WEEI>On Demand>>Is it our fault? Are you mad at the Red Sox, or do you blame the media for being negative?

Is it our fault? Are you mad at the Red Sox, or do you blame the media for being negative?

Aug 17, 2012|

We leap in to Larry Luchino's comments about the negativity of the media and wonder if Sox fans believe it, or are they really mad?

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Is weather the storm my notes that it has not been easy. No there does seem always to be a piece of melodrama floating around them. And and the press has been brutal. To be sure but. -- it comes with the territory in Baltimore images -- -- laws that and then national media for that matter to. Get the right city there. Please. Larry Lucchino and Tom Warner John Henry flying yesterday from Denver. To Baltimore because they like the city as evident by just mentioning it there but obviously they wanted to make sure that they got all hold of this story. And it crushed just until moved -- do you think they perform Dierker. And appointing me said completing this said the day before. You know I heard that you know with Joseph wind and the pavement and the guys run SN it did the whole thing they made the rounds they -- -- may make the rounds they made them. And they're gonna blame the media because -- the easiest group to blame everybody hates the media. I hate the media you hate the media I hate you any -- really hate each other right everybody to a much. You know so everybody hates everybody that's a good way that they wanna do it that's fine I think the fans. It really Smart and up here last cup winners and they're not mine will not according to Larry. Larry is pretty much giving an indication in every -- -- including one he had with the media assembled in Baltimore before the game yesterday. That. The Red Sox fans are separate from this the media -- it leave it you know maybe it's the talk show different from the caller story different political. Those are the same people. It's the women. The woman that he ran into in Colorado under Kelly a deal right ultimate back in New England in seven years this is a -- yes yes I dismisses the the smell of the year -- horse in diesel engine -- occurrence given the whole -- He believes that's the -- -- -- -- gonna open up the lines all -- and while orchard -- he believes he believes a big way it was so. Well or you don't think you really truly deep down inside believe -- -- make them more. I don't think they're accused of more and it is a pretty Smart guy and I was gonna say -- article one -- more on the past week don't make but it. As it did it diminishes. -- initially right so tomorrow -- on -- more Larry -- is not a -- but I think he knows our backs -- against the wall. We have the blame somebody we have to fight back Rodrigo. Not the truth and aside after the media I think he took a wrong approach not could be totally and these college or pro without the -- and light him up 61777908. For a bottom up arm. If you think we're at fault that you likely what's going on over there and you think they're fine. And everything on the ship can be -- very easily. Don't tell Larry looking -- that he's looking -- taking that out there. But my feeling is just the opposite I think what you're a lot of enablers. It was actually you know bill. It came it came up to me and embraced me. And that guy I work for the Iraqis that are from Worcester I love the Red Sox no this is a tough year but I want you guys know how much I love them. Finally if you Google -- deal the first thing he did is actually points. A good series if -- -- -- -- -- I'll be -- the biggest all of a Harvard on earth. I don't even know. I don't know I don't know Kelly oh my god I don't I didn't know that you're. And really worked briefly early nineties but history Kelly O'Dell. I grew from your couch right -- -- -- amateur events who's seen stories sex kittens nurse fantasies Allison bondage and parsley is actually not bad scene she's her measurements are now 37 -- 25. 35 action -- -- those elements and it's changed a little that you have a little enhancement appear to witness says she might answer to -- the 37 seed and Larry -- -- it seem like -- I imagine answer. I could see why isn't -- you're forgetting her award winning work bottom dweller for the final -- answered all the questions. But but yet I mean for Larry to do this -- to sit Martina I think most people will call and agree. Was it that the media force. People talked a bottle of the did did did did a strong force it to Joseph charm and force it the Jeff passed and force it now Lara should be concerned that there. Lot of weeks in his organization in this baseball team stinks it's easy to blame him again that's. Is nothing do with the problem yeah I think here's where is making a huge mistake you can blame the media only once and you'll get applause oh they're from the fan -- -- when he basically says