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Joe Castiglione with Ken Singleton before the first game at Yankee Stadium

Aug 17, 2012|

Joe talked to the Yankee TV broadcaster about the Yankees' injuries, and about their offense's reliance on home runs.

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I -- the Yankees that keeps winning and they do with so many guys on the disabled list key players including their race. And at third baseman now they've been doing it. Well they've been getting some clutch hitting simply they weren't getting all season long are primarily -- they're relying on their home runs to score. But Jefferson is going belly because he started giving hits with runners in scoring position people who stepped in -- rotation I think she's she's going to miss a couple of starts. Was -- has been out just about since made and Soriano stepped in and a great job closing games. That that they just kind of held it together a one way or another Poconos have a a kind of a typical to know -- Jeter. Maybe not quite the powers had the past usually in the league in hits and getting on base and then doing what he can do in the leadoff spot. And how he continued to flourish like that especially with a number of hits and and advance they'd certainly for shortstop. It's amazing because that's a long ago we were talking like he was done and he wasn't hitting very well. When he came back last year from his calf injury that's when he started to put it together. -- a slump early in the season this year and now he's been. I think this 49 multi hit game to choose one off the league lead held by Miguel Cabrera -- it's just about everybody. With the Yankees hitting so many home runs you wondered how that would translate the postseason it's it's tough to do so may be yet. This bodes well obviously scoring a -- up. Homers blow that that is true because every -- support -- good -- making during the course is every year they did 200 or more home runs. The last two of their best in the first round by the Tigers the Tigers pitching staff -- kept -- pretty -- runners in scoring position and also get the ball a ballpark. The Yankees were so reliant on the home runs quickly -- this that things start to turn I thought it would turn around a bit I mean that these guys to get a hitters. They hit like 230 as a team of runs scored just -- -- -- gonna come up and it has been. Think you've been around long time he had Earl Weaver -- you hear what's being written and said that some of which is certainly. Not totally true but that. What are precious -- avenue over the Red Sox side in this situation here. Well I know that anytime that you have a new manager coming there's going to be some adjustments. I I know that you know. Certain players might not be happy with the way things are done. But you're gonna have to make adjustments yourself I mean as -- that I did play for Weaver and they're basically just one boss. Although I think in this day and age players certainly have more leeway and have more say as to what happens at least their agents do. And that -- they're the ones in the you know voice their unhappiness but the thing is I think even if you don't like the manager. Then you play for yourself as a team. And try to keep the manager why did you win games it's not going to be a problem one way or the other if you like the manager or not. If you're with Earl Weaver was not there to be our friends back in the -- he was not our friend. In the thing is we want to try to keep him quiet although that didn't always work. You feel any buzz in this series. Oh yeah I do think that the Yankees or Red Sox it's gonna because I I think that you mentioned the Orioles are new player this year than it and you know maybe at least for this little while there technically it's Red Sox and rays. Although the Red Sox and certainly never return -- voice back on playing good teams in the eastern division. They they can certainly make it difficult for just about everybody down the stretch they got and over again with the Yankees well. Kissing and always great to visit with him Joseph thank you might put all right let's go back Dejan.

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