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Larry Lucchino: Media is not to blame for the performance on the field

Aug 23, 2012|

President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino joins Dino and Gerry along with Meter to recap the tremendous efforts from all parties involved at the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. He also shares his thoughts on a number of Red Sox players not attending Johnny Pesky’s funeral, the decision to fire pitching coach Bob McClure, and clarifies his comments he made last week about the media in this town.

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The president. And CEO the Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino joins us on the AT&T hotline has been a little bit of time at the end of the interview talking about the great. Cooperation between the Red Sox in -- in WEI and the raising the 3.2 1000000 dollars on good morning Larry how are you. Got up and give us the -- again last Thursday's with little alteration the question will Bobby Valentine be your manager next year. With Google I think you have I. Vets to question the weather's going to be the manager currently. And went with it meant to the end of the year I mean about -- here -- next week you asked me about whether exercise the option of 2014. So I'm not in it and address that question and easy obvious that -- -- is that a terrific. Job now under very adverse circumstances this year and now resigned and they keep asking about that was going to be here when and how all insists does not of course. Be all right and requests to support you play it anymore maybe they -- -- that is that has to do with the. The cooperation we got our hands and from WEI investments. I think it was shouldn't brush over the accomplishment report to -- not at all -- you haven't because. I suspect -- thought about it all morning but it's a dislike to take this opportunity to say. Thank you I don't easily. Begin by saying a deep and sincere -- there's talk show host and to work. And -- others. In the media but in this case I think there was tremendous cooperative effort on the part of -- of folks part of the folks. And the accomplishment of over thirty million dollars 31 million dollars and take over the last ten years with this radio telethon is something we're enormously proud of it started. In in our first year here. In 2002. And it just gets better and better year it's the nicest -- years and thank -- our -- to all those who donated and have posted that the. -- and Hulu really made it happen let it out there like that what's the most public go. The credit to NASA and WEEI side having the real credit goes to the people who reached deepen their pockets and an intimate -- the money -- 8080% of the donations Larry were under a hundred dollars was like Donald Trump communal wrote a check for ten million bucks. Well that's what's so great about it there's -- feeling there is a kind of spirits but that goes on over those couple of days that is quite. Quite positive and Andy you you you you just feel in the air of York Sarah there's a couple of days. OK at the risk of being a mood buster in this -- good section were talking about. Are you disappointed that only four of your current Red Sox attended Johnny Pesky funeral. The there was a tremendous turnout -- I -- if you -- we head over a hundred people. There in terms of ownership. Up front office current players that former players. It was it was. Very. Impressive. Turnout and to people who knew Johnny has -- Came to a -- plays who has had a chance done unto these issues and -- Tuesday night. To participate in the ceremony at the on the field they all willingly and enthusiastically. Participated. On that they did and -- -- and memorial service. So I think it's it's it's unnecessary to focus on on on that issue. I'm guessing if you provided buses in the morning you morning Larry if you provided buses you expected more than what does. Well we know we provided buses for the front office and -- that it did to our organization and anybody wanna use them. Member our players started about -- 4 in the morning and night before the buses left and at 11 in the morning. They were around designed primarily for the problems people who. We're not gonna drive on the are out there that the buses were or pretty full on in Austin capital. Why why did you guys dismiss your pitching coach -- a core if it seems like. A little too little and too little too late Larry at this point I'm Gibson if if it was a problem you may be could've done a month two months ago and set -- saves. Salvage the season it's come over now isn't. Well we -- in this is a performance center in business. And the instability is starting pitching. The that he. Just to the effectiveness of the starting pitching. Has been our basic problem he put to that next is the epidemic of injuries -- visited too obvious point that one would turn to. So it was a question of outperformance now in retrospect should we or better earlier perhaps. But those we did -- Where he into the conclusion that that that has the performance did not justify his we are remaining and had. He wasn't and the guy who was in that round are told everyone about the round table you're pretty upset that somebody in your round table. Told the told the world about a for the first time in whatever it's been eleven years was publicly that got. -- I don't know -- no way of knowing whose music was a person was submitted. The person did -- code. Confidentiality understanding that we had for many many years in. Soul. Out of the reference there roundtable hosted -- -- speed it was it was of course. Some what does different. It it's all the same code of confidentiality we begin around tables in this meeting in New York. With the statement that what we say in their -- state and there are a and I say it every time I don't think there's been and -- Meeting with the players roundtable whether you like college and that has not began with a statement from. From me or someone generally from me but how confidential. These these things are but that was. There's no way of knowing. Well whether popular or whoever. Of course Butler was not in that meeting. Well Larry there's a theory going around this is just pass and who wrote the article with your -- Yahoo! are covered the royals in Kansas City when Bob Orr was with the royals and that might have been the connection. The theory goes on to say that ownership management of the Red Sox suspect because of that connection. He was the -- to just