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Big Show: Celtics owner Steve Pagliuca

Aug 22, 2012|

Steve Pagliuca calls into the Big Show to praise the work of the Jimmy Fund and, more importantly, join the telethon to help the Jimmy Fund with its fight against cancer.

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It is on the phone you Michael -- Steve Pagliuca from the Boston Celtics. One of the owners over the years Steve how are you -- Stereo. We're doing a great Johnny get -- total appears high as we possibly can't. Yeah I know it's just. Defense that's because -- I think because I think you guys do all year. It is now they tell you know I'm not -- I don't know didn't this guy did it's there's not one of the best things Goodell. I don't know we don't always -- -- we're -- about the Celtics we always get it quite right well. In this case it is the most important most substance substantive thing that we do without a doubt. -- it's it's it's -- oratorical you know. I've been listening. I think jets. Did you celebrate your support of course we would do what you are sure there's been fantastic and we'd like to have chipped in at 101000. But support the cars. I'm really excited about -- Steve thank you very much we really appreciate and that's a great thing about. This whole Jimmy Fund radio telethon and and it's been known as you know as a as a Red Sox charity in yet the shamrock foundation the Bruins foundation all the other teams. Are always there to to chime in because they understand its community. All right it's it's it's what we're supposed debate so we really appreciate it from -- from you win and -- everybody over there Bob and everybody thank you very very much. Yeah you know I I felt so it's it's time. I'd love to you can donate a couple of ticket to yard Schumacher -- the -- of the Miami games. You know I absolutely will love love our producers are there right away busting out -- his runner -- -- the Miami game we think people would actually be interest didn't. Miami Heat and Ray Allen in my everything people will be interest in the game. I think our baby boy I got things they shouldn't -- national -- -- to your source center court and you know the New York -- I I love -- I. I'd love they're already getting made a stable make sure who will make sure our producers give back because there's absolutely -- we can do something went without it we really appreciate you you know. Well now he -- very -- -- -- most exciting that it would like to guard you know that's no I didn't I was. Citadel mister Michael. Oh -- another store he should know that story well it was it was opening night. The year after the -- shows 20082009. Season. Opening night great seats. There at the -- playing the bulls that was my wife's birthday. And she went into labor. Her water broke really -- ever Stephen Davis prior to her water broke at the game and I'm thinking all right. Let's get out here we got -- goes first quarter. And she said he shoot you too good. Let's talk slain. Wayne I don't have time Palin didn't wanna wait until halftime but we actually -- wait -- halftime and the other thing -- right after that. Right -- water broke. We're on the Jumbotron. How the -- I'm nobody knows nobody innovation that's a whole new marketing campaigns Celtics games -- is bird strike though. Oh yeah it's it's it's quite exciting but do we actually showed. The other great bench is Utah State state through labor. The only thing we did -- mean we name our kid darn mad or did they are a call like -- they may get lucky and I'm glad we remember kid -- that schrader. -- -- Start your doctor -- you can noted there have been interest you know put out only. You're that would be right in front of the entire crowd -- steam again thank you very much thanks to the shamrock foundation and the Boston Celtics really appreciate it. Thank you guys have thanks and I can boast great work you too thanks to Steve Pagliuca calling it consultant.

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