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Bobby Valentine sounds like he knows he won't be back next year

Aug 17, 2012|

We listen in on the Michael Kay show from ESPN Radio New York, and hear a revealing comment from Bobby V, that sounds like he may already realize that he won't be back next season.

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You're ownership has also come out said Bobby he's here for the remainder of the year -- the last time I checked you cited two year deal. Does that bought it -- that outstanding about next year. Maybe they. I didn't hear it they've the don't think about it. Your manager why don't you look at debate about any predict. Although then. But I know that you load that you wanna manage a team. It but he he. -- -- We'll open it up but it looks forward. All. And we re -- that I want to hear that again that's sub pop TV. On the Michael geisha. Michael -- finally happened a moment our Michael patient. With. -- the -- -- of about it bodies here for the remainder of the year -- the last I checked you cited two year deal. Does a body in that -- any about next year. Maybe they. I didn't hear that they've the don't think about it. You're manager why don't you look at debate about any. Although it's -- but I know that you're loading you wanna manage a team. It but he he. -- -- We'll open it up but it -- forward. We'll see what happens as we go forward is that he just -- this goes forward now. Mostly what happens is -- for you know psychic tell in that interview we did -- them. We're here on Wednesday couldn't yeah I just resign -- sort afterwards resign I was used to seem like he'd been popped the random idea. Knows what's happening here he knows he'll finish out the rest of the the season it will look they will move when he gets the he understands. Get some more moments -- and step on -- we knew there was a problem. Wind W life and -- oh win like one game. Back to -- calls we go here's -- Somerset Massachusetts and John. -- I know I really just weekend. Okay all right opera and the lord go to -- eye opener where no more weight on the subject. I heard you guys discussed in the the field they have -- iPad. This comment should do to decrease their auditing the whole capital thing I don't think he literally. Stored anywhere would that. For example one eroded and what did what did what did he. The world media. Why don't like -- was I thought he was pretty specific about that's what Tom Warner wanted to come on a couple days later. Two to address and as he was talking about the ideal situation would -- municipalities. Actually he was hoping by that time his son was was an adult that municipalities would be owning. Sports teams. Right yeah -- -- play by -- bad. As -- kind of wondering what were called I'll continue to be critical and utility. Yeah -- Because the media -- you'd like this in the ownership of well more credibility to do chastising. I got a little flop those who got hired by a fairly. All of Chicago or the you know I don't know what -- what does that mean. Basically saying it records are that are in the bankruptcy. -- it -- -- it doesn't take a look -- capital -- you're right. They hadn't heard that he got there are trying to rebuild -- Where what does that have to what does that have to anything due to comment on -- or weren't. What I'm trying to play it happened and -- -- you guys play on the radio. That. The real quickly here and feel I was. Now I think a lot of -- but I do want to report their local culture. Now. What are your your -- I'm sorry I missed you say you were cubs endurance of the uterus and and a Red Sox fan yeah. For your whole life and the Phillies won't diabetic and moderate heart and they actually can now. Okay. Welcome cookware simply trying to make serious back. -- Good I'm going to vote and a lot of credibility could be. Overly critical all of the guy you pretty much their old business of baseball religious order was as you more than now. Starting to develop and -- And it is. -- limited the owners of the team they were the ones that provided. At the time. The most money ever. For -- a World Series winning team bull final four in 07 so they provided in the money without the money doesn't -- he doesn't have. -- -- -- of these players so I would give him credit for 0407. I thought he did a good job and did in drafting. And developing some players are using those players -- chips. To get other guys his free agency track record. Was horrendous policy is big money every Randy Wright singled -- big contract you sign all your PR -- missed every one. What -- on the contrary I think that that is not toward history of why I bring -- compliant are able. I think you're seeing that you close to the majority of the luster little those people. You let's listen now Youkilis -- -- but I mean this all the more reason. That was a big part of the field while he's gonna put us at a very good position part of Arctic cold. People like -- by nature. Oh get a new York -- liberal or go to the -- could get what you wanna get freeagent here. I think -- appoint a with the -- I certainly a speak for myself I thought he did a