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The Sports Sunday Crew Talks Carl Crawford -- Will the Red Sox "Allow" Carl to Have Surgery?

Aug 19, 2012|

The guys talk about the reports that Crawford wants to have Tommy John surgery, but is just waiting to get the ok from the Red Sox. Wait...why does he have to get permission from the Red Sox? Ben Cherington says he doesn't. More communications issues and strange stories revolving around the drama that is Red Sox baseball this season.

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We focus on him mostly we're not gonna ask you learn a lot better. You know there is there room. Symptoms that don't allow. Do you this do you want to feel. So tune -- out more about Karl. Plus it's. I know that sounds exactly like Theo Epstein and it does that's bench -- -- general manager of the Boston Red Sox talking about Carl Crawford. As I said it just seems like every single day there's something new and different weird Peres yesterday it was the Carl Crawford story. A Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe was the first person I saw tweet of the report that a source told Abraham. That Carl Crawford was gonna ask the Red Sox for their approval to get Tommy John surgery done perhaps this week. That would obviously mean he's done for the year. According to -- to yesterday I was under the impression. -- the recovery time for position players with six months to Arrington said yesterday at seven and nine months or even longer than I it's it's some. Yeah and honest I was asked the asking around about that I think it's more. Around 910. Mike Avila who had it came back in seven and a half. But he said he wasn't fully recovered from it Intel nine because they put him at second base -- -- went through that spring training was -- O'Connor in them. So yes I would expect nine that's that's the number I don't lose their. Shortstop. Not a idealist but somebody who had -- -- at the season who was backed by opening day and executed the date reference that on the fox game yesterday. I don't know I'm not familiar. I cut the -- to them apologize for being today but I Nevada when he asked as I noted. Obviously reveals if reveals who's going back to shortstop need to -- Tommy John. He probably would have come back at -- graph and India tea etiquette says he said he wasn't fully recover when -- to combat -- in and here's the deal okay. Bench Harrington and meet with the media afterwards because this became a little mini firestorm. As I understand that this was after the clubhouse closed so the reporters were able to go to Carl Crawford and say hey Carl what's the deal here. They asked if if they could get permission to talk to him under. At a -- TBA word extraordinary -- the yeah -- that they've changed a clubhouse access periods. So that dom. There's not as much access. After or toward the end toward closer to the games. And so if there is a case like this you can ask for the play and play console and he declined yesterday to -- within his rights to do this and getting ready to play -- wanna you wanna do that. Somebody and I apologize for not being able to give credit here got a hold of via. Of the agent Carl Crawford I believe it was Scott clobber but I may be wrong and got a hold the agent. And eight and basically. On what is clients -- well I I'll I'll go back to this last time they were New York I was there. And Carl Crawford said something very similar. Which says I think that you know will know in the next seven to ten days. If I'm gonna have Tommy John surgery. Soul in that respect it's not nailed as a -- it first of all this has been on his mind. This is on Carl Crawford to -- this is yeah if you think your next will be your last for the season why how could not be on your. And in his where he should know is that when he went in April the doctor Andrews and doctor Andrews according to Crawford. Basically said you're gonna have to have this surgery so he says well what I hear doctoring and you say that I immediately think I wanna get the surgery. But then they're saying hey you know what you can have this PRP injection. And that'll help you get through the season and then you'll maybe you'll need the surgery. So. Because of what -- and Jerusalem is they -- that maybe you won't need the surgery on all know it or not all paid all of this will delight. -- -- that there -- now from the organization's standpoint there was never any certainty. Whether he was gonna get the surgery now what Carl Crawford hurt. In his mind from doctor Andrews again we're hearing two different stories but what Carl Crawford heard. Was your gonna need the surgery. That the organization. Is saying that's not necessarily the case. So you can't change what a player hears or what do players things but that certainly want using Karl crop. For its mind right now. So the question here becomes. Does he have to get permission. To have. Because that was the the point have I had talked with -- about this yesterday if you have a doctor. And let's just use doctor James Andrews who might be the preeminent orthopedic surgeon in the country or at least it's in the conversation of the top three or 45. If he told Carl Crawford -- Tommy John surgery. The Red Sox sent him to that doctor Andrews for a second opinion today not mean. Why does he need permission because why can't he just. Them hey doctor Andrew says I need to get it well because if if the team is so adamant that he doesn't need surgery. Then you're basically going you're going wrote you're doing what you go back to the Curt -- example. And where he want to have a specific surgery didn't wanna have them. Have that have happened so if he goes and have it it is there I would imagine they would like Jason Bay all over again -- -- Yeah except -- -- except except they wanted to have here I have a strategy any one and he didn't -- I mean. They cleaned out the medical staff in the rankings and they they re -- the whole medical process here because they perceived in the past that there were problems -- -- -- -- Well well in this case I think this is dissimilar from John Lackey the situation last year which is they knew that. He had a bad. Ligament in his elbow and they knew that there might be a chance of this going back to when he signed the contract by the way that's why this. Clauses in his contract so they knew this was a possibility. So he -- -- probably had that surgery at any time all the way up until August of last year. But they said hey you know what you you still pitcher with the compared to the keep it -- and it finally get to a point where it's it's not an option. And maybe the team is saying hey you know what it's still an option because you're performing. And it doesn't make any sense -- you're absolutely right it does not make any sense to me that you have a player who in his mind. Feels like he's been told the he has to have this surgery. And -- and yet you still haven't organizations saying hey you know that might not Nassau would be the case. So it's this. It's more of the same this is exactly and and we -- all right Marty Barrett Wheaton we can work our way forward. This is