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The Red Sox lose on an off day too

Aug 20, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are talking Red Sox and get breaking news that Carl Crawford will have Tommy John surgery this week and be shut down for the season. They debate if this is a sign the Sox are looking ahead to next season.

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Well well well look who's back. Well I've been back since last Tuesday but I didn't know we have a tendency though writers so I'm senior week to really is like two years -- I don't I'm good man hours of to have a good vacation it's a good time. Where is it true -- with a root rumors we got by text of what you were doing during a vacation what was that punching the clown. Now. I like you know -- -- to Fresno. You gonna press I didn't go to down that would be in my -- was just what does that John. Yes -- recovered. Of my own assignments are yeah. I mean we can't talk about your son was on the air it's okay which is fine. Well since I last saw you -- in the Red Sox of course has made have made great strides toward becoming respectable again. Last night -- losing two out of three the Yankees I effectively have a drop to drop the garage door down and finally well -- and on yeah I mean look I understand and fully that there's there's there's still wouldn't statistical. Purity to the possibility of playoff -- And that is because so many of the teams the Red Sox now find themselves having to -- over for wild card position. Our teams that they will play as in Baltimore and Tampa Bay and the Angel angel's. Angels starting tomorrow night yet so they still have the opportunity but I acts as I look at this team. And I went right it's an ism and I I don't wanna be mean about Nick Punto because Nick -- is really kind of micro cosmic part of this problem he's really. Really looking at the small small potatoes compared to the big -- oh yeah I was gonna say no when you have to start him. -- at third base and actually big complaint. And hit. In your lineup it it tells you will be about two ballclub I think you know it's kind of sums it up for. I'm gonna do one other thing -- tonight I would ask anybody that's listening tonight to give me a better reason. To not want to ever see Josh Beckett pitched in a Red Sox uniform and one moment they right now I think Josh Beckett. And economists say that he's out of the as the heart. Are necessary to play on this team in the majors anymore out of the is the stuff. They'll be -- a -- -- well this team but I don't I don't see it I don't see when he's on the mound right now and I know what leverage does say well all you know well he said that the only. He looks good about 34 times a game and then he it last night against the Yankees gives up four runs and six innings and -- actually happy with that because. For Josh Beckett this year that's a good start yeah but it is. What does that amount to for DR rate six yet you know six's Louis illusory RA past his best friend John Lackey. And to tell the truth I mean if I had my druthers about running missed the matter how much cash -- -- I blow those guys out. Both Lackey and Beckett and habits because this has been going on I don't think anybody's gonna deny this whole feeling. The we've all had this kind of like them moderately sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. A doubting. Lack of confidence and his group a lack of you don't see anything -- and I think it all starts with two guys. Now I say Lackey and his pitch to single pitch this year. As you still there. And earlier he's been there. And as much as some teammates -- saying oh no he's not the problem he's gray you know we like kimonos crap. I don't think he's a good influence to be on the team based on his performance and his money. Every other player on the team knows these guys make -- of the player that he knows how pathetic. In the last two seasons -- It started last September and it has not yet rectify itself now and there's been nothing done by by Joshua Rooney. Sued to change the situation. Now if it were you -- me. And we were horribly humiliated. Last year by the month of September and and that was -- Total dressing down. Of the entire team what they did to themselves what they did to Francona. In the process. Was an embarrassment OK but nothing's been changed -- did we didn't see Josh Beckett. -- to spring training in top shape. Look in ready rip -- ready to go. He didn't do anything in the offseason it looks like to meet to to get himself ready to. Over com. All the doubt that he brought on himself last September -- -- it looks like the same guy that looks like the same basic but I don't ever remember him and would have put back a little slimmer 2007. But. Never remember him like this. Isn't it. Is that his job. Once once you sign the big contract it's is that his job to be ready. To go out there every season and give a maximum. Effective the best he can do effort now there's a possibility you have to narrow narrow it down to things. Either doesn't give a rat's ass about any news. Or he's done as his stuff is his stuff is not as an eclectic combination. Of the two Mikey and I think kids. You know I think -- priorities have changed I think he cares when he's out on the mound. But I don't think he cares as much leading up to the start -- doing