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Whine of the Week - 08/17/12

Aug 17, 2012|

This week's whine of the week winner.

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OK. Okay. Not the visual panel hadn't put of the 2012. Summer Olympics -- from London. -- rivals in the last night we have on the complete lack of interest. With the game coming in fact this morning we have the -- to take after the trouble excellent it. He took it to an adult book shelf. And equipment in total -- Had done in the to review of the war. Bank -- -- match on tour and the King's Speech and it. -- we definitely in the Olympic Stadium where that I'm like former co host you know a little something about this -- and I bought tickets outside -- -- for next week's event at face value. Take that deal. -- in an effort to liven things up and I had it outlook appointments scavenger hunt which was won by board what was -- -- about it. Who can't pick up an autographed basketball and they haven't had in Poland and well done what did about it. Well that's a wrap on today's coverage can go USA. And efficient ship him. -- This. OK. This. --

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