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The Red Sox Circus continues... this week, will Carl Crawford have season-ending surgery?

Aug 20, 2012|

We welcome back Michael Holley and recap the team drama from the past week. Now we can focus on the indecision on Carl Crawford's surgery. The fun will never end!

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-- little did you know when you're away on vacation what was -- I don't know 2346. Weeks ago. It was only a week how time flies but when you're away on vacation. Did you actually believe that all of the different things that have transpired over the last week which is. Like fall in place when you'll go lot of moving parts quite a bit a lot of a lot of culture of lot of culture a culture there about a where most of it your fault the media most of -- -- your -- -- I heard about that. And it is clear the record to separate restrict. You called it -- vacation. We just let you know what's going on home that it was going on home I'm sure. And then you'll understand. Understand it provides content to vacation is hereby prohibited from vacation. That'll. I got to -- three and a half in one and a half. My wife is eight months pregnant. And the hottest summer in the history of the country and I just mentioned as he's a -- there was more -- Pregnant women -- Two young cute not a delight -- -- And Beverly especially you feel awfully interpret -- -- by the way my mother in -- commitment -- out. So. I can I can do the planet Mikey fraud yet tonight as well given -- wouldn't get many hours as opposed to the -- You'll still around today we'll show Mikey wants -- Mike he's been really Austin don't don't don't throw that out and offer does Mikey will take up more if that's what he wants. Mikey will take you up on laughter. It's good to have you back in it in your -- judgeship and believe me it's good to be there it. It really is going to be back. How are we should section -- go to the Motorola. If I happen here I have toward where what board yeah. -- -- right now is something about -- normal routine. When you actually take them on vacation. Can then you're right it gets even worse because. You're there like virtually every single minute. Yeah. And you can't get away from is that there's -- state is now and go to work. Accurate. Youkilis and it's to. Radio amber did you back. It's gonna have a mystic is -- a lot of things at auto if you cut that point seven. Moderately look pretty good now. Finally they look good and angels the angels angels -- -- -- -- -- Exactly it you've never thought that the Red Sox story can get more bizarre and gets stranger but this is what happens to bad teams are officially bad team now right we all agree on that. They're not they're not an underachieving team. Underachieving it has been the best bet in now so would that teams these things happen you know Larry Lucchino is the media all the ones. It's just the cloud hovers over. Bad teams that don't know how to communicate. That that's part of the problem -- they've had. Dysfunction of the level of dysfunction is now being exposed this has been happening since spring training and now it's finally coming back staying. Our original line about the media and even the injuries by the way anybody look at the -- that the Yankees had this weekend did anybody notice. That when you put the camera on the dugout there was some pretty good players that were. Unable to play this weekend for the New York Yankees. -- -- -- Everybody. Has their injuries out there. That is the latest excuse in the world. And you keep on thrown it out there and you keep looking for other people -- -- support among that at. Huge total numbers it's 45 different guys did a -- on the. I get audience and the. But on the whole. Your top two guys in the rotation. Have been healthy okay -- and healthy -- Problem. Is Beckett and Lester now maybe -- given you a bit of hope here in the last few. All aboard a little and he is guy maybe I don't know if people want Jon Leicester -- and people -- just jump masters not a guy who beat. Eager to trade have to get a great deal -- Seattle's. We just don't want this man's character anymore. Take him off our hands going disputes and and -- but. Short of that I mean it have to be a pretty good deal to get rid of Jon Lester pitched. Is under thirty any hadn't Hannity in any shoulder problems elbow problems he's got a hold onto. I agree but I'm not sure that you can come back next year. And convince the public out there ventured and tried to do it yesterday with the -- -- so it's a work in progress and yes. Still the results and talk about bringing Beckett. Muster and adding Lackey -- the whole game back I'm I'm not sure that's going to war and he better be right because of blows up on -- next year. It's really -- if you think it was bad this year it'll be a lot worse next year. If that happens to get back to the point -- brought up about Larry Lucchino and media. Because the media have been. Their best friend when they were helping them actually get stuff out there right somebody obviously in the Red Sox organization. Leaks something out to the media. To be able to mail Jerry Frankel on the way out should you could diminish. What you perceived as Francona is viewed as the good guy and were viewed as out of a bad -- capitalist I work on this right Brett. So. You conveniently or somebody did conveniently used the -- -- look at this Kelly Shoppach story over the weekend -- New York Daily News. From what I hear. And I'm talking to people were telling me absolutely the story is wrong. Story like that get out there were Kelly Shoppach the backup