that what the media is saying right now. Is that this team is dysfunctional. This team has major problems. When he when he when he tries to separate the media's word. Their message. From the finance and basically tell us fans don't necessarily think that I'm not feeling the same way is and the media is just want to write -- our fan base is different they don't feel that way. I think he's naive either that or and I agree with you I think he's of them really bright guy extremely competent in in what he does. I think what he's doing is he's playing a little game here to see if you get away with I think it's -- -- final -- -- -- -- idle -- because it. -- wrong a -- actually I mean we we sort yesterday curt you you come out to basically say this is a trend now. In a work or business. Where where were also at an entity that that that the it's kind of only semi owned by the public out there we get it. This is a bad trend where were the second. Highest payroll in baseball and for the last five years where trending downward since 2007. And we don't want. -- we have to don't look at the numbers look at specific position look at the pitching numbers right. All of this other new ways that Larry doesn't like all of this other yes that happens from last September. Bipolar story to all of the stuff that's happened here in the last few weeks. All happens. Because European is not winning when the expectation. Is that with a heart. 191 million dollar payroll. Should be HD -- you know the other -- In Hollywood stuff which you know talks about when he goes on DNC brother shows he talks -- CDs. And bricks and plaques in PGA announcing contests and stuff like that. Back it's fans even more worked up when you stick that stuff drives fans are reasonable as being insults. Position of being insulted by by yes you mean thank you. But yes so it's it's it's the whole thing. In the -- continues to do this and I mean usually the one guy -- haven't heard much from Henry weren't I was on. NASA last night for slap and tickle fest I mean that was a game show went on Jerry I mean -- -- guys. Guys I mean I understand the situation is you're doing the -- the show -- a the old Jerry -- is the old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know do -- by. In those guys those -- can have their back obviously you know testing we don't have the back that's fine and their people. What shore -- a little jealous that I thought he was down the middle last night and this -- But I think that this could -- small crowd they've been Kelly O'Dell crowd was and always say yes we've of this team. But the people were really focused on paying attention -- they just talk show callers fans are disgusted that papers team. Yes yeah I think he insulted his fan base last night knowing that he approaches he can beat up on the media. And that you know an I think he probably originally said like -- made up of the media and people are going to applaud his right. Where he stretched it out too far he basically said the word it's being presented out there by the media and even through -- callers. They're not indicative of our fan -- give you one more that that kind of got them here today and Bradford brought it up somebody else for was a Scott -- can't remember somebody else wrote this today as well. You're talking about this whole idea of player and -- he brought it up with a us a couple of days ago. I talked to a certain player. Pocket cam it's very difficult tier players aren't going to want to play here. This -- -- give you a little bit of history lesson because of -- around in this market for. A 162 years ago -- and that. What you're hearing today yesterday Jon Lester Bobby V whoever that unnamed player was that talked to Bobby V and others. It's exactly what I heard ten years ago or twenty years ago but you're thirty years ago hurt in the seventh when Mike Torres came here people -- on the -- such an economy. It. It's a bunch of BS. It really is because Carl Crawford had huge choice over the last year's -- and the way he was a guy. -- that they were telling us privately had difficulty. In a volatile. High impact market situation not gonna go to New York affect these commodities deal and go to New York why. Just too negative and well yeah -- she could have gone. To -- a banana I've been there okay Anaheim you are. Not in Los Angeles they call themselves the Los Angeles angels of -- time. It's Anaheim it's kinda hell yeah right you're you're you're you got a better. Thing of -- yourself Long Beach. But -- do all of lawsuits -- it terrible it's it's not. Los Angeles. And you're able to disappear. He could've done that for under 800. Million. Elected to come you want because there was more money 359 to just anyone of these players right. They could go to a place like Kansas City place like Houston where baseball socks and nobody cares make it disappear. You can't make the money. That -- going to