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Big Show: Miriam “Mia” Jewell gets a visit from Clay Buchholz

Aug 21, 2012|

Miriam “Mia” Jewell, a 10-year-old astrocytoma survivor, was originally diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in 2008 before the tumor grew in September 2011. During her interview, Mia gets a surprise visit from Clay Buchholz, much to her delight. Clay then sticks around to talk about how he’s been pitching and the Red Sox’s recent struggles as well as the team’s recent firing of pitching coach Bob McClure.

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-- -- like Michael -- back here at Fenway Park women -- total Michael on our our -- insurance until more earth shakes quandary. 51714. Would you believe it that puts us a hint of. The pace from a year ago that is great thank you very much and -- about you ask for more. I wanna get to 700000. Dollars in the next 24 minutes I'm with you brother -- seems somewhere and it has seems pretty impossible doesn't threaten. Not a thing isn't this is not impossible right so. And the next week we're gonna meet. Miriam media Joseph the Leon how are you look at -- -- you. And ten had me -- and Cheney seemed to finish the I would say your lovely news. Having him up quick ten a new you know fifteen sixteenths or something like that I love you know am I haven't done an -- so I mean I know a door Europe. Your name mom and dad are harsh here as well. And maybe you guys soon Bob you can start maybe you can give us soon the story of what we're dealt with here early on in life. Little boy is lured she's most. The brain tumor. -- Since then there was an awful couple weeks and since then it. Carried through through. She zoomed in every room. This motioning and try. The microphone allowing you listen Bob visited -- there's no question it's an emotional -- it suits your family's life here and there's no question if you're gonna get emotional about it but. You obviously would devastate its Indian what did you guys do at that point. Young people people ask us all the time and some amazing is similar. It was like a long on set -- it was pretty you get closer and it was pretty young. Pretty quick pretty quick onset when you know hindsight is always good you know when people say it is 5050 will be looking man. Possibly a few indications. But. You know not a long time -- -- leading up to ninety keep them from place to place in what is it what is it I'm pretty. Overnight change in our daughter -- does have come. And -- low grade -- thanks so much below grade glioma. And so her brain tumor has not been rejected. And -- won't -- wins. I went head -- and finally. You -- her stomach. And -- she's a six and a half year old kid who had anything new and hitting was. So when I say it was fast it was really fast can we live in southern New Hampshire now we're all from -- she was born in -- And -- started out in the community hospital there and you know being from this area. What I look at each other -- -- here for 48 hours and became -- headed gonna from six and a half year old and you know I mean it's. She and unfortunately come back with them. Of all things a lot of -- false positive from one end we ended up. Yeah very very -- in the middle of the night in the hospital with me and -- -- children's play ambulance. He has seizure. And that was our first indication. That I'm really dealing with something in her head -- did not belong there. Mean I can tell by the shirt did you love the Red Sox -- yeah he's never met the Red Sox player before it's. Okay so give me pain and death and -- dad -- he's nothing. All of that he is long and I'll never made any Red Sox pitchers. No. Never heard of a guy named clay -- call us. We'll -- cities standing right next to me. Then. Zinni doesn't play may have -- I can -- but we're playing -- No Michael you can share your opening play Indonesian you're taking up you know I can do -- you can -- God they're like thanks for coming down a lot of guys -- come down and then obviously you've been heavily involved in the Jimmy Fund. Since your time here and maybe you can tell us and me is just given us her story her mom and dad given us. Her story. You know nobody you've seen these patients so what's -- -- trillion. You know it's. You don't really realize how big -- heroes are swearing -- plant whose organization and in the nation that follows you how important. To kids and then was a little bigger than the real world watching the Red Sox and don't -- part of this team didn't. Just to see the smiles on the people's places where you can just walk government. In my hand shake her art ever sold in north and they certainly worthwhile months you know that's where body realizes it is all wrong. Did you screens you he squeezed this you know squeezes it to heart he's actually pitching well on this golf itself. -- feel a little bit a little bit -- careful isn't fun meeting -- Red Sox players and talent to enjoy and I'm. Can't give you a good feeling about it began Pamela Red Sox to a lot with the Geneva on it and it's very cooperative -- you I feel good about the hunger. Detroit you don't have me I'm I'm interest in this because you had a diagnosis in 2008. At another diagnosis and come back. -- yet you continue to do what you wanna do you dance around you you're jazz and lyrical dance -- So how how have you been able to deal with this and continue to do what you really love to -- And yeah I think the timing and I'm turning something stern. You. Any -- hangings. And maybe friends and nodding doctor and that anytime count me like that. How would you -- -- having a good argument but you just had to resign right. Game and what what was a recital what did you do what kind of songs for you dancing to tell us about playing a game. It's -- and take them on into the woods. Fairy tales and a combination of a lot of fairy tales and you tell them what you learned into Andre writing -- silence. -- -- And then analyst Diane Blair you're my hair my favorites. And then I am glad it's been ten million now -- hey I was in my mindset that -- -- -- -- So Bob tell us how she's doing where you guys go from here you're obviously getting into the treatment there aren't -- and probably knows she's -- infirm. There -- of the year should set a new version and two months ago. -- first skin on regiment. So. Good right. Yeah it says tomorrow's news convenience can you know. I'm praying anyway you hang in there all you guys I know it's very very difficult and people who we talk about patience but it's difficult for the families and just try to be able to plug away every single