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Alex Cora, Former Red Sox IF, on Red Sox players missing Pesky's funeral

Aug 23, 2012|

The former Red Sox player joins Kirk and Bradford and talks about why the current players should have all been at Johnny Pesky's funeral.

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Final hour Kirk mid -- and rob Bradford and promote allowing me give way to Michael hall -- and -- In for Glenn and he decommissioning and normally. -- At 2 o'clock joining us right now in the teensy. Outline his former Red Sox player Alex Cora Alex it's -- and rob Bradford Boston or you. I'm done it occurred. I've been doing what you guys -- it back to. Thought he got them at a literal -- also. Sports. Out what was your reaction when you found out that only four. Active for current players showed up for Johnny Pesky -- earliest. Oh yeah it's a price at thank god what Johnny. Yeah I mean you know main -- not meant to some of the players. And the people in Boston. You know. It's more than men do it a people person and just walking into that -- -- in Johnny. That's mile and then bring you in there and talking. About baseball and life in general. You know he meant a lot especially you know a lot of people in there and I was very surprised at your own guitar players. Showed up -- -- Alex -- come from -- unique perspective and you were player in Boston so you saw Johnny but. Try to put yourself in that position where you're coming back from road trip you have that day. Is it one of those things where someone has to kind of say these guys listen guys this is important even if you know Johnny this is important thing to -- what's your take on. I don't think. Somebody said it you know I think everybody understands. What he means you're in Asia and and there's certain proteins. That go beyond. You know I think -- not you know -- ended situation that nobody wanted but it happened so. The person you got yourself. Not a medical writer I've got a person. Europe family understands that there's some debate going on what he what Johnny and four players in the club house. And he's got put that aside and -- and and dumping -- -- -- player yet they are you know and it ain't in the -- and a lot of things have happened by. Just so out of real life appeared they opted to pay respect to Donnie. I don't think you -- gonna hurt anybody so. For me personally and are developing that situation. But -- pretty good chance nobody got to tell me you have to go. I think you'd take -- Euro on on an -- and do what it's like acting. Fell right into it. The target Al score your former Red Sox where Alex do you are you still contact with guys on this team currently. Yet I don't know I do I got I got a lot of Trenton met. What is your take right now we read all these things we hear all these things about. The sort of chaos in the clubhouse is communication issues when you talk to these guys what are they saying right now what is exactly going wrong here. To be honest could be a target stay away from all that stuff out and that's the last thing they. They want they want out here pardon me. I'm on the -- and you know one of my best friend Dustin Pedroia. And I -- and I know our heart and -- and all of them would be injuries and obviously. It is that is the comes not a strong with this season clippers -- and that -- you know from from afar and now that. -- -- basal and I'm not and I'm not a player. In how is it actually -- -- a policy situation news I mean is it like everyday. When wondered how about the Red Sox is more about peace you know. Not not in between the lines you warn you it doesn't matter how good or bad you -- you one you want people -- Although organizations look what's happening in and -- you know probably playing I'll let their plane. But the others -- -- of how well the opposite you know it. It if I beat up on those guys and then people and -- station and you know I've been about even an overall. Policy guys talking earlier by -- was clamoring for whose leader whose leader of the team and I said. Know when that you when you guys are going did before it was kind of a collective group of guys in and Terry Francona included. No one I guess without have been accurate that there wasn't really one leader but there was a group of guys who held other guys accountable. And do you think that that's kind of maybe the problem here is that you don't have that foundation. I can't tell you that there's not foundation. Are. One thing that I have notices. You know everything that goes on is it up there you know it in the media on Twitter. Everywhere. And went out there -- and we we don't hurt are our saying you know what it's like you never went out you know I'm not. Will. But the big -- like you say that we we have some good character guys Mikey low. Eight compared. And even the young guys you know they they came in and we went our about our business you know and now we dug a lot on each other and we try to. You say. Tell everybody accountable and do what you're supposed to do. Put that team and move on now we had good days bad days. But I'd like to work out you know and now. I don't know about leaders you know he got it from kind -- some of their vocal bit the other -- lead by example. But. I think is it's a collective thing you know -- you EU winner game and you as a team. And saying that. You know people need to understand is -- -- organizational. You know. Playing to win -- and then to win a championship. Eagle from our all the way to the old guy now and everybody will be onboard in some game. -- it is not happening -- -- about that organization they need to -- -- -- you saw Josh Beckett had