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The Red Sox might be looking towards the future already

Aug 20, 2012|

Shortly after the news of Carl Crawfords surgery came out, the Red Sox also fired pitching coach Bob McClure, is this the equivalent of the team waving a white flag for the season.

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Back -- planet Mikey show. About Bob McClure I'm not a surprise. Now -- live one. -- ready Damon Bobby Valentine's body. That's such fired up McClure. And you know do they need a pitching coach virus disease. I don't know of glioma zoning if let's think back here some of the best pitching coaches of all time could. Could correct this -- -- a yeah I don't know I mean at Talladega is a guy. I'd Dave Duncan Dave Duncan ahead as onerous and get him somewhere. A lot of weird text messages coming in 61777950. For the phone calls this guy says Hamas. The Red Sox injuries have not been that significant for the following reasons. Ten of the DL trips were for players injured last year and re the insured it says but they re injures agreement this year none of them were missed Lackey Jenks Dice-K Crawford etc. A number of injuries were phantom -- trips such as do Bryant. We had adequate depth for many injuries Ross for Crawford. Middle Brooks for you Syria -- for middle Brooks. A service. From Bailey the only real significant -- finish but. I beg to differ okay -- I I'm I'm just exploited to this where. You get a third baseman. Got fifteen homers. Okay and and in 74 games had fifty plus runs batted in. He's a key key offensive weapon on your team. Yeah well when did this happen this only happened recently over the past few weeks the Cleveland series middle Brooks middle Brooks right right now we're I missed a little but it time here and -- and right but that's just want. Poppies mr. -- well it's a great actor Mike but I mean I think it's a fact I know I -- how about the second best player in all of baseball last year. How for almost the entire year is that not a key injury well. -- guys Democrat wait a minute but aren't they not significant my aunt rose's third in runs score and I know that's a little bit misleading because they've lost 11 run it -- it but if they were first by a mile which is what they would be if all their offensive components were there. Then maybe they wouldn't have lost all those games. Well of course -- as -- as Jon Lester been out as Josh Beckett missed significant time clip buckles was I'll briefly but is still -- 21 starts so. I I look back -- pretty much. It's just that pitching it's that starting pitching where you can say without any question that the number one reason for their lack of success was a lack of performance spider starters no question about that. You're gonna singer Toby injuries weren't huge factor on this team. Well I just look at some of the other teams have overcome injury problems. So every team deals with injuries the -- -- have had a ton of injuries it's a factor Michael -- -- disagreement there -- just huge -- like that -- the major out or another -- that's a little marijuana use and it as -- and that's and that's the main reason they suck this year. I've I've I've said over and over again it's the starting pitching is the reason it -- But you can't -- say that is helped. When three of your four best players. Offensively. Are out. -- assist that's. That's -- April Ortiz play the majority this season is now alien probably be back of the steam was in contention he's been out for a month off for retirement the what's the record it in the month he's announcement tomorrow. It's Ortiz left the lineup. -- talking about Crawford hear this from Joseph McDonald Joey Mac. ESPN that it could be up to nine months. On the recovery. There's so June. Write to me you know I'm still nonetheless immune system which it. We're talking about as far as value for the dollar total waste product. -- in Maine you're next on the planet and do. And I. Let them I don't let. Them look at you -- -- -- -- and I felt that I cannot stand that lead into Ryder incoherent. Away and I don't -- The injury. And out. That injury -- the market in that it is equivalent to let. That game. They'd done that now. Philly -- don't let don't let the facts in your way soccer ball well. That what are the thought our Thomas -- Those -- facts about the records of those teams that had been -- -- that are angry all of you back a thumb injury haven't heard anything on injuries haven't heard more children that. Another good thing training here back controversy years ago there. Normal weather if I'm needed to operate garnered you are a little injury but he -- doctor integrated you glad you're not that I'm me. It's package shoulder problems and Beckett on the camera. Any apparent injury and only rarely Iraqi I think all of those major major U. I remember like the fact that second Bateman get it out. And the other sectors that exacted a movement you what's called straight talk and talk a little got a pretty neat you I think. They're very deep and that they -- out of -- of that at that particular injury the air. What that problem apple yet apple -- -- -- let. It will be saying I had been look at the electorate while the gate and that he Al -- what happened while I am at it -- yet what all of all of the library NBA guard -- Look at how the op -- that production -- it -- are delicate and looking like a lot a lot and a. Not as a factor yeah I saw exactly of fact when David Ortiz and our but it probably back of the steam was in contention Dowell middle birth to a football idol -- was couple weeks ago Cleveland. And that you're -- audit and when our core I think I heard. At that we that it's. It's an out but it. -- lame a minute there's been so many issues with this team from from the get go where ya know I don't general togethers where Uga get a sub 500 team. That's where Iraq and by the way in an inspiring. Team you know -- every -- you think his it team be a member of the Cody Ross when he hit that yet at the White Sox alarming about it -- Odyssey well guess what it was over the very next day. The entire. -- enjoyable you know inspiring moments from Cody Ross that's done and and people on -- lights at them make an excuse I'm not I torture or to excuse for socking. Don't mean to eat you got to add it all together it's not just one thing -- the other. It's a combination and I'd say in order but it goes so -- injury but and the -- and a positive note. Two things. First of all the -- gonna go at least fifteen and one at least on our Michael you don't know I created when -- they might run of the whole freaking table. Secondly. And giveaways and tickets through via the Massachusetts brewers festival which scum and upon. Friday night at the World Trade Center. On Boston's historic waterfront compliments of the folks at. It's Samuel Adams that's coming up a little bit -- Lenny megs is gonna join a 61777950. Will be right -- -- is -- Aztec god you guys are idiots. Ortiz makes no difference there they -- there -- awful with a yeah where we're the idiots.

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