day and I'm sure you're the right place. You're the right place the right time right. Now they're phenomenal yeah and no question it's because us. Saying that it's got to prove anybody wants to belong yeah. We have to go through the night. I'm glad you're doing everything possible that we are written our support team room and -- is coming it was an easy to get to this point to right field. The you know. Just feel like. We could keep going really thinking that this was going to be OK we'll give up this year our life came to get her child back. It's -- senator -- tags and and and these -- is not safe to take out and I'm we have to get a hold of the fact that it is a chronic illness and with their help. You know in and they guarantee from Lisa. In every one who wins the fun thing Lisa Sherman manhandled the medical doctors doctor -- she takes good care of us. Emotionally. You know emotionally there's a staffer over in the air and Korea -- psychologist. Is there for our family not just the me in because it was hard for mom tonight and for the rest of us. Especially for me to embrace the fact that none. You know this isn't going away anytime soon and we need to keep -- -- we need to treated. And then that brings in the research part you know and Duff to hearing news is working hard in this money. Will help. Further research I see her -- the time you know you're ten she was almost seven when it happened in your lifetime. Something is going to be. Discovered and we're gonna be able to get that on your head and you know possibly without even. You know a major surgery. Mean you mean you keep on fighting they will not let you down absolutely I promise you they will not let you down so you women there okay girl. Okay he was great meeting all of you guys we really appreciate it when I think -- thank -- -- Christine shortest who is our nurse practitioner -- satellite flying over there and it's like second Stanley you know you print out a lot throughout the game but they make you feel like. US the only daily living taking care of when you work they've done right at that moment you ever trust that's really really good -- -- without them. -- they're great people like you play you stay here a minute because I wanna ask you and we can swing the other the microphone or do you know this has -- kind of loop -- new year obviously. And everybody's been talking about it for -- you to. Everything is kind of put. But there have been brought together here as a pitcher right now. You're pitching the best you've pitched in the big leagues that's and -- the team is not going so what is it been frustrating how was it when -- individual. Accomplishment is doing great and yet things aren't going great for the days. It's definitely frustrating you know it's always frustrating when you -- when -- especially. With the team we brother today we you know we expect to win and that's. There is -- -- was frustrating and doesn't happen right now then you know sometimes the process and and he's got to sort of take what you do and sometimes even as far as I know you know on long turnaround -- good evening James and durable and very good contacts blog this there earlier this yourself. You don't have lost children are filled. Confident whenever possible nonconference teams come from behind you playing -- so. It's -- you know it's good -- it's different neighborhood that doesn't matter what I do for us and we don't win. More than we lose so it's that's for all right now we gotta gotta -- we don't have much time left in the season so -- don't know. -- -- -- -- -- And on over here guys. Thank clay it's almost as if you had. Two seasons because when you start off this season. Gonzales really did look like clay buckles resembling what what's wrong what's going around and on the CRA's we have there now. You're looking like the guy we expected this week. How do you approach is what you thought of this season it's it's been pretty strange if you look at their way to what how you start off from the beginning how you are now. Yeah it's an -- world where Percy. Going through adversity it's tough especially the soldiers start to do performing and brought their new -- -- in the -- -- they come off an injury Doug Oxford everything that happened right there and grab workers returning didn't start had a slow spring the first six or seven starts this you're. We're not good at all so it was no when it's you -- unemployment numbers are going to be -- World -- I of these old Russell. -- curtains drawn distraught when there's this evening and that's sort of got me slowly back to where I'll I'll were merely continues. She is what you guys get into a routine -- you're in your routine. Arm slot everything seems to work out how do you repeated that. And continue that so you don't have these little -- down I don't know if you guys. And William. And everybody knew exactly what they're doing wrong on every -- you on -- bill won't know there's still wouldn't. To make mistakes and that this move -- teens from using this. It's pretty taxing maritime muscle removed played ball goes a long way. You know I just that's -- part about it but. Don't think you can win here need to play these -- and employee agency can learn looking close here he's going to play them well he's either you're there. -- -- -- Pull -- of these are -- Kessel is still so the economy in the short porch I'm sure we're. You know it's it's -- good -- just fun way to tell. We can't -- be sound and did you do miss a hole this beautiful you're gonna have a short memory -- didn't go back down. I think I've I've lost count of how many pitching coaches you've had. -- your career here yeah. I know there's another one. What would your reaction found out that the Bob McClure missed throughout the seasons pitching coach is no longer the pitching coach tell you that's. I feel like that's the business are various holes -- home when things are going good there's. There's always got a mere reason regardless of the there's a reason they're not and it's. Some people would just for insurance that I think that's that's where was. I really really -- imagine. -- -- we'll talk to join him he was sort of put me on arrival as far as guided -- It's sort -- starts off. It's here it's a little weird but you know they've done Nemo knows it knows more about the game literally no time. He prepares well mom. Probably a similar -- also. -- -- thank you very much for coming down here we always appreciate -- doing every year and thanks for surprisingly little media regarding -- Janet I thank you click models.

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