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Carl Crawford expected to have Tommy John surgery

Aug 20, 2012|

Mut and Kirk Minihane talk about Carl Crawford and the way the Red Sox have handled his elbow injury.

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Here's the question today -- better effort the Red Sox offense last night against Hiroki Kuroda. Or -- hand today while the wind and rain was that rain postponed event final round going on behind you on the Golf Channel. Go on who gives veterans. Well as a member of the media mayor and you know -- -- -- Last week is being so negative but this team about to -- help us. Tremendous Larry you are right we are on -- surrender. It is pretty amazing to watch this team unravel and just made it its new depth no matter how you wanna look at this thing. You you have last night where you can get some sort of effort on a Josh Beckett has something in that old Josh Beckett variety of what we're used to. I I guess a long time ago at this now we don't or any scenario we got ours used. You got Josh Beckett throw fastballs over the middle you got Josh Beckett knocked -- out of a -- and you saw Red Sox team go thirty York was two out of three loose for a six between Baltimore and new York and I feel like even the most staunch. Red Sox reporter Nelson -- 97 and a half -- -- -- -- the woman -- hug it you know there just given up was twisters owned by the way. Judge brown which is given up after last I don't last night to give a point for her -- she's put Tony in or it's not -- -- more -- Larry it's seven -- back with forty to play its fights. It's officially said and I hope for most Red Sox and stop. Opting this year well -- 100 games after last night that 63 losses that hit it hard for me. Everybody knows that. Everybody's -- esteem even semi close this year understands. The season is over can take last night it -- to the Baltimore series can take the first game of the Yankee series this team is done. They're over they've been done for months it's time to move on trying to figure out. What's wrong with this team and everybody knows. And take care -- worry about 2013. If your Red Sox fan worry about 2013 making -- team is right on spring -- Well and that it's gonna be a long process that 2013 process gonna start here in 2012 and at some point they're gonna have to get through. You know the other crap off the field and it continued again this week and you guys talked about it on Saturday. Me and I are getting reports right out of Adrian Gonzales will by the way just happens not be on the roster anymore. And nothing stays with a -- clubhouse and just this continuation my fear is that look. I know Lucchino once -- disorder and and and kind of thought out no big deal rest of the way while the forty games Kirk gold 9021. Good point 18 and quietly go what are the offseason October 4 -- the regular season ends. Bobby Valentine out move forward and kind of rebuild. -- you get more stories like this there's no way it goes back while the -- Yet this is a strange story listen. I don't now works for most people like a -- let some guy at work with you for example my junior point anyways on the planet which probably didn't. But he said to -- listen to things going on the station. Let's techs who headed it. Was David Field -- shirt guys sunscreen. On -- I'm gonna -- having to David Field. Okay just assailant happy we are I'm gonna do that you get -- -- from your phone unhappy we don't. And make the crew everybody I'm happy right now with Jason. I'm gonna send it to his boss and you know what I'll do from your phone is that okay I'm gonna say. Yeah I guess that's -- yeah you do -- iPhone that there's no scenario in real life that's gonna happen. And I did daily news headlines and eager Gonzales is off -- now after this what why. Well. Off the hook in I guess the minor Red Sox fans who put Gonzales in this frame a mob looked agent Gonzales he said on the start to hit. You went out played right field it's great night gold backed ownership knew that he'd sort of symbolize that entire front office group. And hire a locker excuse me these group of guys that you can't can't be held responsible what's going on the field. Can't feel responsible to have the guts to go talk to their manager directly. Instead you hear a story about a very high paid a high profile player. Texting ownership the outing was on the -- a lot of Red Sox fans and I guess in their mind the New York Philly was their resources they talk -- about this one of those certainly wasn't -- topic here. That that took Gonzalez off the hook for being you know what the soft players. I guess that's what he's off the hook for. Got to get it I think it's also just as bad as you did before in this -- -- -- -- DMZ gossipy crap they seem like a budget hurts them I mean who care and why they doing this why can't you just. Talked about I'm fine he doesn't like it he says we -- communicate with him -- to do it just play the rest of the season the guys on. Everybody knows he's got what is gonna be. Accomplish by taxing -- area fire now get two free months ago about that he's gone -- about you how live down elegance all's credit and I mean to have affected his performance clearly here the last couple months. The drama that just a lack of communication from the top down you see this is Hugh Crawford BC ten million things. It's a big people wanna believe this but that's a reason why they are they are now the pitching to bigger factor no doubt about it this part. -- so let's talk about Crawford for second because maybe start the show saying most fans have recognized now when you go to and for. Baltimore New York it was very tough stretch coming out and you -- one big start from Josh Beckett the take two or three New York you don't get it. And most stance beside your girl Kelly or -- -- -- Kelly out in Colorado they get this thing is over. Was this weekend enough for the Red Sox front office to recognize we probably don't have a shot and as the -- croft report is gonna have eight. Finally it acknowledgment from the front office that OK this is probably not our year we -- Carl Crawford's elbow now we're gonna shut him down because even we recognize. We're not gonna make any sort run in the post season this year. What are they always recognize that I think it's a question of when they feel like beat itself. -- -- -- Incorrectly I feel this is gonna take a couple weeks that July 31 it started now. This not now we can still act like we have a chance here we have again heard Jerry say it earlier so it earlier a couple of weeks ago. You conclusion I can come to when you look at I know Larry Lucchino. Indenture it to John Henry thought -- you'll -- -- in the last 45 weeks ago. But they Brock Crawford back in play him because they felt they could sell the reality -- chase the fans. The fans and we just might logical conclusion that these guys don't think the fans are very bright. It took them for right here in weeks -- -- of Carl Crawford he comes back next may remember this last month it's widely viewed shall wait another month. Of Crawford it makes no sense the whole process was bungled from the start. How we arrived and Carl Crawford comes back from meaningless month as Tommy John -- everybody knew he was gonna have the second he came back. We say it's a sign that that the -- Sox front office that -- the fans are very Smart and haven't you gotten with these and I know he does it mean to do this but some of the stuff Larry -- we said. About the media about the fans last 72 hours. Wasn't that another example of this team sort of not getting in not understanding their fans are passionate and sort of in a way not respecting. The fans a -- -- example is a great one because we said at the time. Would you postpone this and the only if you come up with is. For the product for the ratings for the this god forsaken. Sellout streak that is got to end here. In the next five or six weeks if if this if fan base does what and what you expect them to stay away. It'll finally come to an end and that charade can be over to move on the lives -- stop hearing about -- consecutive sellouts governor of that place okay. That's at the Crawford -- means to me and again nailed the date think that the fans will buy whatever they sell whether it is a brick whether it is a Red Sox Nation card. Or in this case that they were in the playoff on and that Carl Crawford could help them down the stretch and postponing surgery. Would actually help them make Iran who cares about 2013 work for 2000 global -- which of the spam base like keeping -- Crawford healthy. What -- essence it was the wrong move at the time and it -- it's gonna set him back for 2013. That's ultimately up to the fans I mean I'm sure these guys are still making a profit missed -- making money they would do things differently if he keeps showing up two games. And you keep watching -- -- and and you keep -- buying all the stuff I'm buying CDs -- breaks remembered as a selling you. They continue to do this if you stop doing -- You stop going again you know watch this when the product is bad it's supposed to watch yourself and support yet there's going to be differences that's the only way can do. Well I think the knowledge meant that there out of it is finally hit home of the front office with this Carl Crawford -- their report is. Surgery tomorrow nothing official yet from the Red Sox but that is the report from ESPN report that. Georgia was needed to a long long time ago and as part of that conversation and your thoughts on what you saw. This weekend where yell at this Red Sox 38885250. X fifty. I can we just go through in ninety seconds in addition the calls kind of where. This Crawford thing went because this timeline when you really look at it and you look at the dates and ball here. It is a popsicle headache and shows you again the Red Sox in the communications standpoint I think. Botching a pretty important decision we'll talk about that ninety seconds. Again I don't know about the decision them -- circle tomorrow and what that whole thing's going to be good curls. Girls given everything yes and you know for everything I -- it did that the elbow situations can trending in the wrong way and you know if that's the case. Guess that decision Lou made one way. Or another. It's not inevitable until it happens. Neufeld earlier in the summer it was something. Had a chance it's -- the -- -- on board it's. A central. Because it's not. Something he doesn't mean you can play. Safely and then we'll consider -- and it's -- okay. Air Bobby Valentine a bench Ericsson talking about the inevitable. Has been inevitable for a long long time if you pick through this timeline it's not -- 93 point seven WEEI. Kirk met -- -- in for Lou today we'll get to all your calls 6177790852. All 3888. 