make. In a volatile city like New York while Acosta in like Philadelphia where the fans are passionate emotional and care. I mean you and then go the funny. Like consent Americans are -- eight million dollar item fifty million dollars Dwight or Mike every single up right now the Red Sox stop spending money like that different story has also they're Kansas City it's all. It was absent at times but through it. Only about the money that's that's it nothing else that these -- lacked bite them but that's what I love what I see it and arms -- I'm sorry it's just the same old line. Repeated time and time again. For for as I -- for 3040 years. Now players and soccer and wanna play and don't wanna comedy. This -- well if you throw out the money. And you pay more than those other cities which Boston is able to pay more than probably every city out there with the exception of New York yeah. Because of the revenue that they -- Click apply the players going to take the money he's not gonna look at the lifestyles that you. Or did that money in the city to be played nine inning game. And of these. It's done nobody gives a rat's -- what are all for four or three for floppy but nobody may share a regret everything or if everything's equal right Kansas City Boston right. Most people see guys go in Kansas City on -- field. I understand that -- but it's never gonna be equal as. Islamist Boston is their money out -- stop this line about all lawyers aren't gonna wanna be I have heard it since the seventies. And they still show up why. Because this is the second highest payroll -- I would Samantha give me examples of guys take fifteen million dollars last -- -- -- exit and Adam what did happen and I mean it's up to do it to you. But it never happens ever for lifestyle it might have been the smartest thing for -- for the -- If you efforts to me based on what we've seen from him it probably would have in the smartest -- for -- to do. Could signal live on the beach somewhere 1520 minutes away from and I think most people listening would have the same answer what's the difference between. And a 146 million right rusty after taxes. So but he elected to go for dumb money. The comfortable that and the always well that is they lined -- for all over and over and over again and that's of eligible. White Sox want 77790858885250850. Is Larry -- right. Is a we missed reading. The public a week portraying the story with a Red Sox are toxic deep trouble -- major problems. This functional. -- presenting at the wrong way in the meeting. -- -- -- I guess over for this children and then. Few days said. And now the right back to -- directly from Denver we did he took it out here. Like this game to actually last month's huge yes that's true it's crazy -- it just pops up -- it's really good. -- it was frustrating because you know we we consider. -- relationship the place to be a close and healthy. So you know it's frustrating but. Nothing I can do that it's you know you talked to a lot of people you know it's hard to keep this secret so you know we've we've been pretty good having. Frequent meetings and a lot Indians in the years has happened. Terms of that direct dialogue with the players that and a lot of a lot of things have come up in terms of how to improve the ball club -- the we consider these meetings. Strikes. In don't want it -- -- totally disagree with with current. It's not coming catches before New York it's probably the 56 story that's come out about a dysfunctional organization about difficulty. Trying to communicate. From the play you're of the manager manager did the coach staff to the people up above and. I'm sorry that. Dating back to what happened September the -- all the -- don't want peace after public. This has gotten up for the -- -- New York coming up this week and -- what capital. And he put that Grammy dead at a bit -- -- -- real quick. The point is the fact she loved ones here yeah true. And it's crazy -- it just pops up all clinical go to -- it. I mean listen I be careful here -- I'm very rarely critical lesson. And I play guys ran almost -- never -- any trouble trouble seek employment ever got in trouble before blasting anybody and that's an adult. But that's really -- that's a bears -- for me do that I mean really that is it sounds like he. Is member of -- it's -- front office or something you are paid analyst. Did you Red Sox games being paid analysts don't help out homework with this thing don't enable him that he thinks the past and waited. Before Yankee series where the Red Sox -- 450. Games out of first place just drop this story how works Jerry Remy knows how works why is he doing. Why well I mean I think Jerry's got a lot of low interest in the in this kept us ties to want it's embarrassing -- listen -- we all of Jerry Remy again he's been he was a great analysts have existed now. But that is really embarrassed and we can't be better than -- sit