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People do actually blame the media for the Red Sox failures? Yup, they're out there!

Aug 20, 2012|

We listen in to a guy who buys Larry Luchino's 'the media is at fault' premise hook, line and sinker.

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Keep my job. Good after an afternoon John John -- -- a little while Michael been awhile and how long it's not that that disappear for a while Obama to try I'm gonna try not to get into Sherman director ten or you know we're certainly not an accurate comment of yours army doing it yourself to do it yourself portrait. The collar comments a little while ago it when he said. Why that people aren't talking about Jacoby Ellsbury getting under TrueCrypt he was one home run. And like callers like and stopped only he's not talking about it I'm acutely we sit by white people. By people that you guys want for twelve hours the -- the parliament cigar block hours before and after the show. You talked to call the last hour actually was talking about in and hybrid to give any answer my opinion about. But why that happened. You guys to turn it into it. Third portal for. 04 lighted up Detroit little for profit mr. cut off. Should Bobby be walked a guy when he had its second nobody out. Offensively when it first search got the guy emotion in the second inning maybe to boycott all of a a -- giving up. We don't talk about it anymore. Who the mole is -- the venture and like Bobby speed you turn it into soul pop. Really OK well I'll tell you that I can only speak for myself John and Michael can speak his attitude senses well I don't think it's bricks I don't think it's live report said this over and over again. I don't think Bobby is the problem I also don't think he's the solution I don't think he was the proper guy a year but also the same thing I said in the off season. This team does not -- last wedeman Obama. You asked me to give my analysis I try to give it that you criticized me. Forgiving analysis. That I never -- so let me give -- -- and then you can attack me. When its -- And. I'm I'm telling you right. What you rock jock Don you can yell all you want it's not gonna are not -- it. Okay. -- we can have a conversation if you like. I've sat here since the off season. Okay if you've been listening to any event the pitching sucks. They don't have problems with in the clubhouse amongst each other I don't believe that exist. I don't think bricks of the problem I don't think Liverpool route tracing any of that is a problem. Pitching is the problem. Their pitching is not good enough it's it's -- right now in most pitching categories in the American late last year was ninth or tenth year before was -- attempt go back and see when they could teams that some of the best pitching in the American League if not all Major League Baseball. So US for analysis. That's exactly what I've been saying. -- -- Pick up my point here's their game to game. But the media you are you guys are included you got it right clear that the sports stations. Right now they rather talk about they're the -- they'd rather -- little -- atomic Bobby. Does. That have got in line might be on lap right at. Guys like us yes you know what -- lost that game. They lost game -- because Josh Josh Josh we remember I'm not asked abolished. Well. Wouldn't it gives you guys. -- Josh. Packet sucked last night he wasn't good enough he's supposed to be your ace or you're one day he wasn't good enough. 838. Year old pitcher shot this team down last night. Gave up that home -- Gonzales that was it. I got an airport. And implement doubt about. That situation -- -- could -- but I don't go. And do you just. Particular wait -- talking a lot. Did you ask what -- did you miss last night. I didn't see it right -- I listen if there were a -- you're talking about we've talked about it before when they had made mistakes I solve the long way. Have difficulty behind the plate if you wanna get into it into particulars. This seemed to be some communication issues where they get mixed up on a pitch I thought the born -- had some different county last by locating one ball that went into the dirt. I'm a guy that's an issue that have been. And I'm not talking about Belgium we have been talking about the ball. And people not we haven't been talking about the ball. -- Likely begin work today. -- for the show. We'll walk the talk about. -- on every time. Every time when you know you start -- what does -- listen you don't want is going to be. Isn't that he really doesn't. You know he starts -- any in any tries he tries to be heard him talk in himself through alcoholic and start off from wherever. I'm not getting to a sermon because again we're gonna get blown up any just loses it. But for him for John and I had heard from a while John call back -- back on down and call background and couple weeks. For him respirator. But he really he can he can go from zero to seventy pretty quickly. But he's he's wrong when he talks about the game by game analysis. We have been talking about. Now I know there are some people that that focus in on the brakes and people ring adopt -- but on the whole. Pitching is what is killed -- I'm not saying that. There's been a lack of timely hitting at times I will give you that and I think -- -- for some reason. Has suffered since David Ortiz -- -- -- -- far more than the first half of the year where they had guys like Cody Ross and Daniel -- were filling an admirable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who now works. Whether -- on the radio or whether you're at a bar don't ever thought it would like talking with different kind of the same thing isn't yours yet here. The worst your team. The last. Detail to gain by game analysis you have. The better your team is the more detailed. Game by game analysis is the games actually count write they mean -- The bank's target into other things and other things are swirling around your team you can't bury your head in the sand and say. -- is gonna talk about the baseball and nothing else. Talk about the baseball it's fine. That's part of the store but it's not the entire story with -- -- I think cannot ignore that -- but here's how will agree with them about the baseball and -- I truly believe that's what the Red Sox are losing. This is not a one year situation. This is not one year in which they've got a lot of injuries and the whole thing is blown up whatever. Bobby V has become part of the story in the controversy -- Bobby V is the pitching is for -- to pitch or grip issue. -- some questions about Bobby V about the way he operates and how it's different from Terry Francona but I don't think he'd be get beaten up the -- get beat up. And the effect it's also as you said earlier we're. Alan you know kind of -- on the I don't think but none of that would happen Michael. If this team were pitching but this is not a one year problem this is the same probably -- last year the year before that the year before that. You have a four year trend. -- and the and the arrows going down what. Should realize finally this an issue something we have to address. I don't think anybody's beating up his his moves his managerial moves nobody's talking about Bobby -- and you know what he knew what he did in the seventh inning what he did miss a thing apart part of it is part of it is. The team. Is not that good and I think it's I think I think we've changed. Here in the last ten or fifteen years and that used to happen all the time 510 years ago. You have a lot of people calling in who wanted to go there. And people like that now. And and maybe it's part of the success. At the Red Sox have had him different types of fans coming in before at the told the story. When I first got the town here. I go to Fenway Park I was I was blown away how knowledgeable everybody. They knew why. A kid was up. From from double play from the other team a real quiet that they're closing here while he -- went on the deal couple weeks ago in everything about. Just the Red Sox but about baseball. You don't really have that dynamic anymore from the park. Maybe it's translated to. From the callers as well. I'm college back from vacation we get right back to the phone calls next year out of action don't get account recession if you'd like.

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