his best 2007 I mean you watch him now. What jobs are you is sort of the main differences in on that five year span. A real -- gold -- and -- Sunday's game and it seemed like you what -- One thing I always told us. Is that I want to see my daughter after the game and deepen our you know totally -- to pick up -- -- It seems like he's lord and he was you know I know you want to feel in control. But. It seemed like I date you'll always on public theater and he grabbed the ball yeah it to peacetime but he he he -- -- -- -- control. Sunday saw him and looked like everything that was going around and base -- hitters. They were controlling -- in Adam being in the aggressor so that's something I've been looking at all. It still is but others are obviously eager to have that Heidi because I haven't. But -- compared and we all know that. But. He needs to -- to get back to to understand it became -- the level he can dominate you know and but he needs to -- I'm glad that same that it's see I'm I'm just Beckett I'm I'm better and you are so -- on public theater instead of the theater because in order. And on the -- -- Hewitt Hewitt made mention though in 2007 Islam some stuff going on it just never got out for whatever reason. Tom how much in your time there. You think you was similar to what's going on in is it just the fact is that it's a different world in terms of twitters the media and also just. How much Terry Francona was able to keep it in house. Something that -- that is chipper and obviously you know is it Bobby and you know you know Bobby Valentine. In any tears your heart you know. Know a lot of talk about what he was joyous men and you know and he is like -- like that I don't know that I never played -- hand but. From ramat right now it looks like he liked him when we play against them I -- they went out in LA. I seem -- you know appeal. He like you know 22 -- broken you know intact coliseum already toppled two players can only -- has you know. And only eight. You know plane you know we got this situation this is in order situation in April in all of us and Australia I was doing good. Nine people were talking you know they wanted to play that I have all that stuff in Crimea I didn't like it is with the -- -- -- -- And then you know nobody nobody talked about that you know I think probably -- the first and you just heard you know also. -- There's different styles and then as soon as they signed. Well Bobby Valentine to be the manager being known fellows style unite work and you're more in Boston but. Soviets in our man. And your team is a reflection WR. And obviously there's a lot of things that of people people here in June and read. And -- but you know it is what it is it as a man and he's got title manager and players need to. I just. That I think they did they try you know bud -- and under so that you hear about. You know don't wannabe. In -- tradition under -- -- maybe they don't wanna be where they but they are and now. Like I said all the targets. Above all the negative things you know in bad bet -- that it does work. Final question for me Alex you get the sense talking of these players. If they would be happy if Bobby Valentine came back as manager next year. I'm a control that you know I tell you -- BAA one thing that I always told our -- game where everything that is going on. In honored their one and and you can hardly trawl these stupid second and plays and base. Is it really doesn't matter. We have a dad died I know they can't control you get the sense that if he came back as managers not the controller not with the players you talked to be happy now. It. Got to be happy I don't know I didn't think going to be Matt but one thing -- understand you know it's they need to make it. Need to make adjustments in how they. -- see him as being very painful or a lot of down you know now they don't wanna go do it again. So. I was great baseball players in our review the matter who's going to be -- but here are -- -- Bobby heard a negative on bringing somebody else. You will be accountable and indeed. Bobby rebound and a -- doesn't Christian doesn't fit so they they need to make adjustments -- got to -- -- glorious. It is -- -- -- here you go. In the -- -- -- amendment make a commitment tonight they're upset are they don't like in -- an adult men and be ready court spring training and then. And bill would you know because the other day. You know usually part of an organization Europe it's a prayer and men and you're all -- -- Daryn and and do the best team and the they have notes saying Malcolm is gonna manage we're gonna coach. The only thing they can do is played played -- That's out score I'll score former Red Sox player Alex thanks for joining us. Myself. They -- Alex -- weighing in saying that you know what. Individual player's death and no better ownership could tell in -- go in October you have to note here on this team to goes Johnny Pesky. Yeah I mean I think he offered actually pretty good perspective this figure is. He knows a lot of those guys he he was in that clubhouse when it wise going well and as he pointed out why it was going well. But it beyond the club us and -- pointed out well you need someone tough step up impala and he he said listen you know you shouldn't have anyone tell. You should understand is couple hours for your day that you should go. And and he yet there was no though -- ground what worries him. 61777908588852508. If the your calls we get back we're gonna played -- Bobby Valentine. Not answer I think from -- -- you know we talk about who may come in for Valentine. After this year we get back.

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