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Mike Tirico: Barring a number of bizarre injuries, nobody will challenge the Pats in the AFC East

Aug 20, 2012|

Mike Tirico, ESPN’s Monday Night Football announcer, joins Dino and Gerry to preview the Pats second preseason game tonight vs. the Eagles. Mike also shares his thoughts on the Jets QB situation, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and the officials situation.

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Welcome back to a -- a patriot Monday Dennis and Callahan John meter per alongside the night in Foxboro pre season game number two -- the patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles calling that game as he does so admirably and so especially. Prius beyond any revamped broadcast Booth I'm yeah Mike -- joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL to you good morning Michael how aria and reported now we were doing very well I thought. You guys were great together and a three man Booth we really like jaws what did you guys dump on Mike. Well I you know I don't make. My vision trust me I -- because we've expected to step. Just thought to be over the last couple of days so we State's voters who. Great friends they wanted to go to be just wanted to put John in there with us as of December 2 was too old feels so. That was their choice and I've -- because of the straws on the road this hanging out of them but. Does want a guy guys special HBO's to have a real sports piece on John morrow night yes dead ever really good Uga Uga you -- me you'll see -- Johns. Personality -- report junk about on the air here in two bamboo. But it isn't -- coach again Obama. A -- look at some point I don't know if you look. -- access to try to coach you mean one thing he's got sicken me. How does the dynamic change with three down to two. Between UN job. I just I think it's. You can go a certain direction we have two guys. They're going sometimes in different directions look at different things I think just my responsibility now becomes more right of things John and keep a conversation go with him which. Particularly I've given up over the last two years working to prevent boot so that's and slight adjustment for me put. It's just pick his brain a little bit more and how -- it right John John scouts the game for us. Like he was coaching at prepares for game like there was coaching so -- go to football games with such a good idea what's gonna happen so just get for that I think on the -- as we go through the year. Are simple questionnaire how much do you expect to see the varsity news tonight Mike. Or Philadelphia a lot from Philadelphia to the third quarter and for the -- which is more important to your listeners I'd say some guys. Some most of the biggest -- that wouldn't see much of it at all. You've got all total in the second half overall -- while because there -- three games in ten days I. I think. This is scheduled state I think the whole pre season structures that -- timely changed it. We could to preceding game and do more what we gave with the patriots did last week or two weeks ago it's Warren and put -- in August equities strategist and I put in stadiums. And cut the prices by 5060 put you back does that indicate it zero year as somebody on the PA system say. Now gonna do seven on seven drills this is what the stroke does. Watch your team come together want to -- it seems. -- -- -- Brady Brees got -- -- for -- 60s70s there is supposed to look the product would be NFL gives its fans in the pre season. It's not the product that you have during the year as people think at all -- baseball you don't -- him to start the sixers have many. But you pay five bucks sitting in Florida it's up part of the season. And they don't get concussions. And race -- -- once early innings. And I just can't have. Except this you know exhibition football is an oxymoron you can't do and eggs you can't as we see in the Pro -- You either play or you don't that's the problem pre season just like the pro ball. You can't have simple ways if you wanted to play all of it is going to be injuries is going to be. You know blood on the floor on -- on the ground if you don't then you get to see what we often see in the pre season which is glorified practice. Again you know it's acoustic coaches tell you they need the war to evaluate the last. 20% of their roster for special teams guys who we've all seen it got covers -- exported -- -- I have hope for future more. You know the deal. Guys who don't don't practice well sometimes played better and vice Versa guys need to see that gave Mexico coach Eddie -- last night I still want more. But for the fans -- the GMs have for the investment in players and missile players' safety thing wee -- -- you'd have to pre season games. You don't like you can look anywhere in the National Football League at almost any team and there are story lines there are compelling things -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- obviously -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- the -- -- -- interesting story -- Come -- new England and I guess like the biggest question is is there enough depth on the -- of what should just -- Belichick likes right no issues no drama. No no drama I mean how many national stories even beyond he has again. Magazines. Different how many national stories initiative that the patriots this or that. Very little like you say that's fine. What -- the stores you guys on defense in Tibet yes that is the depth of the number of people who played in the back end it there I'll help you they'd better Chandler Jones Donta hightower would see them again can they make a big impact on the defense. And helped -- the back and better. You -- still like our policy is we bring the veterans back in terms of receivers may Brandon Lloyd. We have a better receiving war. They'll make this -- even tougher to stop offensively but those are problems seems like to have the patriots -- of the big issues others that's like. Most people say the -- 1213 fourteen win -- normalcy again. I think tonight. The most interesting thing is if they win they clinched the division I haven't -- Do you see any. Any kind of threat from any of the other three I don't mean buffalo Miami New York Jets. -- I don't look guys here's why we all keep coming to this on a regular basis