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Bobby Valentine with Dave O'Brien before the last game at Yankee Stadium

Aug 19, 2012|

Dave talked with the skipper about Jon Lester's improved performance, and about Pedro Ciriaco's surprising performance.

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Okay John thank you very much time to wrap up the longest road trip of the season for the Boston Red Sox eleven days in ten games and Bobby coming off. I gotta believe the best win so far on this road swing because of the way Jon Lester -- not pitched. It this is the Jon Lester that I imagine in spring training you were looking forward to seeing for 34 starts but Giants. Pitched well remember oh BA I. Seen a lot of the good games even though we didn't have great results and and did win so those games but yesterday had a great game and great results and you know we scored two early he wasn't going to give it back in. When they got the two guys on the first inning is pretty determined to them keep them off the scoreboard. I like everything I'm seeing and down. You know he's strong he's healthy he and he's got a lot of starts left so it. The goodness what do you point to Bobby is the two or three things that he has squared away. When now when he takes the ball he looks so much more confident than he did during that rough stretch of starts. Well I think is more weapons now you know he's confident. With his curve ball -- -- he sort of a little harder his changeup has now -- that he's. You know -- using during during the game and day. He's not just trying to be the bull in the China closet then throwing the ball by everyone he -- actually up their pitching. It is part of that too the willingness to pitch to contact the way we've seen clay buckles that I know they're different pitchers different styles but is that part of it. I think it pitching to contact down I think he so he's been able to locate his pitches down in the zone when he -- needs to. He shows up in the zone at times during the game for a fact he and then. You know he's he's just so much more rounded well rounded pitchers and it was she kocharian. At any said that about -- buckled so which leads me -- next question. And -- -- no Mulligan in baseball like you've got two guys there who appear to be squared away now. And -- has been for some time wouldn't you love to go back to opening day and have -- pitching this way. For the next six months. Well I'll just take care of them pitching this way to -- six weeks that are. Seven weeks or eight weeks -- you know hopefully. As long as we get to play this season because. You know the guys feel better when they're playing behind him and you know -- smiles after the game from. From the guys. Who start the game with the ball on their hands and and that's always a reassuring feeling with a with a baseball team. -- -- give -- -- -- October as it appears when he sees pinstripes he sees red and he's not a big day for 44 against the is there any thing to pay the Yankees. Get certain guys blood up playing even better and even harder. I think they -- just appreciates the opportunity to play and he's had opportunities few times against the Yankees and he's -- well. You know he he's he brings a lot to the party and done. Where we're going with them again tonight it shirts that but it. You know we're we're not. Necessarily expecting important game but we think if he can do something and help us win. Time for our Mercedes-Benz question of the day for Bobby Valentine body it's about Carl Crawford the news coming out yesterday as he told the reporters that. He's going to wanna have Tommy John surgery what's the latest on Carl is that gonna happen. Well I have no idea about them. If it's going to happen or when it's gonna capital in those girls playing extremely well I appreciate everything he's doing out there and -- You know I want Carl do whatever is best for -- of them will make our adjustments after that. Bobby -- good luck here in game three in New York tonight okay thank you as Bobby Valentine and our question with the manager is brought you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers visit your local authorized dealer this month for attractive offers. On the vehicle of your dreams like the -- class Cooper -- A perfect combination of safety performance innovation and a price tag that puts striving -- within easy reach on the web at MB USA dot com. John.

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