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Craig Breslow with Joe & Dave after the second game at Yankee Stadium

Aug 18, 2012|

Joe & Dave talked to the new Sox reliever, who got a key double play in the 8th inning of today's win.

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Thank god that Craig Breslow one batter a double play ball and he spotted his game Greg give you may -- history when Ryan of my way but. Was that the last thing through your mind you came in across left center field. Yeah absolutely. Throughout you know probably couple text messages from a few people including -- coach John stupor. Know that in that situation and certainly we're concerned with the I was facing together but it. Greg you think in double play ball there which your approach in a situation. I you don't have as I was trying to get the guy out you know I was obviously pretty dangerous. -- we're doing. And you know especially in a two run game with him but that's gonna mention that I get that commitment to them and and -- about. And then you know worry about probably make it right about that. So you know what -- wasn't thinking about the double play that was a bonus you know duplicate on the ground coaches when you look at the problem warmup you probably -- right away -- you know. Yeah yeah you know that was that was the that I was getting ready for and you know and in a perfect world it probably goes through that inning you know what when you -- no problem -- I'm just happy you know if it was committed to do the job but you know certainly should be forgotten what it -- Lester was visited. Yet Jon Lester really appears Greg is if he has he has gotten back on the team began does it look that way do you like he's. The Jon Lester that was kind of been waiting for this season. Yeah I mean I you know obviously -- -- have been here for a couple weeks of the -- of that scene is the one left and in 20062007. But you know it is obvious I was I was aware of the the kind of early season struggles that you've been going through and he's just too good for that the last persons. Greg what's it been like you to come back in here of course have -- trumbull Connecticut -- -- -- as -- mentioned to come back -- -- -- -- that's actually you were doing very well with Arizona. Yeah I know is a little bit of a surprise but at the same time it's always nice to be wanted in the and you like to think anytime you're involved in a trade you're going someplace where they won more than where you left and I had a brief stint here back to 20062007. I was certainly -- role player for -- contributing to this time around. You can be asked this question above the five minutes but it -- who has the higher SEC you were Levine was -- you don't have much to have a compared I think he may be so young that they changed the that is the scoring -- his might have been out of 24 minutes of the sixteenth you know it's been that we have that disclaimer though that's not -- -- -- -- man I'm sure it was a lot tougher. I'm flops he's not easy either bring man -- you. You said -- I didn't have that that about the history you've made that. Yes certain certainly pretty -- I mean obviously. You know yell at the university has very storied history. Not necessarily known for what it's about the baseball field I think goes to show this -- going to be degree education also pursue this course you know somewhere. -- Bartlett -- smiling but that's exactly right. Great -- great job as relations thank you yes.

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