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Jimmy Fund patient Leah Tepper with Joe Castiglione

Aug 22, 2012|

19 year old Jimmy Fund patient Leah Tepper visited with Joe Castiglione on tonight's pregame show as our radio-telethon continues. Leah talks about life as a patient at the Jimmy Fund, her college studies and her love for a certain Red Sox player.

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-- temper is nineteen years old from stow mass and a freshman at the quinnipiac university. And that. Only eight years is a story that still has a ways to go but you looked so cheerful and you looked like yeah. You're very happy to to be here today. Am excited State's -- day. He had adrenal cancer still do what I tell us the Genesis of it and how you're doing right now. When LA as a junior and high school not islands diagnosed with -- can't say. So I it's it's pretty rare ones and it's not a -- my aunt b.s that had been -- entry today. In fact a lot of people look at it I'd Phelps. So I -- after a case that Andy. Guess that makes things mind you stings and it's right -- -- my night carried chemotherapy for -- It. Just looking for something to keep it stable mate and we were doing pretty well in high school than -- relapse. Manning he had in a slump. We see we got it here in -- and it's a Disney Spain played it last six months and I was able he'll go to Korea after. But Matt Prater and have a mean I had an every parents and had street sense. That right now -- -- game -- -- those certainly doing with a smile and they -- to go back sometime in the near future absolutely. Can't greats. So be -- It is my hometown Hamden Connecticut tell us about that the treatment you received in the people at the Jimmy Fund clinic. -- -- Had three chemotherapy -- us. That at fourteen surgeries. And I've had over a sixty degree in treatments -- Did you any sign is. Really behind you proudly and -- and it's. It's a place you don't think it's kind of exhaust. But nobody talks about how Wayne and I. -- have a tough act that way people who whack and something nice and generous landing it. It's kind of more of -- homily from hired some great compelling as a panic. Yeah I guess people scurrying and plan. I mean -- again and everyone's. Everyone's standing right this idea just to make it a 100% and what keeps you going it. I had people they think -- suspect. I have -- I have so many people me. And it -- assess tag team beautifully in the Friday. And in graves and green and I can't. Thank. My friends and me. Seeing everyone else I think Jimmy vasser yes I ain't looking -- and me is in this case. And thinking wow. It must be really difficult to go through what they're telling you and realizing how I'm doing it. -- Hit it what you were out to center field studio this afternoon and just about the entire Red Sox team came out to see yeah how was that. That is the most surprising thing I've ever. Witnessed how. Everyone's so friendly ambulance. Be. Completely to see them played in saying. There really such a nice group of -- And I. And so violent -- -- to. Sign me. Because I really. High and Morris. Bobby Valentine season how would you. Cut. Hope that and shake. Hands shaking him up with it. And you're -- with. I'm not with -- to -- -- he can't now we've got to keep that it's always nice pregnant. Well we get to few million people listening to this but they want to alum put -- I am probably as it here but ink -- you dale it depth. That. It's so cool -- -- have we wish you the best I know you want people to contribute. It's 877738123. Wars and this is a wonderful story I hope people contributing your name in the name of your friends that you've made the play. It's wish you have. Better health and usually in our prayers thanks so much PM. We have -- from my -- Massachusetts and Quinnipiac University. Let's go back did you.

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