passed. Well I'm well aware that the overlap in in Kansas City that does surprise. To me that was -- to to my attention. But -- no way of knowing so often make and baseless accusations. Are you guys playing for Ford today for now for the 2012 are we as it we already to look through 2013. -- That's what most of the fans -- most of the media are rated do. Well we're doing both. We are. You know while while technically. We are still on the hunt I think we see the same facts the same numbers saint and things that are banned the and and we recognize that this is an idea. Disappointing season below our expectations. To be -- But don't wanna play interest things. Competitive baseball. Every time we take the field so -- we are playing absolutely playing for this year and to finish strong and shows them mom. Some Brazilian. And do. -- -- some performances improve. We also keep they have maybe a little bit but more -- 2013. To be here. -- a week left in the August trade deadline should we expect. Something analysts that big it's not something note or a significant something reasonably significant from your team I assume as sellers. As the the trade deadline in the waiver wire trade deadline approaches. It's much harder as you guys know to do anything about it because all. Twenty other teams have an opportunity to interfere with the process. So -- I can't promise that anything. What happens I would say as a we we constantly looking -- we are continuing to. Larry have you noticed. Or felt the mood of your customers turning dark and angry. I have noticed. That. Yeah I'll look I've -- so little bit of that with what some people -- lead in the ballpark certainly the last I'd like to. I did notice that and of course the games are pretty much think -- and the system. Terrific pitching but angels and too often people. Mistaken. Quality pitching by the opponents as a lack of effort -- lackadaisical attitude on the part of the players are players are not doing that. More but I'm always impressed by the resilience of our fans. And the and yeah. There. Their passions for the game needs the most part that during the game last night there was a there was there was a positive feeling. I in the ballpark on the part of the fans. But that. Quickly just dissipated as the as the game -- -- Your twelve -- believe in the American League in walks she got a 3230. BP as the philosophy changed their guys just not battling when they get up now that's. Good point Callahan. We are very focused on on the situation the the on base percentage. Four of the club has declined. In and that is I think the other. Factor I would put out there with the severe. Spate of injuries to key players and but it instability is starting pitching the on base percentage that -- great it's of the club as well both or. Those three factors are go go to the top of -- does not. Putting together a list as to why this this year it was a -- just -- and it is something in the success is that. A politician tied for eleventh. With the angels -- not. The at least we have been are country actually certain to be. Management and coaching people. Incentives turn for finishing in the top. 12 victory in on base percentage so we still focus there hasn't been a change in philosophy that is just gonna change and execution. Where does that say to you as long to talk about metrics here but the Red Sox an extra inning games this year are two and six and twelve and fourteen in one run games by comparison. The Baltimore Orioles are twelve and 20 in extra innings and 23 and six in one run games what does that say about your team. Well assisted we haven't won as many close games -- probability suggests we should. And that makes me. -- comment -- those sorts about. The end of the game. Pitching talent but the bullpen. Under the bus here but that we do know that it from from day one with the expected to severe injury to. A daily we did not have. Our we we had to scramble and inaudible. Numbers those those. Late losses came early in the year but it's those that it it will be bettered that -- kind of a performance with intolerant. Are you -- concerned are you worried that these sellout streak is gonna and before the end of this year you -- people leave an early. Assume you're all set in August but in September. Is it is that they worry of yours that is finally in -- the -- -- will be no more. You know what will be will be is our attitude towards that it's. Pretty much on automatic pilot. Eight if we've sort a lot of tickets in September because early in the year. We've come we -- present ticket programs that ties some some games in the spring and the summer two games in September as well. So that we did some of course manage. The is that the tickets selling programs are there a lot of tickets have been sold events. And by the it's a little look at the as the average over the last. Eight years of the salt -- whatever it's benign uses so hot streak. And and we're averaging something like. 36700. Plus and some more bad neighborhood and it tickets sold so put aside. Labels. If you like -- just look at the bottom line and say almost. 37000. People came -- every game on average. That's an impressive stats in an episode that matter what label attached in the. As you said performance and related business whatever and that term. And yet you don't blame Bobby Valentine peace I mean you've got he got -- -- Larry it's you know historically bad right now you're. Your thirteen games out your ten games back in the wild card you're 66 and 85 since September 1. Who do you blame. We all care so the blame those of us and they. Front office -- less. Participated in. Offseason. Decisions that. We're not and a helpful. Certainly the the players in uniform. Stand up. And made it themselves to blame themselves for a lack of performance. Guys -- historical records were well established. Came up with dismal seasons and many of which could not recently had been anticipated before this season. I certainly looked -- the. The manager of the coaches he shares some responsibility for this elected job and buried now martyr. And myself are for our role in this to be sure but done. That's the it's one thing to acknowledge our our role and responsibility. It's quite another is just felt our hands and did nothing and that's not what we're gonna do. I said before if it's broken -- exit. And that is exactly are our attitude and we had -- -- begin that process immediate that we began -- any. You in your opinion do your players care enough. Absolutely. Absolutely I think that's a yes a