million dollar signing bonus and over is going to be that I don't know who's going to be. Something with the Celtics in the off season. Once again. We found ourselves looking at the Boston red sports. Yet again for an organization -- the wrong results you are conscious about some others some of those ridiculous fluffy stuff. It's something it's so important is Johnny Pesky through -- Look to me there's only one -- describe it might present there are embarrass embarrassing and I don't care the government 4 o'clock in the morning I don't care if you landed. Two minutes before the funeral started I don't give a -- It is embarrassing. That the majority of those players only four showed up saw the book called. Percent to Padilla in Ortiz and Ortiz the only ones that showed up and I don't wanna hear about any excuses. I know are there I don't want Omar was there I don't want to former players. Are showing up there coming. It is mind boggling. How this organization. Finds ways to look were amazed to -- it just figures make it let me just make every. Thing worse every day it's the same thing it's two steps forward and this is -- outside the three steps back now this to me is like six or seven steps back it's another black mark in this organization. -- public relations standpoint. It really is the mix and it's just it's it up and -- -- everything else that's gone. This season and it's it's why people the perception of this team it's on like. Well that's part of his the other part of repeat apart is their defense or their attempted defense. Of the indefensible. This morning Larry Lucchino and was on Dennis and Callahan. And he talked about the player participation or lack thereof. At Johnny Pesky -- There was a tremendous turnout it's gonna -- -- general we had over around -- hundred people. There in terms of ownership. Front office current players staff former players. It was it was a good day very. Impressive. Turnout tends to people who knew Johnny desktop. Egg came to a store plays who has had a chance guns onto -- -- -- does Tuesday night to. To participate in the ceremony at the -- field they all willingly and enthusiastically. Participated. Now -- that that they did and it's going to be a memorial service. So I think it's it's it's unnecessary to focus on now on that issue. Well the and that's part of it you know he he does he's allowed to come months they may be that noticed he's allowed to come on say you know -- disappointing. I'm disappointed. You could talk about all you can say all you want about the ceremony on the field and another memorial there. What you like the two and I think really Larry yet brilliant you can talk about that always got a lot but you had buses there for sort eight. Why did you have you had you were prepared for all of your players the fact that he's brought up Tuesday night makes you wanna puke. That even have the audacity to bring up that scenario. Of course their pictures denied the play ball game day and what -- and what do you gonna do how many people showed up at the plate five. Six I mean it's unbelievable that he brought up Tuesday night's game would obviously they're playing the angels and -- to be there you know I don't I become mod that I don't -- They eat thanks everybody around here is a freaking -- got so sick of it. I think this this is this is what -- knows about the -- They have individually if you talk to these guys individually. You wouldn't find them necessarily unlikable we talked with Cody Ross yesterday. Genuine guy a nice guy. Very very approachable. Dustin Pedroia if you talk to him individually not a problem David Ortiz. Adrian Gonzales. As a group. They just lacked direction. They lack a leader they don't have leaders -- why can't they are here they are eight poorly led. -- apps and why can't Larry look cute about this morning to say you know me and dammit. It all up -- I'm upset you know that really are upset. They should have been there. We provide a treat attention and they're not they should have been here why is it's -- not stand. Hard for these guys to just admit. Would that when there's a problem like this arises just come out and be honest about -- -- ticked up a two players stopped paying jocks in the first reports separate and come out and say that this particular situation in general. It's a major prop -- up the keynote it's OK to say I'm upset about this John Henry Tom Warner and company it's OK to say you know what. Am not mad at our players weren't there -- -- obvious use all the top the record comments guild league yet when Laura got the data track. Opposite somebody said something to somebody rabbit dropped -- Her name to -- -- it it's okay it's okay to put your name to -- and it's OK to say about your players your employees. I'm disappointed -- -- this is not good enough. With the -- but shouldn't you shouldn't even I have no they don't like about Johnny Pesky is so obvious. And have to put a memo up to these guys like these guys show some class and you show up Johnny -- is that it's come down to a the treat these guys like preschool pickup trucks and a sandbox the bigger -- for recess until I went to go up to to this funeral. I mean tablets come down to that they have the Qaeda and other people of several where was you know why did they -- is demand or somebody. That's a quarter point -- in that clubhouse if there is one of -- draw I have wasn't there. Go waited to say you know what guys we are going get on the plus you're doing this that's that's. Part of their arm and there are many situations where you can look at the Red Sox and say they should have done exactly that and they haven't done it. This is this is a slippery slope I'm not gonna go into too much because. Look. People do sometimes people do the right things for the wrong reasons and their start times people give to charity. And they don't care about the cause at all they just wanna look good so I I say that. Not to say that. I'd just like yesterday. They had a big parade of Red Sox players. Over at Fenway Park to show support. As a teen for the cause and that's great that's great what took me. It made perfect sense somebody said hey guys. Yours rated at that -- -- in our building. Just passing hat. And not come up with the number or have some little a friendly competition. With ownership management. We come up with a number and you guys matches. And then we come down and we presented -- and we just show our support that we I'm glad. That you have said nice things. About via radio telethon I'm glad that you came down as a team just think there's a great opportunity there. To do something better but I think the reason it doesn't happen Pete. It's because they just don't fake is one they are not a good game. And we know what happens to bad teams sometimes it would get bad teams and is just an aberration. Starting to wonder just a -- organization. It just not fair and remain a bad to bad organization. They don't think that. I don't think that music every time. Did they come every time -- it's a mystical and last week. What are they what are they always start with they wanna give the -- Larry Lucchino and and Tom Warner John Henry wanna give you -- me every time they send out an email. Or they appear more of these shows it -- as a preamble quick look at what we've gone over the past decade. That is history that has nothing to do with now and again I'm so tired of given these guys they've given given and rightly so all the accolades and they deserve it. Once again have to do this -- Thank William affected and what. But this guy today you've got the other guys like back in the day before you before you go right before your trip to Manny Ramirez you have to say yes I understand he wanted to -- right handed hitters ever play it gave -- unbelievable but. -- you're right we shouldn't have to go through it a good argument all the time date to the -- all the time start their resume -- -- every one of these talks -- what are you guys think about this of and we are back. We wanna thank you once again for participating the the last couple days I'm glad we were able to take applause. And pushed -- aside for companies and talk about something that really matter -- -- talking about sports. Though the toy department but we enjoy. What you guys have to say about that you're talking about the Celtics -- talk about the patriots the whatever. Kind of feeling -- People -- weigh in -- a lot on what has happened -- the last couple days with this team on the field. And unfortunately. Off the field 61777. Knives or if he's the number 20388852. Fives -- if if if the big show went on here. -- -- in the house back to more of your core -- take your calls just ninety's.

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