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2012 Jimmy Fund Day 2 Montage

Aug 22, 2012|

Hear the very best moments from our second day of the 2012 Jimmy Fund Radiotelethon

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The yeah. Processor is -- this this is really hard I remember. You're looking at one medical team comes into surgery and other medical team comes to chemotherapy -- team to team. I'm gonna do either. 700 if you until they're worried about your station -- looks and he says he means. I can come from -- And I think yeah and that's horrible hole and disease and so as a mom's house taking bad news is really -- really hard but in this thing is that. We really work hard to focus on the things that -- feel good you feel. Unlucky or lucky this question. Cheryl you have to safe on nothing bad and -- got -- you know but. And -- ask yourself why me you know why else and and you say here's something you know what makes me especially our own special we're not we're just. They can let -- answer. It's it's just happened to us and we don't know why I've had this thing we have to be true then we move. Listen that -- the entire room. Have you guys they were five and six of the -- did you tell them what you were going through I didn't I just didn't feeling they needed that stressed. Other worrying about mommy why can't on the top when mommy ever be able to tie let alone the dinner. Can -- explain to our listeners why it's so important why you like that place so much into what it means to you. Well I mean they saved my life basically means a lot to me this week like this Sunday ending June. Insightful and means a lot to me and to my friend and doctors are nice and nurses. Then the fact that it's possible. -- -- Mayor Adrian you're like it's only a couple of years of achievements and. I can't go back sure okay. With the to -- at least. He was in -- and he -- tasty tech writer she told us -- you just wanna have them go to the doctor just make sure everything's okay. And we did that's when they realize that there is something wrong and -- put in an emergency surgery. And by the time I got there he is about to go and I was crying because I know what was going on in. He looked at me and he's okay it's okay among the -- I kind march it's like you know nineteen have to outside of calming me down. Not knowing what's going on so yeah I was. You know overwhelming clinic finishing then. Six months out I started getting sick again. And I never I am thinking I can't imagine but. But I -- EI and the doctor told me that it was like cancer back I was like no go back -- began your run. I just couldn't take it and Aaron does really scary is that once -- night -- Got over that hump and I was like I can I do next -- do you travel. We weren't aware of all of the stuff when your little kid and thirteen now -- my guess is everytime they talk to you about something you're well aware of what you're. Yeah. I'm listening to much happen you always brings. -- Personally sometimes I think -- the anxiety in the Marines is actually worse than the treatment. I don't tend to remember -- -- -- much at all if he's a special -- shaking yes and -- a good chance. And back and remember -- that we really good drives and context really. I thought it. It's. We knew going in that we weren't. Going to be as lucky of course his parents mean. Wanted to believe that we would be in that we would -- the lines but in the end we knew what news. Confront this and you know we can hope for ways that we were going to be able to bring something. To some other families and some other kids. Own so it's. It doesn't go away. Let me see how much good has come out of what you went through he really does help each day. I.

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