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Majority of Red Sox players skip Johnny Pesky's funeral

Aug 23, 2012|

Kirk and Bradford talk about Johnny Pesky's funeral and the fact that only four Red Sox players attended the ceremony.

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Our number two Turkmen and rob Bradford in for. Mike and Hinske in the moment. -- appeared -- inside -- this morning daily fee. Right you dated when you're able to repeal college correct. Premium. Might texting my tax I'm not expiring tax. -- next stop. And Laura proposes that. I'd never seen they were suitable number we saw 112. -- -- used to work former calling them. Which office where your. Says -- Says this morning to late Johnny Pesky gave his life whose beloved Red Sox but sadly it appears only four current players made time to attend somewhere icons. They write worker yawkey way is that the Sox front office heart buses to bring players offices after the funeral from the ball park. The church that suits we -- were surprised and disappointed. When the vast majority of the forty players on the roster didn't bother shall from the service. Ortiz Buchholz Padilla Saltalamacchia. That that same night near the entire team -- -- for Josh Beckett annual basketball. Encouraging music show. Lucky strike lanes in the -- the front office is not statement attributed. To. The gallon. The all right so is now -- that one textures here says. You know who you say who she -- -- okay fine speculative. But that being said. You know these guys at the -- -- past -- I figured Red Sox players don't yet to be. I think that. Yes and I also think that it should be made clear by the organization. How important Johnny Pesky Wallace may have resented Padilla obviously I can -- mute any relationship -- Johnny Pesky. -- for him per gallon. Johnny Pesky. Wasn't around Alaska for years I have to be made clear to these guys this the important thing and I I think your view of the previous show talked about. Well what if I yankees icon. Now more or dance the you know it Steinbrenner was intact he would've said listen you're going yeah you're going. And -- and -- could do that at least make absolutely clear what this guy meant to this organization. I think in the mental legally can't you don't -- diagnose what yankees those guys would be more than four -- made -- here. Made it clear make him go every. What makes him go I understand you can't make them go we can not make you can make -- go without actually say this is a priority here but rob rob Lewis was. Which are doing here is. It's nothing do with you guys know Johnny passed this ball clearly they don't because I got that big break because if they are putting our -- that's their fault right. The -- worked -- pesky died related these guys have to I'm not saying it's not their. All I'm saying that when you did date before you get them together and you say listen we understand you basketball. Is going on that night and you guys wanna go on what guys -- that you're there yet is almost the whole team that. And you wanna go and you want -- which it's for -- -- raised 250 -- so. You wanna go and you wanna support your team teammate that's a good intention. But what you have to prioritize as much as that so as supporting your teammate later in the day is going to Johnny Pesky human. That's the conversation be absolutely on the players is no question about. It should notice. Fort -- Ford guys let me ask you this OK you say guys have been out while that's confinement there and -- -- explains it. The worst judgment to. Where's Jon Lester where's Dustin Pedroia veterans of all of those guys should have been there score ice fisherman. It's absolute disgrace Detroit considers himself one of the leaders of this team Jon Lester you know between how much much she loved John as you guys all talked about. I believe I believe if you like but obviously the more columns again and before that is my guess is that extra pocket properly don't. Well and I -- -- ended the the administration should make it clear how important is but maybe they did well. Maybe they don't maybe they did in my point is also they should go take it upon especially those guys to take it upon themselves to understand how important it is. There's no question those guys if nothing else should understand how important it is. And and I know that -- with reference in that and I saw I was at the reception friendly part Nomar. He was shot to win Williams yeah it's attracting not -- -- that's not yet used so is that Williamsport to a New Year's -- things of that morning. He drove three hours to Philadelphia airport. Got out of their for the funeral went the reception and it was climb back that -- -- -- a closer relationship with Johnny Pesky stands or as Andrew Miller -- shore yet just like David Ortiz did write a QB but we understand that bought. And one of the text comes. I think this is true if you'll get buried. They're -- make sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to beat the Yankees almost every player. The death -- is GO Kapalua just an example caught for bad guys this year. During the pitches poised to be that I don't I don't think more than