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Josh Beckett loses again and Carl Crawford wants to have season-ending elbow surgery

Aug 20, 2012|

D&C open the show talking about another awful performance by Josh Beckett where he gave up two homeruns to Ichiro and the Yankees defeated the Red Sox 4-1. The guys also discuss Carl Crawford’s elbow situation and whether or not management should let him have season-ending Tommy John surgery.

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Welcome bought 12345. Things. Five things I learned this weekend. Why things I learned this weekend and I know there are all true because people like trust old beat these things -- Ready Kelly Shoppach had nothing to do that -- text message that got -- ownership I believe that is Kelly says that's the case. Josh Beckett has some of his best stuff of the year last night I believe that Bobby Valentine told -- that game. A decision has yet to be made on Carl Crawford Tommy John surgery I believe that to be true because venture -- -- edit pre game yesterday. Up Melky Cabrera I am convinced inadvertently took some sort of weird banned substance. Purchased on some make believe web site does he said it's true. And off the beaten path. The jets' offense will be absolutely positively fine. Once the regular season commences I know that be true can sexy -- he told -- yeah five things we go to -- Boy you Mara. Kind of gullible Dina and not worry about it. When we began you'd tell me where you -- your teacher Ko win that we began with -- -- clarify things out there you decide to -- I cannot believe that Bobby Valentine's. Day. When it was the exact quote had some his best stuff yes mechanism has best of the summer's best stuff. Really. I don't think once the public -- I guess have a different perspective Jeter and each body it's a really good stuff I had to the left against Bobby Valentine post game. They just have some vested stuff he's had an oil analyst. Could curve ball. Cutter was good especially those -- 2220 with game. You know two hitters and -- here in atrial. -- -- -- Yeah just stuff. Please just go already you're gonna show host on 91 miles per hour as those that don't -- batting practice in three walks -- seven heads. Right. -- in the league they let him off the hook. -- -- -- -- and yes if they're not swing and and real no record taken this Teamsters with the ticket back answers at seven it's right it's it's. He doesn't make it mystics. At some analysts had an effect that it is it all started drink -- is that what it is -- he might now what ones are that is. Tito's medicine chest I think what what anyone starts Beckett 511 with a 523 ERA -- but that's it records could be. I don't know where to begin this is -- -- -- Jon Lester say and the packets. You're a lot of quotes from clusters of defending Beckett defending packets on in the Gordon needs pieces. Talking about. You know in my an appeal for 96 but he can still -- just a down year just -- down. Year you know what baseball season's pretty long. When you're an -- when you're a college days you know post them down you should make some adjustment to -- part of a five about a flash of brilliant would that be too much to ask occasional flash of brilliance and and he said in a Cliff Lee gets into the minors. When two other guys who ran -- years. How aces. Alleged cases 116 million dollar -- it to him -- 511. Zero. Without any injuries -- you know these guys zero made their starts they'll grip Roy Halladay and I was twelve years ago and outside of the miners enough. It was I don't -- quickly and sent to the minors he mystic and he's taken a pounding articulate -- -- -- whatever it's it's ridiculous it's silly. They're a viewpoint -- because these slicked charades were going to the she rushed the sheer -- shell game. The charade -- and was the latest. Actor in this little -- When he had to go with a meaty part of trying to product but a good happy face on it but. Count the charades that the -- things such a rate I don't even understand and I mean. -- says he's gonna happen Bobby Valentine -- to have the elbow is not trending very very well right now. I -- that are just so reluctant to indicate that they thrown in the towel it's that's what they can't which is free to act like you could say the word work. And fonts you couldn't say he was wrong room Red Sox can't say that we are out of the OK that's tell -- why. The sellout streak would end they -- on a bad message to their fans or -- don't they would be viewed applaud squares it that we. Always hear people say usually media people -- talk show hosts say that there. Of fans are very knowledgeable in Boston yeah well I guess there is a disagreement between. The media the fans and the Red Sox management owners. Because they don't think the fans Britain Belgium they think the fans are on this rocks they think the fans are idiots would that be fair to say. If you think by playing Carl Crawford by by not making any deals that the debt -- not planning the kids. You're gonna fool Red Sox fans and. Well I don't luncheon that was probably. The the approach prior to the six game trip to Baltimore New York right and don't think they looked at this as their last gasp. If somehow someway they just caught lightning in a bottle. And they won five of the six games or god forbid sex of the six games that make it say there -- a bit -- -- -- -- -- here. Don't we now know having lost 23 to both Baltimore and the Yankees yes it's over that's I think they realize now and