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Sox Plan for 2013: Keep Lester, Dump Beckett

Aug 20, 2012|

Jon Lester has had his share of issues in 2012, but things are looking up for him late in the season. The same can't be said for Josh Beckett. The off-season plan ought to be 'Get Rid of Beckett, By Any Means Necessary.'

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Michael back from vacation. Lines are open -- 61777908. That -- apparently some people off on -- show that. These players get along. -- we had any evidence. That there's any issue amongst. The players those point five guys the fact we thought that there was some. Between Kevin Youkilis and maybe some of the other players that he might. And a guy who will who was that was one of the stitches or whatever and yet. When you played his last game here do do we remember the sendoff to the hearings and from those those -- the point. Yeah but you know part of that can be okay now he's gonna have to deal with him anymore Utica put -- -- a total channel now not -- show. It's like this thing about your own life there's some people you don't like. People you work with that you don't like amendment like everybody their work I don't know -- that hold -- but happy birthday and eight hits in his birthday yeah. Key to torture happy birthday in two Q2 hours after -- and I said the -- earlier on the phone. Does that because it is preparing tomorrow's -- -- birthday. Wednesday Thursday. To matters. I'm just a little concerned that you know almost sets all. But that's what -- birthday happy to like him like Andy. And at times he. He has expressed that to me that maybe that that I don't like -- yeah. That's the case I was upset -- -- read about affected all respect to -- immigration and he's one of those people. That told me it was his birthday I found out. Like you. My birthday. It's Barbara. -- actual -- out Barbara. One year old age. Report in you know -- not -- Six point 66. Audience. Is that you want everybody to know I can drink legally with Escobar. Barton. Last year RD and out. And he but it went over the body and leaving. Happy happy about them anymore. I just think that the for the most partner I do not think destination. I think they get along effective they really like each of Asia is she was worse than we thought why the tee shot it's not that a lot of guys in the club house. Fighting with each other. A more accurate pictures. Out. Uniting. The fact that they don't like something right I think in most cases it's wanderers I think that's a big part of the other one is. I don't think theories. As people think. Specifically they're pitching rotation I think -- that they'll. You know -- these guys who was the one guy. The one guy who fell off and who changed his story was so was backed it up Lester Johnson but yeah well the last ten weeks for it but what they were -- he's heat. But do you think Jon Lester. Is done being a top of the rotation start. We -- which 12013. I didn't see in one and forget about that. It unit to go to Tony thirteen if I told you. You have to count on Jon Lester as a top three starter. In it it if you do that if he's a top three start. You're in pretty good shape I really feel good about it. I feel more confident about him Michael because I'm starting to see some signs and I do think there's some appeal there I think he. Handles sway. I think he. Admits that he sucks that he's got a problem that he's got to correct it. And I think we -- him today. So yeah I feel better about job roster but if you wanna based on what Jon Lester is done this season. With the exception of the last few weeks -- -- underperformed I don't want to rush period -- Four I don't wanna based on what he's done this season -- a base and on who he is the body of work of the picture I think. Here actually in pretty good shape with two of those guys. Where buckles is a good pitcher. Jon Lester good pitcher buckled this pitching like it now Lester -- like it now. So what I would -- confident going forward with those guys yeah. I want is they did bring up in the telecast last night you and I've talked about this before. If you look at Josh Beckett career. It's the -- years where he pitches exceptionally well with the exception of the two Baltimore games in September. He was the Red Sox this story last year he was tremendous benefit including those to Baltimore and he was depend -- any offseason I argued the point there's no way the Josh Beckett. Riches at the same level we did. Here in in 2011. Because he had a tour tremendous season to the point where he was a Cy Young candidate at the end of August. But that is the guys that the telecast brought up last year do you take big risks gamble. In 2013. Which happens to be an odd year. He seems to pitches best its those those even years for some strange reason. Whether he works too large one year they're not hard enough the next whether he wears himself out of the idea to us the rest. I don't know. I wouldn't take the gamble I convinced a -- a perfect example. So I try to settlement that odd even if they're actually gonna fall for something like that I think has a lot deeper now here's the bigger of course as I don't you know it is. That before. May be as it's which may be. Worked hard sometimes didn't work harder at other times and to turn it on -- off. And you know this in all sports. When she passed thirty. Your ability to turn it on and off. And it goes -- -- prices some guys and guys who are poor or if you call yourself like a big game performer or. I got in -- like to practice that much which you show up when it really matters -- one of those guys you're stunned. That at the age of 31. Thirty to Q and do what you did 2627. How -- Josh Beckett. Sort of guys. He's won an -- -- off noted that you can't you can't get him back right. Here's the question. If you can't get a team. That take much of his salary you'll like 3233. Million. If you can't get a team to take. Good portion of the salary. He'd give them away and pay a majority of their salary and have him and -- -- -- thrive and have one of those all year. I wouldn't I wouldn't worry I wouldn't be concerned about them being good somewhere else there's got to help you in some way so getting rid of Josh Beckett. And paying 65%. 