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Big Show: Helen Montie

Aug 22, 2012|

Helen Montie, a 16-year-old leukemia survivor, joins the Big Show to talk about her story of not just over coming her disease, but also training for and completing a 1,200-mile bike ride earlier this year. Helen did this after being diagnosed in January 2010 and finishing her treatment in February 2012.

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We're -- -- Helen -- our next guest she is sixteen years of -- she was diagnosed with leukemia back in January 16. My birthday. 2010. -- treatment included chemotherapy surgery for report. She finished her treatment on February the 7017. 2012. And it says here she followed it up -- -- 12100. Mile bike ride that began in Nova Scotia -- once when the -- -- and I had other means like twelve miles it's like that. Is that -- up. -- -- -- -- You did 12100. Miles. -- just like six months out of out of treatment. I did and so glad to get there I wanna thank my mom she Liz. She helped me train. She was also training for the pan mass challenge at times so that that -- your tree the -- during treatment. Yeah I was training during treatment lung -- before I was done -- How's that 12100 mile. Things worked -- hundreds long dynamic -- -- -- do and 75 here 150 we will do what's what's the progression. About seventy miles the average was about sixty miles per day our longest day was a century there or 100 miles. And that was that was tough but I mean. You know you muscle through it and you feel really pride yourself that. You're just unbelievable story how I wanna bring in warned Davis warned Davis from -- AT&T and AT&T have been phenomenal here. Matching the first 25 text that people throwing them. I don't have to -- Warren look where your money's going because worn as a cancer survivor himself. And -- health you look great. Younger had yeah I mean straight everything's great -- -- how long yours if you you know 2005 I was diagnosed. And so it's been much action is just a little baby -- remember I just have my third -- going into this when I was diagnosed is about two weeks later I actually started death. Team owner and the whole. She bang but. Since then I've had -- healthy babies in their beautiful film -- your life -- Ontario. That's -- -- we talked review last year -- yeah yeah so this is the third year eighteen tees down. Sponsored Jimmy -- proud to be here on their behalf. And you guys have been terrific hasn't been so as though they lighting up the that -- -- cancers Tony teachers should we have any. Totals do we know gamblers do so right now we're about 40000 dollars -- 4040000. So to put -- perspective. If you're testing in where we check to Freetown that's really give an 80000 dollars on an angle. So we really want to. I wanna get to 50000 dollars by the time this is over today tonight great so if everybody even if you already texted. You can do it up to five times so please if you can please get on your phone don't do you driving. Please lower. End. Indy you know in India whatever you can and and help us get that 50000 so if people give you 2000 attacks and nation's eighteenth he's gonna give another 50000 -- 100000. Dollars and that's and that's texting -- cancer. When our word -- cancer. 220222. Straight and it doesn't matter if you're AT&T customers sprint Verizon T-Mobile and doesn't matter who you are. Eighteen he's gonna mention unbelievable. Lester how you feel to. I'm I'm feeling amazing today it's a -- great to get you down well yeah. Let's make you know you look at you look at -- violent senator violent my friend okay no room and just. Did you run down there were you shocked when you're not like the 12100 dollars that's okay this is okay that's that's shocking enough. You play that shallow idea -- -- I've been playing for an. I think. Six is -- okay six years and check next time your brain you would immediately know you got -- -- bike riding thing down your swimmer. Yeah I like to swim. No actually went over to lone pine yesterday island raped by -- and one person on my friends' news very fun. You can cook. I do enjoy cooking I do -- sailing. Yup I'm on my high school sailing team we start in March every year our projects. Do you like to sleep. Do you Joyce maybe bigger. Getting the latest of ever slept in about 1038. Ever ever losing like three hours and -- don't really know these activities. When they're spread out over the air it's -- it works I. Tell you what your your remarkable you've gone through a very difficult time do you have. Got through this difficult time and here you are going -- doing 12100 miles on it like it's absolutely amazing to us and it's great that you were able to command here. Share that story I think he gives a lot of hope for a lot of other young people out there that might be dealing with exactly when you're dealing with right now that there is hope. Yeah and thanks to the people at the Dana Farber and what they do when the researchers in the cutting edge technology and clinical trials. If people like him mourn and AT&T and what they do to contribute more of that money so they can be more of this research more of the clinical trials. It affected more slice and he knows what it's all about it and it's affected your life and hopefully we'll get some other people to pick up the phone right now 8777381234. Or text -- cancer all one word. To 22 to two that's 20222. Because AT&T we'll match your first five checks on every time you can't stand. You donate ten bucks. Up to the first five Jackson you do I don't fifty bucks they gotta match that we get a hundred dollars for the Jennifer. It's unbelievable point thank you very much for -- you won what eighteen. AT&T you're doing. And continued great health I appreciate it guys thank very much more games you want AT&T -- must take great meeting you terrific thank you very much.

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