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Planet Mikey: Tori Rando

Aug 23, 2012|

Tori Rando joined Mike Adams and Joe Castiglione after tonight’s game to talk about her experience with Dana-Farber and The Jimmy Fund. Tori is a cancer survivor and a former pediatric patient.

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Well its eleven times in a row now we've got to this winding down point of that. Of the Jimmy Fund radio telethon and I didn't tell you something and -- do you know again proud of all you folks out there all you generous people of ponied up the -- this is what it's all about. We need money that's why we're here we've been here for today's television you know it's true -- for those of you that haven't had a chance to yet I just know you well. I don't you pick up the phone go to 8777381234. And make your donation. To -- Jimmy Fund efforts here and we've had such a great day. It's been spectacular I wanna give you an updated number before I introduce all of my guests here in the final hour and so or or so. Alvaro radio telethon that number right now 3077089. Bucks. That's going to be I can hear the applause echoing throughout we've got -- Flights as if by magic of what actually happened. We wanna get that number was that note last year we were 3.4 -- OK everyone get their -- get there. We get that between now the evidence they can there be some magic out their people's minds of their hearts and wallets. -- -- to let that that -- we have ought nonetheless your generosity is applauded. And for those you are planning on making your donation tonight we get home get any computer. Go to Jimmy Fund dot org or ditch your cell phone out text KK answered it to zero to two to donate ten bucks they TT. Well AT&T will match your first five -- that number. It's my pleasure to reintroduce. Our friend in the great -- Jimmy Fund. Jokester Leo the voice the Red Sox -- I am IQ how we are wrap this up before -- a close with a flourish here and strike out the side we hope. Well that's what way to do it -- under the Red Sox did not strike out in the bottom of the ninth but he did decide to the first two guys went down that way. Is it a fig in a manner of speaking as a we're gonna try to do here. As the closers for tonight's. Radio telethon and immediately to my ripe for those of you listening you know left to right a new radio. -- rat -- there was a great radio name it's -- Brando of rent the master -- am -- -- it's not -- -- -- -- How are yeah. And things are no I'm good just for those of you don't know. -- brief history here was said she was diagnosed at large cell lymphoma lymphoma in 2005. Which is 74 years ago when you were Howell fifteen. Fifty years old and here she is adorable and healthy and lovely at 23 it's so good to see it for you now. Give us a little bit of background on your experience because you know at fifty years old I mean my goodness what what what we what was going on -- your mind. I'm scared. I had a tumor pushing up my am awful which caused my initial list while and it's -- -- -- my nexus closing my throw it. That's how we actually found that an end up having three -- race. A grand total of three. And how quickly after the first one was discovered did you did you find the two immediately right away you know they went -- Yet they went looking you know. But now you're cancer free. Corporate networks it's on its its only way you can hear the word cancer have would be good thing when it goes along with the words -- is that not true you know like yeah. That's just that's just an unbelievable thing. You're right our hero of your friends your family courts with you throughout this whole process. I did not to go back and relive some awful memories for you but as it turns out -- story is a happy ending years ago. Tell us what what just kind of emotional upheaval you had to go through at that time. Huge hard. For me but I think it was harder. For my sisters and for my brother and my parents -- friends. I just sit down at my twelve -- sisters I can't they're feeling I think that she said news or even a guy. And you immediately. I had I had to fight for her and had to fight for everyone -- not just from. You know it's amazing unity Joey you've witnessed this time and time again as we've had these stories told on the air. How much empathy the the the cancer patient has for the people around them. You know compared to self pity it is not what you -- does not creep into it is often is. As the feeling of you know motion prevent and I know that you guys -- tell us how the Jimmy Fund helps with that situation -- your family members especially the siblings as well as parents. Well you know I have to say that this one here said blonde broke fix me. Pets I have a prompt to -- -- though I have things to do with -- -- me so her experience. And her attitude. Got us through. Along with. That Jimmy Fund and everything that they do -- -- -- just tremendous. Did you have confidence at the time that the people of Dana Farber cancer is -- we're gonna quote fix you. You did you have taken in the throughout the entire thing. You know I never even crossed my mind. I am -- -- there's a chance Eminem weekend but I knew that I was gonna -- And that I had to make it. You know she's all of four foot eleven and open your got to see what security. Four foot eleven many times did you get it under five feet against you know an obstacle like. Cancer I mean it's got such an ominous thing going but it but you're you seemed to be your a relatively fearless person. -- as you know main is that -- it. Fit here -- I don't know I can't even that nearly as they got at least that's that's got that's what effect over the records as fearless. And how long did you have to undergo treatment. Little gray -- -- What about. It's now and it's been 77 years can you -- wants to make your own personal appeal for people to work. To pick up the phone to donate it tell from the heart what how important it is. Well. I wouldn't be here if they didn't and I have friends who are here and their families are here and it's hard to talk to them because I am here. And if you're -- that would -- So we need to make that. Not happen anymore and you gotta keep my friends. Make donations friends we -- keep people like -- -- -- was got the greatest radio David a history of radio that ironic paper route and that's that's we get it. You did it she did it at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute do it. -- so great to see it was so thanks is thankful for you to come down here to -- richer story -- And just not -- good health and happiness through. -- -- and he yeah. God guys are trivia that -- It's so great to have -- here -- -- lovely girl. You know it it's these stories. Like this that have a happy -- that are all part of this. This up and down thing that fighting cancer really is it's not it's the ups. Out of -- Randall and and it's sad stories it and we don't we wanna make sure those stories don't end that way out of permanent bases in -- is the best way to combat that the best way to go after that is to. Is to make of of a donation or or make your first donation or. You know enhance your last one. Because it's all about getting the money for the research -- it's all about getting all the money we candidates -- it on every level. From from the did you know of the treatment to the post you know this other stuff that goes on after the fact even after that treatment. There's needs of a lot of these patients because of very emotional people they've gone through. -- guys and the is support that the families get that -- and his show was critical. And the Jimmy Fund is such a wonderful job with that but we've heard from doctors we've heard from patients weavers and some really heartwarming stories in some tragic stories. And it's the case every year fortunately the positive stories -- Getting the upper hand and you know we've made such miraculous it. Strides with the cure rates. -- a lot of work to go and we still have -- and Howard goal Mikey let's get this last half -- and yet it yet. Let's get this last hour cranked up. Let's get everybody involved I know you gotta get if you don't have a ten dollar text alleged event you really need another job at. And the dead -- and number 877731234. I go to Jimmy Fund dot org of course or do this tax thing for me right now could you do this for me. Box right now on AT&T will match it. Text the word -- cancer one word 220222. To donate your ten bucks. And we will continue live from Fenway Park on the eleventh annual. WEE I nests and Jimmy Fund radio telethon will be right back.

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