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Sports Sunday Talks Melky Cabrera and his Web of Deception

Aug 19, 2012|

Dale, Buck and Bradford talk a little about the "Melk-man" and not only testing postive for PED's, or to be completely accurate, abnormal testosterone levels but then going as far as creating a fake website to provide an explanation. That is almost more reprehensible than just testing positive!

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There was say an interesting discussion point last night. On the Fox Broadcast McCarver and and they were talking about the fact that Melky Cabrera is probably gonna win the National League batting championship. That despite the fact that he suspended for fifty games and that includes the rest of the regular season. He's one at bat shy of what he would need to get. The minimum number of at bats he need to qualify for the batting championship they would simply give him an old one that won it back. And he would win the batting championship. And are you kidding -- Read the piece in today's New York Daily News New York Daily News I quite a day today -- is this gonna save Elena they are telling you today read the piece in and there's a whole bunch of guys who were in on this. Who'll helped write this including bill Madden and others. Read about the elaborate plot that Melky and his advisors and his. Handlers put together. A fake web site -- product. Trying to Ted did dodge and Jeff Nowitzki remember that name yes is is a guy who wasn't -- perennial Britain and and tracked this whole thing down. There is no way on God's green earth Melky Cabrera deserves a batting champion and the national up a listen when you make a straight website you're out -- consideration well when the news CB way to look at and how he is so clearly trying to dodge. The performance enhancing drug rules and regulations in in Major League Baseball but you can. None of us believe that that Barry Bonds didn't know what he was doing okay none of us do. But he didn't go as far as Melky Cabrera has Condit trying to dodge if any sort of punishment for this now in -- how much did he you know he. Melky Cabrera believer -- probably had more in line. He talked about that contract that he was gonna signed. Doc about the big bag titled who's gonna win it looked at -- next year Melky Cabrera. It or not. Bylaw all right by low they go they go. -- and pretend that he did that -- guides and hello -- New York it's the they'll leads us to the while the gonna build a team next year. And you don't talk about it and all the things that we're talked about this -- one thing there hasn't been talked about a lot about was Cody Ross about. Cody Ross is contractor -- a bargain this isn't so forth and so on is is he gonna come back next year. So. Then that's -- those those sort of conversations have to be started because nobody cares about the how they're winning or losing right now.

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