there and take that big c'mon that's a bad that's terrible awful. Let's get to the phone calls and find out whether people feel. All the way the media feels whether the media is accurate in that the portrayal of what's going on of the Red Sox via or flat looking those right. That we are simply. Blasting them negative. Trying to create stuff that doesn't exist. And the fan base out -- is Barton tackle police something totally different I here's Johnny Carr's first up on today's picture hello John. It's limited is a lot. Go slightly in that incident. Could exercise that -- -- -- -- And that it about it. And it does it. It is typical at its -- And it. And yeah. Women hold on -- -- -- out -- with people cared when they were winning. And that Red Sox Nation stuff and a card carrying members and everything else people couldn't get enough. Of when you're not winning and you sit there and you're blaming everybody else watch yourself. Point the finger at yourself. I had -- I think this can now and they look what you think about block I don't know problems like solid. I don't have a problem or -- I don't have a problem like Tom Warner I believe in capitalism. -- -- -- sit here when you're losing. And in and you're pitching staff -- has been starting rotation has been god awful for three years as a -- set up as a fabrication of the big. Is piling on you beat up on what's really happening. No -- want to keep keep rocket nothing going on here now that's just the media. Making -- how would you. -- -- -- it's good news that a New York that was him. He Boston media team has defeat the New York media team in Yankee Stadium seven before god thank god -- somebody has -- ninety. Nice -- to -- Good thanks for -- and Sonoma. And that was terrific. -- are rich in -- rich. 81 largest hurdle or about a plot to mediate he beat the New York meeting outing and they beat him feel what -- -- A written submission. But. -- -- Analysts and apparently Larry Lucchino. And replace and I finally see it. It's not that Josh -- stocks. It's excellent -- that I bet that it's not right. The epic course I'm -- and eglin I'm rob really ignited got to stop talking about this that he got to be phenomenal. If you got ought to shut up the middle in the World Series that. Of course a year ago today -- saying good things about them and then they are losing September -- because. You're saying bad things about them and that's because they were drinking beer chicken locker and that's why Bob -- went in in the -- evidently in drag these stories on these guys. Let everything this year of solvency I thought that was their mistake yesterday two days ago when John Henry came out said. -- these meetings were confidential and then proceeded to Dallas. How the meetings were were put together and one -- if they were confidential. You should said anything and and here's the other thing play. And the players that -- that story out ways and an interest -- Youkilis is gone right now so I guess we can't blame him for anything is permissible what you get Youkilis on the this whole thing we'll straighten out will be high -- and will be will be on the World Series but apparently that didn't happen. In going back to what which on the recent the other guy. He starts to give us all details. His version of how that meeting was put together. As confidential meeting. But if you John Henry Q is that a player or somebody in that room -- down now of course I'll get. So why having to put -- so why wouldn't you make that point. Loud and clear that I am very disappointed that somebody in that meeting a meeting was classified as confidential. Would go to a member of the media and talk about our inner workings of our -- -- here's the thing you're not thinking like John Henry who enables these. That's exactly what he's done if you have a guy enables people academy history of doing -- Call these guys all of a sudden he's continue to take their side at least publicly privately -- an important to point out and then. And that's what's gonna happen this they are yeah with -- -- by somebody else to blame. The Kia says -- just look at solaris Dornan John Henry's -- when all you're doing is exactly what you said -- You're enabling these players -- player. Got to a media person gave them details of what happened in that meeting Larry and John. You did not last the -- and that player is which could throw -- out there. That the players need to be accountable. For those rules of confidentiality. -- ratings so therefore we are disappointed. That one of those players let back out to the meeting since you didn't do that. The next time you have one of those meetings when the next time something happens that supposedly. Is confidential. It's supposed to be kept within the framework that clubhouse -- other -- that's gonna go to one another medium number. Because you don't want. Is they know they're known to be accountable for. Right