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2012 Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon Final Segment

Aug 23, 2012|

Mike Adams, Joe Castiglione and Jason Wolfe wrap up the eleventh annual Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon which raised over three million dollars for the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber. Also the guys give their final thoughts on these two emotional days in the effort to “K” cancer.

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Back to the final few minutes of what's been a wonderful a couple of days. At the -- radio telethon here at Fenway Park I -- right now we know we're looking at your witness Stuart and yet. They got to act act down every obviously as is that your city like it's focused daily -- Just hear -- -- -- everybody's involved and it's unbelievable how it is it's like nobody says notices and debt that's where I'd like to make an appeal now we try to get the 3.2 million dollars. To anybody out there that's got healthy kids I've got you know I got four kids. Jason -- joins us here the program director WEEI guy works his butt off for this event every suit your -- happened Jason Kidd Jason you've got two beautiful healthy daughters at home -- -- you know I don't do -- he's a handsome -- doing very well -- got three beautiful kids five my grandchildren and they are all healthy thankfully it's like how can anybody who's got a healthy family not just say I don't wanna do at least what I can do here. To help out all these families and all these patient's cancer pieces of data for our case. Here's how do you deny that's. That's why we're doing is Mike you know that's why work so hard that's why we're trying to raise awareness that's why we're trying to tell. These incredible stories every year so that we can. Reach out and and touch the people out there who are -- have been great and who. Have healthy children thankfully. Unfortunately not everybody does and while there as the doctor said to make -- such great progress and in many years. -- -- a lot of these cancers are gonna be cured. But we need nights like this. To make sure that that happens and it never ceases to amaze me how incredible the generosity is and once again we see it tonight. Yet it says you know it's each individual just thinking -- through on their own personal level -- how to why haven't right now in my life are -- my family's healthy everybody's fine. Thank god for that but also you know let's face it there are a lot of people alive today. That would not to be alive and and not be shared with their own families have -- not for the the incredible amount of work that goes on. But the folks at Dana Farber and keep people a lot. Absolutely and we we heard so many terrific an incredible stories today and I thought I'd bring this up because it's now 1145 and it happened at 8:15 in the morning but. For many who who heard this story. It was incredibly moving but at least a server who we all know it just tremendous job running the clinic at Dana Farber. Has has just created such an incredible connection. To all these families. Who unfortunately have suffered tragic losses. What with within their personal situations and one of the things it's become so special about that clinic is the fact that even in the wake of these losses. The family still wanna be part of the clinic they still wanna come back they still wanna visit. And we got an email Lisa got an email today. From a guy named. Jim Barnes. And he lost his son Chris several years ago Chris was. A terrific young guy and unfortunately. He wasn't able to make it that did that clinic did everything they could form. And he wants to maintain that connection and he wrote this email to Lee says he was watching what was going on this -- wanna read it to you. And I'll try to get through it but this is what this night is all about. Hi Lisa. I was watching the telethon this morning as I was getting ready for work. And I sat and listened to you be interviewed by Dennis and Callahan. I truly agree with him when they say you do God's work would cut me the most about the interview. Was when you mentioned that the families that have lost someone to cancer and that they still look to the Jimmy Fund clinic that brought a tear to my guy. As if it was not for you on the staff at the Jimmy Fund we would have never been able to get through what we went through. -- Chris only battle for ten months. The Jimmy Fund clinic welcomes you with open arms and you become a family member instantly. I think of Chris every day and I think of the Jimmy Fund clinic almost every day also. The clinic was a very large part of our life for those ten months. And we will be indebted to them as you make chris' life and I life magical during that time. I'll never forget the Jason -- story what you did to Chris. I'll never forget him singing Barney to Martha and -- in the resource room I'll never forget general working with him to download music to his iPod. I'll never forget the interaction he had with the other teams in the infusion room. I'll never forget -- -- shows saying to me that this is a fraternity that no one ever wants to belong to but when you're forced to join you'll have a family forever. We will never forget the entire staff -- the Jimmy Fund clinic. I just wanted to take this moment and say thank you and continue to do the great work you're doing. When days get tough please just think of the smiles you put on hundreds and hundreds of children over the years. Police say hello to market and -- and continue to do what you do we will help on our -- in any way we can. Thank you. Huge but you know -- talks and makes a reference to would be a family. What that what to -- respond. Family and the data are apparently did for his family. Even in the wake of the tragedy of losing his son he'll never ever forget it I think it it's important to let people know that whoever happened to you. And here's wishing to ever knew you know obviously doesn't. You can you got a family sit there wait for it like that's fairly that's gonna take care of your every need. So let's get on that phone. Right now give that number again we got a little bit over thirty minutes ago we know we can do it -- winding it down but I think we can make it happen. Let's get a strong finish from Roy you're generous folks out there listening right now this out of my voice on the WBI network all over to England. 