that's why they're gonna make the decision and this decision hasn't been made. Is ludicrous Carl says it's been made he wants to have an AS AP Bobby Valentine said the elbow is not trending correctly yet pregame bench Harrington had -- -- -- Well you know. It's not inevitable until it happens. We felt earlier in the summer is something. Had a chance -- necessarily. Problems on board it's. A central continue to monitor to get some more words non. Something he doesn't mean you can play good safely. Little service packs that can. Nothing definite yet. We've asked telling definite well I'll hold mount hope genome. That they -- back in the race yet offers gonna stay in the lineup then. Everybody's gonna -- law Beckett is -- headed down. What three months. To -- is gonna finish strong no -- September. That's true you've got to September and down April amazed that -- -- Monday about six months ago to -- and cement medical question for medical question. James Andrew Telus and you were sitting here right now is easier to repair a partially torn. Older collateral or wanted to -- out. No no -- and my guess would be. Easier impartially one would think partially right now would you replace it anyways or think about yeah replace it with like. That he used Lanka a pig's inscrutable -- all. Which currency replace the whole ligament. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which compares the care they were in contention he's not that good did not -- About you know a good number three hitter. A Dave Ortiz you talk about. A guy who's just an average ball player who taught how. If not now and yes to three overs to just -- close to me what was as as. Disgusting. As Beckett yet again spitting the bit last night. The Red Sox batters for -- hits -- walks. -- rise none none zero right so walk us through did you work any council did they try to grind -- at bats. Wait to get on the damn plane right there -- they were just trying to get -- and you know what you know what's gonna get having in his forty games forty games. Forty if they -- 1040 if they go thirty and ten will be -- 89 games. Thirty and 1030 -- events as they have to go. 29 I mean they're -- to the 3192. Win nine yes. 31 and 92 win ninety. I think we are understating in the media gets blamed for blowing things up and over reacting were -- at the -- This has ban what do failure -- bill that is then what do failure and -- in his bed and it's remarkable. I mean injuries you're watching the Yankees. You know and and you know they got no. Mariano Rivera season sabathia they got no Alex Rodriguez Andy Pettitte -- you know the guys who fill in for Alex Rodriguez are -- like better than -- out of rehab and so you know there at home runs. The guys gone for Brett Gardner are. More than adequate home runs average players like me is. Hero Nick Swisher averaged I mean you get you know Curtis Granderson. Who they acquired any deal you know leave the target -- they acquired from the get you get. Evidence that's got nothing to do we necessarily just for own money guys whether it's sort of they've put together a pretty good team in fact they put together it legitimate World Series -- one viable starter and and you saw -- last night and the reds could have could have had an acquired him yes instead they. Doubled down on Josh Beckett and John Lackey in the -- -- a lot with the owner of much I am and I I think we understated. Wouldn't disasters season they've had mean it was a mistake to hire Bobby Valentine that's obvious it was a mistake to keep him with things all came unraveled. I think you know -- excuse that it's gonna take in October obviously about -- going to be dismissed the day after the season maybe two days ago. Two hours after the season ends October 3. You know they need they need Bill Parcells and they need Parcells came in just changed everything felt different -- You know like it it was like a one man overhaul now you're gonna say that's what -- and was. Clearly it was a mistake clearly Larry screwed. Oh well it's it's a mistake on a couple of different levels not the least of which. It had no chance of succeeding when they cut his legs off her -- no chance of succeeding when they didn't let him be the Bobby Valentine we expected they wanted him to be. And he had no chance of succeeding when they left when they left people like Josh Beckett still the point that -- -- and they. And they didn't let Myers on pitching coach and interest and known chances on the oral gerchas has said downtime wanted him as is pitching coach. But he was told involvement core is the guy the Marlborough man is the -- They're the man with a with a 1970s. Mustache and scowl on his face. Would be his guy in the two don't get along and don't talk and I believe the report that it that this album -- has reference to his vacation yes. Just created an irreparable rift between the two and then don't forget his bullpen coach has talked to me so I I agree he couldn't succeeded with the card's been dealt. But. Is no way around it was a mistake was -- that it -- really no reason for in the finished the year. I guess it was your friend Tim Bogart would go on there and could be pressure for hire him to put a little band aid on it with Tim Bogart. But I don't know Parcells is obviously Tony La Russa is available it's it's it's it's Parcells friend it's a guy who stepped in any club posted immediately has all the the credibility. I'm I'm I don't think they go after him or Joseph Torre -- too old and probably wouldn't be interest anyway. It