an essential part of it you know what I'm sandy is I don't know how much of his preparation of focuses. Leading in in between starts I don't think he wants to go out there and you know the home run after -- won't run again bell did. I don't take -- that but I don't think the preparation as there and I also don't think the stop was there I mean he's not a guy. That throws in the mid ninety's anymore no and as soon as part of the problem lately learn to be real pitcher but. You don't normally with a guy who's losing his stuff we've -- -- timeless countless times and in the Major League in his two major guys start to lose a little bit sort of do. They develop a new pitch. They develop a new approach. Two each hitter. They try to figure route one way or the other how can I get this one hitter out and then get the next in a -- one at a time. His answers are deplete of depleted his fastballs in 91. I can't tell the difference between the cut fastball fastball. The break but he -- nine Ian down the Middle East and he's got he's got okayed the use different pitcher pitches need to have the stuff -- have the location the need to have attitude the work ethic. Attempt to compete in the major leagues right. Do you picture him as a guy who does you know does his does his running. You know these -- start off day running or does he go play golf entry here I think he guesses running in a little bit in the Al field. But I don't think he's he's he's not here. Hey look we know about the ports -- but I doubt he's Roger Clemens with the headphones on you know often -- five miles seven miles what is he shape. Now he's not -- Is that -- a professional athlete. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- 300 anecdote just hundreds runs plays in the field he's he's a big fat I called the prince of Wales. August 23. That's Wednesday Tommy John resort and not having it tomorrow we just got word. It's a Thursday. Their remote today on today's twenty OK right rights of Thursday Carl Crawford will have the surgery that. We got that officially sent down Terrero and room -- press release and there. So there -- Carl Crawford -- windows. I don't but I mean what charade this wise to have him come out of play at all. This year -- they try to prove to anybody now he's gonna have Tommy John surgeries have been the elbow the wrist. And and it complete failure for him last year okay Serio. The Red Sox issued the following statement today Carl Crawford has a chronic left elbow all -- collateral ligament care. While he's been following -- conservative treatment protocol and playing -- this injury. -- symptoms are getting worse. After consultation with the Boston Red Sox medical staff from a doctor James Andrews. The decision has been made to proceed but he left elbow all -- collateral ligament reconstruction. Parenthetically Tommy John surgery. The surgery will be performed by doctor Andrews on Thursday August 23. We expect Carl to make. It. A full recovery -- well -- -- is this is -- on this coming registered nova -- right it would be this week eight years that it's just it's just it's clarification of all the things that we vote we feared known in and I guess imagined in our worst nightmares. About this continuing saga that is this year's Red Sox season his I don't -- get it done now because yet he's gonna have to get it done at some point Mike in this season's not so I don't know when it does it. As are any indication of when he would be come back from the -- number keep in mind. The one thing went on the scouting reports from the Red Sox were not overpaid for Carl Crawford the one thing meeting give a -- rat's. Behind about again ago. Is the fact that he can't trouble and he's got one of the worst arms. On the tape you know it's -- this season we've actually seen for his arm and his weak arm. Some pretty good throws out to Ernie -- chilly with a bad -- that's -- the leading Tommy John surgery on one thing he can't tell. -- -- supposed to be able to hit for average hit for some power run. From my experience so far watching Carl Crawford is that he's not nearly as good as anyone ever thought he was even his best season. He's just not that good. I don't CD plate discipline from the guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And hit it where it being I don't see the got to be able to hit the outside pitch to left. I haven't seen him this year at all but this is a -- late next year much huge disappointment. I think playing all right lately but you're right committees he hit his approach at the plate breaking balls in the dirt. On the audio for those humidity at Tehran has been in better against lefties lately but -- he'll probably. You know it doesn't take as long as a pitcher to come back -- -- so maybe you know lady Pro -- with him there might be another -- more than the here's the sad part I don't wanna see that guy. I mean I'm so disgusted. With this team right now I don't wanna seek Carl Crawford and I see John Lackey -- -- the -- Josh Beckett. Let's see any of those guys. Policy will middle Brooke's honesty Pedroia. I'd be nice to see poppy come back and have the same kind of season next year you know without getting hurt you grammys this year that next you're right there's a whole bunch of stuff and it. I -- -- on the team I flush the -- Start from scratch I eat the cash. All like cash all that