you'll let get away with it. It added there's -- it gets might talk to prepare -- to let it. And we know the difference it starts from the top believes that you brought this up yesterday the reason we don't have a from the patriots you don't want we don't have from the patriots because once it happens. They get the player out of it in when you get the player out of there. All of the other guys watch and say Ole -- we -- I just lost the job he's got I don't -- be moved audio. So you are scared to death takes a lot. Confident cocky players on the New England Patriots. They won't say it anymore but the inner workings of that team because they're scared bully us that if they do it. They're gonna be jeopardized your job there income it's gonna be jeopardized and some man because they label down. Now I don't care what you do you send out. Struck out emails -- get one -- 28. To play the media gives the fans don't go to the fifth don't feel was what you'll don't make. Your players accountable we -- -- on today -- any widget is that right yeah remind me to ask and ask him a Bob crafts phone numbers. He often shifts and get -- often -- and -- -- players taxman and ask him he didn't get it and he'd go can we live with the listeners and live more when your ambitions are going. Kirk does that to the website for restricting tickets your parents Sutton who we -- I'd be is that what you do. No one would you that buying tickets again why have tickets for them so why you looking to buy more on less than thrilled with the seats -- and received. 138. Good it's not a this -- any of Harper's if you seasonality of the field for the Jews it's so it's. That's for the magic is asked what -- what is the magic now -- -- right you're right about -- sausage that's. -- -- had to be there will be for women there tomorrow it's too. Forum hopeful I would say -- in section 1386. Women provide great under -- There's -- picture of the soldiers. I. I still of the that woman used to use the crucial news. Sweaters or whatnot but it failed because it was so big it would stretch just listening to every single letter you know. Ultra mark marks a driving around in the car he wouldn't make shown WB yeah I would support. They -- the government -- up what's happened. -- they -- you know the other day mr. mayor and I'm like you know. I got beat her lord of the 2000 brought video sore throat and they -- watched pirates arcs. You know -- -- their camaraderie in the dugout in between you know the inning maybe -- an inch cakes and you know -- -- Ronald I mean. It was like it's called the ultimate team. You know I just take a look at what we done now and like I got a fortunate will be in a rafter are happy I would -- that crashed. That's what we get now look at it Albanian capital a bad. I don't print that in the ago. Go to games and beyond that yet I can't I can't give them any money -- to that but I African given a money and that's a -- Democrats and -- just can't do it. Yet not a sound not -- -- here but when he -- these people you know. -- -- You do that eagle commuter carrier it's true your -- that is true don't like this team. After 25 over -- -- dispute that on that's on hold on hold on that's not what the president. Is saying. -- I think. Not only is he underestimating. His audience out there and I think in some respects. He's kind of embarrassing and he's my kind of to not about -- that's. Why I -- -- why would you do a slight lift to get an immediate. Easy targets. And nobody gonna defend us and it shouldn't. The lowest species and not only good -- every basically saying -- and -- major don't tell -- fan. And that's what you did you're attacking your fan they -- basically saying and the the media's making all of this stuff. The media is not making up the fact that over the last three and a half years almost -- Your team has been ninth or tenth in virtually every statistical category in pitching. At the media's fault. That fan bases full -- that or that player a valuation. Done by you and the rest of the guys in that organization. And in Larry's saying big tip your players. Front office people coaches it's leaking. Arsenic it's like immediate. Can upset Boston magazine rates at twenty page puff piece on John Kerry's wife -- these products -- bad. The media is great I mean he's great when there. They want but they can't be negative. I'd say over the years the Boston Globe has written quite a few puff pieces off. On that little bit about time by all on the believe doctor Achilles -- yeah. You're right the media has helped build up their brain. Is still comes down to winning. And -- and -- are a couple people pointed out correctly so. The difference with football the patriot situation guarantee counters I know that we've discussed it many times but still you make the players are horrible don't you. Don't you mentioned. In your email don't you mention of the radio TV ads weren't really