four I think -- -- for I think. Yes of course also added attacks I think was right on and really. Pointed out something is lacking this team yet and maybe it's an -- is just the byproduct of -- -- Iraq and organization -- out of the roster they'd have -- -- years 38. Yet -- is so so they'll have -- -- thirty years old with a new organization -- Detroit's former VP but but he's -- he's he's he's the de -- -- people -- I -- I understatement he's not Jeter right so let's say that -- he probably is closer you get that -- human -- greatly imports were short and we want. -- -- office and when I joked about Darnell McDonald's -- but that's when he realized when you go dharma dawn McDonald showed up to the market friendly park in -- here for two and half years and he had to -- why you have to cut it off well because Jeter told him. And that that's a pretty powerful dynamic and to that point absolutely. If Derek Jeter was on this team and in the position he is with the Yankees with the Red Sox said everyone's on the boss. Yes just -- to media and I heard the story this morning it's just. It is another thing to re too bad about the -- she shows a lack of leadership from top to bottom you can started ownership and go all the way down ownership cycle call these guys -- Four guys show up for Johnny Pesky -- party organ you know for sixty years a Titanic figure. This organization players -- how much they love -- you -- the did the whole show the other night did a great job. Players talked about all day long in -- can't go to guy. A you know the reality is also is that and this is a sad reality but if they're winning. This story yep you know I did nothing would not -- the Bibi won't. We can agree they would be nearly as -- ER now for Daschle for -- -- and nobody got other stuff I do agree with -- on this one I gotta say that people would CDs ever -- -- I think. You don't just just like you said it's just another example. And here's another example. But I don't think there's any question if there are twenty games over an hour yet that would I don't know the other stuff I would go -- -- -- -- -- here's Greg knew him Schultz talk about it. Greg. Is about will help our. Big guys on. -- This water chime in on the Johnny Pesky thing. 41. I think you're not only represented complete this this integration of this in this French that this organization but. It's really absolutely disgust me -- -- a lot of the stuff. With the media on the team that has been a little overstated in reality is in my opinion there's just not that good of -- team. They have in on the pitching problems are obvious pitching problems I went Parker even worse I. Mean this is. Absolutely disgusting to me that. Infer that he I don't I had argued against something like this and -- and continue to watch these guys you know people say oh. Well you know what about the people were really were you familiar with Johnny Pesky wall. Another point Vincente Padilla. All. Thought -- Now let's hear your upgrade you're absolutely right I think it. Listen their time disease to the right thing. You know it's obvious right -- the right thing is for those guys to show yet he got in late night before fine it's -- that's like you suck it up. Once they did you drive the Boston it join the boss -- get a feeling it's all of those yellow buses with the the green seats -- -- Buick -- Buick park. I'll be nice -- right I'm guessing. Look how long was that but you're. What we don't want to along yellow buses yet. Obviously around the whole time yeah tons -- little kids that accidents Kathy Peterson. Now. I can get us you put your head phones have been supplied by the owners. And Yugoslavs get you pay you're your your respects and you leave you do the right in the -- basketball night in simple country music outlets. Again it comes about down to understanding the priorities of the day and that priority should have been just as much is going to bankable good for them for two with a back to -- supporting back hidden in that cause and everything else. -- New Hampshire what's gone right. Morning guys right it's not. So much okay. Only. Then with that organization sixty years. Try to figure out along in Newton acutely -- you might but immediately it then opera wing war. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let our soul so forty years later. What would -- my own organization to. Go after it. This rate whereas a lot of speculation had no idea who's the only the -- forty years I've no idea what can use life is like the next forty years what did you just do it like a current. You know Tommy -- in Regina happily when he's older guys whether it happens god forbid what's that going to be like. Great and now looking and I would shock the ownership wouldn't -- up. -- -- The port issue but at least respect the individual I think it's important that we're back. Is it is the biggest part that the minute here ebitda -- -- -- and they -- I met him many times. It did nothing but good things and at it get little round in the it just. It is inexcusable. To arms now. Yeah I mean you know. Again we say this I -- we both agree it's. Evidently is that is that it shouldn't have happened for guys showing up