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David Cassidy, actor, singer, songwriter, and guitarist on the Jimmy Fund, Johnny Pesky, and the current state of the Red Sox

Aug 23, 2012|

David makes a surprise phone call into D&C and wanted to thank everybody involved in taking part during the 11th Annual Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. He also shares his thoughts on the majority of Red Sox players not attending Johnny Pesky’s funeral and compares former Red Sox players to the current team members.

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Get to David who's in upstate New York David good morning it's that Callahan. -- hi how are you. I'm great I'm just wanted to tell you that I kind of real on a wonderful experience. Son -- We can beat you -- And for the last couple years and I don't know community. During the yeah. Telethon. Two years ago at a friend wanted to sing the national nightmare and. You know like the longest open and then our New York. -- -- for me it was one of the great girls. They're. At Wrigley Field. I think your perspective about the and and. -- outlets like this is David Cassidy. -- -- David -- these David Cassidy and the capacity that would give me the safety -- -- himself and I'm not -- inferiority -- -- I'll -- -- They'll probably be it must. I love these all I have a passion -- -- -- him. People forget -- that if you're -- -- program. There was any. Different attitude about athletes professional athletes college athlete -- -- with 304050 years ago. And I think it's what can happen to direct doctors here because I watch a lot of return games as which -- What to -- Yankee games and are putting -- into what the Yankees -- and we're paying attention to what the toxic break and it and it creates such a great. Rival the creates such actions. No place like Austin or New York Philadelphia or Saint Louis is doing that kind of passion and when the team whips. And when you can see the players that are so selfish. So narcissistic. And self involved. It makes me really angry. And I love the fact I wish in New York we had. More people on the radio and on television and media that would be -- and call. The people that are responsible from ownership. To getting rid of utilities. I mean getting rid of the guys that -- the heart and soul of the team. -- a lot of them of course retired you know and again that. I thought what Austin show what the central bus and showed live action action when Nomar came back. I think he's on the eighth time. And what you've got pointed out about -- flying across country people have no idea he's doing a Little League Baseball right he's doing crystal baseball and I. These old place for him to make it part of the commitment shows. A different kind of happily. He's a different guy he -- different he's got more -- A lot of these guys they are just there for themselves. And around I just want it probably got -- it is the second time I've ever called in my entire life. But I wanted to just congratulate -- for what you did. What all the people and in non. New England greeted over the past couple of days the Jimmy V foundation I -- it. And this thing during the whole couple of days when now a couple of years ago on my sums in Austria and I just wanted to say I love what he's doing I love your honesty your directness and I wish there were more than. Well thank you David Cassidy we appreciate that very much you find yourself -- Boston anytime soon. A little bit technically leaving Boston he's leaving -- -- he's going to Los Angeles he's been writing and and the singing and recording and he's. In the later on brute. -- what do you do it when you wake up in the morning what do you do other than listen what is your caucuses. Well you're not gonna. Actually -- -- do you guys now on I'm just not. Patent because -- worldwide. I'm sort of springs which I have had out here for many years I live in South Florida in the summertime I'm out here. I had just recently played bogey and I don't want -- sponsors yeah it there many times. I would import. -- -- about two weeks ago. Played. And -- -- East Coast and outdoor shows. It's been a war -- continue. I've been really blessed to have a long. -- -- -- Start started with us starting with the fig leaves are falling in 1969. Point got a public that you must be brutally tough but but but. You know yeah I've been blessed to be in there and I wouldn't these -- televisions. Various television chosen. You know I've been fortunate enough to write produce. It on Broadway four times. Been in -- due 2000 shall there. What's stunning it's stunning Dave will be stunned by the -- might be Jerry 62 years of ball so I -- he's got to just 62 years old. And it wouldn't have been over that our net -- David you. You played you played -- a 56000. People at the astrodome onetime correct stole Madison square. Melbourne cricket ground Wembley Stadium. Wembley Stadium all of it yet didn't really like incredibly fortunate and I you know what I bring -- Might normally there Whitney and we're used. As my grandfather when I was seven years old and rainy day. And it would be like anybody who had to -- an older definitely taken -- of them -- And when the Red Sox were back in the mid late fifties. They were just different times. The players different and I didn't. Mean we are much more innocent and yet. For me IEI agent idolize me now I I would like all the guy in New York. We idolize him when he group -- as -- -- Mombasa was strapped ski and yes it was maybe even earlier before my time at wind. Those guys were incredible and sharing your story about Jerry when you were in the dugout and Williams is there I don't exploration. People who knew him I got to pocket -- Right before he passed away. And he said to me. Can't believe you're calling me actually -- world. As many people said to me you're like my idol and you were someone who gave me so much that I didn't. -- -- You're the guy for me and -- so much to me. I wonder today. And let's lead Derek Jeter and -- and then let's nevermind what we want to call him. That's we are Arabic. Wonder on the Red Sox game is there that I would look at NCAA. Man I wanna grow be right now how I want to play ball here is the kind of. Not right now I notice it was Dustin Pedroia but this star is stating. Did you know yeah yeah I guess there was a time the same way about him. We're talking about an MP and he went back you know we went into effect. And and I guess you could say David Ortiz -- his -- showed up on a list as well so that might be takes some luster Astaro is well. You know maybe I don't know now everybody's just been an interest to build build it would Derek Jeter like come on man. Well look if there are using their values. I don't know if you're gonna tell me that Ford died in committee. The fact is guys and as well -- at the -- if I'm gonna tell you that's something he's gonna. I don't know if Iran. And if there are I mean it's not pushing money they could afford to do what they do because there's -- -- and billions and billions of dollars. And you know at. For all male athlete and tell them who wins with sponsorships and everything else ridiculous. It Beckett is the -- -- that's the manager was actually the boss and whatever he said the players had to do it the other way around now David -- external lead out. And I appreciate the fault call we're looking -- and then he got a great job earning their QB. Thanks David John we took hold the produce the most talked to for just the second don't restrain yeah -- -- out there. -- put -- on hold we take a quick timeout we're looking at all the of the site from David Cassidy Larry looking has sunk to new lows he's been bumped. It's just -- it away by accident like he thought to be right back.

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