red Herring. If you see these guys -- Before him. And after games. You you understand. How much they care and it that you couldn't you can really. Fool yourself if you focus on that as as a major component. As to why these guys and got that playing well -- that is just. Not authenticate these guys are intense competitive it's. Players who who are. World class athletes and that they have good -- In them. Requires them to block by Harding and they're playing a ticket gates and I that are they had a game against the it. Anaheim angels of Los Angeles and Austin those things to look at a time. Whatever they would these these guys are are intense he had ties either their -- that is the post game reactions. These guys Decatur. Our final question for May use that it's broken so we're gonna fix it those this year performance on the heels of last September's performance. Acquire or demand or indicate a so called nuclear winter in the offseason with his baseball team. Particularly nuclear winter means is that means there's significant change yes. And -- yeah I think we'll we'll Lou will it will examine all options absolutely it's not a question of fine tuning. It's a question of law but yet that backed its fundamental -- -- pointed out deep approach and they are based percentage. Can work will be concerned about that and that he is pretty physical things who'll be concerned about it do we have the right kind of system in place. We wind 2004. Are starting to chase. -- -- Every opportunity they had there was not a break off five pitchers remained healthy in -- major. Respective starts now that's extraordinary and it resulted in the World Series championship. So you need he need you need to that the -- at all on on pitching. And and we will -- focus. Heavily on that I would look at everything look under every rock because. It's an obligation we have such as the our job it's -- it's just that the fundamental obligation we feel. The provided team that's worthy of the fan support we've been saying that since this first day at we will do that. He took a beating last time among other things for -- that the media you blame the media. How specifically. Do you blame the media for a 5965. Well I don't know that -- did. I hope you guys that did not. Distort what I said. I don't think he did and Consumers -- there to hear it directly -- blamed the media for our won loss record. I was talking about these necessary hysteria that knowledge drama around some of the side issues the peripheral issues and they. And the fact that the median -- different attitude. Towards things and that our fans they were not necessarily reflective. Of the sand attitude and that that -- it absolutely didn't play and to say that is just terribly. Misleading and make me look like a full you can't blame the media for the performance on the field but you can't blame. Org site. The media if you feel that they are -- -- magnifying. Exaggerating or are things that are not. Pertinent to the on field present -- record. However they've been unfair. Well I I think that there has been it is an extreme focus on on peripheral. Issues that has. Created. Again hysteria over little things smaller things. I wanna get into the media is drove well amid topic comment last week about. I didn't think Steve and based necessarily viewed things the same way that some popular host. You know abuse them. And then those documents are designed to create controversy. Our fans -- had a hard. For the finalized we looked at them about loyalty and passion and and that commitment is there it's -- Larry what the value of bringing -- back -- start or two at the end of the season went ice oppose his contract is over and he's not gonna be back -- who are considering. Resigning him. Going forward. Well two things would like to win games. And -- that you get a BP it's. And nine designated a seven innings via gave up a couple of kids three year run. He was it was the old time Daisuke Matsuzaka still would like to see what -- way to do we want we want a win was Ottawa. It -- didn't get a sense of -- what he might be about do we consider bringing him back and next year what is what is the state itself. There's a lot to be learned about several players including him. Did you know do you know why you could delay that the star of this interview did you pay attention. Know which you're our producer told me it was. Well. David Cassidy is Keith partridge himself could exactly yeah lie I can understand that. Mountains we apologize. What this -- we're talking big big star here I actually yeah. Speaking of big stars can we. There's -- anywhere it would yeah your sons have been O meter listening to -- Many I congratulate you junior performs plus side thank you the right side clarity and that's familiarity to your voice in the ballpark and he did an excellent job. Do we just get this over with now yet you offer him the job -- Kenny except right now. No we're not glad -- -- -- today we just. What we are narrowing the field and and dated dated particularly good job on the pregame stuff for last night as well. I thank you always seem. -- witnessed the decision take place Larry. Again try to get this season can't do it. People are out. Ballpark operations and PR department ultimately. Make his decision so me I want to start. Being. -- recent -- politic politicking I don't know how to do that Larry could have happened. There we see some of the stars of tomorrow here maybe in the next week the Iglesias is of the world that I'll Jackie Bradley is a laurels. Well we are gonna do work. Make significant call options and. September. And Agassi some of those guys appeared safe again Iglesias he had just -- that he's been in the cover up the ball. And -- is on base percentage of the last couple weeks is something like 425. So that's a great sign from young talent does the defensive shortstop. Once he gets. Once he plays behind Daisuke and falls asleep but sure it's probably won't see a British -- -- -- if -- Larry guitar that you. I'd -- beat -- with John with the team next week Albion. And I'm so alone not much I love you guys yeah get a bit of 45 in the morning or whatever it is seductive side again I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another round table manhunt that. If it that we don't do I want. Remind all right we'll talk as of other fodder that deal we'll talk to the ruler. Sorry Larry Lucchino Theo present Boston Red Sox with the NC on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD.

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