catcher wasn't even at the meeting. Was the the cat -- ringleader sorry I waited archer stick catalyst to -- -- that he was -- using. Adrian Gonzales because Gonzales had more clout to get to the front office and he doesn't even show up -- -- -- Michael that makes absolutely no sense but. Pool would be best sure. If a story like I'd get out but the guy who is no longer here right we don't -- he's a problem he's problem we have. Hey we've solved the problem got -- Youkilis. We got rid of shop -- -- everything's good now. I'm really disappointed that my name was even brought. I mean. And I wasn't behind any textbook. I actually didn't even attend the meeting. Involved in New York State back in Texas with my family. Have already gotten a few text message. From some like former teammates you know apologizing that my name is you brought up an end. You know everybody that's involved in that whole situation knows that I had nothing doing it. But can also -- I'm -- now I'm really excited to be here. Brought -- fun group of guys that was a Red Sox nothing the world had a great time I was there. You know from a -- now and I'm excited about jobs and here. Analysts had come to them and our -- to us I guess you are guilty and you think about it if he did have that ability national leader. I got -- a veteran catcher has the ability to its seventeen guys together and -- you guys I'm Kelly Shoppach the dark of catcher in our team's record and games Americans point six and sixteen I guess and cloudier. This is what we should do us all get together. Let's just let's draft a -- bit corrupted that's the -- they drafted and crafted the latter. You use Adrian Gonzales is cell phone and we -- gonna put did you ever meeting with ownership. In I'm gonna be behind. And it just seems. Outrageous. Code is Kelly of Kelly. Got up about it Kelly scholar -- -- -- it -- makes sense and it's so convenient. That the god you just traded away. Was the problem with the problem what we never -- the guy you've got to protect right now. -- around for the next what 56 Jeter's agent did not change its policy Adrian Gonzales -- -- -- Pedroia tell your phone. I who attacks my daughters of a board of phones and Michael. And for -- -- they were trying to figure that fill -- some are barred any doubt I wanted to take advantage of having to -- -- -- drove the duke and and bottling them canceling that the membership that upward you know. Note to strive for a dollar couple dollars for a couple of days and didn't get there we're gonna put I don't want that why not let that thing -- -- went on that -- -- probably find -- Education money. -- on -- -- -- ER dot com here it was a -- bizarre week with the rest and I don't think it's done I think between now in the end of the season. -- will be tons of additional stories here. And benefit when they when they're done when he finally leave town that's one I think he. Will it will it will blow up well we've even had more we've had more stories in the last couple days. How about the Carl Crawford situation I'm talking about a nervous and I'm like this is not second guessing. I think everybody you all out there are many most of you have caught up and said OK if Carl Crawford feels like he needs surgery. And if he gets surgery right now he'll be back for the start of the 2013 -- why not have surgery. But the -- sharks have resisted this it's almost like. They're trying to reinvent something they're trying to tell you they wanna be told what to do. Even if it's the right thing right Carl Crawford has come out and said. You know it's gonna blow eventually and I thank you -- her surgery. I think the Red Sox got me -- here. If we -- to continue every time. Every time he's given up an opportunity to say no I misspoke. No no no you took that out of context he hasn't taken that opportunity -- repeated the same story I need surgery. I need it. In the Red Sox in -- yesterday. The red south continue to say no that's not necessarily. I give -- it's not necessarily inevitable there are many examples of guys. You're not talking about other players talking about your -- -- committed to for many years and millions of dollars telling you. I need surgery now. I understood what their senior and it -- guys last night. Ago -- -- understand how bizarre it is usually guys in uniform. Don't say. Give me surgery they play until they just got to rip the Jersey off of the different. And you have a guy and you rely on on doctors to be able to do up but I I think. When you have. Doctor injures. Yellowish -- in knee operation should appear dark ages discard some bad news. I will eventually need to on the job -- Now be able get a -- month two months. About 32000 miles on the dominant and suddenly you have to go and get surgery. I'm sorry if that were me and its dependence you know while Obama. What am I doing here every night. I've never seen a situation ever before maybe somebody can tell us hi. Somebody in his report card he has going in to get surgery apparently to bar for Tommy John surgery that was -- little get together today -- -- been decided but the gonna get together today to make it looked like it was stupid -- over everything we've seen over the last few. Other and that -- come to that conclusion. After today's meaning that he's going under the knife tomorrow of the lineup last night. Have you ever seen a guy. It'll lineup went out to -- it without actually getting Horton mad -- got to pursue our schedule for Tommy John surge or you're out of surgery. Quite freaky and you're. I'm never CNET. Never liked clowns right at him and this is this is truly the circuit for a bizarre organization. I don't think they get an -- I think Larry thinks that's -- little bit tweaking here. And from -- from an image standpoint from a competitive. A baseball. Standpoint. That everything is going to be fine I'm telling -- This this is far from being -- couple years ago all you had to worry about with the Yankees -- I got to worry about all -- -- -- -- but he can't worry bottle lot of other teams out there. Because you're no longer in the same league with the Yankees you're not -- that. Minute rivalry this retina did not do get the chills now -- Want to get you advocate for individual results so on Saturday were just looking for. A good start from last I personally got in terms of truly competing with them now not this now. Why we open up the phone lines and I get to you -- six point 77790850. To operate. 