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Previewing the Patriots Eagles preseason game

Aug 20, 2012|

Mut and Kirk talk some football and discuss the Patriots hectic preseason schedule.

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On another weekend and NFL officials which will get to but a whole week about the patriots -- play tonight. -- Saturday to play early -- of fright night. Friday excuse me. And an early next week three games in ten days for a league that does a lot of things well and made nine billion dollars in revenues a year ago. Get three exhibition games for team like that over the course of ten days the meat doesn't seem like the best way to go about trying to figure out OK let's get ready for the year let's figure out who can make this -- Does seem strange year and a fourth game doesn't mean a whole lot but the big guys out there will be on the roster so yeah it's it's. That seems a just a scheduling -- much or how they arrived at that the given this much time off then pack three games and there. And of these explanation for the addition of a motorist with their answer would be but it doesn't make any sense it's. We're scheduling quirk and the patriots are on the wrong end of it hurt Rico today with Dennis and Callahan he's two and again with gruden and ESPN. And he said he talked to the patriots you think there are some big name players one in play in this game tonight because they have. All these games stacked on top each other that some of these starters and I split them up where. That's how electrical saints some guys might play tonight not playing game three some guys might. Not play and -- like it's a weird setup and if you believed to Rico is pregame conversation with the patriots. You might not see some of the guys are expected. That makes sense right into the patriot that's exactly and play these guys. Twice in a weaker three times intended to play again Friday yet at the mix is snow early makes sense to play these guys any real anyways but then do it. Twice a week now that's no way that can happen. Our terms of what you look. What you're looking for as the patriots fan as observer of -- -- in the exhibition season Israeli one thing on -- populist that a concern area for you of like. Is like god sees what I wanna see the most in these games don't see nobody coming on the stretch that's number one -- -- -- that's clearly I swear that's really about it I mean. To do things good of course all watched Jones won't keep an -- high tower accurately else does. The office a mock concern about sure you know he policies sold during most of them is going on there but. Big picture no it was Richard guys don't get hurt. It's a social between this is we don't -- NFL guys to begin there was say listen which the scrimmage guarding him -- is somebody gets hurt I do feel that way. I -- with the I think the way it's handled and treat it like this regular like it's -- real game. And fans are charged full freight on their season ticket packages for these exhibition games a joke in the NFL years ago said I told the media. Stop called an exhibition please call pre season football so doesn't seem like it's right there of scrimmage but it's a glorified it's 30 and don't look today. Course muzzle discharge -- do seven on seven do some drills and and get these guys ready -- the patriots and saints got ready. With today's joint practice and a scrimmage Tampa -- to box mrs. That makes a lot more sense than three games in ten days where. -- -- It's managed few minutes for guys manage your roster spots it's gonna make it tough for the patriot I would think at some level. -- may be determined the final couple roster spots because some guys who can't play three times attendees issues. Not just -- -- -- -- champion of the world but this odd situation I have no idea how the NFL came to seclusion they were the schedule -- three games. In ten days is just really except that final game at third and trying to figure it's a roster stuff and they've -- to do that. Because of the situation I mean -- it's gonna be this huge problem but -- certainly keep an eye on shore. We -- the when I go back and forth thing -- talked about this offensive line quite a bit now we still. Still don't know exactly what it's gonna look like opening day against Tennessee but it -- Mankins is back in there and dates older had one bad game he's gonna go back to being. The other got a projected as they took in the first round pretty high pick for a left -- having. I feel fine about this offensive line a -- water drawback would be huge for them -- -- -- or -- Ballmer is back is the let's concern that's -- -- we learn anything tonight about Allen tallied all Republicans playing in his -- -- always -- -- him the priciest thing that's gonna happen I think that there are concerns about the loss of line if those things girl worst case scenario if not to discard Mickey's record. Given the fact the guys are I need to -- regular season. Calamity here a couple of games from these guys African make any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Belichick -- badly Santa Belichick about under Scarnecchia aren't accurate OK sure and disconnect it was opposite like stock would have been a real concern. In certain games you'd think that you'll beat the -- the giants in some big gains -- last couple years right let me have exploited the weaknesses of the patriots and shut they got Matt Light out and I forget which or guest told us a Super Bowl week Matt Light a foam ball and -- NA in a phone Booth. Make a goal all one and use data lettuce and legal round Matt Light -- in the -- there. Occasionally got a game by game basis for large portion of the seas that's I mean never has always going to be no -- individual game -- that's the reality of it there for over an eight game and game sixteen game has been a problem yet. Until the problem. I figure it's going to be okay. Of the position a group -- most interest and again to -- tonight will be that front seven because of any group got a -- chance to change. The perception this patriots team at that front group and getting a -- appalled. Here pre season it -- part of his guy Greg Bedard