5250850. The Crawford has. To go back before the that the -- elbow -- just per second to point out that. Carl Crawford -- offseason wrist surgery. He had -- January. Season ended October so already there was so weird sort of setup and all this right if you wanna go before the elbow surgery even happened for call Crawford. Yet risk surge reply to a three months later than expected avarice or an affair correct. To get into April and he realizes that there's been diagnosed with this injury this was first diagnosed back in late April and immediately at that time. People said if this is the injury that you know other guys have had abilities as late April -- -- strong possibility. He's gonna have surged Crawford might not he'll play with this thing that might and might require him and colleague and are required to have surgery or rehab and anyway. And that's in April 1 month he's trying to rehab and come back you getting whispers and strong possibilities can have surgery. You fast for -- -- July. OK when he's finally come back -- finally start to make an impact. All Crawford on the record says the buster only elegant decide the next seven to ten days -- -- -- search with this. That was July 30 that Red Sox Yankee -- lot of stuff came on the weekend is July 20 ninth. Was in Valentine's -- for the media and he said -- managerial known now for days on one day off I forgot this plan with Carl Crawford. Seven to ten days Crawford tells only thought -- immediately and the day after 31 Valentine and -- can respond that's not a certainly. Now we don't know that about Crawford -- talked to on the. That they're about to go to 270 days off when they're on there tomorrow. So that's back in July that is worse here on the twentieth when he days ago 21 days ago then they said seven to ten days. We're gonna make a decision on Carl Crawford and surgery. It's July 20 against surgery tomorrow on August when he first excuse me. What the hell happened in this process. Why would you take this long when you knew as far back as April. Well let's try any assaults are clearly that because we both agreed that doesn't make any sense that most people he talked you said it doesn't make a lot of sense. So. Trying to take it from their perspective why would you do to prolong -- make this season seem more relevant okay fine. Give Crawford some boost of confidence may be plays well he's been a better year this year than last year. Okay fine to meet those aren't enough that's enough reason to. -- 2012. Shots. To put a little bit 2013 in jeopardy -- doesn't thirteen. Something the refs -- should be looking at. Squarely focused only first and foremost and have Carl Crawford healthy. Healthy is going to be opening day and ready to go I would pick will be an important part of that component. And that's probably not gonna happen now if you believe the timeline of people are telling sharks it's that seven to nine months you -- nine to twelve months from some people. -- rob Bradford actually talked about this in July with Crawford you hear from Crawford here the second. He wrote at the time you can expected to be close to the nine to twelve month timetable Ford for pitchers. Not the five or six month period the Crawford surmise might be the case and that's where I think off garbage this -- I was thinking it was five to six months. -- -- nine months for arguments okay it's nine months from today when is that. Yes it just -- today to -- what we talk. May June July something like that -- -- middle -- -- middle of -- that's when earliest. Were conservatively but we come back that's like and rehab comes back as if you're talking about that the -- -- tugboat is correct the injury I got to get yourself and -- what baseball shape and the timing and everything else would offer Crawford. Injuries have been an issue we push themselves too hard a lot of people point to this elbow injury. Maybe being a part of him going too hard to come back from the surgery. It's just agreed to private investigator who follow Crawford -- not Thomas Magnum. I think we can all say that. Memorial Day is conservative that that to me is candidate looking -- now for Crawford for next -- first seven great weeks of the seasons -- gonna miss two months next -- that's three years now. Down the tubes basically with Crawford comes back -- plays really well that's assuming he comes back mortal. If it's a year like this thing's a possibility. It's next -- whole season's goal. Three years down the -- For a seven year deal 140 million dollars. Which would you sign in you're basically saying aren't last year too we know we're overpaying where we get advice from guys like -- pop those who was a speed guy is -- thirty -- and now. -- maybe against Crawford is best for 140 million dollars -- -- paying for the seventy million dollars a year that seems fair music player what a disaster I mean they're doing nothing right here the last couple years it's unbelievable well a feature. We believe that and Cherokee and start to say the right things yesterday when he says this is going to be about coral. Here's my question. Shouldn't have always been about Carl what's right for Carl and not about. Hey if we keep people locked in the -- he missed 89 games. Let's keep our route to the middle of August were really out of this thing -- dead asking -- seven -- back in the wild card were six miles back in the division. Now the fun out of it -- now let's shut down Carl Crawford. That is a an awful way to approach that at its start to the highest level of -- -- I think what you said as it is very true. That you keep Crawford around for the Red Sox because you figure better baseball team with them -- sorry. You're doing it because you're trying to keep people interest and in Crawford is a big ticket item if you believe. Edited them -- some of the people on the Red Sox he was brought in part and parcel because he was a big ticket -- because he pushed. The the energy because he'd pushed the the fan base in wanted to be a lot when you watch on T -- ballpark. To keep that guy around at the. The wrong way to look at that well I mean it has been wrong here all the time I mean they're big they're not right about anything wrong about this. Iran both Valentine Sheraton right now is that nothing to impress anybody you overall -- tenure so