8885250850. -- -- that while I think -- 540 tonight you can call him with all -- want your gripes. As such wants -- -- 535. General Bobby -- as -- why why you'll gone and he's. I don't offer it was the fact that you warned they -- our things is yeah. Things have changed with the -- it was a maybe he was like I'll take Alex. Let's. The living here was so open. And -- resigned and we're totally different I was expecting a couple of those -- they went. You know got into his -- mode. And you know asked a difficult question albeit for two minutes. And then. -- -- -- these these players on around Ramallah after what you have done to them and this window don't know why India. Like when game. Populace I believe. I I'd be too. It just -- in my -- it's not a course it might. The points that's -- Again I don't know what decision would really simplest. With little things can be. Girls. Girls given everything yes and know for everything I gathered that that the elbow situation and trending in the wrong way. You know that's the case. I -- decision we've made one. Of them. Well you know. It's not inevitable until it happens. Neufeld earlier this summer is something. Had a chance and it's certainly call on board yeah it's. A central. -- -- It's not. Something he doesn't. -- -- safely and it's. Now okay. Bodily buddy Steve from Fall River still thinks the reflection and went to -- and give his best. That's gotta feel this bad it is now. Red Sox are 59 and sixty through your war games. Below 500. The Tampa Bay Rays are now thirteen. Above 567. And that people. Baltimore 66 and fifty -- -- essence you are right now nine gains in the loss call. Behind capturing that last wild card. Spot that thank god or finish -- charity this year you know I came -- -- games BI. It's shocking now. -- -- -- -- 27 raise your boardroom. Practical personal friend Joseph -- like it's great respect for many respects you'd get out. Now 42 line I have to open a good idea that's right of ownership to Obama now -- now -- joked that glint in Italy now wait till -- about it and why did -- one. It's Hillary's on but I'm surprised that the rays are the Red -- man and doing well for a SaaS model -- -- years -- people in the response I didn't think there every year there -- a better team now they're with a fifteen million dollar or five years they've been very it was that oh wait that would work there. -- The surprising thing she's done. At the Red Sox. Find themselves looking up the Baltimore or. It -- to kick the can you tell battle the time. And call it stadium. Games for them and throw home game because you came down. Everybody was rooting for you and acting in -- now. Now mind Michael that shocked -- So quickly last year the Orioles and nobody they had -- we -- the rest are on the start. Off a hundred games you're. And almost lost 100 games in 2011. Is now the -- Listen the -- so much better wake up and under -- and stop trying to throw it out there. Used to -- this is a fluke year because of injuries. That's the case here in 2012. Would happen in 2001. Would happen in 2010. Happen in 2000 and you wanna go through the district by the way. These other teams camp the ballet. Has been consistently. The US could you imagine. If Tampa Bay had another thirty million dollars forty million dollars to operate with. That would be half of what the -- -- a proper imagine what they could've done if they could go get themselves a couple of it. Could you imagine. This organization right now has got to understand. They don't have it's not a simple problem Larry -- it's not all the injuries she just too much for us our guys over God's -- -- major problems. Your problem. And that what they need go and they need something. Missing something really bad happened over the next to get him up this ten game winning streak that's coming into the -- instrument. -- -- -- They need to do otherwise they don't believe that they don't believe him oh I don't believe anybody else in the media they don't believe the fans -- bands that are critical. I heard Larry say this on the station I don't necessarily get you know they they haven't captured the the voice of the true -- -- -- yeah yeah yeah they actually have. -- don't believe that is truly this battle Larry hasn't captured the voice of the truth and that's what he's missing out. And he's a bright guy. He's extremely compliment he's got out of a long -- a very successful ventures. He's been guessing that's right and it -- and I don't think he's been guessing himself on the behind closed doors I think they're probably speaking along those same lines that we are. Why -- doing that publicly because of you get a publicly. You do two things one you get far more confidence out of that fan base out there. -- -- You'd get those players start thing. And right now those players have been coddled