disappointed. That somebody in that meeting with leaked that information. Now I've heard it brought up that. He's not necessarily somebody who was in that may. He's somebody who was told by somebody and that the I don't care what some of -- -- -- so he's. It'll generated sum -- why do you always in that room at the at the. -- -- -- -- -- It's. -- And he's gonna get -- and is there. -- I -- you guys look at that this screen going to CNN live standings until Wednesday. Guys six games and I systems and yet only six games on a couple of them. Maybe it's. Do. You. That's who should do -- show just kind of played like. Sweet music in the -- background you know encouraging music in the background while we're talking. So there may be -- overshadows. Any of the words any of the callers were earned his degree aren't ready to this report. Any affiliate for Michael -- Michael holding back on Monday that the jury is going to be happy with. Listen next Tuesday and Wednesday are the two most important broadcast days of the year. Because as the days we put aside to. -- weekend help out. -- -- a far. Farber cancer institute. Would be doing this for a long time were praised you every if you if you out there. -- raised believed close to thirty million dollars. To 28 closing in thirty millions will hopefully do that Tuesday. You guys up here but apps to be tremendous. In picking up the -- every single here I know it's a difficult time it's a difficult time and Tuesday and Wednesday disappear. In here are some of the stories. But if you remember back when we first did our first Jimmy Fund radio telephone. The stories there. We're very pessimistic. There wasn't cradle and I guess that we have on that first year. Would necessarily come back in year -- Lot has changed since that first Jimmy Fund radio tell. Lot of those people were coming back. More and more every single year that's because of what all of you out here have done. To help out every single year I know it's difficult on Tuesday and Wednesday specimens great weather. And you wanna talk about positive stuff and you wanna get integrate sports stuff and laugh and joke. Talk about well I was gonna say the subject but the Red Sox but maybe you know the patriots are some of the other stuff I get them understand it. But all of asking -- to do is do what you've done here for the last 8910 years and ten years. And to the same thing that you've done every single year and it beat. Force on Tuesday. Because we really need and it's going to make a difference it's made a difference as evident by those who have been safe. Lot more to be safe and there are a lot more of these unique. Answer. That are that are formulating every single year and it requires more and more resurgent dollars. Find out the cure not like this one disease like it's one thing and once we fix it goes away. There are thousands and thousands of these different. Cancer diseases. And these doctors these researchers have done a phenomenal job but it's not over yet so -- Tuesday Wednesday to -- -- we pick up four. And help out like you've done for so many years and we really thank you for what you -- years. You've made a difference and you see it on the smiles and all of those kids when you go there and see the kids over the Dana -- Now we've got a Celtics auction item that hopefully somebody out there will look at and say this is something I wanna do. It's something I've always wanted to do. And maybe it's on your bucket list but it's also an opportunity for you to make a substantial contribution. And help out the cause with the WEE -- -- and Jimmy Fund radio telephone. It's a Celtics auction -- it is two tickets. To watch. The Celtics in the Miami Heat in Miami Florida opening night October the thirty -- package also includes. To round trip coach airline tickets. On American Airlines. Every single dime goes to Jimmy Fund radio telephone we're gonna open up the -- and one. Thousand dollars. 6179311815. At 6179311850. We'll let go to we close out of one of one of your big Celtic -- golden opportunity. To be either an opening night down in Miami. Maybe they're for a couple days taken -- each -- Down 61793118. Battle rebels say that because. I think we wanna be faring no they don't necessarily think that we're fair at all times Boston Red Sox. We're really the ones -- put together the Jimmy from -- have done a phenomenal job over the years and continue no doubt about to cooperate. Whole heartedly. In making this a huge success. As I'm sure will be next Tuesday and Wednesday they -- great. I let's get to the phone calls it's some of this other stuff that we -- having some issues with question is are you as a free -- having an issue with the Indians may -- it's Kirk. You know he's got issues might divert some of them and I couple days a deep issues like. This could be just another one of those deep rooted issues where she could be right I guess -- guess