8777381234. Let's make the phone rings like to read them phones -- -- like you read about down the stretch here. Anyway you're gonna donate we wanna hear from yet we wanna hear from you right now. For a strong finish we pushed worth 3.2 billion dollars which is our midnight caller we get six minutes ago. Go to -- ninth -- as a pro I get out of right now at 31 K in the form of there was one guy having to step up for 31 okay. But we -- it would be John Ryder. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 51050. A hundred dollars at a time. But to get us to that magic 3.2 over overlook. -- so are my again I I do wanna say one thing like I like to say every year obviously it's a pleasure to be able to wrap up the event with you and -- as we've done in the past that. We couldn't do this without. That the complete and 100% support. Of our entire staff at WEEI and they are they're just so many people to name I could never do at all justice but everybody has worked incredibly hard. The people at -- in their entire team. Everybody of course at the Jimmy Fund. And certainly the Red Sox for giving us the go home to be able put this thing together. Without all of those factions coming together. We wouldn't be able to pull this off. And in eleven years guys we have now raised over 31. Million dollars for this charity symbol and really just unbelievable really says something. It's very easy mark may be so unlike so that we don't see on the field not okay no matter what sport you're -- as we did you have to bring it down now but it's been going on here and I get like this is an exemplary. Situation when it comes to. Teamwork depicted it all started with little built hands you know will change his spare change -- movie theaters and hanging in the ballpark. Well you know I think -- can't Coleman going to look callous Maine where I went live a couple of times your bank or or around. Where he first met did Dave O'Brien in key New Hampshire with -- reading them or doing these little radio Thon skating. 15102000. Dollars and now here we are 31 million dollars and that I know -- smiling on us. Yeah and you know I got to see you gotta have a reach like this a reach of this powerful radio station and our radio network nests and all throughout the -- went. And a network of people that make this annual event and the ongoing work of Dana Farber Cancer Institute so important. Cancer reaches out touches people -- in a brutal. Who relentless way. And until that's over we got to reach out twice as hard. Every single year and every day of our lives to make sure that this this and soon as possible it was so great to talk to doctor Brenner. Now he's got such. Positive outlook for what. What is being done and it's just -- that's a micro -- example of all the things they do for all the different kinds of cancers but -- a blood cancer specialists and being so keyed in. -- what they're trying to do with the advances that make and it really gives you want out. I think he explained how research works so well especially with the development around drugs. And showing just how the dollars actually work. In the meantime via. You know -- some some difficult moments and in an event like this Jason there always are that this sets up some story educated and it's hard even explain. How to make you feel but that you get this one gators lived through it and it -- well okay now I get it. You know now I get over here for. And tonight we we. Recognized. The memories of some that aren't here anymore we talked about. We talked about and a million times -- Schwartz who was the very first patient we ever had on this event. Gone back eleven years and it was great to see. His mother Janet and his grandfather Melvin Perlmutter thrown out the first pitch yeah surrounded by. The greatest Red Sox outfield in history rice went and evidently something it was great to see -- Steve Williams come back tonight it was great to see. Patrick Paul White in his -- come back tonight and and remember his son Patrick and DOC's and Dan. And he beat these are people who we feel so. Terribly sad for but we are so privileged to know them because they have done so much to help other families in the wake of their own personal tragedies. I am. Always amazed. By the courage that they show it's it's truly unbelievable. And the fact that they can continue to come together and and help us raise this kind of money. Is just unbelievable instrument instrument connections are incredible when you consider what they lost. And how they still want us now connected then. There's so much a you know it's really the ultimate loss for anybody you know you can't imagine it again those who have been through it can't possibly imagine -- -- this the horror of trying to think of what it might be like to have to -- -- of those circumstances beyond most people's comprehension. It's just too difficult to digest into -- to process in your brain to think about. Your particular loved ones having to go through this but it's if somebody doesn't think about these people if somebody -- you know Odyssey Jason it's -- really get the ball back here. And for these -- an excellent I'll quietly yeah you know -- from from then