both players believe they can get away with whatever that even after the whole story came out about having a meeting. Where they were all get together could that have basically the kitchen to try to get rid. The manager. The ownership. And management. -- supportive all the players and attacking the media argument it was what -- the owners who leaked it to the media. Shall I don't you point the finger and said. We got a rat. And we got our problem. There is an intensity an idea and it and it I'm -- It is the and -- media coverage here. And intensity and -- Breath. He's right but. When you have seventeen guys. Meeting with ownership. And the manager is not there. Bad organization. You you've gotta you -- rewire that whole thing that is that's not right and Bobby I've heard of it actually feels art form. Outwards you worked well I think most people are all the -- of comet that's okay I feel sorry for. I feel sorry for Bobby Valentine right now because he has forced to say oh that's okay I gave no damn right that's -- okay. You're the manager. And seventeen of their players are meeting with the part you. It's as if dysfunctional. -- can't work the whole -- and I know you are truly entered a no win situation. Well I think they put him in a no win situation right out of the gate on which you Michael I'm not sure he was the perfect choice for this job he wasn't the right here. Because I don't think they read the situation properly. On the other hand. I can understand your feelings about this even though he's taken some shots that you hear on the Obama on the Wednesday or two. Because I don't think they ever gave my fair shot and I asked them a question last week we got into about where he started in the fact that they kind of pulled away the authority away from. I advocate it chopped away at and it it his stature with those players. -- -- -- -- -- The ownership of the sit there and they'll take a break Bobby and they'll -- Bobby don't tell Bobby to back off Youkilis in the back -- that'll -- act they'll go there and and did I wish he had done it is what I I think I'm you know I'm not sure. All of this would be a great success because I think they have major pitching problems. But I think they would be it would be a little bit more. Sketch of the phone calls -- -- you talk about his Japanese car first up on today's picture what's up -- They have not too much at the Sitka. -- and above -- Kelly Shoppach. LO gate thing about that all its not about history and -- The whole aura around the kind of remind you that Shawshank redemption without Morgan Freeman does there Robin that it Shawshank. Well listen in here. Does that but that particular. You never -- I don't move. Was Iraq or whatever. Dissolve the and I ability where everybody. I I don't. Where millionaire athlete recognized by my -- were about wrote it and it. To me it could be anybody in here who is the whistle blower well not good when you have a climate that it is in. Response and I don't think that it -- -- -- that the club well and some way shape or form is in this argument that some chaos and black controlled their it could be. Be the most unlikely. But sources who created like the match which people unite. Into some sort of and I think I I don't think it's -- implausible that. Stoic thought it would would say. About -- everybody felt all respect to what I think it. Well you can enjoy any job at the meeting so to me. If you're if you're one of the if you're -- revolutionary. Then her she -- -- and parent or something like this I got there got a piece you know you're. Because you look bad to your to the other players the players so that all. Put this all together and that he's I'm sure the meeting. -- It doesn't go right back to. The ownership and management have never made the players accountable for their actions they blame the media they blame the injuries they blame everything else. When suppliers wanna blame the players for the week the Jeff pass and got to be able to publish that story. Yeah -- I don't think they figured out you can you can actually do both. It will bring you together. By blaming the media because everybody hates the media so you have something in common they can blame the media publicly. A privately. You have to hold them accountable as they missed the privately hold them accountable they missed that whole phrase. They Tito he's the same thing Tito come out and say all that sides that's fabricated story I don't know what that is and then privately. Handle it. You protect the guys publicly but privately got to keep order otherwise. They like they can do anything they feel like they're invincible and that's what they have right now I don't know how you fix. And -- Sheraton is another gamble Diana were produced abroad gonna talk about him too because. He's a guy I don't I don't know how to evaluate bench -- job as general manager. Because from the very starting has been allowed to do what he wanted to do right we got two guys worn out do what they wanted to do Bobby Valentine in terms of managing. And then bend in terms of picking the manager if you wanna pick Bobby. The study evaluating the one of. When you watch a night game that you have the feeling that Tito is talking into the microphone restart Marco Crawford. Talking about the dysfunctional clubhouse talking about Droid and the image that joy as suddenly as in this town right now. People don't think he's agreed to team play were -- -- laws which. And any reaches back. In the direction of business it there. Break we go right back to a phone calls Michael's back here at eviction.

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