cash because you're not gonna win -- it with Josh Beckett well I can understand Beckett I think Crawford I mean that's just that's just too much money right there you're gonna have to. Wait and see how he comes back next year. And if he performs well I wouldn't count on -- I think count -- Missouri is a mistake. A big mistake so. Here we go Whitmore -- Red Sox stuff. More negativity but you know what and here's the -- to tomorrow we get this event the big Jimmy Fund radio telephone. I don't want people to take their negativity. From the Red Sox and crossing over into their. Mind boggling generosity over the last few years it's very very important to discuss the Red Sox are people don't certainly is suddenly. Yet keep their wallets closed -- is very very important time I went -- under the Dana Farber cancer is to couple weeks ago. -- -- -- Big impact for me not sure I saw this guy holding his two year old son. You know he's got no hair. He'd been going through chemo and stop -- like it really really hit me. And starting tomorrow beat out an 11 o'clock can be done in Rhode Island. In Warwick actually. As will have a separate satellite. Donation center down there. Starting at 11 o'clock in the morning kicked off the 103 point seven part of the the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Along with NASA which goes on beginning at tomorrow morning bright and early at 6 o'clock in the morning so while we hope to hear from there each and every one -- you. And that each and everyone -- you'll do -- can. As this is a big thing for -- radio station and for -- and and for the Jimmy Fund and for the Red Sox. It's a very important duties that we have. To try to raise as much money as we can. If you save one kid you've done a great thing and of course most people are of the mind if -- been you know we won't rest at least stable mall. So that's beginning tomorrow morning at 6 AM and meanwhile tonight we have a full show. The one and only Lenny megs is gonna join us to be like a reunion no -- let's order some pizzas from big daddy's what do you say. Patio of a a veggie pizza from eight. I don't need a larger just to small. And 6177790. -- fifty. 888525. Series fifties or toll free number. And I've I've just trying right now in May be guys out there can help me decide which team I should root for down the stretch here I'm I'm really kind of leaning toward a National League team like pirates well I love the pirates and I'm hoping they make obviously that there and wild -- situation now. But how about those Washington Nationals. But the decision to shut down Stephen Strasburg. That's weird to -- -- -- why didn't they just started in June and have him down to supply line is just not doing it all this here very weird. Very -- him -- all this medical's you know three I. You play you play the game of baseball if you're hurt more people get hurt now than ever before and isn't the science better is that a -- the medicine better. Are the doctors veteran of the money they're spending a more and more guys just crap and now we're crazy season like I mean. You feel like it's circa 1990s. Get the former Montreal Expos to Washington with the best record a bit Pittsburg in there and now. Cincinnati. It's great it's great national he's been a lot more fun you know and in American League you know yank it I mean it's we're also tired. So tired of the Yankees but by the way speaking of the Yankees -- Michael Pineda arrested on do you my church -- of course he's out for the season but was arrested. Suspicion of the line Tampa 2:35 AM. Yes suspicion do you like. Now what what -- what made the cops suspicious was at the puke on the steering Wheeler was at the reek of reeking of alcohol at 12:35 in the morning to which is not a time you ever find anybody who's been drinking and driving around. Point 128. And the one thing I got to give credit -- -- rip on -- year old time because he has a lot of awards and attention the deserves for his gloves and for MVP consideration. This guy just keeps on -- it's only eight years old leads the league in hits this case I thought he was done last year after the first half he had. A little credit for a future hall of Famer Derek Jeter now like thirteenth on the all time list of -- in the I hits total in the Major League in the history of the game. Soul you know just so you know or you Yankee fans out there okay. I've given you boy credit. True hall of Famer an amazing that he continues to roll. -- visible singles up the middle bill and Orlando you're the very first caller on tonight's planet Mikey showed 61777. -- fifty. I'm making it time you need a little bit -- O -- let's put some salt and barbecue sauce on that what kind of grow what kind of grow. Back in February. I called you and I spoke to you and basically. Hold -- Josh Beckett was gonna have the exact kind a year. And my biggest point was that he -- all right year even year -- and you. Basically barbecued me I don't think so I think criticizing me for that and now open layup two weeks. You've basically been using. The same thing that I told you into Ramallah. Bill just say you know writers being here would be for 56 years rate. Right how many times have I mentioned last five or six years the -- even part of their -- About twenty times so it wasn't your idea now fight barbecued -- over that. We're right yeah. Order they