on it's but haven't. Imagine or can you think of one kid that you've met. On any of these events that. Comes in feeling sorry for themselves right sit there there. More courageous than you and I could ever be yeah they clearly and the -- some of the big suit he absolutely what they're going through. Yup and some really you know the in the in the youth community today you know there's always there's always issues in the amongst young people -- grown up you see these kids to get through this you know. They're gonna do something. And this is really what is probably the most special thing about the Jimmy flew and Dana Farber the fact that they can. Instill that. Coverage they can instill that confidence that that they can allow these kids to and while they've gone through tremendous turmoil through treatment. They can still have a positive outlook on what's going on. And I think that's just unbelievable in the fact that the that the way to doctor explains it and and he's one of thousands of doctors who we've had on over the eleven years. Who have it at such an incredible ability to just say it like it is so everybody can understand it and that's why people are getting they just. Yet and let's get him going right now 8777381234. Or one minute away Jason from the top of the hour. I'm gonna stay on a few minutes over okay because -- had a -- updates gonna commit about 1203. And I'm gonna run again -- -- it okay and you're gonna say it all right so that let's do that let's come back at him and a couple moments here get that number. And out. We'll take a break right now I don't know Oprah okay I would stay -- -- a -- they'll never forget about it just bring that number Jason who -- -- up running around in the last two days he's got a mile 200 -- he got -- double. He's gonna get us a final number at least a final numbers so particle or obese people here it's info cause this. I will stay on the air. But Joseph it again this is this is something that once you've done this event which you bet actual. Patients who dealt with this that you never -- missed this event no matter what goes on you've been doing it for years and years and years. I just keeps getting a better and better bigger and bigger but -- the feelings become even stronger. And there -- so -- -- -- emotional moments the last two days that. We've shared in all we always share the audience. They shared. With the patients and their families. And he gets some feeling of what it is. Like that these people deal with -- every day. -- week as we -- to see the folks from back after they've been cured or they're in the process of being accurate but you know every day in this country. You know this there's somebody being lost to this disease. And it's it's almost a given that. A mother a father or sister or brother or child. Is going to be lost. In this fight because you can't win a mall. At least not yet but that's the whole idea the whole idea behind this is let's try to win tomorrow -- Stewart -- we can't -- winnable. Quick start I got a letter. It had to be around. Twenty years ago. As a young. Man named Seth -- who was twelve years old lived in Pittsfield. And I got a call from Mike Andrews who was in during the Jimmy Fund. And he wanted to do to get. An autograph. From Jeff Reardon Jody reed and Roger Clemens we were in Oakland. -- was not going well he was being treated it was a little withdrawn. But. We get there Roger. On the phone Roger won the game that night forum. Jeffords had to save forum Jody reed had a winning hit it that way it worked that was incredible law. And when he -- we came back home -- came to the ballpark. And was doing well for awhile but then had a relapse. And shortly after he passed away yeah I got a letter from his mother. Thanking. The Red Sox in the Jimmy fund for what they have done and -- she told me about. Be a party she felt since philosophers on but that. Shortly before where right after they get back home to Pittsfield from their trip to Fenway Houston there. Mom dissemination of told them tell them that Jimmy Fund is the greatest charity theory is and I'm so thankful I was able to be part of it. And that was twenty years ago today maybe. Twenty years say the youngster would be saved. But. I still have a letter because it was it was so -- I put it in my idea my book because it was so meaningful. And then of course you the very very -- story we jury here today. Who is a success story and is -- a lot of work to do. The the potential for measurable loss of course is always there with cancer. The potential for a measurable prevention. Of that loss. As something you can handle right now in your own way for your -- about 8777381234. Jason wolf stands next up. Cloud said yeah maybe it's. Not noted that three courts don't really at 3202121. Box. That's called reach an adult baby I thank all you folks for jump in on this and take care of business 3000. A street that publicity but it at 3202000. Twelve dollars. -- those nice way to close it's a beautiful beautiful I take. My thanks to everybody involved in this better course all of folks have been working here of the studios where this working out there the and the volunteer areas across New England the Red Sox organization. Nests and -- the WEEI folks who have helped out. The great joke stick Leo on the voice of the Red Sox Jason wolf tireless in his efforts every single year. For this our eleventh annual WEEI. -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon and. Every wonderful Mike Q&A thanks so much for letting us be apart of it and then Jason congratulations you did it again. Along with of the Jimmy Fund of the Red Sox and and S and then. It just heartwarming feeling thank you very much like from Fenway Park thanks everybody got -- question.

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