a -- and shore or. To a lot of fans up here feel the same way -- that's about -- report I'm talking about about the race I won't -- -- I here's Doug and over next couple -- Vick. How do they got it I don't -- much yet that. Lucchino told dog and pony show. Might take one -- that you try to convince the candle and you know stay calm all -- well but yes so blind deaf and dumb B during realized that -- stick actual scene. -- that comment he made a bottom. That the woman yeah I don't somebody's somebody's got to find performance in final that would really -- that they. Kirk's been working on and I am sure he identified the the the the person and then the research I've done on this topic is so far top guy you know hey I asked that question. To -- as a competitor. It's been just hold that true with a stop trying to. -- the BS machine off you know when he heard dormant now when you get 125000. People filling up every night addictive and copy in the fold up. They might they might they did very well might what it is is you're right you're right they should tell the truth -- they're scared to do they're scared of it's a great question because I don't think. We're -- maybe they just don't realize that most think will be like dog. It's okay thank fine alchemy. Go to fixing acknowledge the problem. We all Belgian exist out to the next that's not -- sort of starched you know trying to stop this in its tracks it's disaster or just admit that things aren't going well. Let's go it's going to the next here's the question yeah. Do they really believe this. Or is this Easter road mr. redeploying but the public view behind closed doors when the of the immediately flying back on a little private right at large private jet. Go from Denver to Bolton and John Warner. Com Larry. What's your name -- which I'm sure she can provide services and apply outside I don't think she was about it optimizes -- -- -- in the they shouldn't think. We can do about it. Right now. This has been going on for a long period as -- age range. -- -- -- -- No we not frustrating the position players after -- these guys have thrown up there we hear that at the end of one season that the position players were pissed off. The -- I don't think they were just over the -- about the that the chicken of the year. I think they were pissed off of the fact that they couldn't go up and get in shock yes that's it and I think that they scored 101214. Runs winning game of the month of September. I don't know what they're doing those conversations are like baseball -- -- saying all right listen we have to stop they're so worried. About bad public perception they sit there and say that the priority of the top priority. But that this in the but right now I'll tell you -- -- holes circled the whole media circus revue this that this that and get added that story really -- -- Kirk often in my feeling. Having. Had to -- some interaction. With all three of them over the years. I truly believe that they know and understand what's going. That this is a charade that they're throwing out this is suspect. This is will not appeal and this is in this is how we're gonna spend we're gonna we're gonna go on the offense. Instead of sitting there and saying we're sorry. The same respect that we brought you two championships. And you know you'll hugged us likely -- this oh -- parent in Colorado. Right now. -- And we've got to do something about it. And we're going to do something. And we know we've got some issues so what's -- see what we can get out of this season the trust us. We're going to get back to the point where we're gonna win we're going to be at the top responding a lot of money industry giants. And this is not acceptable. By you -- -- shouldn't be. It's unacceptable by asked as opposed this thing will be used his illness. Pads and it got tough here have been really tough last year. But the year before the year before that it's been coming up on for years now and we wanna put Seattle Portland and -- twenty -- -- by I don't watch them that the -- up on those guys and I'll manage to win but that that media being tough on them to be honest with you when I look at the standings and -- and we look at Garcia. This I don't know if I. It -- a wild cards and -- He usually does they had. Anytime he sees itself but that it has been tough not to have the full line -- in. And see it's nice to see Carl. Beginning to swing the bat says. We obviously need David back tended you know we were we were watching the game and -- I saw that -- Kobe -- have one home run in Syria thirty comments last year and then. It's just been unfortunate but you know I'm not gonna make excuses about it we're gonna. We're gonna get better we have to get better as the tough team it's tough league in this tough division and nobody sense. Tom doesn't have to make excuses Larry Stewart reform. Larry did again last night he. Jury thing over and over and