far. Now we had this conversation at a -- point during the season and it was just like it's a little too early as the months have gone on. -- your there's there's less and less really good moves sources some of the bad moves that have not worked out -- way guys like -- go to Houston playing well. You know -- Redick -- on the cover all the ball Oakland there's been some mistakes along the way I'm not overwhelmed by anything right now this team and I heard again the guys talk about before that's why from them I look at this offseason. Absolutely nobody. Guys untouchable we look at the offseason for this trip adroit at getting did you trip Detroit. -- trade middle Brooks a -- drill I treadmill Brooks he can trade anybody on this team and a nobody's earned the right. Come back next 6177790850. Your phone number it's 88852. Fives nearly fifty. If so what charities that is Josh Beckett going to be back here next year Jay is on the Kate we get to your phone calls hijacked. -- You know -- and enter or is it fair weather and I think -- to reason that people watched. It pensioners and they're either doing well. -- -- They're not going well also to our contracts to keep. People don't watch it they're little wrote. Although watching your lose a -- -- you stated that the the car wreck part of it -- the off the the off the field stuff the how old -- drama stories that we've talked about. I guess there's some level -- it's still watching for I think the casual fan Jason showed disgusted. But what's going on what this team on and off the field that their their bailing here -- want to September gonna be along September for this team. Not because there and it they're gonna follow up within last year because. Know what's gonna care about the -- for the final five weeks. But there's people -- seek the way to keep people on the streets and analyze. It make their money is -- play well which they don't in the past. Or have such drama that people go just as it was gonna happen next. Yeah you know I think. I think that's -- and now here at C you know they come on next year and there are you know. Eleven in nineteen or their 22 and 24 events -- game a year and in the famous and interest is down even this year. The ratings are down you -- recently. It's gonna and they've did they bring back to them that everybody felt and they bring in. You know manager -- not a big name -- got to slow start seeing stuff Josh Beckett is still here. Big fans -- to -- a bead is going to be a packed place in June biggest oil on Wednesday night. -- downtrend gotten a real blood pressure because. They say he should've gone to the press shouldn't immediately start from the the clubhouse he should've gone to the club -- stayed in accounts. He tried and it didn't work. You know you he'd hit all the right. He didn't get any results so you went to the -- to get results. Well he went to something that works for him in new York and that was when he felt that there was a player he could push buttons on publicly was gonna do that case that it was Todd Hundley. In the case of Bobby Valentine no matter how we spends it was Kevin Youkilis and Basra only keeps point back to that incident. And being one that they lost that -- Valentine in some way shape perform. Lost part of the clubhouse that day when he aired out Kevin Youkilis and Pedroia Barry Valentine. And Valentine got no support at that time for formal I was -- -- -- you got to feel even leading into that that he heard spring tree and showing some other guys had -- these guys did not respect Valentine they did not like Valentine. You say about that was never given the chance succeed by these players they like Francona so much of equipment and that's fine that's a fair argument. But it's also the reality of these guys never bought into Bobby Valentine ever -- it was a bad hire they sold Valentine is one guy -- is actually another guy. Really since the start particularly like you said after the U Christensen. But a different guys up -- the guy we told Woodward. He was neutered by Dustin Pedroia out of the game and look Pedroia has since try to publicly say. That's not meant to do we like playing for the guy I wasn't part of a meeting try to get them fired these guys are all so different tune now but just think about that. New guy in town big reputation first thing he says publicly. About a player. And the de facto captain in the Red Sox what other means. Of this -- him one comment that's not how we do things enemy -- in Japan -- New York but not here. And he gets no support from the front office not quite did exactly the opposite drinking goes in defensive player like that might charge him is neutral did you courses back. Because why why you think he did. It's about time to be here either was not his choice was not sure that's -- look back to petition the whole thing is screw up from the top from John Henry. The Latino to Sheraton the Bobby to a players and that's why anybody can say whatever they want there's there's ten zillion leaks around their more weeks nineteen. I've ever seen. It -- no repercussions yet scared of manager not to -- ownership is get -- nobody's nobody's that intimidates you if you're such but he. So we start there and we get all your phones at 6177790850. Stole 38885250850. Got to -- and cellphone. Count WE Shiites are free call can text us on the eighteenth -- text on an 85850 at some point today. I Springsteen aficionado Kirk -- -- give us kind of like the rankings he went all three shows. Two to Fenway one Agile and you've got to take all three year old ranked these qualities. You know at some point people wait for I don't want Louis Manning keep it here.

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