50% 40% of how -- Eisenhower how does that help them help you. How does it help you know it's interesting venture to made those comments. And they were fascinated comments he -- he basically talked about bringing Beckett missing very positive thing. Maybe they're just. Saying that right now. Because. It's the right thing to -- I don't want the value what went back it is because. If we say nice things about Josh Beckett maybe you know the team will be listed -- But if it's not a problem with the other players on that team and certainly doesn't seem to -- every time John busters but asked about a mean raves about two point work. He asked about they asked Jon Lester about a again just like Jon Lester was raving about Josh Beckett. So they're gonna be guys on the team. There are going to be upset when Beckett out if you don't yet if he -- I don't think a majority of the fans out there. Are going to be up upset at all. So the question is if you for the Red Sox hugest on the remote him. Because you. Your brand gets improved out here in the marketplace people feel better about the red -- because Josh Beckett -- -- or do you do what you're missing right now. Isn't actually a pitcher had a bad year. -- -- here we got a week we gotta solve if we bring him back and he pitches like he did more -- People have a bad taste because of what happened in September but that whole body of work question that was an excellent season for judgment he does that next year. That changes everything with the state. Well. This may be one of the smartest things. Young bench Harrington has done as general manager. It's politics -- if he should have a dad and all the bad that you being. A salted with them on TV bench Harrington should have an ad from the car Bono from the -- concerto from the road because. What he's saying is this this is what I guess this is what he's opposed to say. -- so he's telling. Is not just communicating. With the fans and not just communicating with the guys in the clubhouse. We're listening to this -- -- reading this and watching on TV documentary general managers through. So if he's convincing enough. He can move Josh Beckett doesn't help them to come out of state Josh Beckett is no longer a great pitcher. How does that help them he wants to move the -- You want to move on that's exactly which is. -- I think it would be interest in Josh Beckett. If teams were able to go outside for one year deal cheaper dollars even -- 1213 million dollars com. Hiroki -- we saw what happened to him ten years want one when -- deal ten million -- missed thirty years of age there was some questions it's lot of innings for the Dodgers. The last four years. People -- the Yankees will change its one year. I'm not sure they were taken to three but with packet. If you have to pick up a majority of them right here so the question is are other Red Sox willing to. Take all that dead money and maybe take 75%. Pay 75%. Of of that money they wanted to do. There's about another team. Let's say it's a 32 million and you have to pick up the other team picks up ten million Josh Beckett -- -- the team at five million a year for two years because let's face. That's what your pain in the marketplace or for questionable guys out there right. Five million in just wreck where words freeagent right now he would give -- -- -- -- out here. -- prime probably. Brag about nine. All -- amateur -- Again like I think it's a free agent I did not -- a long term multi year deal I think he's getting a tidbit from a couple -- money I think he's got a one year deal some don't like somebody with this -- I don't -- 324 million Prius 47. He might get that name like it. So. I mean it's 73 million a year are familiar yet anybody would take for five million. Their feet and like you guys think of water for five million but it might. It's 47 rays will be sold for five million dollars a year so what he's worth on the open market doesn't necessarily mean what he's worth. When you make a deal because if you make a deal. The Red Sox are looking to get something in return so you're gonna have to discount prospects that Uga. So if let's say he's worth eight or nine in the in the open market right now. Then we're probably talking five million what you get the prospects in there until the Red Sox are probably looking at a situation. Where they're going to have to pick up twenty to a 23 million dollars out of this deal. Yeah and another team will look at and say. -- two years at five million. We applaud your prospects were fun -- Of young pitchers within the organization he might do that I just don't think you have to do against -- -- -- -- is a great season next year. Wow what will we talk about the culture and the Red Sox clubhouse and how the culture in recent change. Well the organizational culture Lisa Jenks -- that's our wouldn't do it part of the organizational culture in making trades is is eating money. You know what will pay a you know half of -- salary they do that that -- -- -- -- we can't do that anymore they get -- -- especially when you've seen some other deals in baseball some bad contracts. Are moved contracts that are much worse than Josh Beckett the Red Sox have to stop being that team that you can go to get in the throwing money. Give an example of one AJ Burnett. Did you not think that that was his data contract that you -- as -- -- on it based based on what he was delivering as a pitcher. That was bad he had thirty million remaining on it. I believe the pirates are paying. While I have for thirteen off the 32 million dollar deal. That is probably. I would say that is probably a good example of what you're looking at right now with Josh Beckett AJ Burnett yet. AJ Burnett's having a phenomenal years -- -- to -- he's one of the reasons that are in the running him. A quick break right back to default clause in ninety seconds.

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