say to you bill. Basically you told me I -- know what I would talk about that secret back it would gonna have a good yet. I basically said that the Red Sox were a lot of trouble basically because of -- And I. And that you'll open -- but I -- you you're not dude this is not a breaking news story about -- been going on since 04030405. It is that the odd years he's going to be even years he sucks and billions and discovered that. Now but it reluctantly. Ask you could see it happening because he didn't. Or did or did you he's used. -- fat load before you get tons of calls and I'm sure. Mike you predicted a Red Sox pirates groceries it's not gonna happen and we all know my -- and Eric Sikes you out welcome David pirates but we all. -- I'm expecting get a lot of these Mikey you know people you know W predict the Red Sox to go all the way that you you -- -- every year. And edit them like that he's a big Red Sox fan and and yeah had been honest in saying that he is. The eternal optimist where it comes to permit teams right all right I don't really give my hard time for that. But I was that it wasn't like I was happy Bob Beckett -- defending him and in February I mean I'm certainly aware of the possibility that every injury to suck he hasn't really been. Worth the money he's been learning since 07. It's true and I I -- good question. I think it'll it and hurt I think that he gets hurt Lester. And I don't that I don't think acquiring Lackey was good because Lackey just. Indeed exit attitude. Basically just reinforce. Decade hold on to say -- well. You know it gets more than that -- -- Beckett I think he's but he he's he's a spoiled. Entitled. Rat like person. And his stubborn this isn't cute or funny it's just idiotic because what he's got to understand is out of every hates Bobby Valentine doesn't wanna play form. He's playing for the guys who pay him. He's playing for the stands he's playing for his reputation. His pride in his teammates and if he can't get it up for that then guess what who wants this guy. I am so fed up -- I hope I never see him pitch in a Red Sox uniform again he sucks. I think I think that the Red -- will not win anything until they get rid of Lackey and Beckett because I think both of them have an attitude that. In fact the pitching staff yeah and it's certainly their biggest problem it's like poison. Yeah other -- date date probably would -- won the division in a walk -- Well without its. Research Shih Tzu bill thanks across at Iowa because you can't you can't take the factor out of the Ortiz now it's been a month. Okay a month without your cleanup there. A month without your best hitters this season. You had -- once -- three months without Jacoby Ellsbury could counter that was and injuries yet effective but -- -- and have the best -- season and Evan Longoria. Mean the the Yankees have had multiple injuries Baltimore their whole starting -- like -- -- the Red Sox 25 visits to the DO okay. They're third baseman they trade Youkilis again middle Brooke she's driving and -- Over a hundred RBIs and a full season. He's hurt you I don't goes out and you can question the depth because the other teams have better depth. Yankees Gardner they're starting outfielder -- for the season sabathia has -- time -- -- -- reptiles -- analysts have been -- an unbelievable -- -- excellent -- former all stars and their bench -- Baltimore the Yankees scored again Derek -- I'd be -- no matter what -- -- -- the Yankees don't need to look at the contract -- we can afford to -- carry this guy with the -- with the exception of weigh in -- and their entire rotation has been. Up and down injured and in there awhile current team so I don't wanna hear that I mean it's always can be effective but who's played teams the deal -- that. It's Beckett and Lester not -- that I got go to the Yankees have had comparable injuries at a Red Sox. They've had injured nod -- To that maybe the extent that they have had to deal -- -- records -- the John the Red Sox to press broke the record for the most people on the DO by special one other starting pitchers was a that they expected. Out for the season. In Pineda but that -- they made better moves heading into the season Mike. The human what does that have to do with the Red Sox injuries -- injuries -- factor but I'm just saying that. What about Tampa Bay there Evan Longoria well just threats are running Red Sox have Nick Punto starting. In their line. -- -- Yankees never have. Got the used to start for Oakland Eric Chavez is -- -- up their check out Tampa Bay's lineup compared to -- -- around Tampa -- -- units built completely differently may have a we have a lot of pitching you know -- a lot of pitching depth. And and and you know we on the -- start starts with starting pitching hello. What do you have the starting -- twelve games -- -- I thought -- mention point point to that more so -- injuries Beckett and Lester and some of those it's all of it though he can't be this bad with that kind of payroll without all of that crap so. You know again these are these are already made excuses for -- But I'm starting at the very top of guy gets the most money to guide the starter who gets the fattest paycheck of ball. And is the fattest and -- and came can throw. At all and so I'm so discussed in my Campillo QB and it's.

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