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M&M: Former Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield

Aug 22, 2012|

Former Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield called in to Mut & Buck to discuss the importance of the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber. Tim talks about what it meant to him to be associated with the Jimmy Fund, what he learned from his visits to Dana-Farber, and announces a generous gift his family will be giving to the Jimmy Fund.

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I joining us right now live on the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Tim Wakefield joins us say tenets one -- every year. No warning does -- son Blake. Put out and then wakes you screwed up you could they had twelve wins by now it's. -- -- maybe I don't know that's what I. Jim besides being a so intertwined with the Red Sox we have heard stories and and we've heard story after story here of your involvement here with the Jimmy funnel just ask you out of the gate. He -- explained to us all what the Jimmy Fund means Steele was a guy who spent a lot of time with the Red Sox lot of time always there with these kids. I mean a lot to -- you know -- can give people got started these saying the same venue like guys salt like I was very fortunate. -- put on our web -- uniform every day and then live all the dream that I and to hear the stories -- you guys have heard the last couple days about these children battling for the life -- I mean it really. I'm really really. And you know. It's your feedback on on earth you know and then nation realize how lucky you are to be playing that -- game for a living him. Still to be a part of their lives or third spend five minutes or ten minutes would -- their Chamblee is or go to the hospital and visit them. -- remember not too many guys that I may have gotten more out of it then they got out of me being Mary -- and just your third. The partnership they've got the red truck for so long bomb was important to me being being a member of the -- talks them. I mean I can't say enough about the organization how boundaries they are and how they help these families deal work. The problem but on oil on a daily basis. -- nice -- running joke with weight that I I started The Herald about a week before after he was signed by the Red Sox are used to say. I used to tell wake I'm gonna retire when he retires and fortunately we gotta get my house paid off yet so. -- I'm not gonna hang on a few more years but I've known you for a long time I know of -- perhaps as well if not better than anybody in the media. Your role with Jimmy Fund. How did that come about did you kind of wonder over the Dana -- one dated someone just monkey was taking hop in the car and visit these kids what was the Genesis of all this. Up I don't really remember I just remember loving the play twice first block then men and know what their mission was armed. You know being come from as hard on the ball -- the make A wish foundation there. And when I got the Boston and then end. And learn the history of the partnership between the -- truck and then the grammys on the business made sense for me. -- -- -- -- what did I know clay you know what alliger -- was here he was a big part of your -- swallowed a -- number of other players that does quite -- back in the mid ninety's then. Com and it just made sense for me does good job and people -- so -- Wait you living on Florida enough for the most part. I -- on dumb -- just started school last week so I had. My my daddy duty and she. Chloroform to score every bury him to do all that stuff ipodder should not be in a very demanding a part of this stuff. Don't look bond but I'm glad I -- -- targeted cancer colon. Tonight anger you embarrass you in front of our listeners. And you rarely or Embraer regardless I'm asking for permission to do so with a minute you anyway -- from pandora. Why did you come up here. And and and live out of Boston's only lose Florida you just gonna get heavy and lazy come appeal Manila bus -- I wonder Jimmy Fund -- Andrew is a step -- -- to -- here. People would see the you walked into the room people would whip out the checkbook so it's wake you would have their role this school I went way up. I know there are schooled of their. My roots are pretty deep here in Florida unfortunately. But I mean I did spend the summer out there and you know being still being imparted to me for a little bit trying to help them way too much money as possible is. There's a good Roy you know and then. They go to my candor remember some big bulky big shoes to fill in. Hopefully you know whether or improve -- try -- may be unmade you know do gotten the undecideds didn't wanna be -- in my first year retirement. I'm gonna start the campaign I'm gonna I'm gonna do is really bad GO until this comes to fruition here. Sure okay it. Well -- -- -- why we're gonna we're gonna ask all the Red Sox fans and listening -- and appreciating your career as a member of this -- wanna see you back in baseball some form -- pick up the phone. And donated 87773812. For three Ford Jimmy Fund dot org my checks indicate cancer -- 22 to two. Because we know how much it meant to you and you met a lot to Red Sox fans and hoping those fans pick up the phone and donate. All all day here today as part of the state to the event. Yeah -- they -- is really important for them and then I'll actually get them started this morning. They're listening now is that -- my wife and I would like to make a a contribution for doing -- for 101000 dollars wow. Dinner in honor Johnny Pesky that I know. You know I was sad to see. His passing last week but. In honor of celebrity was the big part of the debate on what he put it Eminem when he managed here. My wife and I would like to make it and all the automation Anadarko to respond very well. Wake went through the books that was your entire salary in 94 new pitching -- the federal license I thought that I would probably work for matter. Well your -- a Red Sox fans the Wakefield family donating 101000 dollars this morning you -- help out you got to respond to. Wake it is so generous of you when your wife five speak for all Red Sox fans were hoping by -- -- go well look for a senior. Back up here in the northeast very soon. So we rewrote history -- -- select. Tim Wakefield joining us kick off file our portion of the day number two -- starting with a bang with a ten the thousand dollar donation. From the Wakefield family.

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