probably be somebody else on the on that list perhaps. -- -- though yeah Mac and -- didn't -- or I don't think it's similar maybe December but. Brad Ross misses a name that's -- out there Gabe Kaplan has been flew out there right. And that's more likely. And then you'll say oh they're still looking for just an organizational guy. But do you really think if you bring Gabe Kepler and Brad Ausmus does it change anything -- Beckett does he suddenly have pride shall open shaped as he suddenly. Compete. How many times how many times do you have to keep hitting your thumb with a hammer before you realized that stopping makes it feels so good. How many managers are they going to bring in there and say this is the got to change the culture and yet they won't remove. The problems that are in that clubhouse they won't hold accountable the Beckett to the world and Garrett say the lackeys of the world and -- Jon Lester -- the world. Unless that changes -- the same thing all over again yeah I mean I guess I should have been Saturday. Yes and and that's where cherry and screwed up say it again -- he should he knew he knew that Beckett was a problem. But he may have the guts to deal and he knew you Nicholas wood was a potential problem in the last -- was contract didn't have the nerve to make it more in the. I would say this I don't know this to be the case -- -- on how we think things were over there certainly the first your general manager. Pretty much everything was discussed September with sol -- Nauseating lead hideous. Everything had to be discussed as to how we fix this and I guarantee you at some point. To get packets ass out of here at -- is ass out of here at Latvia's ass body can be shot. Yeah on the chopping block. And and do you think that it was totally up the band no I think it was again the round -- not the one that no hatred Gonzalez texted I'm sure there of five or six or seven people who helped make the decision. The date we gonna stick with best multi questions or I'll know. Question and and we -- It's when I'm wonder what happened September when it continues to one rout amid a mostly in -- win 31 and a forty. Sick attendees to unravel cases but not quite last September's. You know level. But do we start finding out that you know one of -- he -- -- that one mean it appears. Pretty leaky -- CYA deal cover your. And by the way some guys Bobby -- -- is -- lame duck and isn't that are they afraid of lame duck Bobby Valentine and what he'll say what you do how little. Handle things I think they should yeah they think that day is coming when he's dismissed. Know. About that last weekend of the season -- in New York. Here in New York great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Were right about. Nobody's right about the game players they -- about you know they'll the last days WV. You know. I think Larry and Henry were proud to stand up and say where we're -- -- Bobby. They may regret that may regret that is the season winds down you think they're all going to be playing hard to -- -- going to be. Proud to have based a -- as well last night up playing hard now yeah a lot of us and we're forty came from the finish line. It is not going to be pretty and now that manifests itself but clearly. When seventeen guys meet with the owners to get him fire which is what they did seventeen or about met with the owners to complain about him. And I think. Of those how many were still here sixteen. We know that evil Kelly Shoppach is under. His choices out the duo volleys is the worst guys since. It's Manny Ramirez did you think you could certainly test text message from my phone. Now you wouldn't. In the same month from now but lock on it. IPhone does it expects its -- You think he's sneaked it I mean -- Adrian says -- -- go ahead here is my -- Garnett. You do that he he knew nothing about the content or why they worry we're not all words they were not sentiments why would do that all it was was a round table it all it was was an interest to us just what hash things out. I mean how silly is that and and I'm glad Dan Shaughnessy listens to read I read him every -- he listens as he. Learned what we -- from Larry when we talked to Larry Larry said the managers always been -- -- in the past the manager wasn't invited to this one. That's the difference and Dan wrote that to concede he heard us talked about it. It's worth mentioning it's worth reiterating. Your usual round table Hilary admitted that the man she was in there was not usual round table was on the road it was in New York -- You know seventeen and a and a -- that and and what do you think they talked about it's like when one Abbas goes on vacation. -- -- here yeah what are we gonna talk about Josh Josh shot shots and that opened this morning now that great a great opening play that morning brilliant I knew we put together a good one on his way to. Where -- is the Caribbean. The Bahamas or some you know I always think in August and again -- somewhere warm. Yeah -- -- -- -- -- through that's leverage here what that apple can weather -- in Nevada and -- somewhere -- 6777. -- 0852 corporate number 8085250850. Com. Mike -- Jewish in the 8 o'clock hour you'll be doing the game tonight on Monday Night Football Jerry mark price have officiating at one point 2 is at 9 o'clock our break this down for us. We have made tremendous auction -- As we get ready to wrap up to the Jimmy Fund telephone on radio fun tomorrow they -- that we come back.

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