is an embarrassment mixed or especially right now. When your position couldn't look any worse so that's not the -- Horse does have no say perception as it's been like go to like a Lackey beard thing -- -- I ago while he shouldn't be walking around Libya because of what's gone now while. You know now they look at you go to funeral prayers -- you're right -- need to do it to me that says these guys. In respect John passed enough to get up early in the morning after going to badly going to the field sucking it up for two hours. How is that -- a I'll say it again it comes back to priorities there's going to be a long day. I could you just gonna dig and -- still lifes tough it's there as soon and it's going to be a long day you can finish off for the country -- re like you said -- -- -- the country though on our whole. -- -- The you see here's the current squad at the -- -- and sidetracked here here's Charles Steinberg. We ordered the bosses for the front office ago knowing that players can join us or drive separately from -- Between the ownership front office -- players and staff and four players we were all we were well represented by the people who knew Johnny -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Same can the church and world and again it means. Strasburg schism fears and -- right I mean just in books look. Out of the respective talking about the actual if you're if -- -- have you. The question we're spine business this past year this happens under his watch -- normally you should Steinbrenner craft one of these guys. As well I think Elliot Graham also think did this morning Larry acute when asked about I understand what he's saying about the -- well represented and everything house listed yet you know what. We should have been better represented you go back to comparing presidents it Nolan Ryan. I don't know what Nolan Ryan said yeah of course you don't just go guys this is what people do six was 77790858885. -- five. Zurich to your phone calls we get back we're here Larry Latinos reaction to these players not showing this pesky. No we provided buses for the front office -- for a move into our organization and anybody wanna be used them. Member of our players got ended about -- 4 in the morning good night before the buses left -- end at 11 in the morning. How they were designed primarily for the front office people who -- Well we're not gonna drive on their own out there and that's the buses were were pretty full on the most important -- Larry Lucchino this morning with Dennis and Callahan asked rob that's just excuses I means for the more he's making excuses stop it. Making excuses and tell the truth Larry -- does not believe it's not a problem don't believe the to -- get these guys Titanic we screwed up there immature. Terrible job there should have been fifteen guys eighteen guys -- guys off four guys -- -- was why -- -- too easy for a while Richard Saltalamacchia. -- -- but colts why are these guys able to do. Whether -- or not -- as the president team -- he says that situation. Is so yes we equipment out he he says. We should add more people -- -- region and the economic doesn't but you're there estimate how many guys are the best players the -- that night. Awful game. Point guys -- I mean come. Portuguese are good for them for going. Well you should audible. Just of the terrible. Back your phone calls -- -- Europe with rob Bradford anchor man. Acres in the picture at my friend thank you thank you -- It was totally sure but under -- -- like our issue did not know and they had a ceremony where they actually. Brought -- in -- the other two pretty. Special moment a pretty shall quote the players. That are on this team with the swap -- tremendous points -- everybody knew all that tremendous point I. This -- the hour. -- We -- -- a couple things here that don't believe you gotta stop them -- later on you better stop in this I can't work here. It actually looked the worse your approach -- out. -- -- Gonzales. And Ellsbury and make helpers and let me tell you why why Ellsbury but capsule streaked out from the meteor and establish a tiger that. He gains hitting their one home run -- -- -- -- up yeah yeah. -- Free pass and Troy illegal entity that got to take the pictures. And around the text. LL a net so you know he had a little white -- this. He only got and they don't show. That are flying on the west votes. And when a speaker. That that I can make the ceremony at the -- that -- on that. I Ike Ike you know that right now. Yup it's tremendous call on my -- -- Kirk -- in every time he's in the big chair and he's always treated conduct different Q in the west coastline in. And the problem. Only because he just directly in contrast to reduce which is it gives a more critically I believe he's on -- but he's right yeah although rob back to that you think back. Person always right there are all there for the hundredth he saw a door Huskies they'll note. -- -- -- to write a -- got a complete free pass as wonderful. -- it's a fifth about a third of the see him back. Fifty games yet to take down all hope this way you haven't been near the player anyway last. -- -- a -- -- that's an -- banking on right and and