as workers are his fans would we still are in love with. I live in other than Michigan the Detroit Tigers were supposed to win their division by the widest margin of anyone in baseball mind anybody who didn't pick the tigers this year. And now it scoreboard watching every night with the White Sox to see if they can -- And that's the beauty of its lead don't know within note how things can get -- a few years ago and that obviously change the dynamic the team. He just don't know but as it's constituted. Barring any major injuries or barring some key player and so far overhead of what we've seen. I don't see anybody put the past in the position. Should we suspected ESPN is gonna feature problem. Prominently at least while there in their the Chandler Jones in the Donta hightower is the rookies. It we've done the first two preceding games that that's what I haven't gone to such big help for me for us as we do preceding games. Those position battle to watching these guys will be watching Jones and -- Philadelphia got two rookies as well the defense decides what are cops defensive lineman. Michael Kendrick to linebacker and that's you wanna see at these guys on human beings with. Calls and going it's real guys. Think the Patriots defense it is a good test because received very good up and Billy. For upwards of three quarters in this game so you'll have. Pick in the -- their speeds let's secondary and the password and certainly detested and. Well what what is your did you sit down would -- yes right. What what's your impression. I I think he's gonna have a good you know he he has not stayed healthy he's played twelve games. Is taking too many hits and needs to be smarter about it. If you look at Philadelphia's season. Remembered their eight game. -- in the giant last year in the regular season and the giants went from -- just like the Packers -- before went from seven and seven. To win the Super Bowl seven weeks later. So it's just about getting in the Eagles quote stronger won their last four they turned it over way too much last year. And -- seems to be very partisan very aware of that. He has Jackson and Maclin receiver -- on the -- it was as good as any running back in the NFL last year. They've got the people around them and where Michael's head is in his place and I also think the passing of Andy Reid's sons -- Really impacted Michael personally very significantly he was as professional mature and focused -- Michael Vick. As I've ever set down talked to and I've been interviewing him since his freshman year Virginia Tech in 99 so. I heard saying that -- he said they were good friends Gary and he and he were good friends that they look in the weight room hanging out. That right. Yes very legit and back. If you go back mayor Michael obvious who's incarcerate dog fighting and -- son. Had the issues with drugs. Put him in jail and they were in parallel kind of -- periods of being incarcerated coming out. Dealing with the guilt in the faces of that and try to get back. React lead with life Michael told us yesterday that he would work out in the city in the offseason workouts in the first -- there the last guy out. He didn't show up. -- morning work out Garrett Reid was there working out -- it was obvious partner to use the assistant to the strength and conditioning folks. And Michael said that Garrett Reid's personality -- smile kind of got him going. On the days he was in the long terms working out so I think it impacted them I think you're gonna see for those emotional reasons but also. The physical reasons I think juicy could Mike Vick on the field which. The jets have scored nine points in two pre season games no touchdowns on the give you an either or question supports the woman -- give you -- the jets this year with their new guy and a new pussycat offense and wiped out the back up isn't units will do you that would be an unmitigated disaster -- surprisingly. Shocking success. I can't I can't pick either one that it going to be in the middle you do think they're going to be as atrocious as they have in the first two games. But I don't think it's gonna work out great I really don't I think just the fire boat having another viable option quarterback opposite Sanchez. Put more heat on surgical -- -- There right tackle bad. There receiving corps significantly. Worse. And have we seen enough from their running back to prove a week in week out basis that he can be a 2530 -- got -- they say they're going to be. I think with what they've lost including -- offensive line coach offensive coordinator. As big as -- they're just not as good so seventy being wins but I don't see much. Right now now to Miami the in featured hard knocks and and boy it is Joseph -- look like he's enjoy and that. Who's who's going to be starting quarterback and they and they gonna go to rookie. Does not more when that job and -- you get. Which guests on them like 500 as well. It immediately PA air less activated -- receivers as well it tackles functional. That I think it becomes we got. And just to do love withering growth of a little bit it just depends how -- -- -- these preceding games and we've seen -- -- -- -- -- made a huge significant jump in the last two years when we last -- in Jacksonville. We don't these a little bit better than Matt -- but we don't use. So invest in the young guy -- it the way belief is go. We could have. Four maybe five. Rookie quarterbacks playing. After a ball into the -- -- we we know that -- is on the plane he looked really good last night after adversity to against albeit the twos in the second quarter but. The Pittsburgh team you know RG three's -- was start Washington you have -- in Cleveland you mentioned Tamil here. Russell -- and advertised on the field for Seattle has been good. So that's the way the league is going so -- and get in there and get his -- now I was. Who wins more games pace and the Broncos RG three in the skins luck in the colts. -- -- -- -- I think even the evidence that they're ready they return to good offensive line. They returned a good run game and -- does bring -- up cents higher although their schedules brutal if you get a -- go online check out their schedule and they have such a tough start of the season so let's start well. But I think he will hold up from most if not all of you and appealed. How worried is the NFL about the official