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The Future of Josh Beckett

Aug 20, 2012|

Mut and Kirk talk about Josh Beckett and if he'll be in the Red Sox rotation in the future.

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-- on assignment 6177790850. To all free 888525. 0850 Verizon cellphone pound WEEI a free call can Texas anytime on the AT&T -- on an 85850. Watching the final round of the Wyndham behind us here you would for anyone -- CBO locked in these guys here's your big gulf feature for the game of golf. It's obliterate targets Harmon on Monday I'm sure you're paying more attention to the actual shale well. Love how that works in the company posted Jake is in Somerset this morning Jake -- sect. Exactly they called it a little about what our -- -- and I it. I'd bet that in order is that -- it talked about much and I don't. Puzzled me because -- let go vote that he may become a port via the rhetoric really train it looked at that. The flowery appointment straight. Absolutely bet that they're going up Daniel -- apple app that the political career than. Compensation for Epstein. Competition for the don't miss all of us -- about us and we are but our talk about it Jake. During the break and I agree with you I think shirt and and listen some of it is we don't know what what he really does -- doesn't part of it is that Theo left him with some terrible contracts. Hop -- he seems comical likable guy compared to some of the other things and I think the media likes and I think he's from the at the media that's part of -- you don't overlook that. But -- has done so far I think a bad job well how she can look at and say boy this guy's done a good job you're so far might ought to be good GM. But it to date so far not a success. I hit -- I wouldn't bet a lot it will. Give me that you went straight at it let's say you should go beyond that -- you got -- Obama back form zero you look at some doubt he wouldn't trade them. Yeah yeah yeah I would picture that's not considered a prospect. Well -- added to its ease of fringe prospect but Zach Stewart at one point was considered -- Gaza prospect Chris Carpenter the guy after the other thing took forever. But also Chris carper started up the triple in size not made a pitch for the Boston Red Sox yet -- not severe talent yet come on Chris covers next Daniel Bard okay. But at least it's a guy it's producing the building -- -- -- Bailey Bailey -- looks brutal. -- and let's -- it looks are different but disaster I would not go as far disaster Jake I would knuckled up for. Would you look right now heading back here. It basically they -- it right if they had Arianna he met at inexpensive infielder can get if they doubt. If that box so that you create going to be effectively and an audio and again. You know a lot you know I've played out -- a manager but one man. The one thing that they Josh Redick. And already figured. So -- -- -- fifteen years or 500 at those guys with two with a -- what -- way of -- I -- that if you -- -- charge of of the moves he's made. But I can't I can't do that -- cancer. That that that ethics is what struck back to understand how it affects -- that the report on it and then they. Often it's of interest. You know -- an awful -- It's frustrating I get it but it all that being said you guys go through the list of of the moves and so far there are more. They'd say did not work out that worked out aunts and through the first almost year of his stewardship is that the GM here. I want him make in the baseball decisions next year you know added -- the idea of a Larry and then -- being involved. That bothers the crap out -- -- -- asked the question -- who make in the decisions you know I don't know I don't know that's it's a bigger problem and the manager right now is that we don't know. What direction this team wants to go when it comes to the future of team building when it comes to even allow Ben -- today if you wanna -- Josh Beckett. You allowed to eat seventy cents on the dollar of the salary -- allow him move pieces and eat some of -- soundtrack for other plays that would. Would help turn the -- I think my you know I got it if I -- rapidly planned. I think they call up Pedro Syria Arco signature on the -- he knows fingerprints are all over that right we -- we regret that but the big picture stuff. I don't know I assume that's -- you know the real big picture stuff I guess. -- Lucchino and charge or bullpen and Texas -- they talked about and maybe looking a signal may -- blew up I don't know well manager. I twosome was a Q so everybody says look so so what city fire Valentine to Tokyo's manager is a disaster by any measure it did not work out. It was John Henry say you know what Larry you're given again you pick the next guy or is he saying Ben. Are screwed up you do it or to some sort of weird collaborative process again where nobody does it. It's a weird collaborative what you got and up next year with someone chairing -- Will be comfortable with I'm not sure there's a comfort level with Bobby Valentine's I'll be one of Bobby Valentine is the manager. I know what has not been great moves but if you have that you -- -- And you got to hook your ship the one of -- -- it's -- for baseball wise yes I do which Eric and give the guy a shot. And it given the flexibility to move some of the south church and then visas overwhelmed this past spat over well not the other way but is there is a track record is -- individual -- -- guy what is Larry Lucchino -- -- -- I told her. Six thanks so you're saying two guys who know nothing about you want to pick one of these guys to run as opposed a -- cherry pick of the -- given the chance to be the general man and I haven't let MGM the -- you -- ice -- all right at the manager I don't really Julia church and walked into the sharpened his eyes wide open. You wherever you -- -- Buchanan does Larry you know