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Planet Mikey: Currivan Aloudoar

Aug 22, 2012|

Currivan Aloudar stops by to tell Mikey Adams, Ordway, and Holley about how he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on 2004 after sustaining what he thought was a basketball injury. After opening up with some lackluster humor, Aloudoar talks about being dragged to the hospital by a friend and going through the rigors of his treatment and surgery on his leg.

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Let's sit me introduce you to cure of them. A lol what don't they get out the door eligible. 26 from Boston. Yes I mean streets of Boston the nation and it drops that's not how we how long ago wasn't on we we we had you. You're. Four years comfort for years he had been asked by the fortieth of the art that point -- and he told me. He wanted to be the next aloe cools and unfortunately -- hasn't slowed down itself. Kind of -- -- it's tough it's got throws and who's in new target going to be OKL Ellis won't docile have plenty of years -- and he's gonna retire as soon as you can see -- impacting on the muscles and gain a good ten pounds since he started. Hey you're just 26 you're exactly I'm still I'm still young buck and you got got plenty of time now hope he's not retiring vita is large caches Roland is -- -- -- challenged them you had some jokes before. The muffins -- is -- -- -- -- still don't all don't tell you what versatility but about the joke I've. It's unfortunate to gonna tell us on the radio the go ahead OK -- irregardless so as you guys ready and I wanted to believe Karl harnesses it does. There's so -- cause accidents so there's two muffins and an up and one -- says boy it's hot and yet what has allowed them often set. Almighty god a talking -- It's not that. -- -- the first hospital with a population. -- -- -- -- any flat out I started to pay an eleventh pick in your drug actually have a girlfriend -- okay. I have a girlfriend. And she's laughing because you don't start Rios I know some black comedy better and I don't -- them -- laughter let. Well there -- times they heard that joke. -- It's only early before we get in the -- as to how long this relationship to nights a year. In the relationship with you gotta keep -- don't like getting good again thank you I didn't hear him come -- we'll edit that out comedies the secrets of great relationship feedback hey you know what comedy is keeping a. It does not -- Just like a very nice lady Hillary got it -- the -- lovely you can't see it on a radio but take my word for instance find the she laughs at my jokes especially the amazing one. Let them -- bonds and joke. I just don't sell out people who don't don't remember them -- -- for years -- Tell people about your story in and what you've gone through. -- my story is very estimates a lot of other Jimmy -- patients -- is basically one Dale's playing basketball. It got a little rough like it tends to when you're talking trash on a college court. And so are her I thought I hurt my -- And so on after a few weeks -- one -- -- go down you know I'm a man I'm like it's a -- some ice I didn't wanna -- also learned tonight that. It's actually my best friend Gail go referred to drag me to hospital and said it would get in this checked out. The injury happened at the beginning in June this was about to end of August. And -- turns out that. I thought that's what they thought well ligament after further testing it turns out it was a tumor and that I had cancer and so they referred me to Jimmy Fund. And that's -- my story started with them. And obviously it is that this story is not a bad not a bad ending not a bad story. Talk about -- your experiences there and in your treatment. Well for for those of you didn't get it from the fact and I'm talking on the radio I did survive the treatment I am still alive today. They come at the Jimmy Fund that's still better today about the death. Yeah. From. Acting -- it's hard to describe to defund defund is like its own separate world in that. You walk in with cancer and since it going to treatments he might leave with cancer but while you're there you don't feel like you have cancer. From the parking attendants and nurses -- front office people. Everyone is there to help you get better and to help you feel comfortable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's got another but you've got other things you have other materials -- Of course that big night talk me out off the air I don't know this is true or not use that you. You write songs. I'll exotic. Items -- songs a several month girlfriend saw and it's not a sand so dishonest dishonest yes. -- have -- right now -- asking for you should have brought them instead of them often joke no no that's just from -- -- -- that's that's an intimate stuff states miss that don't share. How did it yes he said he could keep some privacy and why did I have to read Shakespeare when I was a college I'm an ability to share your teacher was punishing you what was that otherwise put everything worked out great field you feel good in that if you're healthy now and things -- You're on the on the on the path to Goodell -- Bill I'm healthy and the other thing that really love about the Jimmy Fund is you don't just adopters there you don't just get receptionist who get a