so. We talked -- W to show about what you do with -- decent value chain just in humans know I think one -- -- things there. And export have -- trading Ellsbury Nazis -- Ellsbury goes the rest of the year. And it's 235 in his two home runs at the top what -- the games were deployed that's a tough one you just something form because of the type of play areas but you're not gonna get anywhere you can get thirty cents on the dollar and Alec is an app is that you one year laughed. You when you left and he's not gonna re signed with that team prop. Robin lol you're up next with rob Bradford -- year old stomping ground. I don't guys on I don't think guys very good thank you. That would break -- -- not a couple things out press stories are prefaced that by saying that this team probably is the most disgusting embarrassment. He might have witnessed a mobile should be at all like I hit some things going on up the -- team -- really boggles my mind. I'm upset with the pesky situation no I I really don't blame the players and what are you white. Because right from the beginning of this year it's been pretty government. Upper management really kowtow to these players so if if you really think about a player interview. You know if you don't get away with. Being an embarrassment. And and and doing something that shall embarrassing about not going to one of the one of the legends of the Boston Red Sox pure wolf and why would you want to. -- seriously that the people really -- blame the most. Is up we had. I don't blame now LeBron you're a boy who plays for personal a personal style and they have their adult but glad I -- -- OK sure no problem liked what we want to -- It could -- should have been mandatory. This should have been no excuse all these are not going few ticket that would George and what not to allow this -- -- Under that structure in port -- I go yeah ironic about it yeah I go back to the to the Yogi -- example you know during the season that happened. Mentors a tough thing you know it's a tough thing to say mandatory but you should make it and the world -- in the world of the baseball CB radio -- pretty gamble on on the you know what it would look really bad you weren't there racquet the things you. If you don't go moreover if -- asked about it I'm gonna say yeah I don't know why those guys and -- it's allowed to lousy job. As -- says Libyans Libyans with the players they're the ones that are accountable -- grown men and they know right from wrong but. To enter into the conversation exactly went wrong with talking about what you dissent is that what was said to these guys that's what I wanna now. How was presented to these guys. They listen you. You really really should think about going to yeah it's a tricky one because the -- be just keep going back and forth on this because I feel like they should do that at the same time thinking why they have played it but what I hear Larry Lucchino comments earlier update it doesn't. Suggests to me it was a big deal yet that they say hey you did you know Friday you know a -- -- wanna go this can be buses right. We guitar for more they'll. -- -- -- I don't guys. There morning that's why it was I mean I don't think it kind of -- -- that in general about his arm was up a little bit about the conversation about the team regarding. You know specifically guys thank you -- You know the idea that you know you're not asking a question and and you know reporting units are now reporting that. And the trauma surrounding that think it's solid column on -- hot air I mean the reality is. Beckett and Lester sock this year and that they were anywhere near their top of the game form. We B a playoff contention now well that this organization. Make this a World Series contending team who knows but the bottom line is what's on the field and I can't. The whole beer and -- saying became some type of excuse collapsed on last sure that's why they collapsed. And every -- an important call Red Sox Nation -- forgot about what matters and what matters -- what on the field and what we're getting on the field. -- -- -- the -- source also beautiful that's a patient is garbage. And this article by a state something that shot back at. You know since you only lately baseball player in the history of the world have children. Why you'd be a man and just retire and and saying that's all they'll the pain of watching you go out and he can deputy five days. -- -- would -- a pilot you blocked by Josh Beckett in front of us were punctured -- face these guys always. Listen if it does there's a lot of frustration. Wholly justifiable this team stinks Lester -- Beckett are huge reasons one into. Both of Detroit and terrible start to Ellsbury he's been terrible it's these two guys there are one and one way but there are other guys it's not as simple as just that. I have to say -- that the guys rely the most on operatives. That's when it comes down. 617779085888525. 0815 next hour more pesky calls will take care of that and now we're gonna talk about whether PDs situation in baseball specifically. -- pal rob skip Bayless Olympia accusations about Derek Jeter. That we get back.

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