what's gonna happen do you think he thought -- -- was going to be hands on you worked -- -- year. 617779. -- after like three times during the show of turn around every two seconds for the golf stop winking at what we Jack is in May what do you say Jack. -- don't -- Jack are you brought it. Up it says Jack I had. No problems go it. They can't kind of a response to that last call I think there's a whole lot piling on that's going on without. With Jerry and at times I mean look at some of the guys -- mentioned. Jim -- what would -- in. In about a -- last year already the going to be like the plate forty games a year. Overrated can't field and right now -- crucified them are trading him for a guy who you know it's it's a small market. Now that's very. -- jet that's it that's very fair because they made the trade. I said yup that's a good deal why don't you agree that in a general manager like coach like a player ultimately has to be judged on his record in his record to date and I'm not. Not saying it's better very -- junior but his record to date. -- you'd agree with that. 0100%. -- backyard a parking lot call. I don't see anything that he's done that baby's -- while. I'm glad we have this guy. But then again nor has he done anything that is made -- -- -- we -- about here. You know why that's -- editor -- let let's put it this way right -- Theo Epstein made moves that affected this team for multiple years of multiple seats of the contracts he gave about. We're now finding out right you can't go get a rural -- a last year because you've invested money guys like John Lackey and others Jerry to his credit. The moves he's made -- same Lance and has sucked this year. But is there a chance as a reliever low cost reliever he finds a different level next year he could be your Bailey still might -- -- closer there's been no move -- said. He is set the franchise back he's locked them in a contracts or deals that have screwed them for multiple years this year. Not a good return here's the thing guys you know be having about the -- you got a great start. It was early moves up a call well World Series and Schilling played their first -- Bill Miller stuff like that you know he's got two great offense and 03 kind of -- pieces now the ball comes kind of -- but made some moves right away recent -- That's really get a anyways it's such stark contrast to the organization before that. They say about this is different this is a breath of fresh -- shared the kind of reeks of more of the same. We're the same bad deal from the last four years that this sort of add the tiny throw the Keeneland where everything -- -- Sheraton. The general manager really to -- has gone -- he's gone and -- -- on his only like -- on the deal was now. Yeah exactly who who who really knows what he got a great group who really knows who was pulled the screens on some some of these things like I I think so that you'll that we. Opportunity and needs to be accountable and needs to be done on everything that happened under his walk. But my thought was like the Soviet -- like that where -- -- what some. Low risk high reward like a dark red. Who protect it from that point or what it by a run at this point I think most people would think that -- let it. -- and be in a guy to sit beside where. 1213 fourteen home -- to be solid for outfielder I think it would be very comfortable and not -- but I think now that he's exploded. Now it's like how can they possibly gotten rid of this guy but they got rid of them that they had ranked election oh we come back from injury and so the other guys they brought in. I think what the big thing I would. Question and that -- I think it's would be great question we're you know about it as well it was like be coated paper you go straight. If they get what they could've gotten form that they wait too long. What not but you know that here and there and it's that all weapons we lacked support group maybe per couple stock. Doll and it Beckett shut down unfortunately we'll conceal Lackey until 2013. Said. What did you figure what you wanna respond to the caller I usually that usually put my finger up I won -- -- -- I'll make a point in the middle it was to make appointment but did you. -- -- -- John as a black or for the Red Sox who knows John Brock what do you say job. -- I wanted to make a couple. -- a couple of things to. They interpreted as but I agree I would have been a couple of deals but then again nobody bats a thousand Tutsis this thing in hindsight. I'm but I -- I guess kinda like Vietnam school's role for Iran. Country more -- Colorado he does have potentially at any oriental one -- in Tripoli and in the major. That's that's OK and Taylor and stimulus and that's spot was not any sort of major downgraded to a lot of say it's still funny and you -- towards us they -- some mortenson for scooter that's not bad that's not that I agree Cody Ross and three million up that got a good. And I -- I think on. Syria apple I believe that was a century can acquisition I'm not mistaken. Of course that's not all bad -- a disaster here -- my point is what you've seen so far from sharing in -- again it's not fair to keep those gone into we know what's -- we -- to making all these moves. You -- -- overwhelm you so far this time still. This to developer right now you cannot be overwhelmed by the early start here's the Sherrod and her. No I'm not but I do wanna say you're guilty you're -- I would not that the only -- I would not at it was allowing for Lance and I definitely would not make that last call -- at radical bill. We actually get an all star closer from Oakland -- just injury history yeah and so far. Part of the risk I took a risk and that's why you editing your -- for Josh Redick -- the injury exactly right Arthur John GM we get to your phone calls ninety seconds don't going to work.

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