relationship. Like to this day when I see someone from the Jimmy -- they hugged me they know my name they know my story they were were friends like they really take care of -- in the Jimmy Fund. From the beginning and throughout. But it in -- since there's no doubt that you'll you'll take over for -- when -- when he decides to -- he's retired now become a 1000 you have to prove. But didn't you know IQ I like you -- this -- not like the Supreme Court every step aside please go not for like going to be there for lack. But. In the meantime. What -- you -- to -- -- Egyptian nice tile on there and look like a businessman and about a way we're gonna give you distressed that yeah yeah -- by the. -- an award or plaque or a certificate all the handshake let's go -- and radio operator. Well they can -- well mom I'm obviously I'm a founding member of fashionable men of America. I'd I'd do work at Bank of America I've recently. Left there because I wasn't happy like. Listen you guys on air and it sounds like you coming here to have fun with your friends that you go home that phone to family and that's more what I'm looking for. So right now I'm mom. You want Michael's job let's me tell you know Michael can keep his job because a lot going on yeah there are no cameras in here so that might be an issue for me but loves the radio you guys can have that. But I'm right our -- wanted to -- -- on working on consulting. Consulting yes telling other people what to do I think I'd be good at that even though you haven't already done it yet -- that's right I've done it. I've Vietnam working in the banking industry for a couple years so right now that I'm working on as a financial industries company. That's and that's interstate. I don't know if you're you might wanna you know I mean enemy and I never prospective employees this idea terrorism. It can't that a yeah it is yeah this guy you know here Obama now. Are vitally -- I didn't get to sit on it thank you very generous donation and thank you Larry if the losing I don't know if -- did on purpose or not but we -- did you know I shouldn't say they really worked -- -- Larry does anything on purpose like I don't really we beat them fair and square pretty competitive energy you know you're right though when you when you bring us up to. The money victims and people wanna know where does the money go well it. Goes for curing people like you it goes for. You know allowing you to tell us the -- joke here today and and it also goes some research because they don't just do the research and lock it up in the drawer somewhere and only let it -- for their favorite patients the research affects everybody everybody's touched by cancer. Everyone has uncle a cousin child. Who's been touched by cancer and this type of research is the reason why 1967. That's how -- leukemia had a 10% survival rate and today they have a higher than nine. That's you're gonna show prep there. Very glad that's -- that I got I -- a nice result how often do you have do you go when bird check ups and just to make sure everything's -- is it once a year. Is -- a few times a year to make sure everything's fine. Well I don't know how often I have to go and he does you know I have some people like he had to Jimmy Fund I think it just want to comes to Iowa now but. Medically speaking that go in right now about by. -- In the -- and do you have any kind of is there any kind of nervousness anxiety before. Going in. You think. Hope everything's okay or hear you that that that is that not your outlook com. It's kind of like. I don't know it's it's kind of like if you're playing a professional sport like your first game like my first week -- post cancer was probably nerve -- But after you know has been a few years now kind of a playoff -- So now I just go in and get the testing done it's more of a social time for me for me to see people that haven't seen a lot. I don't really get nervous because I've been through with them I know the amazing work they do. And dumb and no I don't really feel nervous going in -- Durbin thanks for coming in we appreciate even that was a terrible joke -- value each hitter is so great I guess give us give us our I -- I shouldn't ask you this there was one more in the way you our market. When -- I thought I have a good one on knock knock who's there Barnes. Through aren't you guys didn't -- banana. OK at that -- I'll let athletic. But look at this is your friend's mom left out ideas and -- I don't know her UK here over to click of the -- I don't care who I. Those are headed down to shut -- I can't believe it but thank -- -- whenever you're embarrassed and I got -- thank you very much for coming -- an officer is on the -- and and you -- -- -- -- -- any any product -- great point and you thank you very much -- thanks for -- ever present for bringing that -- to the table and putting it to good use. There's no question goes to good use and as you know. What term interest told us is what we hear from every single patient people over there and they know who you warn you not the number you're more than a name your person. And they know everything about you and when you come back in orbiting about you they just do wonderful work and you guys have done a great job and in Bergen 50000 dollar check to him thank you for thank you.

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