very good job in those areas. I just told you about I think it's free agency stuff was absolutely. Horrid and we're ready to talk about J. D. Drew would some of the other and back at all and is all of a short -- -- cross train all terrible. And 88 if you don't believe. That that the Red Sox are paying for that dearly right now I think -- missile. They are -- negatively -- bad. They're bad they're bad people. Into the question about back. -- and added that bird like leg of the players should still be affording a little what you're paying. Absolutely this team -- be doing a lot better. I think we are screaming about the players like we are talking about the inconsistency Josh Beckett from like -- even hear what he's doing the fact that Jon Lester is lost these weighted Guidant. I think we all. -- -- in that category that CC sabathia category I mean that you -- you're the the arguments without over the years would you trade John -- know. Don't even include him in any any deal. And -- right now he's been extremely. Disappointed disappointment that I but the pretended the last 3 in -- am assuming you made these calls you know Crawford Matsuzaka. -- Some horrible position truck pretended that the it was not. A big part of where they are just because he's here. -- -- -- John Henry was doing by announcing to the world price. He didn't want Carl Crawford don't you want to the bush -- was still think. If you -- make these decisions as you announce publicly that they're collectively. -- Then why would one have you come out so we didn't do that -- it didn't you don't do that. If you're gonna make them collectively. You live with them collective correct here's Derek. Hough are calling from Boston gear. -- congrats on terror at it's we before eight -- six. It's like Manuel and we sometimes looks at one -- it's about. That it'll read and I -- smack you gonna get it just -- doing the job anyways. But -- we clean -- up at the prospect that the original ideas and keeping you guys. Haven't been addicted to since 2007 -- just. He was he was in that list in that group Verlander was the leader but he was it -- imminent. He was he was in that group on September 1. A Cy Young candidate we will sit here talking about it. -- These independent -- what you mean I'm so sick. Article about the last two years I was in the guys who had great stop for pregnant debating. That. And not the. Here's the reality of -- OK he's -- -- and houses seventh year you know 193 starts CRA's four point 16 he's been average that's ridiculous not a -- That's what -- -- actually is he struggling to hold on but all Barbara -- but but but look at the the ground. He's an average pitcher when you take the whole sampling into consideration. He goes up he goes down he goes he goes down and then in the end. You look at the -- sampling and say he's mediocre. Absolutely but you know what. The thing that bothered -- more -- everybody talks about a big game pitcher and how we had so much that -- he didn't have a hot he had extremely good. Thought he never had great control if you missed this body was. In 1970 could get away with it he couldn't let same spot -- -- -- and I'm so hot spot turnaround in the wake of that. You know what I'll give you want. He was and we were talking about him as a Cy Young candidate. Then he developed that injury number he was up in the bullpen in Toronto and some and -- Allman that he went out tried to pitch he -- pitch. I think from that point on it was a shot I remember the interview we did with the rob Bradford saint idiot different priorities in life unlike -- legal or an. In other ordinary players -- a lot of players and athletes who have it kids their first hit you know. Superiors are impostors out by Clinton is ERA August 7 last -- two point one -- hate to all of us at his priorities changed the next day look at. After that Toronto had pitched three innings and gets it right early and then he he pitched well against New York the New York game I was before it does start before -- -- -- -- after they pitch against Tampa. He won neck games OK three runs and six and it was good to Baltimore into Baltimore you know as you -- went from 25 to combine and you know what art by that point. Justin Verlander was not only off crowned Cy Young award what are we were questioned whether Jacoby Ellsbury could actually beat him for -- right now wondering if you look at this. In. Exchange for why don't -- the Boston I don't know. I'm athletic opposite I think helping and we're still trying to figure why did some and I understand people being pissed about that but you can't help me. That from the start of the season. Maybe after that Texas that the first Texas series. -- the -- the first of September. Detect I was one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball I think is the best pitcher in the American League that's appoint him well maybe Burlington coat at least one -- to -- -- It Berlet it was almost Pedro like -- time -- but I can't eat I cannot figure out with Lester and it. History is there has to be a solution now despite 6177790850. -- of GO.

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