and -- -- these great practice reports there are great but your Reid knows and it's like -- -- now one on ones and in your your urinary -- great Chandler Jones has been an out Trevor Scott -- plays and we know. You know Wilfork is going to be Wilfork upfront. But there's been sort of hype built around its front seven and I think that's the chance that improved the most this team think about their front 72 years ago. There're so many different faces up front right now if that group creates pressure. I'm still -- in the secondary but I subscribe to the thought that if I pressure the quarterback. And it's my secondary better automatically. Shortly Durbin thinks that that's one group to keep rely on -- Salinas Jones thing is fascinating you don't. Wanna get to higher too -- but the guy in pre season after lying yourself being disingenuous if you watched Jones -- -- -- while it might be something here I mean everybody thought that. Washington the other night -- -- -- the same thought right he's a freak athlete dilemma that we don't want to know them well during a pre season game at the same time if you watch that you have to seek peace that there may be something you're the obscene. This team forever on top of that you're getting that the writers around this team ever this couple times. Our pulp thriller brought it up that that -- they drafted Chandler Jones. The thought was okay from a pass rushing standpoint. It'll probably take in the year to develop that arsenal moves. To get past offensive -- -- the same thing couples moves now -- a maybe there'll be a red -- -- Belichick redshirt year patriot redshirt year necessary. But they'll get that up patriots Cologne Chris Weis talks about her on Chandler Jones now he's an impact in if he is. We all high towers gonna commit -- play right away as captain -- Alabama he seem already play -- Selig or the upside guy at those guys are there. In your place what you lost and Andre Carter -- last year Mark Anderson doubled while I just -- that's going to be tough. From rubber stamp what actually right yeah that's going to be tough to do but yet if he's ready to go impact from the start. That's unusual for Belichick teams Syracuse peppered -- -- -- play. He's gonna play if he -- if you -- Cisco does Huckabee is waiting period goal right from the start not -- check you know he knows how to put Jones in a position. We had guys like this policy Willie McGinest but he had these tall tall guys who get on the end they can put a hand down they can drop and cover Edward Jones has been a factor -- the saints. You heard that over and over again that he dropped and -- covered with knocking out passes and Jason Pierre Paul -- its way to use picture by the -- comparison you physically look at him yeah I see the comparison but. This is what happens to play one currency be done nothing to be talking about being looked good -- to the quarterback a lot now. Pretty office of one of the few times to get excited I get that the patriots and you're dying to seek out like this it's the quarter backlog. A young guy who's going to be around for -- sure -- popped up to. If they'll look at as what they do with a wide receivers tonight terms the rotation in Jabar Gaffney banged up over the week late last week into the weekend. -- -- -- That speculation theirs has gotten fewer reps in the patriots beat writers thought he might get. And it Donte' Stallworth is kind and camp and started to get more more than Deion Branch -- -- place -- wonder from a numbers -- crunching the numbers. Who's that wide receiver that doesn't make the team is their chance. It's Jabar Gaffney is there a chance that because of the injury slows him down the guys get more reps the Gaffney who I thought was seen as a lock coming into camp. Why did the odd man out there and how many wide receivers they taping a couple four backs on the Ross and an actor tight end this year so is -- data and numbers crunch game. At the Stallworth. And like all three of those guys can make the team that you out religiously but the rotation tonight but I if you. Just -- -- team healthy you know every single guy no stretcher moment no need help off the field. If they're healthy I don't care scorers tonight and help Eagles -- -- Russert a hundred yards and quarterback you care or don't it's not trusting them. According to be twice and I keep up -- does you don't wanna see that kind of stuff it's true became -- -- good you can't record plays great night just for example. You can't say well Kate back -- for sure McCourt replaced terribly cancer wasn't the same quote such -- to pre season those that physically those guys. Art is engaged mentally it would be a regular season it's honestly helping to. And we get to see then they'd be dynasty that Mike Vick is that is building here in in Philadelphia may have won anything yet Philadelphia Mike -- again. The Sunday conversation ESP and stood by his comment. Building a dynasty like figured total picture. Forty homers and Ron Jaworski and on the way to fight this with just group that yeah it's still get a good answer for that like -- is not part of a group. I enjoyed jaws in that -- I've got more of -- lesser group was a group that pushed -- -- group include the star of the broadcast you know good or bad etiquette. For you as the B I like the balance toward -- -- -- -- -- he's good but he loves him but he bought every wants the coach again no -- to say it breaks are ranked doubles spot this week saw. He said I'm going to coach again. If the jobs -- and do it he's good he's the first years kind of revelation this guy's unbelievable. He's kind of become a parody of what you thought Jon Gruden might be like -- you never hear anything negative ever. By the player and jaws look he was not super negative either but a body balance and help and -- you knew jaws knew he's not gonna work in the NFL. So -- got the Eagles homers -- east you know former eagle on self but. I like detrimental. -- -- I agree I and I don't they don't always work at all that work -- agree that. Out we'll talk Allen -- Brooke like your phone calls in your don't go when you're too much Lugar and.

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