what has always been the case with a Boston Red Sox prior to this ownership as well. Where players don't necessarily trust the medical staff and medical staff doesn't seem to be on the same page as other doctors who get -- In second opinions in this and that I mean what you're talking about Curt Schilling or John Lackey or more Carl Crawford Jason Bay. They just can't seem to get things straighten this organization from that perspective can hold. Thing is win the chick in the beer was owner of last September and -- in again -- use this example yesterday it's as though ownership walked into the clubhouse. Beckett Lackey. Lester the lawsuit -- drink in -- all eaten chicken and the guys weren't Henry -- you know like oh my god. And they fire the manager and -- that I don't fix everything bring back bring back all the players. -- -- bring in new training staff new manager a couple of coaches that'll fix everything. -- awake and look at it that way and this is back with that we talked about and Comcast yesterday. The -- date paid situation. We just a little scared that estate pages been tweeting. Unstoppable buckles and then. Everything like that -- -- he writes about it this this is this is a mess it in I don't think we know 5% what's really going on with that well there. There are certainly in my mind there are certainly things that they did were short PR moles. Dave pages of PR move I think because Dave page it was a very good strength coach. And -- -- he comes to bad strength codes that that doesn't to me that doesn't happen. The UX are still a very good strength that he was one of them the beer in the clubhouse thing and not a thing he arm wolf. That's -- -- it in my opinion that's ridiculous. It was TE EE -- you don't do it I I don't think that you should be you have to ban beer in the club house Estes my opinion. But there are certain things to -- point -- that they did which really were more PR moves and anything yes. You have a PR conscience consciousness don't think -- Well it. It in terms of that with the Lucchino stuff coming out the talking points in the people coming out of stadium and hugging him and we've set high standards for ourselves. Well so this just -- this standards that you set for yourself sure partly winning but also it's -- enormous amount of money. Impassioned that you -- these people to invest in this team and when you asked these people to go to -- game. And spent X amount of dollars and even -- go to a game and spent X amount of dollars on gear and everything else. Then when you don't perform and you don't give them what they want yet as can be three times as much fall back that's the standard that you set for yourself. It's of the calls you guys 6177790850. -- -- 38885250850. Kicked off without robbed out of Florida hey rob -- Good morning guys and liberty. The bad guys in the clubhouse. You mentioned that they shop they but it it after he leaves. You go ahead -- mention that he's this you know. This what would you call -- club house. He is a very well known clubhouse lawyer was before he got rob back here -- if you identify you -- we talked about the relationship of Bobby Valentine and the players. And bolt the one guy that we know host -- That unequivocally. Had this kind of this pushed back from both sides it was shopping shopping and we go back to when he went in -- identify this when he went -- complain about playing time. This was no secret this is why a lot of people thought he was at the top of the list to get traded did not waiver trade deadline. Right who. What is the app I'm sure that just yet there's got to the other guys that are in his corner as well Michael I'll. Well I I think that I think that as they set a lot of times there's a disconnect with a lot of players between Valentine and a core group of players. But. -- -- so that's why you have this sort of meeting there's no question about it but it it comes back to the I'll say it again it comes back the players. Almost doesn't make a difference. If if you're winning if you -- navigate. Then the Bobby Valentine way is the right way doing things in you have respect for you mantra even though you might not like him personally. And you'll have these problems but you don't win and why don't you win because a team of the players are performing. -- so please thank them right now that are nobody else in the club house that you know. That is basically -- are all okay now they got rid of the. I'd ever listen every clubhouse as -- the terrorists please Abbie every clubhouse. It got it and it is not dissimilar from -- and are -- don't know if you agree with me. But you go throughout the rest of the major leagues every clubhouse has jerks and it every clubhouse is funny guys and every club houses club -- lawyers and plus. And I should point out that might generic may be your buddy. Yeah sure it and I remember. Obama can named -- -- -- this it robredo Apollo -- attack. The talk and Jack human -- a couple of years ago Jackie has a really good relationship -- lot of people but she she mentioned a certain player ought accusatory and I'm like whoa. Because that guy with some with in my at a very good relationship that was a great guy. And then that same week I said to somebody else also with the like -- and it's a great guy. And and then though I -- it's also was a -- but another player and then another race on the podium you -- these great -- and and that'll happen -- the spin like a week. And it made me think that. It it's that the old thing where I used to have this line where. Every team has like eighteen and nineteen guys that come ago there are three guys eleven entry guys -- of the guys are just doing business yeah but might might. My guy the guy that I really like and respect him good report. May be a guy that. Scott lover Michael so government just can't stand. And then I walked in there and Scott and and there are taught you know a guy that I can't stand brought it changes. Rob here's here's I guess where are separated is that you can have guys who are decent guys who do jerky things. Going going to the ownership like this is -- jerky thing. So in my estimation. Reid and the reason I bring this up because I hurt but talk earlier in the week affordable for and they mentioned Mike Lansing from years ago and being such a bad guy and I'm like I you know he was I would sign up yeah. Early robot that -- that doesn't think it. -- other -- is there anybody else in the clubhouse that generally. Or law all the people just say anybody that you guys. Call me. It doesn't really like it said it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme that we can we can go -- up and out of players who play for the -- Tyson would charts poorer winning teams. Do you had winning teams who may be the contributed. -- -- Winning organizations in championships. Who were not nice people that doesn't make a difference. Does that every doesn't -- it does not now so and to your point -- absolutely. The Nazis I do think of a bunch of the top of the head back and forth where you can figure he's -- -- I think it's good guy and right the first.

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