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Bobby Valentine Pregame Interview

Aug 22, 2012|

Joe Castiglione sat down with Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine to talk everything from tonight's Sox-Angels game to the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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While Bobby a beautiful scene today around 330 just before batting practice. Just about the entire team when -- you out to the center field studio is two. Natalie posed for pictures but the -- kids in -- -- Jimmy Fund radio telephone help us raise money had never seen anything like that. Well you. You know we have guys you know who -- days you know it hasn't been a great season right now -- Personally guys individually in the -- all of us collectively but. It is the season is that a caring and these days here are real people leave they give a Darren hand. You know this is a little show of -- You know what they have done during the year what they'll continue to do to try to reach out to help those who who are less fortunate. Back to baseball last night dead Daisuke pitched seven innings no runs one hit today is he in line to start here soon. Well I don't know he's in line I haven't talked to Daisuke yet he's just getting to the ballpark. You know he's gonna see how he. Steals a day after and -- then take me an appraisal of how much more he might need but it that was a very good effort dead and -- reports were. Where. We're excellent. Aaron Cook at some balls that found holes in -- course gave up that that mammoth home run that that pretty much decided the game and he's had this sort of buzz is lacked lately that way. Well you know when you put so many balls and to play and actually last night was as high strikeout night so. He got the work days. Which. Almost doubled his season total. But the the you know -- ground balls hit seven ground balls that don't want them to be -- -- dead. You know when you messrs. fired you have those guys on base. You know is scary pick up surfers because the first round. You know sometimes bad things happen. When you look at the lineup today and it just so difficult without Ortiz and without a little little Brooks a left handed power bat in a -- and power bat that and it seems like kid. Is going and just a couple of innings each game and then have the same threats. Yeah I guess you know little and and David you know Karl being gone we have a little different -- to the line up so. We're trying to get used today he and you know we we we've got to when we get we get these guys and then. You know it seems like every time their running the balls all the -- we've heard. We're -- institute a couple take sides possibly so we could steal some bases at least it's. It looks like a double in the game in the heart of cards but it. I think we're cables are plenty of runs and even with Weaver pitched against us that I did think we'll score enough to -- this game or any update on David. Just that he felt better yesterday and says it is as long as it he's keeps feeling better I guess he gets closer to -- -- -- on -- roster. Probably. You look at the lineup tonight yesterday -- had. Pedroia hit second in Ellsbury did you flip flop them today. Yes just China's you know. See what might look great and you know who is at -- seven David and in Carl. You know in the first five guys are going up there again. -- mix and match in the NC would works best together and to do it on the fly hopefully we'll we'll get a good feel for tonight. Weaver was hit hard in his last start but he's fifteen in three course where buck calls have been just about -- good distance may. I guess we have two of the best and in the league on up against each other I'm proud to be a slugfest. It body of manages questions for Mercedes-Benz. And this is our radio side then you wanna work urged people they contributed during the game and the amount -- you and your players who've been all of the events of giving. Well I certainly hope that people. State two and made they get on the phones they give. Begin with they're hard to give it their minds because obviously anybody who's ever give give and knows that you really receiving you received a smile you pleased to receive the the understanding that you're doing the right thing at the right time please do call in and the public. Don't. 877731234. Good liked and I about it Kate thank you Jin park question with a manager brought you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers -- you local authorized -- this month for attractive offers on the vehicle of your dreams like the classy Cooper -- A perfect combination of safety performance innovation and price tag to put striving for on within easy reach. On the web at MB USA dot com let's go back Dejan.

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