situation and don't we think like most negotiations that happens at the eleventh hour and they'll be in place for game number one. I think what happens this week on the field meaning week three of the pre season next game after this one. Will be significant if they feel that that product on the field with the replacement officials has gotten better. Then I think they may hang in there is facing another 45 teams situations where mister penalties missed marketing administrative things that are an error. Then they've got the pressure to do with the -- will be their week one of the season and get it done. I feel I feel bad for the replacement officials were taken people from from single way or bring him up to the big leagues without bringing them up from the talkative. And that's the problem right now and it shows on the -- the -- just who sent to these folks. In the administrative part is gonna take them if there's an NFL official told us. I didn't feel comfortable in my job two years three in the week and that was when they came in as a rookie. They never put more than one rookie -- -- out there in the NFL right now we've got seven rookies working together all the ones and trust me. The reason we're seeing more mistakes the first passes because that's what the games the fastest that's what the pros are really out there. It's going to be really hard and hopefully get this solved quicker because it will screw up will be able to emergencies. I read somewhere I think was over the weekend that there is a school of thought that the teams that operate the no huddle hurry up really hurt the most because they're not ready to get the ball spot the ball and move bought that would be Tom Brady into the patriots for one. Could could deal could be a little bit of that and also the teams that give you the most -- the most problems those issues -- want that -- lead to safer because every. Major play which is scoring play were turned over automatically reviewed it will cover up. The stakes at Maine out of the covered up we have a -- out for the officials eleven years ago period or realizing the best in the business. Are all that -- we complain about them or realize they're pretty damn good relative to appeal eruptions. You know I don't get Mike -- lots of things that don't implement this subject. Where does the these these. The strength of this union come problem in their their stick together they -- -- the guns I thought they would just roll over and agreed that whatever Goodell offered I mean these these guys are part time officials there. You know there there's not exactly being run by Donald Fehr and Miller. Are you surprised by there. Tenacity. No I'm not I think it. If there was a real threat that. Officials who were big Easter ECC games are big and then the major conferences. -- -- particular comment to permanently become medical officials. It would change the dynamic. Because the conferences that put a lot of pressure on those individuals to say hey. You've got to accept our full schedule -- it was scheduling about the Thanksgiving or else we're gonna move on and replace you. These officials realize it's almost gavel never come back to the and I felt so that's why I think these it in almost been unanimous numbers the referees association stage -- A final question for me it. Mike saints do they rally in an us against the world thing without their head coach or to the use that as an excuse to fail. Ortiz has excused. -- is like Brady and the leadership as you guys and heard and saw the repair training he won't he won't let that happen to the team. My questions for them will be on the defense side of the ball. Obviously the coordinated change happens because -- Gregg Williams but the scheme changes significantly. Will there be an adjustment period in this scheme at the end of the day. There's a reason Bill Belichick is great coach Andy Reid has agreed to vote -- shot patent is earned his right to be in that group of -- Because they make a difference in the game. And I think there's going to be a gamer to where Sean Payton vision direction of the team or in game decisions change the course what happens during the year. I think because of that. They're not going to be as dominant as they happen over the last few years I still think their playoff team. But I think not having Sean Payton is to hurt them as the season goes on and I think when you really look it's suspensions. That as such in all wheel imbalance Spansion. Alice guy it's a whole season. For what happened there compare two players who use performance enhancing drugs and get four games. Yes. Mike to -- always a pleasure talking football with you good luck tonight we will be watching we appreciate the time this morning about the other Mike to Rico with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T for the LT. Sounds like Mike doesn't want to see Joe's -- wasn't his call I'm still good friends we just didn't seem strange. When they dismissed jaws and there was very little uproar afterwards it's been broken. It did not ought to -- Clinton did not seem broken up but they meshed well and I thought gruden was not long for the -- because he's gonna yeah yeah so of that jaws was the one who was safe they'll go -- back to jaws. We just didn't make a big stake activity there are no we didn't and and obviously to Rico and and just they're not like boomer and Al Michaels. Yeah yeah each other. Glad to be part why did dump him. I think it's the whole three men boot dynamic it was a pretty good three man Booth like it and colonize it wasn't but I think just three eco economy today -- that you have the force and not forcibly it's that this. There's a push almost that you feel like you need to get -- -- to -- involved -- involve an amicable player. A coach and play by play guy worked well I think it. For the -- remain a boost said that that was the best ever allow a normalize they disrupt the but I think jaws wanted to go back to more. Film study more in us what you think just one out of I think it's a grind -- less money. Well on the non that he did a great job and now I'm surprised than he do -- games is now is just on the -- just promise that he is best yes he has this brings wrapped up against Malia aren't -- more -- ninety seconds away Matt Tony and Ralph get punitive.

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