over again why are you wanna look around to Major League Baseball you -- look at some of the teams right now that are battling it out which you. For a wild card spot you wanna look at teams that have a half refer to the payroll that you have right now. And they've experienced injuries and have found a way around the Baltimore Orioles have made 120. Roster moves. Due to both injury and the fact that some guys just outright socked OK they had to find somebody. Who played host positions. And what's their excuse. It just took two out of three from the right now you know you're looking at this they're looking in the rear view mirror catcher right now on the wild card. It's it's a lame excuse and I'm not saying it hasn't been a factor along the way -- -- you -- 91 million dollar payroll. You are better suited to deal. Where they rash of injuries than the teams that are spending forty and fifty and seventy and even ninety your hundred million dollars or two. I'd feel better about that they were separate teams over 500. These injuries -- excuse it's OK fine it did they did their their -- -- some things here to talk to a Ortiz hurt them but you're. 500 game over five -- he's got hurt like fifteen games or 500. From battle year injuries have been a factor. No doubt the accuser had injuries like you said every of the team -- having a lot of them. When your POP3 games all 500. On August 17 here -- injuries but it's relatively healthy I would actually say that the loss of Ortiz if -- going to look at offensive numbers. Has been a factor because on these percentages just -- here in the last month since he's been out right yes. On the other hand. If you look at the first part of the season. With all of those injuries to position employers. What are the offense really -- Was pitching pitching and more pitchers Satterfield lets -- run signature as an M -- with the injuries -- with achieved but nobody injured badly but when you walked quietly into -- You've you've you've to let you let Jonathan Papelbon got a free agency again and understand it wanna play him 151000005. Years he goes to -- he -- You know when you were acquiring Andrew bay because why the Oakland -- -- by the white. People armor and a team if you check the record right now vs a year ago when manager Dayton. The reason Joseph Bailey was available to the east could not depend on right constantly injured so you were acquiring apply here. That you had to understand at some point was going to be injured because that was the history. So subtle that you could almost for that was going. But major injuries to the pitching big enough. Well absolutely not now that that's that's the thing make their best interest of benefactor for this team. But they're four games below 500 because -- have underperformed. Beckett Lester Pedroia is at its worst these guys have had their worst season. Injuries have played a role they always do but. To try to sell me you know you guys did it again like -- -- and injuries in the media that you better we can dig it out he'll do -- that little again no we've -- so far it's early in the show and what you say so far the -- Richard -- that the fans are upset to think if intricate steam. I'd like to check back in with that which -- name -- what are you like to check back in two now alioto I'd like check back with -- -- I'm sorry Kelly are dealt Kelly O'Dell yes. Or call it generosity and get her on it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our guys attempt. That they make it media they wanna put in media. For put a Red Sox opted to resist. -- media reports -- be C. We care. -- even more important. The media reports what the players or staff members album. And right. John is reached it yet lost when -- -- yet to be a part. This is what to reproduce what date spirited it is what it is you know I mean -- dissipate effects and Red Sox it's -- stink this year. They -- did not -- park near me no chemistry they have nothing. Now they're off. They may be at we'll hear Larry Lucchino in the season's over see exactly what you just maybe you'll finesse a -- -- season's over we're done playing games now. This team -- this team stakes have been bad there's no chemist -- say exactly and it better be right derby right about Jeff -- -- as they've pretty much assassinated. Is reported refuted it's and it's inaccurate although. It will be right. -- right talented Amy that's strong about it Alfred they are. But they better be ranked them. Kirk they'll be more Jeff hall -- -- -- -- the course are we got a great Celtics auction item for you -- forbid all for the Jimmy Fund. Two tickets to watch the -- the Miami Miami Heat in Miami opening night October the thirtieth. Package includes two American Airlines round trip tickets as well if you wanna get out. Looking for a thousand dollars as our opening bid 61793115617931. One night --

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